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 1  anxiety Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, tingling in fingers, pulsating in right foot (neuropathy), dizziness, lightheadedness. Drugs work differently for everyone. Some people have minimal to no side effects. Obviously, this med was not for me. F 32 7 days
50mg 1X D
 1  insomnia Horrible dry mouth(I was guzzling water & constantly chewing gum), increased appetite & intense cravings for sweets, and total loss of sex drive I didn't like anything about this drug. It did make me a little tired, but not enough to sleep; maybe a higher dose would have helped, but I couldn't tolerate the side effects. F 26 3 weeks
50 mg 1X D
 1  chronic pain, insomnia Intense anger, craving cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs, blurred vision, dry eyes, dry mouth, metallic taste, changes in hearing, trouble urinating, nausea, headache, considering suicide, increase in appetite, difficulty concentrating, general malaise, apathy, dizziness. Absolutely the most awful thing I have ever encountered. My doctor tried to tell me that Amitriptyline had far less side effects than my pain medication. I started taking this medication a week ago. After every dose I become very angry, I cannot recall a time I was angry as I have been while taking this medication, This medication makes it almost impossible for me sleep. I feel like a zombie. M 20 7 days
50 1X D
 5  Interstitial Cystitis Slight sleepiness The sleepiness can be taken care of simply by taking it before bed. When 25mg left me still waking up at night I moved to 50mg and pow! I slept through the night. I use this as one of three medications to control the pain/urgency of Interstitial Cystitis (Amitriptyline, Pentosan Polysulfate and Hydroxizine). The Hydroxizine knocks me out more than the Amitriptyline. M 39 4 years
50 1X D
 3  Migraines Weight gain, 30+ lbs, very 'foggy' in the morning, no matter how long I sleep it will take me an hour to fully wake up, I get up at 5am to be ready to finally get up and in the shower at 6:30am, it did help my migraines, took me from month long low level headaches and up to 8 sever migraines a month to only 2 migraines and these are manageable headaches (also taking 50mg of Atenolol and Ultram/Maxalt for the migraines) I have stopped taking the Elavil 3 days ago, doc said he didn't think it was the cause of my weight gain but if I felt it was I could go off of the meds, he told me I wasn't taking enough to effect me so I could quit cold turkey but three days into this I am dreading my choice, I wish I would have go down in the dosage gradually but I am in this now I am not turning back, I really hope the weigh comes off, because now no matter how little I eat (logged my food intake at an average of 1400 calories a day) and no matter how much I can get myself to exercise the scale #'s kept going up and up (even though the longer I took this medication and the more weight I gained the harder it was to exercise) F 33 3 years
50 mg 1X D
 4  fibroyalgia and myofacila pain and constipation, dry mouthand dry eyes iits a good me F 67 20 years
45 mg 1X D
 4  anxiety at first caused a knock out effect - but i liked this as it helped me to sleep long term has caused some weight gain probably slightly addictive F 44 6 months
25 - 50 1X D
 1  Interstitial cystitis Sedation to the point of incapacitation from even a low dose, to the point that I couldn't work. Took myself down to 5mg once per day (tapering) and experienced worst migraine of my life with severe vomiting. Still have daily headaches, and hot flashes/ sweating that started after taking the drug. Coming off it entirely. It did help the IC pain at 10Mg but not at the cost of being unable to work. Clearly this drug is metabolized in very different ways by different people. It has not worked for me and the side effects for me were very scary. F 44 40 days
10 1X D
 1  Migranes & Tenision Headaches DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDIATION! /Side effets include: excessive sweating and cold sweats at night, night terrors/screaming/shaking in sleep, increased appetite and want for sweets, weight gain (ive been trying to put on weight for yers- 4 days on this drugs = +8 pounds), loss of interest in anything, trouble making sense of what you hear and what you say, seeing things, hearing things, will cause a positive person to become serverly depressed and have suicidal thoughts, confusion, disoreiented, dizzyness, fainty (seeing all white or black flashes, anxiety, fever, lowers blood pressu (already have low blood pressure) This drug will prevent migranes--- DONT NOT TAKE IT! Side effects are dangerous and doctors dont know enough about this drug--its effects people differently but effected me the worse. Almost killed myself on this drug. IF YOU NEED ADVICE!: PLEASE EMAIL ME! I felt so alone, so dont feel that way- im here. email Alex at [email protected] *I just weened down from 50 to 25 mg, i took 25 mgs for 3 nights. Then i was out of medication so stopped taking it. Its been 6 days, things are not better, highfever more often F 18
75 mg 1X D

 2  Migraines with aura Tiredness about 1 hr after taking amitriptyline. While my body adjusted to it (2 weeks) I was confused in the mornings, disoriented, and had a clouded head. As I am going off it I am noticing the same side effects, and now I am having trouble sleeping. When I began taking amitriptyline I felt very confused in the mornings, I had trouble adjusting at first. It made me extrememly tired at night, so I started taking it at 8:00pm in order for the side effects (tiredness) to wear off by the time I left for work (7am). It took about 2 weeks to adjust completely. Those first two weeks I felt groggy, disoriented, and had trouble focusing. I was taking it to prevent migraines (with visual disturbances) and it was working until I began to work out extensively. I was migraine free for 5 months, but recently had a migraine with aura. I figure if I still have migraines on amitriptyline, why take the drug? I have stopped taking it for about 3 days and feel a little disoriented, but not as bad as when I went on it. I had trouble sleeping last night, but I am hoping it was just because I am back to work after having spring break. I noticed a slight weight gain (5-7 lbs) and that I have to work out daily in order to fight weight gain. I have had a serious sugar craving that I am able to ignore only if I am preoccupied. I plan to stay off this dug seeing as I still had migraines while on it. I figure if I am going to have them there's no use being on it. I am looking for something new to try, possibly Imitrex, depending on what the side effects are. F 24 6 months
10 mg 1X D
 2  depression Weight gain, vivid nightmares, very drowsy and felt drunk/high all the time, moody, paranoid! Bad, BAD drug. Didn't help me at all. F 18 2 weeks
25mg 1X D
 5  fibromyalgia Weight gain (15 pounds). Thirsty. Dry mouth. Hunger at night. Some anger. This medication saved my life. I had turned into a zombie from lack of sleep, and was having extreme suicidal ideation from the uncontrollable pain. But with Elavil, I sleep soundly every night. It turns the pain 'down'. I take my meds around 6pm, with supper. Yes, the weight gain bothers me, as does the increased hunger and craving for sweets. I exercise every single day of my life (doctors' orders) so I have been able to keep the weight gain to a minimum. But even if I turned into a blimp, I would STILL take this medication as it REALLY helps me sleep. And this in turn makes the pain so much more manageable. I also take Celexa (small dosage). The two combined are like miracle drugs for me. F 61 3 years
10-20mg 1X D
 1  IC confusion, disorientation, grogginess, constipation, difficulty breathing, metallic taste The first day I felt great. The second day cured me from taking another pill. It has been 5 days and I still feel like I am on the medication. It helped the IC pain the first day. It has not helped since. I feel like I am on planet X. I am hoping that it will be out of my system soon. I don't think I've ever experienced anything this awful in a medication. It's bad enough to have IC, but to have this disorientation, confusion, and this numbness in my legs and arms is awful. I'm glad I looked on this website the second day when I felt so weird. I stopped taking it immediately, but have felt awful since. F 37 2 days
10 mg 1X D
 5  Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia About 50 lb weight gain, within 1st year. Constant craving for food, especially sweets; even when not hungry. Seem to always be uncontrollable literally shoving something (usually sweet and/or high calorie)into my mouth - like I can't get it in fast enough(especially in the evenings while watching TV). Increased blood pressure. Occassional suddenly wake-up choking and/or gasping for air. Have not experienced withdrawal symptoms, probably due to inconsistent low doseage. Have taken 10mg 1-2 times daily as needed for past 5 years. Relieves my insomia immediately (Usually take 10mg Elavil plus 50 mg of Benadryl). Use Benadyl alone when not experiencing anxiety/depressive symptoms. Obtain relief of moderate anxiety/depression after taking twice a day (within 1st or 2nd day). Usually take 1-2 hrs before bedtime(or earlier,to allow 10 hours to clear my system)if I have to get up early the next day. Only take a dose in the morning if needed for anxiety/depression. Once fully awake and functioning, morning dose does not make me sleepy. However, may fall asleep if not mentally and/or physically active. Was already on hypertensive meds, but had to double dosage a few months ago and still BP remained higher than expected. Noted that BP within normal range on days Elavil not taken. Wish I'd been aware that extreme weight gain was a side affect. However, was so glad to be able to sleep thoughout the night and for relief of the anxiety/depressive symptoms that weight gain would've only been a secondary concern. However, now that I can't shake the weight and I know Elavil is contributing to it, I'll try to stay off of it and seek other alternatives. F 63 5 years
10 mg 2X D
 3  Migraines/Insomnia from Cymbalta Tingly fingers, dizziness, cold night sweats, intense sugar craving, intense hunger, and massive weight gain. I am going to ask my MD to take me off Elavil due to the weight gain. I've always been good about maintaining a healthy BMI (23-ish), but now no matter what I can't seem to stop gaining weight on this med. I HAVE to have sugar now. I will literally break down in panic when I try to keep myself away it. I will also wake up in the night because my stomach hurts from hunger (I've never, ever been a night snacker). I've tried working out 2 hours a day, and aside from the ice cream and dark chocolate I crave, I eat a very good, balanced diet, yet I am gaining weight at an alarming rate. I feel miserable in my own body, my clothes don't fit, and I avoid seeing myself naked. I think that if I stayed on this medicine I would probably die within a few years from complications of obesity. I thought this medicine would improve my quality of life; I was wrong. F 25 2 months
25 mg 1X D
 2  chronic pain At first extreme tiredness, dry mouth, and over time complete loss of libido. But this past year can't even go to the grocery store without sweat pouring off my body. Just showering is so much work I have to lie down awhile to stop the sweating. I first started Elavil because I suffer from so much pain following a car wreck 21 years ago that I could not sleep. Although the doctor thought it would help the pain, it didn't, but I could at least go to sleep at night. I have tried different doses, but 25 to 50 works best. More and I sleep through the next day. I have a glass of water with me at all times for the dry mouth. At first I was still able to achieve an orgasm, but as time went by I lost my libido, and for the last 3 years can no longer achieve an orgasm no matter what I do. About a year ago I started having problems with sweating. If I try to do any activity, I start sweating so much that it just pours off me. So much that people in the store have asked me what is wrong. Talk about embarrassing. I have been trying to figure out what was causing it, and began to suspect the Elavil. So I weaned down on my dosage and stopped taking it a few days ago. I am hoping I will still be able to sleep at night. I also don't want to live anymore without a sex life. The past couple of years my Pain Specialist has done 4 procedure to burn the nerves in my back. This has helped the pain and muscle spasms enough so that I may be able to sleep now. We'll see how life goes without Elavil. F 57 5 years
50 mg 1X D
 3  sleep disturbances and depression I was taking trazodone for 10 years to treat my sleep disturbances but my Dr. was concerned about possible long-term effects so she switched me to 50mg amitryptiline (Elavil) one year ago. I was finally able to sleep through the night again and I did not feel groggy when I woke up (but I did allow myself at leat 8 hours to sleep). My energy returned and I was very happy with this drug. However, some of the side effects are really bothering me. I've learned to live with the dry mouth and I have not had any significant weight gain, but my short-term memory is getting so bad I wonder if I am in the early stages of dementia sometimes. I lose my train of thought in the middle of a sentence and no amount of reminders will help me remember what I was trying to say. I will leave one room to go get something but forget what I was looking for by the time I get to the other room. This happens many times every day. I also have a hard time coming up with words when I am talking. Some might attribut F 54 1 years
 2  Depression Spaciness, very mechanical movements. Emotional numbness, apathy. It wasn't worth it. It gave me a whole different sent of psychiatric symptoms and I wouldn't even that it helped my initial complaints. Took it about 2-3 mos. M 21 3 months
 4  post herpetic neuralgia and allodyn Initially 10 mg made me feel bad. Took for 4 days and stopped. Later, was on zoloft 25mg in morning so it offset the 10 of elavil at night. It helps the allodynia but i gained 2 lbs after 2 days and then about 1-2 lbs per day since. Aboyt 10 lbs in 2months. Excercise 6 hours a week all cardio. Hope i don't have to be on it to long because of weight gain. Sleep is great. So I will miss that but would like to get my weight under control. F 54 2 months
 3  vulvar vestibulitis extreme weight gain (20+ lbs on a 5'1" frame), grogginess, difficulty waking up, difficulty focusing started taking in July, helped with pain at 50 mg. extreme and quick weight gain of 20+ lbs. I went from a size 4 to a 10. Yes it worked for the pain during sex, but now I am too selfconcious and uncomfortable to be intimate. It is depressing. Tried strict diet and working out regularly, but the weight wont budge. It is mostly around the belly. Has anyone lost the weight after coming off of elavil? F 32 6 months