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 3  Breast Cancer recurrence prevention Pain in injection area lasting few days. Frequent headaches. Hot flashes mostly at night and wake up full of sweat most nights. Leg pain and soreness. Also seem to have increased urination. So only been on this med for 2 months and due to have 3rd injection in 2 weeks. Taking this along with tamoxifen as was pre menopausal. Was zoladex or chemo according to my oncologist since my oncotype score was on border . Opted for zoladex. So far hasn't been to bad . Have definitely had menopausal side effects with hot flashes being worst of them. Since only been ion med short term can't say if worth it or not yet. Hoping will be worth it as the injections are not fun. I am considering removing my ovaries as well instead of insuring 5 years of this injection! I can deal with side effects for now as long as keeps reoccurrence from happening. I'll take hot flashes over breast cancer recurrence any day. Time will tell I guess and hoping for the best. F 50 2 months
3.6 1X M
 4  Endometriosis Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, insomnia, changes in mood, headache in the first week after each shot, minor bruising at injection site It took close to 2 months before I stopped having endo pain and related bowel problems, and most of the side effects didn't start until around then. I had a *very* heavy period about 3 weeks in (which was my first in 2 years, due to having been on 10mg Aygestin), and then some spotting around 3 weeks later (which would be my usual cycle), but after that there was no more. I have a history of blood clot, so I can't take estrogen add-back to help with the side effects. I took Estroven Complete (the rhubarb one, which has no soy) and that did seem to help some with the hot flashes and insomnia. Overall, the side effects were unpleasant, but well worth not having the pain I was in all the time. My pain was nearly every day, but was totally debilitating during a few days per cycle... for the past six months I haven't had to plan my entire life around when I wouldn't be able to get out of bed. I hope my upcoming excision surgery will make that a permanent thing, but if the endo comes back before menopause I wouldn't hesitate to have another course of Zoladex. F 40 6 months
3.6mg 1X M
 1  Thin endo lining after myomectomy Weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats, stopped periods. 2 years later and my periods haven't actually returned, still have hot flashes and fibroids and adenomyosis have grown back F 39 3 months
30Mg 1X M
 2  Avoid breastcancer recurrence Muscle pain in chest and one arm. Arm feels stiff. Stomach bloating. Sweating. Depression. Mood swings. After last finnishing dose, 3 months ago still sweating and mood swings/depression. Waits for periods to returns and see if that Will help. Hormones seem very unbalanced. Seem to affect you quite long after you stop the injections. F 41 9 months
8X D
 2  Fibroid on my cervix Extremely tired, aching joints, nausea, very irritable, insomnia, hot flushes, headaches. Generally feel like crap. I'm on this in hope it will shrink my 10 cm fibroid on my cervix that also prolapses several times a day. Mostly when I go to the bathroom. I was told max 6 months then op to remove. My normal consultant was away yesterday when I went for check up and injections done. New guy said it will be 12 months and full hysterectomy. Where as previous one said it would be 6 months then remove fibroid. I can't do this for 12 months I'm in pain and exhausted it's effecting my work. I just want it gone F 42 4 months
3.2mg 1X M
 1  Fibroids Have a large fibroid recommend hysterectomy, have been put of zoladex for 6 months within 5 days I feel horrendous, extreme bloating of stomach , my co ordination is off brain fog ?anxiety , extreme lower back pain I can't sleep for more than a few hours . I will NOT be having further implants No no NO do your research first I was totally sprung with this option and wish I had read up first what I was getting myself In to F 42 5 days
1X D
 5  Endometriosis Hot flashes- controlled with noriesterone. Sweaty palms & feet, sweaty nights, increased pulse rate, increased appetite & some weight gain. At times, increased heart rate with tingles in chest. Forgetfulness / brain fog Although there seems to be a lot of side effects, this is still way better than managing the pain of endo. I was regularly taking a multitude of pain killers just to get through the day & it led to me being so stressed I suffered dramatic weight loss. On Zoladex, I feel like myself again. No more pain but I'm still spotting. After the second injection, I felt feverish and ill but I think this is due to the implant going too deep. I haven't needed to take any strong pain killers since I've been on it. Occasionally, I'll need paracetamol but that's it. The side effect which annoys me most is the forgetfulness, I'm far less efficient at my job now but my coworkers are patient! My advice is to write important things down. I've got another 4 months of this before endo surgery then IVF - I'm hoping to go through the process without ever having a real period! F 34 2 months
3.6mg 1X M
 1  Endometriosis with cycle symptoms Absolutely awful The injection was nothing compared to the utterly debilitating side effects Within 7 days skin lesions painful headaches Joint pain and CFS increased Pulsitile Tinitus Fibromyalgia pain worsened and mental health Very fragile Warned about onset menopause hardly any hot flushes took Addback therapy but felt so ill probably wouldn't have noticed Terrible medication completely useless for me only made me worse and had to stop working due to side effects that were worse then my original diagnosis F 44 6 months
Monthly 1X M
 3  Shrink fibroid prior to removal I had one zoladex implant to shrink a small fibroid prior to an endometrial ablation. It has now been 8 weeks since my implant and I am still suffering with hot flushes day and night! I was told the symtoms would wear off after 4 weeks! F 46 1 days
1 1X D
 1  Fibroid, bleeding/hysterectomy Within 24hrs I started with excruciating headache, and have had it continuously since, only pain relief that seems to take edge off is codine but never completely pain free. I also started on day 10 with tinnitus! Its totally debilitating. This was a month trial, I was supposed to have it before Xmas but I changed mind as it was the 3 month jab, consultant changed it to 1 month to try as I also have hemiplegic migraine and didn't know if it would effect those. I will not be having any more! I'm waiting for hysterectomy on nhs due to fibroid and excessive bleeding. I can honestly say I can't wait for it to be out of my system. I would rather deal with the excessive bleeding than have another injection .Never again! F 48 15 days
I month 1X M
 1  Metastatic breast cancer Hot flushes, mood swings, weight gain, abdominal lesions attributed to a metastases of my cancer. My cancer was perfectly under control under zoladex, which I was given to combat bleeding caused by tamoxifen. Within four months there were 'tumours' in my liver (when I was diagnosed there were 'lesions' which I was assured weren't cancerous). Zoladex was stopped and my next scan was fine. The bleeding started again and zoladex was started again for another three months. The 'tumours' are now worse and after complaining about pain in the injection site (which bled a lot!), I now have 'tumours' there also apparently. I am five years post-menopausal, so shouldn't have been given zoladex anyway (according to AstraZenecas own indications). Coming off it suddenly left me suicidal, depressed and made my insomnia worse. Absolutely horrendous experience F 41 9 months
120mg? 1X M
 1  Endo & Pmdd Increase in heart rate had to go to A&E I have IST and was told this was fine and not related the heart issues on the pamphlet. I'm still struggling 6 weeks later. Intense headaches, feeling sick, very weak, dizziness, heavy bleeding. Awful drug, if you have a gut feeling about this, then don't take it. I'm struggling with day to day activities and my specialist won't give me any add back. F 44 30 days
30mg 1X D
 1  Endometriosis Sweaty palms sweaty feet. Racing heart! Shakiness high anxiety! Foggy brain. Been about 5 weeks and still having side effects every now and again! Never again!! Feel like my head is above the clouds and not my normal self! This feels horrible!! F 29 0 months
50mg 1X D
 5  Endometriosis Headache which has not stopped for 3days/nights, hot flushes, anxiety, lack of concentration, brain fog , disturbed sleep Side effects significantly less after taking daily tibelone. After 3 surgeries, 10 years of leaving in pain which was getting unbearable I finally got my life back. Had 1 period while on it , pain stopped, sometimes can feel slightly worse around when my period was due but it's just few days. I was dreading it so much I postponed it for 5 years. Now worrying what alternative to have as need to stop , I'm on waiting list for hysterectomy being 40 . Please give it a go if you are desperate. F 40 5 months
3.6mg 1X M
 4  PMDD Constant headache, extreme body fatigue, bad joint pain, muscle soreness, nausea. Initially felt like my body was shutting down, horrible. With add back of estrogen it lessened symptoms. Helps psychological symptoms of PMDD well. F 36 7 weeks
2X D
 1  Uterine fibroids Hot flashes, severe headaches almost everyday, joints and bone pain, hair loss, tiredness, anemia. My obstetrician said I will only experience hot flashes and advised me to keep taking pain killers/ iron supplements for everyday bone pain and headache symptoms. Heavy bleeding stopped after a month which shrunk my fibroid. Was able to resect most of it through the hysteroscopy procedure but the side effects of these injections are quite adverse. It helped in treating my fibroid but the side effects are too intense and difficult to cope with. F 35 6 months
3.6mg 1X M
 5  Pmdd Hot flushes! And.... -no acne (for the first time In my life my skin is beautiful) -lovely hair ( soft and lustrous, never greasy) -weight loss (but my boobs are still big!) I suffered from severe pmdd for almost 20 years, Now with Zoladex it's all gone! I have a new life! I'm so thankful F 43 1 years
3,6 1X M
 1  Gynae investigation Hot flushes, very foggy brain, bone and muscle ache headache, lethargic. Thyroid complications that started after this drug and now 6 months later have nearly no oestrogen I was not warned about side effects and with a osteoporosis history prob shouldn't have been given this, and with the added thyroid and potential menopause.. would never have taken it! F 39 3 months
10.8 1X O
 2  Complication of Ablation Headache, Nausea, Dizziness, Mood swings, Joint Pain - Day 8 - worse pain Ever! On Zoladex to supress ovarian function. Ablation 2018 resulted in full blockage due to scar tissue; monthly messes unable to escape, resulting in semi solid mass and fluid in uterus. Frightening to say the least. The complication of the ablation ( body rejected Mirena) has taken away the ability to diagnose any Cancer in future. F 50 9 days
3.6mg impl 1X M
 1  To prevent breast cancer recurrence Slight headaches that are continuous, palpitations and chest pains? Hot flashes and my skin is so dry. I feel like the oncologists down play the side effects, they only mention the hot flashes and dry skin but they don't mention depression and cardiac arrhythmia which is very dangerous F 34 17 days
3.6 1X M

ZOLADEX  (GOSERELIN ACETATE):  Goserelin is used in men to treat prostate cancer. It is used in women to treat certain breast cancers or a certain uterus disorder (endometriosis). It is also used in women to thin the lining of the uterus (endometrium) in preparation for a procedure to treat abnormal uterine bleeding. Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of treatment. Goserelin is similar to a natural hormone made by the body (luteinizing hormone releasing hormone-LHRH). It works by decreasing testosterone hormones in men and estrogen hormones in women. This effect helps to slow or stop the growth of certain cancer cells and uterine tissue that need these hormones to grow and spread.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)