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 5  Diabetes type 2 and overweight. Stomach cramps and constipation. Felt sick for first few weeks but that has passed. I have lost 21 kg in 4 months. Feel great. Best thing I ever did. No more blood pressure tablets needed as BP is nearly perfect now. But you must exercise and be careful with diet M 68 4 months
1 mg 1X D
 1  Diabetes Sulfur belches, vomiting, stomach pain, bloated, diarrhea! I lost 7 lbs in 3 weeks because I couldn't keep food down some days and the other days just couldn't eat. My sister in law also had the same side effects. I will not be taking this anymore! I would rather take insulin then to be sick 24-7! F 47 5 weeks
.5 1X W
 1  T2D and Weight Loss I had minor GI effects from Ozempic which were manageable. However, within a week after increasing from the .25 to the .5 weekly dose, I felt overwhelming fatigue and weakness. I am usually fairly active and it got to the point that climbing a flight of stairs was too much for me. And my favorite gardening was totally out of the question. I Would get so out of breath that it was alarming. The fatigue and weakness continued with each dose. It was impossible to live like that. My legs felt like lead and I had no stamina for any activity, Things seem to be getting better now that I stopped taking Ozempic. It's been two weeks and the progress is slow. I still can't walk up steps without stopping to catch my breath. Some days are better though. I am waiting for the 5 weeks off of Ozempic mark. If I am not totally better I am requesting that my doctor do a more thorough work up. I'm hopeful though that I Will be back to my once active self. In three months I've lost maybe 5 lb F 59 3 months
.25 to .5 1X W
 5  Weight loss I started ozempic a month ago for weight loss only. I am not diabetic. I had very mild nausea the first week and no problems since then. I have lost 10 pounds. I am not at all hungry between meals but still have good appetite at meal time. I am VERY happy with this medication. I will be on .5 for another month and then increase to 1.0. I dont intend to increase to the 2.4 wegovny dose because my insurance wont cover it. But hopefully I will continue to have success at 1.0. I recommend this medication. F 67 30 days
.5 1X W
 1  Diabetes What can I say. This medicine is horrible. I have had all of the side effects mentioned here. Vomiting diarrhea eggy burping and excess gas. After 6 weeks of trying to adjust I'm so sick I think I need to go to the ER F 51 6 weeks
30mg 1X W
 3  Diabetes Diarrhea. Gas. Acid reflux. No wonder I'm losing weight. After the shot. My ears ring horribly. I get an all over feeling of being sick which passes in 2-3 days The good side: more alert. Loss of appetite. Lost 7 pounds n hoping this continues. I'm on .25 and supposed to up the dosage but am contacting my GP as I feel I can't. Going up to .5 would blow up my toilet I don't want to stop taking this as I feel it has a lot of good benefits. I will continue w .25 and see if the side effects improve and if they do, I'll up the dosage w my doctors approval of course F 64 32 days
.25 1X W
 5  Lose weight and lose appetite No side effects on 1st week except i was feeling hungry all the time. 2nd week was not ok, i ate a sandwich in the morning and was sick all day and vomitted. Had indigestion/ reflux... I can't eat much, only few spoons and i have to stop which is great! So far i lost 2kilos and very excited to lose more! Can't wait for the end result! I am glad my gp recommended this as i never lost appetite over the years. This is what i need! Stay positive! Ť F 49 2 weeks
1mg/ week 1X W
 5  Diabetic and weight lose Was sick at 1st but now I'm fine and have lost 25lbs . I try and stick to 900 calories a day and that's plenty for me F 63 90 days
.50mg 1X W
 2  Get better A1C number and lose weig Increased fasting numbers in the 300's and headaches. Will my fasting number get better and if so how long does it take to see change? F 53 2 days
1 MG 1X W
 4  Diabetes 24 hours after dose, nausea and diarrhea. Lost 8 pounds so far. Makes you feel full longer, but you need to have smaller food portions otherwise you will feel bloated and vomit. F 55 6 weeks
.5 1X W
 4  Pre diabetic..weight loss I have a terrible time losing weight and I have lost 12 lbs in 2 months….I do have bouts of nausea- it helps to eat something salty; I have had some diarrhea, but it really controls the cravings and the amount of food I eat. Fried and rich food does make me sick. It's a tool that forces you to eat well - bc of the consequences. It has changed the way I think about food . I feel like it has given me the ability to eat to live not live to eat. I think if you can tolerateThis drug and it gives you results of weight loss and lower A-1 C then you should definitely go for it. F 66 2 months
.50 1X D
 3   nausea, constipation for7-9 days trying all kind of laxative , prunes and so on nothing seams to help, fatigue i lost 6 pounds in a month , curbs the appetite sugars is dawn F 73 30 days
0.25 1X W
 3  Diabetes Nausea, headache, exhaustion F 67 27 days
.5 1X W
 1  Diabetes and weight loss I took the med for 6 weeks, the symptoms got worse each time. Vomiting at least once or twice a day. Diarrhea all the time. Started in with bad stomach cramps, couldn't look at food without being sick. And bad heartburn. I would not recommend it, it dehydrates you, I couldn't even drink my water or sodas, it would make me throw up, and I was hungry, but I could not eat. F 0 weeks
.50 1X D
 3  Lower A1C and lose weight Constant nausea Vomiting Diarrea Side effects have been debilitating, I keep hoping they will go away with each dose. I can barely eat without vomiting and have lost 12lbs already. F 54 21 days
.25 weekly 1X W
 4  Weight loss Mild constipation, some indigestion, bloating and nausea Nausea seems to come and go but is usually brief. Reduced appetite and desire for certain foods. I find I feel full with less food. Overall optimistic and looking forward to weight loss. F 47 12 days
.25 1X W
 1  Weight loss Extreme nausea, vomiting, not able to eat anything by day 3, hard to take my other meds because of the vomiting, generalized painful stomach and extreme constipation I will d/c this med and reframe how I will loose weight F 44 5 days
.5 /wk 1X W
 5  Type 2, lower insulin amts Some burping, some constipation, some diarrhea. Very nauseous on some days. Lost about 10 lbs so far. Have noticed meds effect seem to last about 4 days. Ready to increase amt. This Rx has stopped my mindless eating. Food does not look very appealing to me...I now want green veggies and fruit. i have been able to cut my short term insulin in half, and my long term insulin by 1/4. I also take metformin and am hoping to maybe stop taking some meds. I haven't had the severe stomach cramps and wonder if the prilosec i take has helped. F 64 26 days
1X W
 4  diabetes nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, but i lost 74lbs and my weight has been the same for a year now. i still eat to much and that is why im sitting up at 4am feeling so sick. The benifits of this is now my A1c is now normal. F 54 4 years
2.5 1X W
 1  Need to lower my A1C Vomiting all day. Can't even keep water down. F 57 1 days
.25 1X W