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 5  Reduce weight and lower A1C Side effects started as nausea and feeling of being full all the time, then some heartburn for the first month and half of the second month. It has now completely gone. Managed to lose 19 lbs in the 2 months. My daily fasting has gone down dramatically from 190's to 110's. So far I am very happy with the results. I will try to do another follow up in couple of months to see if there has been further weight reduction. M 45 2 months
 1  BS Pancreatic pain Will kill you F 64 0 months
 4  Lower blood sigar Nausea, weakness, tired & constipation F 75 4 weeks
 3  My numbers are too high Nausea, gas, burping more than normal, slight headache, stomach ache, and not hungry. My numbers went down from 245 to 112 and happy about that. Lost 5lbs so far due to not feeling hungry and sick to my stomach. My numbers are dropping so fast that I have to have some sugary product so it doesn't drop too low. I am very satisfied with it other than feeling like crap all the time. 47 4 days
 4  Diabetes I really like it, but the stomach pain and constipation is overwhelming at times. I have lost a total of 15pds A1C is down to 6, the benefits is fantastic but the side effects is the pitts F 55 4 weeks
 5  Type 2 Diabetes I started on .25. Some stomach aches at first. I love it. Have lost at least 18 lbs. Never get extreme cravings or hunger pangs. F 60 90 days
 5  Prescribed by doctor Appetite is less for sure. Have lost 6lbs so far , appetite is alot less and making better choices on eating. M 57 4 weeks
50 mg
 1  Lower A1C 3 Days after my first dose, I have had the worst abdominal pain and diarrhea I have ever had in my life! For the next 4 days, I have been trying to do every day things; work, sleep etc. without thinking about if I will make it to the bathroom. I have taken Anti-diarrhea medicine for 2 days straight, which does not help! I just want it to stop! One dose and that was all it took to make me stop. F 40 1 weeks
 4  Bs All good until I got up to the full dose of 1mg. Usually on second day is when I have the most side effects. Sulfer burps diahrea and vomiting. The vomiting is just once a day and usually on the second day. I have lost about 12 PDS. Suppresses appetite. I am going to keep trying as I think the benefits outweigh the side effects. F 47 100 days
 5  Type 2 diabetes Iíve been on this drug for almost 3 months now. A bit nauseous sometimes, but after 25 yrs of poor management by me, Iím finally under control, now all I need to do is eat some greens, that I hate with a passion, that was my big problem, I was a junk food junky, now I can visit a fast food outlet without buying anything 😊 yay what a result. Iv also noticed, I no longer have urge incontinence, & very little stress incontinence ( only get this on a full bladder) iv lost about 12lb in total, what a result from this wonder drug, donít feel hungry at all, no bad habitual eating at all. F 57 0 days
 5  weight loss/ elevated ANC occasional nausea, constipation, lack of appetite I lost 25 lbs F 71 3 months
 1  Diabetes type 2 Nausea and vomiting almost every morning. I had to stop taking it. I lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks. I wish it didnít have those side effects or I would still be on it. It did lower my blood sugar. F 65 6 weeks
.5mg 1X W
 1  Nothing I had none If they could get rid of the most ridiculous and annoying commercials right now on tv would be awesome F 47 1 days
 5  Type 2 diabetes I have taken ozempic in the past. Maybe 2 years at the most. Ozempic is a wonderful drug to bring your diabetes number down. If you are already working on your health it works very fast. It should only be used for SHORT TERM.. If a person does not pay attention to the side effects it can and will KILL you. It will drop your sugars too low and you need to have straight up sugar on hand to bring your levels back. It needs to be monitored. You dont need any other diabetic medication to add when taking ozempic. It should always be the last result if prescribing for weightloss, diabetes, etc. F 52 2 weeks
 5  Insulin resistance After taking Metformin on and off for 10 years (with little to no results) for insulin resistance and PCOS my PCP switched me to Ozempic and within 4 months my insulin level was within normal range and so far after taking it for 1 year I have lost over 70 lbs. F 30 1 years
 4  Diabetic Bulb, constipation, sometime discomfort in stomach and gas. So far no big issue happy with results H1AC is 6.0 ramped the dose from .25 to .5mg. Doctor prescribed for 1mg. So far good. M 68 2 months
 1  Diabetes Type 2 Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting my last dose and quit on my own. You lose weight because you feel so sick you canít even look at food. I lost 10 pounds in two months. I would never recommend this drug to anyone. I felt like it was killing me. F 61 2 months
 1  Type 2 control Nausea, bloating, diarrhea , gas both upper & lower, stomach pain, jittery, tired, Not using it again. My blood sugar levels usually in the 100ís without ozempic according to my freestyle libre . M 70 0 days
 4  Type w Sour burping nausea tiredness lost of appetite F 55 6 weeks
 3  T2 Diabetes Well itís weird the first week or two I didnít notice much side effects at the .25 dose other then some nausea then I went to the .5 dose and thatís when things went weird. I developed a vestibulitis infection in my nose that ended up spreading to my legs like a Folliculitis infection so I stopped taking it cuz the antibiotics were interacting the antibiotic I was taking. I stopped taking the ozempic for about 2 weeks and then just started it again this week and the Folliculitis came back again! Wtf I have never had any skin issues in my life until this medication. Other then that I really liked this medication hopefully I can find something just as good M 39 3 months