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 1  Type 2 Nausea, disgusting burping, diarrhea, gas, bloated feeling, tired I'm done!!!! No more of these once a week shots! F 59 3 weeks
.25 1X W
 2  Type 2 diabetes Stomach pain, nausea, fatigue, light headed,sometimes weakness M 55 5 months
 1  A1c I feel, sick to my stomach. Extreme Nausea, headache F 60 2 weeks
.5 mgt
 1  To lower A1 As the comments before me I thought I had a stomach infection or food poisoning ( Iíve had both to know) Horrible gas pain Sulphur Gas from mouth I feel my lower quadrant feels like itís going to blow with the pressure I am depressed with the nausea afraid to eat really for 200 dollars what kind of drug makes so many sick This drug must be really wrong F 61 30 days
.25 1X W
 4  T2 diabetic Terrible first 3 days on this drug with diarrhea and gastronomic issues. Injected 1st dose in stomach, but read others tried thigh with better results so I injected in thigh yesterday and feel great today. Yesterday two hours post Thanksgiving meal bs of 155. Yesterday am was 100 and this morning 114. Have not seen these numbers in years. I need to listen to my stomach, avoid over eating and I think this will be a savior to my dm regimen. Started .25 dose~I am optimistic and hopeful this changes the course of my diabetes and slows my related conditions from 25 years poor management. Scale this morning looks like down 5# so I am pretty happy. Strength to us all in this diabetes battle! F 61 8 days
1X W
 5  Diabetic for 15 years F 63 4 months
 5  Weight loss lower sugar No appetite ,headaches feeling sick and terrible diarrhoea Positive =amazing weight lose But at what cost feeling generally rough Will keep going 45 0 weeks
 1  BS control and weight loss I thought I had flu or food poisoning but after the 3rd episode I check Ozempic side effects. The sulfer burps are terrible. The stomach pain unbearable and the vomiting is delightful. The diarrhea is the best. Watery diarrhea that is difficult to control during the day and impossible at night. That's right-I was crapping the bed in my sleep. I stopped taking the injections but the symptoms continue. I have lost weight because I've been sick for weeks. M 64 3 weeks
.25 for 4
 1  Weight loss Nausea, headaches, frequent bathroom visits, sulfur burps, fatigue... F 30 4 days
0 25
 3  Lower blood sugar & weight loss Tired , burping Started with 1mg dose and 7 days in, my appetite has decreased F 53 7 days
 5  To control blood sugar levels, a1c, Started at. 25 for Four weeks. Heartburn and minor headaches. Slowed appetite. Ramped up to. 5 for 2 weeks. More heartburn. No headaches. Get a little woozy. Not eating enough. Up to 1 mg. Heartburn. Have lost 30 lbs. Blood sugar maintains at 85-95. Very happy here. Eating smaller meals more often. Now taking Pepcid 40 mg at night. No more heartburn. Ozempic is a winner so far. I feel better with each new day. F 57 2 months
1 mg
 2  Weight loss Puking ...nausea .. diarrhea Lost weight but at what cost??? Makes me feel Miserable F 25 6 weeks
 1  Blood sugars and weight Severe nausea++++, headaches, stomach pain F 61 10 weeks
 1  Diabetic related issues I started Ozempic July 2 2019. This was my first injection, .25 which I went to the ER for some chest related issues. I experienced diarrhea and some nausea also. Week 2 0.5 on July 9th 2019 about an hour after I took the medicine, I began to have heart palpitations that felt as if I was having a heart attack. My blood pressure shot up in the 200/100 and I felt really jittery and nervous. Needless to say I stop the medicine on the 9th. All kinds of test were ran and all came back with no underline issue Thank the God of Abraham. The palpitations is still an issue, I hope that this medicine have not affected my heart so serious. This is a medicine that should be really researched out before just injecting it in to your body. F 42 2 days
 2  Ozempic Constant nausea, general fatigue. Lost 40 lbs...A1c went from 12.2 to 15.6 M 60 4 months
0.5 MG 1X W
 1  Type 2 diabetes Nausea,headache upset stomach,and very high numbers...Never help with the numbers one bit. M 60 45 days
1.0 mg 1X W
 1  Diabetes Type II Nausea,nausea,nausea...the worst nausea Iíve ever experienced in my life. My A1C is 15, but I can control my diabetes and have normal numbers within 3 days. Iím going to have to do that the rest of my life if I want to live, because Iím not doing these once a week drugs anymore. This isnít the first one Iíve tried. I also tried Victoza and it caused diarrhea and stomach pain. Insulin made me gain 50#. I worked hard to lose 25# with diet and exercise. I truly think that is the only answer if youíre diabetic. F 59 4 days
.025 1X W
 2  To Reduce Insulin Levels Experienced excessive hunger, headaches and had heartburn. I would wake up in the middle of the night with heartburn. On the plus side, the needle is so small I literally couldn't feel it. F 51 1 months
.5 mg 1X D