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 4  Type 2 diabetes and weight loss - Huccup burps (feeling like it's stuck) - Heartburn every morning - Diarrhea every morning - Throw up once every few weeks - No appetite - All food turns my stomach I have a love-hate relationship with ozempic. I was put on it March 5th 2020 at .25mg and was supposed to bump it to .5mg the following month but I couldn't tolerate the heavy side effects so I immediately went back to the .25mg and most side effects slowed down. My blood sugars are corrected and I'm feeling healthier and more alert however, I miss food a lot and the remaining side effects are embarrassing such as loose stool when I visit family and friends or when I go camping lol. I'm seeing some weight loss around my jaw line and my legs and I'm hoping to drop more pounds as time goes on. F 29 3 months
 5  Antirejection drug raised bs Lowered bs immediately and curbed appetite. Loose stools for a couple of days after shot but got less every week. Fatigue faded after a week and when increased dose fatigue came back for a week. Worked better than any other meds or shots Iíve taken. Side effects have been about the same severity or better than other meds Iíve taken. They go away in time. Iíve had severe diabetes complications so the side effects are worth it to me and they go away. F 45 5 weeks
.5 1X W
 4  Type 2 and Over weight Extreme fatigue for the first week, Insomnia, Slight yuckiness feeling from time to time (not really nauseous) I've noticed my yuckiness comes when sugar levels are normal. I guess it's possible because I'm used to running high. There's been times that it's actually been slightly low. The fatigue went away thankfully. It was debilitating. Had it not went away I would've had to stop taking it. It definitely curbs the appetite hard. I fix my usual plate and can't hardly eat half of it. I'm supposed to raise my dose at 4 wks to .5. I'm going to talk to my Dr about that. I'm not sure it's necessary for me. M 45 17 days
 5  High blood sugar and overweight I started at .25mg for 4 weeks, working up to 1mg after another 12 weeks. At that time, after 4 months, I began suffering from extreme gas both upper (awful sulphur-like smell) and lower, and was put back to .5mg dose which seemed to ease it for a while, but I'm now back to extreme gas both ends! Not nice even though I live alone! However, I lost my appetite for about the first 6 months, and lost about 30lbs, going from 13st, down 4 dress sizes to 10st 8lbs. I'm going to check in with doc next week about the gas problem. Blood sugar readings dropped substantially. Very easy to use, and very happy about the weight loss. However, not happy about the gas! F 75 8 months
0.5 MG
 5  High BS No side effects My BS is under 7 for a while the drug works, but the weight loss is terrible I'm already thin now I'm way too this. Dr. says my weight is fine. I'm beginning to look anorexic. M 61 8 days
 5  Lower blood sugar Nausea for the first 2weeks. If I eat too much greasy food I dont feel well . It has been amazing and changing my appetite, i dont eat as much or crave the foods i used to. I love it. F 50 2 months
 5  Weight loss Nausea, brain fog, lethargy for the first month. Decreased food cravings. Side effects subsided and I have lost 30 lbs. I am no longer physically able to binge eat therefore lost the weight. Zofran helped with the nausea. Do not eat all the food on your plate to reduce risk of nausea after meals. F 36 5 months
 1  Diabetes I have had the worst stomach cramps. Not able to leave the house due to extreme nausea and diarrhea. Cant even keep water down. Be careful! F 40 7 days
 1  A1C Horrible Horrible vomiting, nausea and stomach pains. 1st 5 weeks had to sleep sitting up when I could for the nausea. 8 weeks later still vomiting and eating all the wrong things due to it. F 53 8 weeks
.50 1X W
 3  Weight loss and Diabetes Nausea fatigue lack of appetite thirat Makes me throw up everything even water. F 45 60 days
 4  Lower A1c Stomach issues . Severe fatigue . Low energy . Dizziness I am still new to this drug . It has helped a lot to lower blood sugar . It also helped me control my appetite . I never overeat anymore and I don't have cravings to munch or eat after dinner . I'll stay on this bc I cannot control my blood sugar . Hopefully the side effects diminish to where it is tolerable . M 56 30 days
 3  Lower A1C Terrible gas, terrible stomach pain, terrible bloating, heartburn, nausea, fatigue, constipation. Did well lower my A1C from 13.7 to 6.6 but the side effects are Non-Stop and are too much to take I'm going to try and change to trulicity hope it's better less side effects will see. M 36 2 months
 1  To lower A1C Nausea, lethargy, sulphuric belching, horrible gas, stomach pain, diarrhea F 49 2 months
 5  High sugar levels No side effects loss of appetite and feel full and controlled my sugar levels feel happy with it F 53 0 weeks
 2  Lower A1c and blood suger Lowers my numbers but the diarrhea that is constant with this dose is not worth it. If I was home all day I wouldn't mind but it always hits me when I am walking out the door or halfway to work(30min) drive. I have to stop taking it or I will get fired F 47 9 months
 1  Type 2 Diabetes Extreme: nausea, burping, stomach pain, heartburn. Unable to lie down and sleep. Two days after initial dosage I feel terrible. I will not take this drug ever again. M 58 2 days
1 MG
 5  Type 2 Diabetes sudden onset after First 72 hours after weekly injection nausea, GI pain, gas which comes and goes. The 96 hours are fine no issues at all. Ozempic works perfectly for me, A1C dropped from 8.4 to 5.5, average BG is 118 with low of 90 and high of 138. Lost 15 lbs without trying. Advice is you have nothing to lose trying it. 57 5 months
.5 mg
 1  Type 2 diabetes Insomnia, eating more especially at night. What's really worrying me is breathing problems and a faster heartbeat. M 53 2 months
 3  Type 2 diabetes Bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, aversion to some foods Lost 15 pounds in first 6-8 months, gained it all back by 1 year. Lowered a1c but rising at 1 year. M 64 1 years
 5  Type 2 diabetes Loss of appetite get full very quick A1C went from low 8's to the high 5's and have lost 40 lbs. M 55 6 months