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 3  GERD Lightheaded/dizzyness, muscle fatigue, particularly in the legs and neck, headaches, flu like symptoms, feels like sinus infection without the actual infection Gave it a 3 because it did take care of heartburn. If you can manage to take this without the side effects, I imagine it is quite useful. I was taking Prilosec, then Zegerid (basically Prilosec X 2 + Sodium Bicarbonate), then went back to Prilosec. Went to the docs a couple of times before realizing it might be side effects of the Prilosec I was feeling. Stopped 2 days ago. Very mild heartburn felt, but side effects are slowly decreasing. M 34 5 months
 3  Stomach Ulcer Chest Pain, Depression, Irritability, Nervousness, Anxiety, Brain Fog, Bloating, Swelling (especially left leg), Itching Itching Itching Skin In October '07 I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer (H-Pylori present) and was quite sick. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and antacids. All the antacids caused extreme gastric distress, and then I tried Prilosec OTC. I got immediate, miraculous relief from the stomach acid/ pain. I was elated. Unfortunately, I started having chest pain, depression and anxiety, so I cut back on the Prilosec, taking it about 3 days on/ 4 days off. The chest pain went away but I started getting bloating that seemed like extreme water retention, worse in my left leg. Five months later, I am still having swelling problems and the anxiety is worse. Prilosec is the only medication I take, and it is not normal for me to have depression and this much worrisome/ nervousness. Sex drive also disappeared. So I'm going to go off this for a week and see if something gets back to normal. F 47 5 months
 2  possible ulcer Bloating, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety (jittery like), gurgling sounds in left quadrant of abdomen. Would not take it again, I gained 6 pounds in 5 months and I am only 5 feet tall - so it was a lot of weight gain for me. Two weeks after I went cold turkey, I had lost 5 lbs. Also do not go off it cold turkey or you will have an acid reflux problem that is intense. Wean yourself and wean your acid (coffee etc). Then find a nother medicine. I am taking up bike riding and hot baths. Get an endoscopy to get properly diagnosed. F 48 5 months
 1  GERD Muscle aches and weakness especially in the upper arms (Biceps and Triceps), back and thighs, dizziness, palpitations. I am a physician, and have recommended this medication to patients for years. And often due to financial reasons, I would prescribe 2 pills daily as opposed to the single in order to achieve the "Prescribed Rx. dose". When my own gerd/reflux got out of control, I took this medication myself. Did wonders for my symptoms which completely resolved. But the previously mentioned side effects I described caused me to go searching for answers. I will no longer prescribe for my patients or for myself. M 38 5 months

 5  Extreme heartburn in the evening A dry cough, mostly at night. I have very little side effects and have been taking OTC Prilosec for about 6 months. The benefits outweigh any side effects I experience. F 56 6 months
 5  GERD and acid reflux It seems that I've lost a lot of the sensation of impending bowel movements until the very last minute, and then I have to run for the bathroom. Not diarrhea but just urgency. I've never had this problem before, and have had several close calls. Prilosec OTC totally controls my acid reflux and GERD symptoms. I've been taking it six months, and my doctor said I should be able to take it for the rest of my life. However, the side effect of decreased bowel control outweighs the benefits (as great as they are), so I have discontinued its use. After one week, the side effects are clearing up, but the acid reflux pain is back with a vengeance. If Prilosec OTC came in a 1/2 strength, that would probably control my acid reflux with less problem "down below", but I don't think it does, and you're advised not to cut the pills in half. What's a girl to do? F 55 6 months

 5  acid reflux slight headache at first, then none at all I suffered from acid reflux for 15 years or more and tried everything you can imagine, nothing worked- Prilosec has worked curing my acid reflux symptoms 100%! It really has changed my life. M 35 6 months

 4  Gerd Muscle weakness, joint pain. Prilosec has been great for my Gerd. Dr. said after 5 months to go off it and see how I did. Then started to experience severe rebound joint and muscle pain. I thought I had the flu. I wish he had informed me there could be a rebound effect. I didn't want to go back on as I learned prilosec can contribute to osteoarthritis and became concerned, but my Gerd came back immediately. I was so uncomfortable I felt I needed to go back on it. Then I read that you can get a prescription for 10 mg and I wanted to try it at a lower dose. Unbelievable huh? The over the counter medicine is 20 mg, but you need a prescription for the 10 mg. I asked my dr to presribe this as we all know "one size doesn't fit all." I have been on 10mg for just 2 days and my Gerd has not been back. Maybe others should ask their dr to go on a lower dose? I hope to eventually go on it once every other day, watch my diet, and hope I can eventually discontinue it all together. F 52 6 months
20 1X D

 4  GERD OMG.......Hot Flashes, Night Sweats......More Hot Flashes than I can even begin to describe. I "thought" since I just turned 50 that this was my "menopause". They are worse at night after I eat and horrible when I go to bed. Now they are beginning to happen during the day. Last night when I was having an "attack" as I call them, I looked up what else could cause hot flashes and woila.....there it was PRILOSEC. Just put a call into my doctor to get myself off the stuff. Thank God for the internet! Oh, I also have dry skin and I've put on about 40 lbs. Guess what else is linked to these? Yep, PRILOSEC.........I'm not a fan F 50 6 months
10 mg 1X D
 4  acid reflux Works wonderfully, feel great. Initially, had accelerated bowel function. But....makes me eat and gain weight. I can't explain the compulsive eating I experience after about 3 days of this medicine. As soon as I switch back to pepcid, my appetite disappears, but I crave the relief that I experience with Prilosec. F 55 6 months
 3  stomach ulcer F 25 6 months

 3  Acid Reflux Dr. tried Nexium but my tongue swelled and burned, apparently it happens in 1 % of people. He put me on Prilosec otc 20 mgs, didn't help so he put me on 20 mgs twice a day. I still have reflux especially if i bend over or slip and eat anything with fat. I drink tons of water, don't smoke or drink alcohol. I have been researching natural methods. Read a tsp spoon of honey may help, before meals and a tablet called DGL it is derived form licorice. Didn't like reading that it may cause depression since I have felt a little depreesed lately, never thought of the Prilosec. My insurance does cover it if the Dr. writes a script for it, but wow reading all these side effects sure has scared me, but my attacks were so bad made him give me an E.K.G and a stress test, which were fine. Even had an edoscope to see if there was anything else going on, but no. Love to garden how am I not going to bend over? Have gained a few lbs come to think of it. Definetly going to keep researching some natural ways. Anyone have any luck with the natural route? F 61 6 months
 3  acid reflux shaking, numbness in arms and legs, heart palpitations, increased anxiety, constant fatigue My doctor put me on this drug to control my constant acid reflux. I have been on it for maybe six months or more and have just started to have these symptoms. I have been to the ER four times in the last six days with the same symptoms and all the usual tests have come back normal. After reading others complaints, I can only deduce that my long time on this drug has caused these effects. F 31 6 months
20 - 40 mg 1X D
 3  Oesophagitis / Acid Reflux Initially this worked really well & immediately was able to resume eating again. Had trouble swallowing for a year prior. Healed Oesophagitis. Then I realized I was ADDICTED. Began needing more & more to control reflux. DR. suggested I stay on it permanently. It took 3-4 miserable weeks to get off this stuff. Used Maalox pills & liquid, Rolaids, Gas X, & Activated Charcoal (Charcoal can be found at health food store) Gained 15lbs. in 6 months. This was a first. Still having stomach pain, bloating, gas, generally feel miserable. Still using Activated CHARCOAL, Gas x & Maalox. Symptoms are less some days. Who knows how long this will last. Feels like some Bacteria is overgrown in GI tract. DR. did not explain that PPI taken long term can allow Bacteria to overgrow until after I was on it for 5+ months. Thanks Doc. DR. decided that my GI tract may have suddenly become hyper-sensitive. So they wanted me to take NOR-tryptaline. Another med. with lots of bad side effects. I doubt my stomach has suddenly become sensitive. NO THANKS DOC. I'LL KEEP WORKING ON IT MYSELF. ACTIVATED CHARCOAL IS HELPING. NOW I GOT TO TRY TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT. M 46 6 months
20mg 2X D
 3  Severe Daily Heartburn Prilosec totally eliminated the heartburn. However, I began to experience significant joint pain (elbow/wrist) and later in the knees and lower back to a lesser extent. Finally realized it might be due to the Prilosec. Stopped taking it and 3 days later the pain is virtually gone. I'm now trying Zantac. M 49 6 months
20 mg 1X D

 2  Gastritis Tingling & numbness in feet, knee & ankle pain, swelling in ankles, anxiety, depression, tremors in hands, night sweats, chills, extremely dry mouth, blurred vision, heart palpitations, head always feels foggy, always tired. I was put on Prilosec in January due to a severe gastritis attack in December. My doctor insisted that it was "safe" to use daily for extended periods of time. He said his father has been on it for years and never had a problem. Well since I started taking it I haven't had 1 day that I felt good. Never associated all my symptoms with Prilosec until recently. I couldn't figure out why I was feeling so bad and then I realized that I've felt sick & have had these symptoms for the past 6 months - the same amount of time I've been on Prilosec. So I started researching the side effects and alot of my symptoms were the same. Then I found this web site and I'm about 95% sure it's the Prilosec. All the comments I've read pretty much sums up what I've been going through. I've been to several doctors, had blood work done, an MRI and everything is normal. I've been put on steroids twice, and they help some, but the symptoms always come back. Hopefully my symptoms will disappear after I go off the Prilosec. F 51 6 months
20 mg 1X D

 2  GERD/Barrett's Esophagus Frequent diarrhea, stomach pain, racing heart, knee and ankle pain, panic attacks, mild depression, occasional blurred vision, night sweats and chills. 35 year old male taking for 6 months. Haven't really felt "good" for the past 6 months. Didn't put 2 and 2 together until the knee pain started and began doing some internet research finding the side effects related to long term use of omeprazole (prilosec). Just went to family doctor last week to get knee pain checked out. X-rays were taken and they revealed early bone degeneration. I told my Dr. I believed drug was causing the side effects I read about. She did a blood test and found that I have extremely low Vitamin D and low Vitamin B. Advised to take supplements and continue using Prilosec. Now rethinking those orders but don't want to go back to having stabbing pains in my stomach and frequent dizzy spells with nausea. Is this the trade off??? M 35 6 months
20 MG 1X D
 2  acid reflux I started taking Prpilosec OTC about 6 months ago to control occasional acid reflux because I noticed there seemed to be a relationship between acid reflux and my atrial fibrillation episodes. It controlled the acid relux very well so I continued to take it. Recently I noticed some swelling in my ankles, then started experiencing some joint pain. Last week I started having some severe stomach pain, headaches, and extreme fatigue which would start in the morning and last until evening when it would finally abate but would recur again the next morning. It suddenly occurred to me that there might be a relationship between taking Prilosec (which I always took in the morning upon rising) and the fatigue I was experiencing. I stopped the Prilosec and immediately the fatigue was gone and soon I didn't have the joint pain either. However, the stomach pain was worse than I have ever experienced in the past. I am hoping this rebound effect will not last long but from the sounds of it I may be in for a real battle. F 72 6 months
20.6 mg 1X D
 2  Heartburn, acid reflux Toward the end of my 6 months taking Prilosec I began having soreness in my neck and occaisional pain in the back lower area of my head. I kept feeling like I had to stretch my neck from side to side and if I may say so I had the unsubstantiated perception that blood flow in the vessels of my neck was decreasing. It was just a feeling. I went to the doctor who did a physical exam and listened for telltale blockage and he said he found none. I stopped taking Prilosec and the feeling went away though my strong acid production returned. I have decided to be more conscientious about when, what, and how much I eat and have started taking some papaya enzyme tablets to aid digestion. Prilosec worked well at profoundly reducing my acid production but in doing so I would have to say that I stopped paying attention to the quality of my diet and other factors that contribute to acid reflux. I am glad to be off it and transitioning to a better diet. The two things I feel are most important to combat acid reflux are eating a probiotic diet with kefir/yogurt regularly and walking. Walking promotes regularity and I perceive that my acid reflux was always worse during sedentary periods. Think of it in pure plumbing terms. You must keep things flowing to prevent backups. M 40 6 months
1X D

 2  GERD and sinus infections anxiety, panic attacks, depression, affected my other medications I had acid reflux for years, did over the counter meds when necessary. A few years ago I started getting frequent sinus infections. An ENT saw me in January and said nothing was wrong, but prescribed 20 MG omeprazole daily just to shut me up. There is a link between sinus infections and GERD, and at first, omeprazole was great. Slowly I started having side effects, like my BP and glucose being higher, plus panic attacks. The PCOS which causes my high blood sugars was in full force. Panic attacks felt like I was going to completely lose it, where objects near me actually looked like they were slowly moving away and out of my sight, ears ringing, feeling like I would faint, cold sweats. Neither the ENT or GP told me that omeprazole could cause this, but two weeks ago I just happened to stumble across someone at work (I work in a medical clinic) who said omeprazole made her nervous. I looked it up online, found medications and minerals may not absorb properly because of omeprazole (see the NY Times article about it for more info) AND it can also cause anxiety. I stopped omeprazole -- now my anxiety is gone, and my BP and PCOS meds seem to be working again. But of course after only 10 days off, the sinus irritation is already coming back. I've taken other acid reducers (NOT preventers like omeprazole) but they're not quite enough. I have no idea where to go from here, but I don't think I can take omeprazole again. F 39 6 months
20MG 1X D

 2  GERD On Zegerid the past 6 mo---did wonders for my night time reflux---but after 5 months of treatment began having intermittant paresthesias (hands, feet, scalp)---labs showed Vit D and Fe deficiency. Now have to take prescription Vit D to combat the Side effect of zegerid. Had been on Protonix prior with no side effects, but less night time acid control and that's why I switched to zegerid. The tingling is worrisome. F 53 6 months

 2  Gas pain, unable to belch air up. It made me belch alot and helped to relive some pain. I get better results eating manna bread and drinking kombucha tea. It has titanium dioxide in it. M 6 months
 2  Acid reflux Headaches / possible migraine trigger Minimal improvement in symptoms. M 45 6 months

 2   Major, intense, debilitating joint pain. I never put 2 & 2 together until now, but from the moment I started taking Emeprazole, I experienced gradual pain in my hands & wrists. Eventually, it got to the point where I started having blood tests, X-Rays & MRI's done to check for arthritis. All tests came back negative. Eventually, the pain worsened to the point where I would wake up with such intense pain, that I couldn't even pull up my socks, wash my hair or pick up my small dog without being in agonizing pain. Even shaking hands with someone became absolute torture. My knuckles appeared swollen, as did my elbows. On a hunch, I stopped taking Emeprazole 5 days ago, & low & behold, the pain is starting to subside! I have never felt worse in my entire life, & now a drug that was helping with my acid reflux might be to blame! The other side effects I've read on here (chest pain, increased heart rate, etc., I have NOT experienced). Please, if anyone has had agonizing hand/wrist pain, please let me know. Thanks. M 40 6 months

 2  gerd leg pain and muscle pain to the point I had difficulty walking, fatigue, weight gain. Before I saw a doctor about the symptoms, I checked online for prilosec side effects since this was the only medication I was on to see if this might be causing the problems. I found all my side effects had been experienced by other people so I stopped taking it. I noticed a difference within 2-3 days. The muscle pain has greatly decreased and my energy level is starting to return to normal. I am looking for other ways to deal with the acid reflux but prilosec is definitely not the answer for me. F 59 6 months

 1  Acid Reflux GERD Two months into taking Prilosec, my periods stopped. The doctor said my prolactin level was up. She didn't know that all of these stomach acid drugs raise prolactin levels. I started to get hip pain. And that has progressed to feeling like I'm dislocating the right hip in my sleep. My thigh muscles felt like someone beat me up and that progressed to where I almost couldn't stand at all. I also experienced loss of appetite, and that all foods, including water tasted funny to me. I wasn't drinking enough water because it tasted weird. There were just a million bad symptoms on this drug. I had the chills for months and couldn't understand why I was so cold until I read it was a side effect of Prilosec. I stopped taking the drug, but the hip pain hasn't gone away. It's severe. I have pain in the right thigh, and the right hip joint is really severe. I am praying it will get better, but so far, it's very scary. I also feel like there's a problem with my lower back, like the di F 39 6 months

 1  gastric ulcer insomnia, mental fog, low grade daily headache I started taking prilosec because I thought it would be milder than prevacid. At first it was fine but in the last few months I started having sleep issues and low grade headaches that got worse after dinner. Concentration became more difficult with time and my work suffered significantly. I've been searching for possible causes because I did not accept that I was "just getting old and get used to it". I found this website and stopped the prilosec. Within days my fog lifted, I could sleep without ambian, I could actually see better and my headache was finally gone. I aslo stopped taking my blood pressure medication without an increase in my blood pressure, which is now acceptible. M 58 6 months

 1  Gerd Severe anxiety, panic, tightness in chest, numbness in arms and legs. numbness in face left eye. Cloudiness unable to focus, feeling of being trapped in my head. feelings of despair and depression when I stopped taking it. All of which were not present prior to being perscribed a PPI. Was prescribed another PPI (Protonix) in April and over the next several months noticed increased tightness in my chest and difficulty maintaining composure (excessive outburst of anger/anxiety). In July ended up pulling over to the side of the road while driving home with what I now know were withdrawal symptoms from the first PPI (had run out a couple days prior). ER doc prescribed prilosec along with tranquilizers for panic/anxiety and I have been fighting what I thought was a neurological problem ever since. Got the flue a couple weeks ago and stopped taking prilosec because of the anti biotics and after a week of a nightmare of depression and anxiety I all of a sudden felt great (tired but great). Still hadn't made the connection so I started taking the prilosec again and was terribly ill by the next day. Only got two doses before it clicked and started to detox again. Worst withdrawal I have ever felt, thought I wasn't going to get through it at one point and now at day 7 off I am just able to get up and around. Be careful if you take any PPI's. Alternatives should be considered for gerd if you can do it. I am certainly going to explore some better options. M 37 6 months
 1  acid reflux/GERD stabbing eye and head pain, dizziness, blurred vision, panic attacks, night sweats will never use this again! Went to the ER at least five times with panic attacks thinking I was having a heart attack. Severe vertigo, dizzy spells, head and eye pain. Doctors told me all symptoms of panic/anxiety! Stopped taking on my own...symptoms went away. F 47 6 months
20mg 2X D

 1  Peptic Ulcer Dizziness, tremors, unrelenting anxiety, pins and needles in arms and legs, confusion, swelling of hands and feet, irritability, depression, blurry vision, balance issues I have been suffering and had no idea it was all caused by the Prilosec. I thought I had a severe disease. I quit cold turkey 2 days ago. I just wish I knew how to expel it from my system faster. F 48 6 months
20 mg 1X D
 1  acid reflux very bad bloating,dry mouth,cough,neck pain,dizzyness,out fo focuse,abdomine pain like stabbing,head aches,anxiety,depression,lack of energy,tired feeling all day,tingle in hands,back pain,itchyness,eye twitch I was never aware of the side effects before taking this medicine.It was recomended by my doctor to take this for acid reflux,i could not figure out what was wrong with me there was days i couldnt hardly function.DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT IT IS THE WORSE THING I EVER DID!I'm just worried to see how long these horrible side effects last this is day one of me not taking this horrible product.I can't beleive they don't give more warning,im shocked and discusted.All side effects seem to hit slow snd then all at once.ONCE AGAIN STAY AWAY!!!!!!! M 29 6 months

 1  reflux dizziness, shortness of breath, depression, anxiety, chest pains, bloat, nausea. ect. i have posted about five months ago descirbing some of my experiences with this drug or other ppi's.. they are all junk, i had all the sides that everyone has listed here.. life does get better. when experiencing all the sides i had all the precautionary stuff to make sure it was not cardiac related. ekgs, labs, er visit, stress tests, and not to mention numerous dr. visits. after a total of seven or so odd months of being off of ppi's, lot's of diet modifications, and i added some probiotics with a digestive enzyme i have found relief. i still experience some of the sides on an occasional basis, but a lot better.. there is hope. M 27 6 months
 1  gastric reflux nausea, headache, fatique, muscle cramps, constant soreness, general malaise, belching taking zeolife (mineral) thru nutrimetics thru friend now, didn't realize how great it is and will help you get it too. safe, nontoxic, no chemicals, capsule that attracts to free radicals, toxins that cause disease and illness = dramatic change and difference and no more drugs. her email below for info M 53 6 months
 1  Acid reflux Increasingly severe joint aches sometimes causing me to wake up at night--hip, neck, fingers (sharp and intense attacks of pain that felt like pin pricks), shoulders and lower back pain; dry mouth at night; chest tightness; irregular heartbeats; unusual fatigue At first I attributed the symptoms to age since they came on gradually, but finally I was feeling almost crippled with neck, hip, and back pain. I have been an active person--tennis, rowing, skiing etc, and I was having trouble just walking. I visited my doctor several times with each of these complaints. He said heart irregularity was not serious enough to worry about and told me to cut down on drinks with caffeine. Joint aches were explained away as arthritis. I just had a chest xray at my request because of aches and tightness in my chest--negative results; Dr. told me to increase Prilosec--I was taking OTC 20 mil 1 tablet a day--to 2 tablets. By coincidence I had just read the recent NY Times article on dangers of some acid-reflux drugs including Prilosec and decided to stop taking it without consulting Dr. Today 3 days after I have stopped taking Prilosec I realize that I am free of joint aches and feel like the person I was before all of the symptoms started piling up on me. I knew something was wrong and that something had to be done, but it never occurred to me that Prilosec might be the cause. Out of curiosity I went online to check side effects, and I was stunned when I read this report. I am really distressed that my doctor never questioned Prilosec as a possible cause and instead advised me to increase the dosage. As many have already commented, I will find my own way to deal with acid reflux but I will definitely stop taking this drug. M 71 6 months

 1  upset stomach high blood pressure and back pain I stopped taking yesterday but over the last month my blood pressure & heart rate has climbed from 123/74/53 to 169/97-80 fairly steadily. When can I expect to see a reduction? Please help me with any infromation. M 65 6 months
 1  Crohn's disease diarrhea, nausea, heart palpitations. someone else said she couldn't concentrate while taking it and she was depressed. the same thing happened with me, but i was on a lot of other drugs that are known to do that, too, so i'm not sure if it was prilosec or not. maybe it made it worse. Not sure why I was prescribed this for CD, so maybe it's not fair to give it a 1, but certainly it is stupid to prescribe this for CD. M 6 months

 1  acid reflux from hiatal hernia headaches, back pain, sore ankles, hives on feet, depression, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, chest pain, tingling in left arm I had no problems with Nexium when I took it. But I ran out and I tried to control my disease with diet, but it was not working. Rather than go back to the doctor, which was like pulling teeth to get Nexium, I started on Prilosec OTC, taking it sporadically. I went to the doctor because I was having some strange symptoms and got the full workup and found nothing to do with my heart. Then he suggested I increase my dosage of prilosec to 20 mg 2x a day and things got exponentially worse. Debilitating side effects, including severe depression. Seems to have subsided with stopping the medication, but I will have to keep an eye on my BP to be sure it goes back to normal. F 32 6 months

 1  GERD/Acid Reflux Six months of: Fluid in left Ear, Headaches, Dizziness, Panic Attacks, Depression, Agoraphobia, Severe Abdominal Pain with Terrible Diarrhea cycling ever two to three days and lasting for a 24 hour period each time. Passed blood in stool and was dehydrated and had to go to emergency room. Had not been out of house alone in over 5 months due to the severe panic and anxiety. Acid Reflux can be altered by MUCH SAFER MEANS which does not take your life away from you. Thank God I finally figured out that the cause of my life altering conditions for the past 6 months were due to this stupid over the counter medication. I will NEVER AGAIN intentionally cause such horrors in my life. I am so very thankful to have my life back. After trashing Prilosec I now have: No anxiety or panic- I'm going out shopping and to lunch with friends- No more headaches AND NO MORE 24 hour AWFUL bathroom issues!!! Eating Live Culture Yoplait Yogurt and keeping Mylanta handy now for acid reflux/GERD is a much better alternative! Life is Good Again! Thank You Lord for returning my common sense to me and guiding me to trash the Prilosec OTC!!!!!!!!!! F 51 6 months

 1  extreme anxiety Horrible runs of extreme anxiety, a feeling like there is a ton of adrenalin pumping through my body. Anxiety went away after stopping prilosec. Took awhile to figure out that it was the drug and not me. Didn't cause anxiety until I'd been taking it for more than 6 months. Coincidentally, the side effect of anxiety started a few weeks after the relief of gerd no longer occurred. Do whatever you have to do to get rid of gerd:lose weight, don't wear tight clothes. Just DON'T take prilosec F 44 6 months

 1  stomach issues Panic attack -no energy -insomnia-sick all the time.Never again. F 50 6 months

 1  gerd heart attack symptoms, depression...major anxiety. this drug totaly changed my life for the worst....i quit doing everything, till i figured out this drug was probably the problem. quit taking it 4 days ago, an right away the heart palpitations stopped, a little anxiety still...but alot better. even my husband said i seem like my self i used to be. he's glad i'm back, and so am I F 60 6 months
1X D

 1  Acid reflux Headaches, fatigue. After reading this site, my suspicion that prilosec has a hand in my new chronic headaches is confirmed. Flushing the stuff. F 35 6 months
 1  Eosinophilic esophagitis All and more: headaches head pressure sinus pressure ringing ears numb hands and feet pulsations through body shortness of breathe and just not feeling myself. Depressed angry sad.....I have thought I was dying. Like I had some deadly disease at 35yrs old. Literally. This is drug is REALLY poison! Dr's either don't realize it or know it and 1- don't want to believe it or 2- don't want to admit it because it's all about money with Dr's and pharm companies. Not human life. Sadly, but so true. I tried telling all my Dr's all these things I was experiencing was from Prilosec. They all said no. No way. It's something else. And so I wasted tons of money on MRI's CT scans blood work ultrasounds etc....ALL were normal. So, it's not the drug? Really! I was fine before I took the drug. NEVER had ANY of these symptoms. I wasted almost a yr of my life being sick FROM this drug. I am in the process of slowly coming off of it. You cannot just cold turkey stop it. No way! You will become very sick if you do. Acid-rebound is terrible. And that among many other issues if you do stop cold turkey. I will eventually pursue legal advice against Prilosec. And fight hard to get it off the market. DO NOT TAKE IT! M 35 6 months
20mg 4X D
 1  acid reflux Muscle aches, lower back and hip pain, left shoulder and arm pain, tingling and numbness of arms, and hands, burning and tingling pain in back, anxiety After reading the side effects experienced, I will not take this medication anymore. F 52 6 months
20 mg 1X D

 1  gerd severe anxiety attacks.feels like heart is pounding out of my chest!lost 15 lbs from adrenaline being out of control in my body! Being an Insomniac for years did not help while on this medication. Yes it helps Gerd, but not worth the price you pay physicaly and mentaly. It took me 6 months of listening to people say: your hyper but not THIS HYPER!!!!DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE AN INSOMNIAC, HAVE ADHD, ANXIETY OR ARE SENSITIVE!I had to take Xanax and Valium just to come down from the sick high from the anxiety attacks. People will think your nuts if they don't know you!YES IT'S THAT BAD!STOP DO NOT TAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F 33 6 months
40mg 1X D
 1  acid reflux bone aches anxiety heart flutters blood pressure no energy no sex drive tingling arms, hands, and lower legs & feet foggy thinking foggy eyesight and more F 57 6 months
3X D
 1  Hiatia Hernia dizzy spells, sickness, light headed , blurred vision thought I was going mad , doctor has done all the tests nothing wrong with me, stopped taking over two weeks ago, still feeling dizzy, How long until I feel better again? would rather cope with reflux than take this rubbish. F 39 6 months
20 1X D
 1  gerd depression,depression, depression, loss of muscle strength works for gerd over a few weeks but now I can't get off it M 57 6 months
20 mg 1X D

 1  Hital Herrnia Horrible depression and anxiety! Felt like I was having a heart attack. Blood pressure went way up. Heart would "jump" and/or skip beats. This medicine is poison. I have been off it for 4 days now and my blood pressure is still elevated. If anyone has had problems with this drug elevating their blood pressure please write me I would really like to know how long this takes to clear out of my body! Thanks! F 27 6 months
20 MG 2X D
 1  Horrible heartburn Tingling in legs and feet with extreme swelling in both knees, difficulty walking, arms stiffened, flu symptoms, mind foggy and forgetful. Symptoms came on slowly and explained them away because I am diabetic and I was exercising a lot so I thought I tore up my knees. It wasn't until my legs swelled and I woke up and my arms were stiff and it hurt to move them that I knew something else was wrong. I stopped taking prilosec and found this site told my Dr. He didn't believe that prilosec was the problem so I got a new Dr. who sent me to a specialist to find out I had drug induced lupus had to go on prednisone to calm down my immune system. My second Dr. Is spreading the word about these problems and within a couple weeks of seeing me had another patient with the same problem. It is now over a year later, I have been on an anti-inflamitory diet for about three months and my knees are finally normal again, I still have pain in my hands and swelling in my wrists and fingers and my elbows Please stop taking this stuff. The symptoms slowly come on so you may not even know you have a problem. Friends of mine have taken it for years and stopped after what it did to me and then let me know daily about problems like back pain that went away F 46 6 months
15 1X D
 1  Severe inflamation of the esophagus I experienced Heart Palpitations, light headedness, head aches, constant waking up at night. Anxiety Attacks. Depression, Irratability, Dry Mouth, lower back pain. Felt like I was dying. Tired all the time. Diagnosed with Chronic Skin Disease. Granuloma Annulare. I am so greatful to have found this website. I was thinking I was falling apart. I have just taken myself off the drug. I don't want to get cancer of the esophagus, but I am going to a nutritionist to see if I can cure this acid reflux by diet, and not by this drug. Why doesn't this drug have these side affects listed. I will keep you posted. F 57 6 months
40mg 2X D
 1  Acid Reflux Light Headed,very ill feeling,to ill to leave the house,racing heart beat,joint pain,constipation,change in mood-depressed and really bad anxiety,Tiredness,Fatigue,Shaking,all around TERRIBLE! it helped me for about a month and now it just seems to make me feel terrible. My mom had me stop it about 5 days ago and i feel so much better!Occasional heartburn.but i can now sleep at night without waking up.this medicine is not a great choice for me. F 16 6 months
40 MG 2X D

 5  Gastro-esophageal reflux disease None Suffered from GERD since childhood. Tried several OTC drugs, with no relief. Gastroenterologist prescribed Prilosec approx 7 mos ago. Never again have I experienced a single stomach pain. M 20 7 months

 4  acid reflux none Had a very bad reaction to prevacid, so doc decided to put me back on prilosec but up my dose to 40mg which is working alot better F 23 7 months
20mg 2X D
 4  acid reflux nausea,constipation,feeling of stomach not emptying,tingling sensation,bloated,swelling of feet and legs,weight gain. helped with acid reflux but too many side effects. gained 15 pounds in 3 months and my face started breaking out really bad, I stopped taking it and my face cleared up immediately, but now the acid is back. F 30 7 months

 4  GERD I've been taking 40 mg for seven months. My doctor recommends this dosage for life. Now I am experiencing constant fatigue, and a nagging localized muscle-like pain mid-back on the right side, by the wing bone. I do not know for sure that these are caused by Prilosec, but I suspect this strongly. After reading the entries here yesterday I started taking 1000 mg of B12 daily. (I researched this and on the Website for American Family Physicians, found a research article saying that a minimum of 500 mg of B12 can more or less circumvent the absorption problem caused by Prilosec. I also found an article on PeoplesPharmacy.com saying that cranberry juice can help with this.) I am contemplating cutting those OTC tablets in half to see if halving the dose, 10 mg twice a day, would still help my GERD, but I don't know if this can be done without wrecking the coating on the tablets. I'll ask a pharmacist. It has helped the GERD symptoms totally. I had a baby esophagal ulcer and lots of esophagal irritation. I did try stopping it for four days and the symptoms came right back. F 56 7 months

 4  Acid Reflux Some depression, anxiety. I'm not sure if it's from the medicine, though I was put on prilosec for my terrible acid reflux. I followed the 14 day regimen, and as soon as i was off it, all my symptoms came back, so my doctor told me to keep taking it. I haven't experienced any acid reflux since then F 18 7 months

 3  Doctor requested After reading all this,some of the same,blurred vision,fatigue,anxiety,Muscle pains,weakness I want to stop this but Im wondering about rebound effects. I dont think I was givent this drug for the right reason. F 45 7 months
 3  acid reflux omeprazole generic (same thing)Cures the acid problem when zantac couldnt. But after 6 months of taking it daily. I started experiencing dark urine, hip/joint pains while sleeping, waking up in a cold sweat, dizziness, nausia (almost vomiting)only in the AM. Cold sweat lasting for about 5 minutes. After two episodes of this in 1 week I have stopped taking this. Directions say not to take it long term without asking Doctor. Doctor said keep taking it. I must return to him with this information and seek a new way to manage this. M 46 7 months
20 mg 1X D
 2  Acid Relux Head Ache and feeling drugged. I had acid reflux for about a year. Prilosec made me have head aches and feel drugged and it really didn't work that well. I have have been taking some supplements that have helped me and I wanted to tell others about it so it can hopefully alleviate their suffering. I am taking an Omega three Krill Oil (like fish oil) it is called K-48 made by JD Premium. I am also taking a digestive enzyme supplement called CHF#17 by Drs Country Health Ltd. If you have any questions you can can email me at jamieatbyu@Hotmail.com Good Luck! F 30 7 months
30 2X D

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