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 3  Economics My anus relaxed & I was able to empty my colon at 4-5 hours after taking medicine. My anus is still relaxed after a week & can open wide. The problem is my stomach, small intestine, and large intestine have stopped working & nothing has gotten to the working rectum. ? M 45 1 days
150 1X D
 5  Anger and racing thoughts Muscle ache and drowsiness blurred vision feeling tired Very effective but it takes time to work M 51 6 months
300x2 2X D
 3  Bipolar II Disorder Internal full body tremors, stomach pain, constipation, head pressure, ear pressure, chest pain, minor anxiety, shortness of breath, cannot stand for more than a few minutes, feeling weak, eye issues. Kinda helps my mood swings, but not enough for me to really wanna stay on it. Since it kicked in and I got somewhat used to it, I have not felt well. Cannot work or even shower everyday anymore. Too weak and hurt too much. I have been to the ER and they want me to see a cardiologist. Dunno if the medication is making me feel borderline dead or if I just developed a major health issue around the same time..... Either way, I feel like I am gonna have a seizure almost all day, I feel stupid, and I have not been able to leave my couch in about a month unless I just use the bathroom. Standing to do anything is excruciating and basically impossible. I have to have tests done, but all of my issues started whenever I started to get use to this medication. I am sure it works well for others, but I am over it at this point. F 28 2 months
300 MG 2X D
 1  Bipolar Made me feel like a zombie the whole day and night Didn't help with anger. Made my life miserable, could barely drive to work I was so tired and almost fell asleep on the job many times, thankfully I was never let go. M 24 1 years
300 MG 1X D
 1  Bipolar Anxiety, confused, forgetful, 25 lb. weight gain in 11/2 years, peripheral neuropathy, horrible horrible insomnia, dry mouth 24/7, dry eyes, double vision. F 64 1 years
300 2X D
 3  Seizures Numb lips and tongue. Fatigue. Agitation. Constipation. Dizziness. No seizures! M 54 4 months
2400 2X D
 1  More than 40 side effects 18 of more than 40 side effects are due to the reaction Trileptal has with Sodium. The lips begin to chap, heavy levels of Flem buildup in the lungs, throat and sinus track, Oedema Peripheral, balance disorder, speech disorder, Dysphagia, Dyspnoea, Hot Flashes, dry mouth and throat, syncope, Asthenia memory impairment, memory impairment, balance disorder, number and letters are reversed, High sodium levels in the body short circuit the direction of the fingers while typing, even though I a verbally saying the proper letter. Insomnia comes when fluid retention reaches its peak lasting approximately two and a half hours. Fluid retention, the urethra shuts down urine flow to almost nothing and later opens like an uncontrollable flood. Sodium level drops so lower surgery was canceled. Weight increase increases in several days and then decreases 3 to 7 pounds in less than 8 hours dropping sodium level in the body. Trileptal and Naproxen do not work well together, urine turns in t Bone density continues to be destroyed by Trileptal. Forteo has been used three different times to increase bone density, when stopped bone density declines. Hypothyroidism, RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME, acid reflux, The nerves begin to tingle on the scalp and begin to spread down into the chest and arms. As the patient, I have been dealing with more than what has been entered, doctors have a difficult time accepting what I am experiencing. They doubt what is being said until they uncover what is taking place. Approximately 12 to 18 months after starting Trileptal I was told I was massively asthmatic. The medications did not work. When seeing a different doctor he did not believe me until one appointment there was no wheezing, no phlegm build-up anywhere to be found. Sodium had been completely dropped from the diet, when I began to use sodium a few weeks later it returned. In the beginning, I was prescribed three 600mg tablets daily. The information I have entered covers some of what I have experienced. I began lowering the Trileptal intake down to just two 300mg pills a day late last year. When I moved to Washington State last November, I began to lower the Trileptal intake and began using RSO - Rick Simpson Oil - Cannabis Oil. The Trileptal was down to just 150mg when I woke up and RSO when I went to bed due to the reaction that took place when taken at the same time. On August 4, only RSO was taken for the Epilepsy and has seizure activity controlled. The major F 62 20 years
150mg 3X D
 1  Epilepsy Double vision I hate it 68 7 years
150 mg
 1  Bipolar disorder Warm feeling in face; dizziness; double vision; extreme drowsiness but inability to sleep; hallucinations when I first began but stopped; migraines with aura; nausea; jerk in limbs; eye movements; unsteady when on feet. Awful. I complained to my dr but she wants to increase it. She does not listen to me but sadly she is the ONLY psych in town. Be careful with this medication. F 35 3 months
900 mg
 1  Witch doctor forcing me to take it Shaking, tremors, chest pains, coordination issues Itís a horrible medication they should not prescribe it. F 26 2 weeks
300 MG
 4  Mood swings My mood swings were every 20 minutes. While in the psychiatric hospital, they put me on Trileptal. At first, I paced the halls and wanted to crawl right out of my skin. They lowered it back down, and I was able to get used to it. After sometime, my mood swings leveled. It helped me very much. It also helped to make the Effexor work better. After many years, I lowered my dose from 150 milligrams 2 times a day, down to 225 mg per day I don't know why. Seems to be what bipolar people do. Doc raised it back up to 300 mg a day. I struggled with suicidal thoughts, and depression was worse. It took a few weeks to level out. If sensitive to meds, I recommend starting off on a low dosage of maybe 100mg. Raising up very slowly because the possibility of becoming suicidal F 53 10 years
 1  My ragers I took my meds this morning and after about and hour i started feeling my brain was in a fog and then it go weirder I cant stop grinding my teeth and they are broken now then my stomach hurt so bad it wrapped around my back and left lung. I dont know what to do I feel I will get fussed at if I quit it but my jaw hurts so bad I cant stop crying F 32 1 days
 1  Depression anon epileptic seizures At first I told my Dr I was having panic attacks because of the meds, so we tried lower dosage of 75mg per day for 2 weeks. No more panic attacks. However, dizziness, vomiting, nausea and some how weight GAIN through all the vomiting. Irritable at the drop of a hat, constantly angry for NO reason. Rapid mood swings. I have never had mood swings, not even with "that time of the month" that were this rapid or this terrible. I was diagnosed with bipolar but I have NEVER had manic episodes. I do believe this is a misdiagnosis. The side effects are interfering with my day to day life and making it hard to get up for work or even complete my job. I would not recommend. Drs seem to not give a care when the side effects outweigh the therapeutic uses. Why does the pamphlet with the meds say "tell your dr right away if..." if they don't do anything about it? F 30 17 days
150mg 1x d
 5  Rapid cycling bipolar Nausea almost to point of throwing up. Headaches. I have been suffering for a few months with rapid cycling and panic attacks But boy has this med changed my life. I just hope this nausea goes away. F 48 10 days
 4  Bi polar Loss of appetite- weight Loss, loss of sex drive, fatigue, muscle wastage Has worked well as a mood stabilizer I'd been wrongly diagnosed and treated for depression for years only to be diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar worsened by my treatment with citalopram, trileptal has definitely helped a lot but the lack of sexual desire is frustrating as is the muscle wastage ( I'm a tree surgeon and have started to struggle wielding tools when previously I've had no problem) The effect on my bipolar is massive I've been taking 600mg twice a day but hope to balance it out to no more than 900mg pd M 38 1 years
 1  Epilepsy Read long term side effects. I hope to ween off it, medical cannabis in place of it, I didn't need more bone issues,ect. 😡😩😬I want to be me. F 50 13 years
600 mgs
 1  Anger/Somewhat Bipolar Many side effects. My Doctor said no weight gain and that was bs. Weird dreams and nightmares, very weak and lazy,sore teeth,dark urine,No sex drive,depression and negative thoughts worse,can't think clearly,flu like symptoms,drymouth,etc. Started out on 150mg once a day, didn't like how I felt and the doctor doubled the dose after three days to 300mg. Didn't really feel any better, so I switch the dose to night time instead of morning. No difference. So after another two weeks he upped it again to night. Felt the same. I've tried splitting the dose every twelve hours and nothing.The only thing I felt was worse physically and mentally. I feel like I have no more feelings of happiness, anger, or sadness. Just a zombie. These doctors make me laugh when they tell you, you have to give it time while it's going on months now. Praying to God I don't suffer any lasting side affects like the sodium levels, etc. I was previously on Lamictal and that was a joke too. M 54 4 months
 5  GAD/generalized anxiety disorder Difficulty achieving orgasm, sleepiness. This stuff is amazing. It helps the anger from GAD, and negative thoughts. Never hd issues with weight gain. F 31 4 months
 1  Burning Mouth Syndrome On the third day of taking this med my joints became painful and my urine has gotten darker. I've been off the med for a week now and none of the side effects have gone away. I had NO pain in my joints at all prior to using Trileptal. The fact that the joint pain isn't going away concerns me. I already have Burning Mouth Syndrome and Tardive Dyskinsea as a permanent present from Rispadril. F 55 3 days
150 1X D
 4  Mood Disorder I was a little scared at first about taking this medication because of the possibility of low sodium. I was suppose to start at 300 but my pharmacy only had 150 mg so i only took the 150 mg once daily but I was suppose to take it twice daily. I felt ok for the first 4 days but on the 5 day I woke up in a hive attack. I had little bump all over my body! It first I didn't pay it no attention because I thought it was goosebumps from being cold. So by the end of the day it didn't go I away I started to freak out. I ended up having the hive all day. The doctor told me to stop taking it. So now back to square one trying to find something that works. F 33 5 days

TRILEPTAL  (OXCARBAZEPINE):  Oxcarbazepine is used alone or with other medications to treat seizure disorders (epilepsy).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)