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 2  Reduce Blood pressure My dose was 5/20 ,1x day,until a few years ago, they increased it to 5/20,2x day.. the past year I've noticed more anxiety, get breathless easily, AND upper abdomial discomfort. So much so I blamed it on my hiatal hernia, nerves. So I tested the Lotrel, took it once a day(at night) much less side effects....I want off of it all together. Has anyone else experienced these side effects? Thank you Oh,and did it raise your glucose? I was pre-diabetic until 8 months ,ago, a "nurse" in my doctors office prescribed a round of Prednidone...My glucose skyrocketed..not happy..and if the Lotrel could be causing my elevated glucose I'd really like to know F 65 12 years
5/20,2× 2X D
 1  High bp Heart palpitations, tachycardia, nervousness, increased anxiety, low sex drive and trouble sleeping. Initially I had no problems I would say for the first couple of weeks. I would take it at night but began to have problems with sleep. On night about 3 hours after taking the medicine, I started having severe heart palpitations and had to go to the ER. No test results showed I had any thing wrong with my heart. Not knowing I continued taking the medication. However, from that time on I would experience daily episodes of anxiety, belching, and tachycardia. My heart would start racing to the point I thought I was having a heart attack or something. About a week after going to the ER, I had to end up going again because of the palpitations and again they couldn't find anything wrong with my heart. So now I'm concerned because I could not figure out what's wrong with me as I started having irregular heart beats as well. So, by the grace God I started to look up then side effects of this medicine and noticed ALL the symptoms I had started to experience after starting the medicine were associated with this medication. Thank the Lord for this site as I feel relieved that there was nothing wrong with me. My blood pressure would only rise when I would have it checked at the hospital or any medical setting and was told it was called White Coat Syndrome. I have a bp monitor at home and my bp is normal but I started seeing a new doctor and he didn't believe me so I brought my monitor to my next visit and compared M 52 1 months
5/10mg 1X D
 3  HBP Just a slight cough at times. Not sure Medicine is effective. Pressure ranges 130ish/80/82 M 66 12 days
 3  hypertension Tolerated drug well for many years but switched to another medication recently due to adverse effects including hair loss , weight gain, and fatigue. Worst of all, the amlodipine caused gum overgrowth (gingival hyperplasia) that required periodontal surgery. F 58 15 years
5/10 1X D
 2  High blood pressure My feet are swollen M 52 4 years
 4  to better control blood pressure none so far no side effects noted so far F 2 months
10-20mg Ca
 5  High blood pressure Little has not decreased my blood pressure at all. I have suffered from migraines and high blood pressure for 25 years. My doctor put me on Lotrel. The first dosage was too low, so she increased it. I have not suffered from migraines or even a headache, since I've been on Lotrel. My blood pressure is still elevated, but I'm pain free. The responsible thing to do is notify my doctor that the pill isnt helping my hyoertension, but has taken away my migraines! Well, I decided to be pain free for two weeks before she puts me on something different! F 4 weeks
 1  High blood pressure Coughing uncontrollably After reading many blogs, I told my doctor that Lotrel could be the reason I'm coughing. I have been to see a Pulmonologist to see if I had asthma, did not. Next I'm supposed to see an allergist. If the change of medicine works, I don't need to go. F 60 4 months
 3  HBP Been taking for just a few days when wife asked why I'm huffing and puffing after my brief morning work out. Then today was short of breath after bagging 2 loads of cut grass. Dizzy too. Reduced BP from 140/90 to 128/88. Not worth side effects. Stopping it today. Will try to post follow-up. M 55 7 days
5/10 1X D
 2  To lower my blood pressure Frequent peeing in the wee hours of the morning (this makes me alive at work let me tell you). That expression should be "the pee hours of the morning." If I completely empty my bladder, why am I doing the same thing an hour later. Screw that. Weight gain (I never had two chins before). Blurred vision. Erections not like they used to be and sex drive is blah. A little coughing. Swelled lower calves/ankles. This medicine is not for me. I am a different person on it. Time to try a different approach. When my Dr. told me, you may have to be on this medicine the rest of your life, that did not sit well with me. I wanted to pour antifreeze down his mouth and see how he likes it. Most medicines are poisons and are toxic. But the amounts are so low they hopefully won't kill you and perhaps may have a positive effect. I am very concerned about the long term effects (and, of course, the side effects).What good is controlling your blood pressure if Renal Failure is a possibility. That is scary. I have been taking the generic version Amlodipine Benazepril 5-20 dosage. I started on 5-10, then my Dr. increased it 'cause it was not working. I should have stopped him right there. This medicine scares me and though it worked initially, it no longer works. So why take something that makes you feel like crap and can possibly kill you if there are no benefits. At first I liked this drug, I thought it was working for me, but then it stopped and my BP is the same now as when I went on it. Around 140/90, sometimes 150/100. I am going to try supplements, diet, and exercise. I guess you can say I tried to take the easy way out. Well, that did not work for me and my daily fear of what this medicine is doing to my body is not helping. What really pisses my off is there is not much information on how to properly go off of this medication. I always find this "Consult your Physician before going off of this Medicine." Why, so he can put me on another drug and keep my body dependent on these horrible drugs. I don't think so. What also bothers me is you have to see your Dr. to get the drug prescription renewed after a while. What kind of money making scheme is this? Sorry, not me. I go online for advice now, and I go to the Dr. for regular milestone checkups or if I am sick. I have an accurate BP M 48 2 years
5/20 1X D
 1  Prescribed by PCP Cough, developed renal tumor, had to have kidney removed Dr promptly changed script to another med M 54 2 years
 4  HBP Dry nagging tickly cough and no energy Lotrel lowered my blood pressure to normal. Before Lotrel my blood pressure was spiking to stroke levels and beyond. It has controlled my blood pressure but this nagging cough is ridiculous. The cough developed within a week of taking it. And I have no energy at all. I am in the process of losing some weight and hopefully I can be taken off this medicine for good. F 48 8 months
5-20 1X D
 1  Hypertension Crushing pain in lower back & hips. Brain fog. Depression. High blood sugar. Extreme fatigue. Insomnia. When I first went on this medication, I asked my doctor if there were any side effects I should be concerned about. He said it was a newer drug, so there weren't any listed. Wish I had been better about listening to my body back then. This stuff is terrible. My husband was on it for 20 years also. He developed a terrible cough and pain in his feet and kidney issues. The doctor prescribed more drugs. Today, he's dead. I will do whatever I can to get off this junk. Trying to work with diet and exercise along with some natural supplements (new doc suggested), but the blood pressure spikes every time I try to stop. F 59 20 years
5/20 1X D
 4  Bp It has dropped my BP greatly!! But I cough all night long! If it doesn't stop I will have to get it changed! F 39 3 months
 1  High Blood Pressure Terrible head, muscle, back,& neck aches. Sore jaw bone and feet. Tingling and sharp pains in my head. Numbness and funny feeling on my left side. Nervousness. Itching and rashes.Respiratory problems Sometimes blurry vision Funny taste in mouth, indigestion, nausea and funny feeling in my chest. Hurts when I cough, and tired all the time. I was on Lotrel 5/10MG for 10 years. First I was taking the Brand name, and the longer I took it, I had problems which I, at the time did not know this medicine was causing this. Had respiratory problems so bad that I was on steroids for 2/12 years, causing me to gain a tremendous amount of weight. Things went from bad to worst when I started taking the generic brand. I took another HP med for a short time and it caused similar side effects, but my feet were not hurting. Since I started taking Lotrel again, my feet are burning and hurting enough to interfere with my walking. I am opting for a more healthy lifestyle so that I can come off this poison, as these medicines seem to have similar, deadly side effects. Something about generic medicines? F 60 10 years
10MG 1X D
 1  High blood pressure Horrible muscle and joint pain, dizziness, nervousness, tired all the time and palpitations. This medication did what it was suppose to do lowering my blood pressure, but the side effects are HORRIBLE. I have pain in my hips, legs and under my rib cage and nothing seem to help. I have tried getting off this medication several times, but my body didn't react well. I am determined to get off of this poison and get my life back. F 43 10 years
5/10 1X D
 2  Due to high blood pressure I was taking the medicine before bed time. Though it lowered my BP, it also lowered my HR. It would average around 52-55. It has gone as low as 48. And I am not one of those athletic types with a low HR.My chest felt weird and I was terrified to fall asleep. I wpuld stay up until I could not stay awake any longer.I finally did not take it last night and slept well. I then took my dose in the morning and made me feel so lethargic. I napped and still feel like I have no energy. Has anyone had these same issues? 43 1 weeks
 2  blood pressure I have this terrible cough I can't overcome. Some days it's dry others I have very thick phlegm. Awful. F 42 1 months
10 mg
 1  hypertension After taking lotrel for years (12) or more i had a life threatening allergic reaction i had to stop immediately.i have reported this to the FDA .I found 2others in the same situation in different parts of the country.Beware of the benzopril part of this medication F 65 1 days
 5  hypertension Have not experienced any noticeable side effects. Before Lotrel, I tried Hydrochlorothiazide, and had intolerable side effects. Lotrel , which is a combination of Norvasc and Lotensin, keeps my high blood pressure under control with no side effects. For me, a very good medicine. M 65 4 months
5-10 1X D

LOTREL  (AMLODIPINE BESYLATE; BENAZEPRIL HYDROCHLORIDE):  This product is a combination of two drugs: a calcium channel blocker (amlodipine) and an ACE inhibitor (benazepril). It is used to treat high blood pressure. It works by relaxing blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily. Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks and kidney problems.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)