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 4  constant headaches bloated, lathargic, difficulty sleeping (not sure if its from this medication or not tho) havn't been on it for very long, am on 40mg 3 times a day, missed one at lunch yesterday and by that night i had a headache. not sure if thats good. also feeling very bloated and lathargic. am an apprentice hairdresser so my job requires me to be on my feet and by the end of the day i am so tired but i stil cant sleep properly at night. see how i go.. F 19 5 days
 2  migraine 15 pound weight gain in 3 months; tired all the time; constipation; thinning of hair (more in shower); runny sniffly nose (with out having a cold). My neuro started me at 20mg 2 times a day and gradually went up to 60mg twice a day. Did not help my migraines at all. I get them every 4-9 days. F 31 6 months
 4  Anxiety/Panic Attacks Constipation, Weight Gain, Some confusion I started taking 10mg a day due to Anxiety & Panic At. which had a massive impact on my life to the point where i couldn't work, it's definately helped reduce the unpleasant physical symptoms of anxiety & got me back on my feet, so much so that i started a new job 3weeks ago! However my weight has crept up since starting, i've gone from a (UK)12 now a 14 and even those clothes are starting to feel tight now! Also suffer constipation. I came off it for 4 days and was really emotional and felt a bit anxious again but hoping try going without it again and shed some pounds!! :D *wish me luck* :D F 19 5 months
 4  Migraines Very very vivid dreams every night. Slight constipation. Slowness (i.e. lack of energy). Haven't had a migraine in 4 months - hallelujah! I take 180mg a day along with serotonin (10mg). very happy not having migraines any more, just worried about having to be on something that effects my heart for the rest of my life! F 25 4 months
 3  PVC's, Migraines, Anxiety Tiredness at first, went away quickly. Taking 20 mg's twice daily. Works really well to quell the pvcs and helps somewhat with anxiety, although if the anxiety is bad I need Xanax as well. For the migraines it has done nothing, but to be fair I am probably not taking a high enough dose. Don't think I could handle more due to low blood pressure. F 3 months
 3  Migraine Extreme weight gain :( Went from 118 lbs to 140 in 7 weeks. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT ON THIS DRUG PLEASE EMAIL ME @ [email protected]!!!!! I think it slows your metabolism. Also I get winded easily, so it's hard to exercise. At first it did help with the severity of my migraines. It took them down to migraines almost every day (I had to get FMLA from work) to a moderate headache with migraine maybe once a week. I am on 80 mg twice a day. Now the migraines are coming back. I'm not sure if I can go up higher due to the weight gain. F 28 7 weeks
 3  headache prevention none i was on propranolol at 60mg, twice a day, for about a month. it worked for a little while, then just stopped working. it's a good drug though because there's the smallest chance of side effects. F 19 1 months
 3  for tremors and anxiety Felt quite tired and had a sort of sureal feeling. Concentration was poor and did not sleep well I did what it was supposed to do in my case,eased the anxiety and took away the tremors but I think the strength was too high 40mg. Will go back to doctor and ask to try 10mg. F 4 days
 4  MVP memory loss,fatigueness,inc. weight,low dissison power,long thoughting, but it is my life,i can't live without ineral+ecosprin M 28 10 years
 3  sinus tachycardia It makes me soooooo tired! I have constipation also, possibly related to inderal, but not sure yet. I am taking 10 mg 2x a day, and it just makes me so tired, I can barely do my normal routine, and normally I am always, always on the go. It does help with keeping my heart rate at 100 or below. I also have anxiety and stress which my dr. thinks brought on the sinus tachycardia. Though it helps to relax me somewhat, it does not rid me of my anxiety. So even though I am so very tired, I am still jittery and nervous at the same time. It's weird. I have only been taking this for three days, so I will post again when I have been taking it longer if there are any other adverse effects. I am also taking xanax as needed, and the combination of the two seems to be helping me. I only wish I wasn't so darn tired from the inderal! I do take the inderal on it's own in the am, and do not take the xanax as frequently, so I know for sure it's that making me so tired. I do hope it subsides. F 31 3 days
 5  Migraine/Tension Headache Slight Weight gain, reduced erectile status. Reduced ability to undertake extended strenuous exercise as my heart rate refuses to climb to meet the blood demand. But then again I was oversexed, over-aggressive, too skinny and getting headaches every few days so all of the above side-effects are perfectly acceptable. Tried weaning myself off it a couple of times and became wired/shaky/pounding heart/nervous so I guess it will be with me for life. M 44 14 years
 3  SVT (super ventricular tachycardia) Fatgue,short term memory loss,extreme weight gain, mental depression, angina pains,tingling in hands and feet,vivid dreams F 39 7 years
 4  Migraines Rapid weight gain (40 lbs 6 months)with lack of energy to exercise, heart palpitations, extreme fatigue I have had migraines since I was 18 yrs old. Sometimes migraines would last 2-3 days without relief in sight. No medications that I was prescribed made as much of a difference as Inderal. Migraines are rare now and I only take 60mg daily. I only wish that the weight gain was not a side effect. F 43 3 years
 3  Migraine Weight Gain, low pulse rate, cold hands / feet, dizzy sick feeling if miss dose, short term memory issues use to get severe migraine, needing treatment at emergency dept, about twice a month. No migraines since taking, but weight gain real issue, have gained 25 kilos (55 pound) since starting medication even though on calorie controlled diet with cardio and weight training 6 out of 7 days, so will be looking for alternative treatment. F 36 7 years
 4  Bi-Polar/ Tremors Reduction of fine tremors in hands and tightness in chest. M 54 2 months
 4  migraines weight gain, sexual dysfunction Taking 160mg LA. Reduced migraines from 3 a week to less than 2 a month, which I successfully treat with Maxalt when I feel them coming on. To be fair, if I led a less stressful life, I would have fewer still. I gained about 20 lbs since taking inderal that I haven't been able to shed & keep off. Over the past year, I've noticed decreasing sexual desire, and most recently, bouts of impotence. I can't say for certain whether it's the inderal causing the sexual dysfunction or whether it's just because I'm getting older. I'm very grateful to be without the migraines, but I'd like to have my sex life back. M 41 3 years
 4  taken PRN for panic attacks slight loss of mental acuity, loss of focus, fatigue, possible short-term memory loss While it might not help the mental sensations associated with panic attacks, it works wonders on the physical symptoms: no sweaty palms, no racing heart, no hyperventilation, etc... However, I find that it dulls my mind a bit. I have slower recall and reaction time, and I find myself "spacing out" a bit for about an hour after I take it. I only use this drug PRN ("as needed") before taking exams or when I have to give public speeches, so these side effects might only be incidental. F 29 18 months
 1  hyprtension Insomnia,exhaustion, weakness My blood pressure was lowered, but it didn't matter,as I was too tired to care. I changed to Avapro and have had no further problems. F 65 6 months
 4  migraines slight fatigue Propranolol has been amazing! I have had absolutely zero migraines for two weeks. Normally, I would have had 6-7 during this time. I feel clear headed for the first time in years. It gave me my life back. F 28 2 weeks
 5  Arrhythmia-PVC's;Mitral Valve Prola None now. I ended up in the ER 32 years ago with an arrhythmia (Premature Ventricular Contractions) and Mitral Valve Prolapse. It was was so bad that I would faint when I raised my hands above my head (washing my hair, getting something down from a high shelf, adjusting an IV flow rate). This was not acceptable as I am an RN. I have been on Inderal since nursing school days which is 32 years ago. Inderal gave me my life to live with no side effects. I am on 40 mg three times a day. I once was on it four times a day but I gradually reduced the one time because I don't like to take anything more than I need. I beleive in very gradually decreasing a medication. I substituted one dose a week with 30 mg and then if successful I raised it to twice a week, and then three times a week etc. After I was on 30 mg for the one dosage I then repeated the process going down to 20 mg then 10 mg and then none. It takes awhile to get off of something but I have found the success rate to be very good. F 51 32 years