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 4  PVC's/PAC's/GAD Relaxation, mild fatigue. I've been on Inderal for 3 months and so far everything has been great. I started off with 10mg 1x per day but was having very strange side effects (IE: Foggy head, panic, dizziness, feeling faint) and I lowered my dosage to 5mg 1 x per day. This has helped my PAC's/PVC's tremendously. The only thing I dislike about this medicine is the half life. I feel it only works for maybe 5 hours before the effects disappear. Wish they made a 5 mg in the extended release version. F 28 3 months
5 1X D
 4  Migraine Slight weight gain, mild depression,vivid dreams. Have seen improvement from almost daily headaches of varying intensity to about 1/week requiring nsaids and/or Imitrex. Just increased the dose to 60mg sr hoping for improvement without more side effects. M 45 120 days
20mg 2X D
 2  Thyroiditis I was prescribed this medication to manage a thyroid condition called thyroiditis Side effects on right Vision changes (night vision -- light appeared a little blurry) Depressed mood, hair loss M 35 30 days
10mg 3X D
 4  Migraines Weight gain , memory loss , mild depression , just can't think properly anymore F 31 1 years
10 mg
 5  Migraines Have not had any side affects since starting Inderal! Was suffering from daily severe migraines that started several years after a head trauma. Neurology tried me on Inderal and have only had a handful of mild to moderate migraines since! Most of those were due to having forgotten to take my med or waited too late. And I am also an asthmatic patient. It has not affected asthma at all! Its my miracle pill! F 34 7 years
40Mg x 2d
 5  migraines Lowered blood pressure. Went from 10 migraines a month to 4-6. So far it SEEMS to be a miracle drug, but have had brief periods of fewer migraines with past medications and ended up deciding that the reduction in the number of migraines was in fact, a fluke. This could be the same thing, but so far I feel great. F 60 33 days
60 MG 1X D
 1  Essential Tremor The first side effect I noticed occurred within the first week. I had sleep terrors and hallucinations at night, so bad that I let out blood curdling screams that scared my family to death. This occurred intermittantly throughout the entire time I took the medicine. The second side effect I had was a feeling of heaviness. And that makes sense: I gained 30 pounded within the first few months!! No matter how healthy I ate, I continued to gain weight. The third, rather strange side effect was that my blood pressure went up 30 points! I actually have always had low normal blood pressure (108/70 generally). My blood pressure jumped so high I couldn't believe it. The final side effect I had was extreme bloating and distension in my abdomen. I actually had very little positive effect from the medicine. My essential tremor had begun to affect my speaking voice in addition to having a jerk in my left arm and hand, and shaky right hand and arms. Once I began to take hte medicine, the only thing I felt some relief with was in my speaking voice. My hands continued to shake and my left arm continued to jerk. My blood pressure jumped so much and I have gained so much weight, I have carefully weaned myself off. My doctor never warned me of any of the side effects and in my opinion, the pros vs cons convinces me... it is not worth it. My blood pressure has already gone back to normal, my voice is still pretty good but my weight really concerns me for the possibility of heart problems. F 60 360 days
80mg ExRel 1X D
 4  Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD Foggy and slower thinking, memory slower, a little dizzy and more tired, slower heart rate, perhaps a little harder to breathe, loose stool (some diarriah). Caused slight tremor in my eyelids about 2 hours after taking at higher dosages. Really helped stop my anxiety and panic attacks. So much so that I was losing motivation at higher dosages. This medicine is best taken for anxiety at a very low dosage, perhaps only 5 MG twice daily, then more as needed before a speech or performance. M 44 6 months
10 MG 2X D
 1  Migraine headaches, chronic daily Crazy weight gain - 20lbs, no energy, not able to get aerobic exercise in... F 44 2 years
 3  rapid palpitation and i heard. my doctor told me takes 2x aday but i'v notice takes 3 at once a bit worried me if something bad for my healht? F 52 4 days
 3  rapid palpitation and i heard. just bit worry coz my doctor told me takes 2x aday but ive notice at once take 3tabs already,so bit worry something wrong for my health? M 52 4 days
 4  anxiety/ panic attacks Tiredness, lower heartrate (20 bpm lower), and lowered blood pressure Takes away all physical manifestations of anxiety. No more hyperventillation, shaking or pounding heart. Doesn't help the anxious thoughts but not having the physical sensations is one less thing to 'worry' about. F 33 5 days
10mg 2X D
 1  chronic migriane Weight gain, water retention, feeling of heaviness, muscle weakness, nightmares, severe depression, agitation, antisocial, moody....but it did stop the migraines. F 39 2 months
 1  Headaches This medicine is evil. It caused me to go into a deep depression so bad that I almost lost my marriage and my life. My wife kept telling the doctor over months that I was getting more depressed and he told me to think happy thoughts. Finally she got me to another doctor that changed my meds. Now I am two months off of inderal and I still have to take Prozac to try to balance out my head. The doctor said that it may take as long as I was on the medicine to get me back to normal. It made my mind grab onto hurtful things from the past and made them feel as though it had just happened. The doctor said that it created a post traumatic stress disorder. Luckily my wife held on to me and forced the issue to get me the help I needed because I was completely done living. I have never had depression so I didn't realize that there was anything wrong with me. Thank god my wife did. Do not take this Medicine or if you do please have someone watch you for signs of depression. M 45 7 months
80mg 2X D
 2  Anxiety/Hyperthyroidism Diarrhea, dizziness, disorientation The second day I took this drug I woke up, took it in the morning on an empty stomach, and about 30 minutes later while sitting at my computer had explosive diarrhea without any warning and soiled myself. This has NEVER happened to me before. This drug may be great for some people, but for others the side-effects will probably outweigh the benefits. M 35 2 days
20MG 2X D
 4  anxiety, panic attacks, headaches Dizziness upon standing only for the first day. Nightmares, vivid and disturbing dreams. This medicine immediately stopped my headaches. I have not been tired on this medicine. It has helped my anxiety, but not like I want it to so eventually I will increase my dose. I am no longer out of breath from being nervous. My heart doesn't feel like it's going to beat right out of my chest when I get nervous. Overall, I'm completely satisfied! The only reason I rated it a 4 instead of a 5 is because of the nightmares and the fact that I am not at the optimal dose I should be. F 20 1 months
20 3X D
 1  Migraine Great with preventing migraine, but side effects made it not worth it for me. Same eating habit and diet but gained 15 lbs in three months. I guess metabolism halted because of low HR (60's). Weaned off over two months and slowly started exercise again and avoiding my migraine trigger at all cause. F 42 6 months
 3  Migraine I had chronic migraines at least once a month, one week into taking the tablet I had another migraine, I was not satisfied. I am finding it extremely difficult to sleep at night and my dreams are exhausting! My blood pressure was low to start with (110) when I took the tablet it went down to 70. I am quite dizzy and light headed and tired. (I am taking 10MG 3 times a day, 50 would have been to high for me, original plan was 80MG until tested.) I am expirencing personality change and I am very angry and anti everything at the moment. I have not been taking the drug long enough to know if it has stopped my migraines but so far the side effects are overwhelming. F 18 4 weeks
10 MG
 2  Anxiety/stress Took prior for 15 yrs with only hand spasms as a side effect.stopped taking for 6 months,restarted with different problems,depersonalisation,lack of interest,very low mood,tinnitus,no energy! Stopped taking 10 days ago with jitters and rapid heart beat on standing from sitting down but am going to persevere! F 39 7 months
80mg daily
 2  Tachycardia My heart rate was initially never below 120bpm on propanolol it is 70bpm, however I have difficulty in sleeping now I don't sleep until 5am and even then I only get three hours, I feel like I'm running on empty and feel worse than I did with out it F 19 3 weeks