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 5  Migranes/ fast heart rate None I've been taking this drug for about 10 years. I do not notice any side effects that anyone here is talking about. I take 200 mg a day. My hair is thinning, I've put on a little weight, my cholesterol is up and my memory seems to be worse.. but all of these things can be contributed to age as I started taking this drug when I was 30 and didn't have any of these issues until just the last 2 years after a hysterectomy. I also have noticed that as long as I excersise everyday and eat well I can drop any extra weight. But there again, getting older, metabolism naturally slowing down. No vivid dreams, have never noticed a calming effect and went from a migraine everyday to one every 3 months or so. Do not like it with Topamax, that causes severe numbness in arms and legs, severe enough that it's actually painful. F 40 10 years
 3  Complex Migranes Tiredness, lethargy, vivid dreams/nightmares, mental slowness, mild depression. A little weight gain, but I think that is more due to lack of energy leading to lack of exercise. Taking Inderal LA, 60mg once a day to prevent complex migranes (migranes w/ stroke symptoms). No migranes since taking meds, but massive loss of energy and tiredness. Since the complex migranes were a one time occurance, thinking about asking my neurologist to lower the dosage. M 29 11 days
 2  Migranes Exhaustion & breathing issues. EXTREME short term memory loss. Lost ability to exert myself in any way (couldn't walk a flight of stairs w/o resting). After MANY physical & imaging tests and a psychological battery, we determined it was this causing the problem. Helped my Migraines greatly. Also helped PTSD issues and gave a general sense of calmness. It's unfortunate that it worked so well but ruined my daily life by robbing it of functional cognitive abilities and physical activity. M 46 2 years
 4  Essential Tremors, High BP None really except diareah (may not be from newly restarting though) for past 2 1/2 days. Took in college when I was taking speed & drinking a lot. Stopped when quit drinking 25 yrs. ago. Essential Tremors are a horrible progressive disease that most doctors' have no clue about. I took Inderal when ET really onset 12 yrs ago again along w/ valium. Inderal didn't seem to do anything, but the valium did stop the tremors. Worse during day when pressure was highest. Took for 5 more years ... major weight gain ... stopped. Increased meds to Topamax (excellent), Tranxene and Valium. ET's are staying constant but docs' are getting sqeeky about their licenses and cutting back on the benzos'. So, adding Inderal again and cutting back on benzos'. Scares the hell out of me. I never got hooked though since I took the bezos prn. If no big day, 1 dose, big day, full dose or more. Highly relate to ET sufferer about 4 down from me who posted in mid-March. Both of my parents' progressively became alcoholics' and died early from alcohol related disease .. at least one (probably mother) self-medicating FAMILIAL TREMORS. M 55 3 days
 5  essential tremor, social anxiety Hardly any on low dose--10-20 mg a day. Some tiredness. It is a wonderful alternative to anti-depressants and/or sedatives. It allowed me to keep my job of 30 years. Doesn't seem to be a dependancy issue. I recently read that hair loss was a side-effect. I'd noticed my hair getting thinner over the years (woman). Anyone else have this side-effect? F 57 20 years
 2  Migraine preventive Extremely low pulse and low blood pressure I felt "loopy" and lightheaded. It prevented a migraine for the 9 days I took it :-( F 60 9 days
 4  stage fright/public speaking feelings of extreme tiredness. Someone told me my eyes looked watery. this medication has worked wonders for controlling the "flight or fight" impulse associated with public speaking. i only use it when i know i am going to give a speech or presentation or when I'll need to actively participate in meetings. only downside is being tired a few hours after taken. only need 10mg or even less. but since it only treats the symptoms of anxiety, I am going to tackle getting over my actual fear/phobia. i may not always have the pill handy in unforeseen situations. F 33 4 years
 4  Essential Tremor Have done well no noticeable side effects Have taken as much as 160mgm LA twice daily to presently 80mgm daily. Would like to go off of it. Would like to see if I lost some of my weight gain over years. When not taking drug have terrible temors of hands, especially left one. F 65 20 years
 3  Irregular heart beats Intermittent sharp chest pains while adjusting to the Inderal and right after going off it, trippy dreams, smaller erections and sometime painful erections. It's been two years since I took this and still have some pain "down there" if I have too much sex. I'm not sure if the inderal is to blame but it started when I was on it. Please email me if you know about this side effect and how to remedy it. M 39 2 months
 3  Parkinsons, Blood Pressure, Migrain Leg weakness, High blood sugars, Weight gain, headaches I have only been taking inderal 2 weeks in that time gained 5#, lost more strength in body, blood sudar readings doubled, eye sight fuzzy, cluster headaches worse, hard to breathe. I have to take it with lamictal due to meds 7 times a day. So don't know if it is true side effectd or pill reaction. did help with blood pressure and parkinsons F 58 2 weeks
 5  PVC (Ventricular Ecopics) weight issues, slight short memory inacuracy, left chest pain (not sure drug related) on 30mg daily (10mg before meals), i had an extremely high number of ectopics and premature beats which caused me anxiety, drug has really helped. I am more calm and collected now at work. M 32 30 days
 5  Stage fright/pub. speaking anxiety Tired and irritable several hours after taking 10 mg. Works amazingly well to eliminate the physical manifestations of anxiety. No shaking, stammering, panic. However, I don't like the side-effects, so try to only take it in really high-stress situations! I take 10 mg for big events (speeches, presentations, musical performance), 5 mg for meetings, etc. I don't mind being a little nervous, but have had one too many public speaking bombs and found myself saying "no" too much. I am very thankful that I have access to this drug - I can now say "yes" and that makes my life better. F 48 5 years
 5  Migraines I'm having vivid dreams and diffuculty sleeping. No weight gain at all. Taking 80 mg once a day and I'm absolutely ecstatic that it's greatly reduced the number and intensity of my migraines. I've had them all my life. 2 to 3 a week and now I'm down to the one hormonal headache a month! I occasionally feel a migraine coming on at other times, but it's never full blown and usually caused by a known trigger. Triptans side effects are much nastier and unsafe. I'm glad my PCP suffers migraines and is very sympathetic to the best treatment that works for me. I didn't get that from my neurologist! F 43 6 weeks
 2  Migraines Distrubing Dreams, Numbness in limbs, Skin Irritation Was perscribed this drug to help treat chronic migraines. Was awakened within the first few nights of taking this drug by weird and disturbing dreams. Noticed tingling and numbness in my fingers and toes as well. The last straw was waking up with a skin rash across my chest, shoulders and back. I know my doctor is trying to be proactive in preventing migraines before they occur, but this drug is not for me. Although sumatriptans are a reactive solution to a migraine, the inderal is just not worth the side-effects. F 31 7 days
 3  tremors, migraines WEIGHT GAIN!!! TIRED. FEEL LIKE MY HEART IS RACING. VIVID DREAMS/NIGHTMARES. It has helped my tremors somewhat, but have found that valum helps more F 36 3 months
 5  High blood pressure when stressed Vivid dreams, vision changes (light sensitive) I was a cardiac nurse and feel this is one of the most manageable beta blockers out there - been around forever. It can be easily titrated (adjusted) to your needs. My suggestion is (with the doctor's ok, of course) is to take you blood pressure frequently and adjust the dose accordingly. I have had horrible side effects with Bystolic, Altace, even Metroprolol. I take 10-20mgs in the am and 10mgs pm. If Bp low I take less. A large dose would put me completely out of commission. I have taken this drug on and off for years - just recently went back on it after all the side effects of the newer drugs. F 69 3 months
 3  To help with arythmia problems Have recently deen diagnosed as diabetic and trying to lose weight on Inderal seems virtually impossible. Lethargy but so many incredible vivid dreams that sleep is always disturbed and very patchy. Stomach cramps frequently M 53 5 years
 2  i have heart paliptation and anxiey it lower my blood pressure and this feeling makes me scared i have got panic attacks and my heart races very fast so i took inderal 10 m.g and divide it into half it helps me alot but i refuse to take it every day as it lower my blood pressure and i hate to be dependent on medicines F 26 1 times
 2  HTN/ Migraines SEVERE fatigue, flat affect, decreased interest in EVERYTHING weight gain,feel emotionless,always freezing, constipation I have been taking Vasotec for my HTN for 14 months but pressure recently was becoming unstable on that alone. My PCP prescribed Inderal 60 mg because I also suffer from migraines primarily during periods that are debilitating. He told me to take it at night due to it causing fatigue however it COMPLETELY knocked me out. My family had a very difficult time waking me and I basically become a zombie after taking it. I am freezing cold wherever I go. I feel like a shell of the person I used to be. I don't feel much ambition for work or my life in general. I have 2 young sons that I need to be available to and I just don't like who I am on this medicine. I am also in a relationship and I don't have any interest in sex or showing emotion.If anyone has suggestions for me I would GREATLY appreciate it. F 38 7 weeks
 3  Daily Migraines Extreme Fatigue, Fuzzy headed when awake It has helped my headaces alot. I used to get them 5-6 times a week and I haven't had a headache in weeks. For that I love it. I can't get enough sleep though. I'm in a constant dream. Do you get used to it? I am taking 120 mg a day F 26 2 months