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 5  Migraine some heartburn I've now only had one 'half-migraine' since Feb 05 when I started taking Inderal. I usually take 40mg; migraines were previously weekly with nausea and vomiting and were uncontrolled by stong doses of codiene. The events were taking 1.5 to 2 days out of each week. My background use of panalgesices and codiene have been reduced by around 70%. M 46 7 months
 5  anxiety a bit tired AMAZING take it if you have social will feel like a anew calm person..i will take it forever......little or no side affects....still have great sex life...taking 40mg twice daily...please talk to your doctor about it...IT HELPED ME SO MUCH M 27 5 days
 5  tremors, anxiety Some eye fatigue This has been a drug that has enabled me to just plain live life without fear of going out of control with the shakes. I have had that problem since a young child. When I read about Inderal 25 years ago and my doc prescribed it, I was in awe! 25 years later it still works. I take it only as needed. The dose is only 10 mg. The heart calms down, the tremors don't even start. It is a wonder drug for someone who manifests anxiety by shaking out of control. The only drawback is it takes about 30 minutes to kick in. I can usually predict when I may need one. I probably take 3 or 4 tablets a week. F 58 25 years
 5  migraine vertigo/dizziness none (20 mg twice per day) I was dizzy 24/7 from migraine related vertigo for 8 months straight before starting Inderal. I can play the piano again and not fall over when I walk down the stairs. It has also helped make me a lot more calm. No side effects like tiredness or anything. I plan on staying on it as long as the doctor says it's okay. Highly recommend. F 32 5 days
 2  Bi-Polar Weight gain in excess of 20 pounds M 43 3 months
 4  essential tremor Tunnel vision--could hardly read. Some chest pain. Depression which was very possibly unrelated. The tremor (a twitch in my head) became less severe but would still come back on some days. Chest pain after upping the dose worried me, but the tunnel vision made me want to quit the most. I've never seen it listed as a side effect, but it's hard to believe I was just imagining it and it seems to have lessened as I reduced the dose. Either it reduced the tremor or made me stop noticing it. I don't really care either way. M 23 4 weeks
 5  Arrythmia,hypertension,tremors,migr The positive effect of this medicine has been so overwhelming, I really havent noticed any significant negative side effects. I am taken a daily dose of 120mg..Body weight: 195,lean muscular build,6'1 M 40 2 years
 4  Migraines Huge emotional volatility. Worst on first day, better after 5 days I've been taking this for 5 days and it has prevented 2 migraines I should have gotten (based on triggers). But the first day I took the medication I totally lost it emotionally over something at work that wasn't actually a very big deal. Crying, wrote nasty rageful emails (thank god didn't send them), etc. The next day I didn't understand why I had been so upset--I definitely could see I had overreacted. I have continued to have more moderate overreactions to negative things, but not to that extent. (At least I can now hide my reaction from co-workers.) This type of overreaction is very much not like me. I plan to continue this medication for 3 weeks to gauge more fully its effectiveness and see if this side effect gets better. F 37 5 days
 5  essential tremor in hands fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite for a while, lost endurance ......but on the bright side, it made my hands stop shaking! F 20 2 years
 2  essential tremor feeling of weakness didn't work M 38 2 months
 4  chest pain/heart murmur/valve defec sleepiness about an hour after taking, reduction of anger! My husband was given this drug due to a valve defect that causes him severe chest pain, body aches and bad circulation. It has helped greatly with only small, infrequent episodes of pain now. If he forgets to take it the sypmtoms come back immediately. One very nice side effect was to seriously calm his temper which we hadnt realized was all that out of control. We call it the Happy Pill! The only problem is that if he runs out he has overwhelming rage and small triggers. M 31 3 months
 5  Benign Essential Tremor none This drug works VERY well for benign essential tremor. When I started taking it, for the first time in years, no one asked F 42 9 years
 5  Benign Essential Tremor none. except if I forget to take it, heart races and hands shake. I always take my propranolol- 60 mg. 1 time a day. This drug works VERY well for benign essential tremor. When I started taking it, no one asked F 42 9 years
 5  Migraines Very occasional mild dizzyness Migraines almost all gone at 120mg LA F 35 1 years
 3  High blood pressure and Migraines I have been very dizzy since starting this medication. Other than that no side effects. I started taking Inderal because I started getting high blood pressure when I was pregnant and I kept getting sick after I had the baby. Every time I went to the Dr. My blood pressure was always 156/99 or higher. We switched from Elavil to Inderal to help with my migraines and knock out my blood pressure problem at the same time. It worked with the migraines pretty well at fist, but then stopped, I had to up the dose to 120mg. Now my blood pressure is going up again. Not sure if I will stay on it or not. F 22 7 months
 5  Essential Tremors Only side affects so far are short term memory loss. If I miss a day or two, I get dizzy. F 49 8 years
 4  pvc's decreased heart rate works for me for irregular heartbeat M 36 1 years