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 3  Migraine Lowered heart rate, lowered blood pressure. It only works if I combine it with Diazepam. When I feel a migraine coming on I immediately take 100mg Inderal and 20 mg Diazepam. 25 minutes later = no symptoms, no headache. Inderal with Diazepam work every single time. M 41 15 years
100 mg 1X D
 5  Anxiety disorders and blood pressur Tiredness good calming relaxed Nice and good F 41 90 days
20g 1X D
 4  Blood Pressure Worked well. Developed hives after three months. Switched from other beta-blocker due to hives. Love the drug but cannot have full body hives and angiodema. M 46 5 months
10mg 1X D
 1  Tachycardia and pvcs My anxiety has gone thru the roof. Terrible dreams, weight gain, hands and feet constantly going to sleep, heart palpitations, extremely tired all the time. My advise try another beta blocker don't let this be your first option. I took it for over 2 years before these side effects appeared. Terrible drug!!! F 28 3 years
60mg 2X D
 4  Anxiety (public speaking) No side effects at my low dose of 10mg. Works well for short term suppression of anxiety symptoms. I take it about 1 hour before anxiety hits. Mainly for public speaking. M 50 1 years
 5  Hypertension and tachycardia Good-only medicine that truly lowered my BP and Heart rate Also helps keep me “chilled “ F 58 8 years
40 mg
 3  Panic disorder social anxiety Completely took away panic disorder. Felt physical relief of anxiety. Able to speak well in front of group. Insomnia first few weeks went away. Felt huge relief from morning depression due to long term use of Xanax for sleep. I had to stop taking it after 2 months due to terrible short term memory loss. It was affecting my marriage and work. Too bad. M 46 60 days
 4  Essential Tremor and Social Anxiety Short term memory loss, slight fatigue, depression Works pretty good for tremor mixed with low carb diet and reduced caffeine. I can give an honest review on these.. Been on them over 10 years, the same dose. Pros: Controls anxiety and tremor by about 70% Side effects are very manageable Cons: Eat everything in sight that will cause type 2 diabetes, darent come off the drug to see how my heart is. Short term memory loss.. more recently forgetting end of sentence or remembering Only 1 of the 2+ things i intended to do. Melancholy Not sure how related to the drug the bottom 2 are but I do believe the drug had an impact. M 31 11 years
4x10m p/d
 5  due mild hpb and irregular heartbeat less interest in sex , ED, Wight gain,irregular heart beat. this is best medicine , I have been tg since last 8 year , my bp is under control, heart beat is also normal . Best medicin but have minor side effect . M 42 8 years
40 mg 1/2 1X D
 1  Headaches Lost feeling to my legs if I didn't move them every now and then M 17 3 months
 5  anxiety,panic attacks and insomnia None. This has been a miracle drug for me. No more panic attacks or anxiety! Just your average day to day anxiety. I was on an antidepressant for 20 years and was able to get off of it. My antidepressant didn't work half as well! This wonder drug does a combination of things for me. To lowering my blood pressure, fixing my heart problem, and helping me to deal with my overall response to anxiety to any stressful situation! I just can't say enough for this wonder drug! F 52 2 years
60mg 2X D
 1  Hypertension Severe diarrhea and headaches. Controlled blood pressure. But I could not tolerate the side effects. F 31 4 days
40 x2 day
 2  Panic Disorder, GAD Low blood pressure, hallucinations from not enough blood getting to my brain, dizziness, low heart rate, fatigue This is a dangerous drug if you are small and your blood pressure tends to run on the low end of normal like mine. My blood pressure was 70/50 on this drug and I almost got into a car accident because I started hallucinating while I was driving... I thought there was a house on the turnpike. This was because not enough blood was getting to my brain. I almost fainted several times because my heart rate got so low. It helped my anxiety but these side effects could have killed me. My doctor had the nerve to put me on two other blood pressure medications with the same results. He's not willing to put me on ativan because of a risk of addiction, but he's willing to give me meds that could kill me? Go figure. F 20 2 months
10 mg 1X D
 3  Migraines, tremor, anxiety tiredness, lack of motivation, aches and pains, occasional shortness of breath, not able to do any cardio exercise, heart palpitations, feeling of heaviness/weakness, dizziness/light headedness if I get up too fast. For anxiety it has worked wonders. Although it has taken a while to get used to some side effects (which cause anxiety). Physcial anxiety symptoms are gone. Overtime though, I have noticed that it has helped less with migraines, in fact not much at all now. Lack of motivation has increased, and perhaps slight depression has set in. It also causes heart palpitations for me, a few times a year, that can last a few hours or re-occure over days. I have attempted to ween off these twice, with major withdrawls and side effects, so no luck there. I have also increased dosage due to increased migraines, which helped - but caused heart palpitations within a day or two. Be careful with this one. I was once active, playing sport and fairly healthy - but this kills your ability to do any cardio (limits the heart rate) and greatly effects your motivation. Its also very hard to get off this drug. M 33 3 years
20mg 1X D
 3  Anxiety After prolonged use I had severe shortage of breadth, leg and arm tingling, severe fatigue, headaches, dizziness, nausea and depression. I found inderal great for high anxiety situations but not to be taken on a continuous basis. I have decided to stop taking them today as can barely function. F 52 60 days
10mg 1X D
 3  slightly elevated BP and headaches Sleepy but I take at bedtime; Stomach rumblings making more bathroom runs - not quite diarrhea but still annoying. I have gained weight but just a few lbs - noticeable with clothes but I needed to start walking more anyway :) Was already taking Gabapentin for headaches, still am. This was added due to elevated BP. So taking both I have no headaches. BP not down to where it needs to be yet. I have the extended release if that makes a difference. I am trying to give it a good month before I decide if it is worth the side effects. I have one refill for another month but haven't decided if I will fill it yet. M 42 3 weeks
60 MG 1X D
 5  Public speaking, anxiety None. If anything, slowed heart rate. Used for public speaking to prevent shaking, redness, nerves, and fast heart rate. This is a wonder drug. Never one side effect and always delivers. M 31 4 years
10 MG 1X AN
 1  high blood pressure over active thy I took 1 30mg pill at noon and less than an hour later I was nausea and sleepy. Felt as though I had been on a rollercoaster ride that spends non stop. I also began to feel lethargic and caught myself taking in large breaths of air and releasing slowing to calm my mind. By 9pm..The side effects were still severe. I went to bed and woke up at 1:00am to the worst stomach cramps and sharp pains in the back. It was non stop all through the night. Please be cautious of these things. If I had taking the recommended dosage of 60mg I definitely would of had to go to E.R. After taking 30mg I couldn't drive my daughter to school or go to work the next day. I won't continue this medication. F 35 1 days
 4  migraine Heart palpitations. Tiredness. This drug has gave me a new life. I use to have headaches everyday,migraines maybe once a week and now I haven't had a migraine since I've been on this.iv no put my dose down to 40 mg so far so good F 26 2 years
 2  migraines/ blood pressure Nausea, fatigue, sleepiness Making me as tired as I am to me is not worth taking this dose. I still have headaches frequently and stay nauseated. Have no energy. F 34 8 weeks