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 4  Severe Migraine Slow, pounding heart. Breathlessness. Tiredness and fatigue. Dry eyes. Embarrassing short term memory loss - sometimes I forget the names of everyday items. Very upsetting weight gain - over 14 lbs in 5 months and as I still don't feel up to exercising, I can't lose it. A general feeling of not feeling "quite right". Although I am definitely suffering some unpleasant side effects this drug has been wonderful in that I now at least have some quality of life. The tiredness is a problem as I work and have 3 children. Before this drug my life was hardly worth living with migraines so severe I had to have emergency medical treatment on several occasions. I am at least mostly pain free now and haven't had a full-blown migraine attack since starting the drug. I'm on an 80mg slow release once a day tablet - which I have found better than remembering to take smaller doses throughout the day. I would recommend anyone try it for severe migraine - but ONLY agree to it if it is a last resort and you have tried other things first. F 45 6 months
 5  Migraine Weight gain - approx 35lb. Very vivid dreams. Some insomnia. Tiredness in afternoons. Cold feet and hands. Breathlessness when walking up hills (this might be due to the weight gain though). Taking Inderal LA 80. I find that this drug works very well in controlling my headaches. It also has the side effect of making me very calm - people remark that I always seem to be bomb-proof, never panicking, even when the going gets tough! The weight gain has been a problem. I have a very healthy diet, but continue to gain weight. In all, I would say that the benefits outweigh the problems. I've just been taken off this drug and started taking Ramipril today. I'm hoping that this will also help me to lose some of the weight I gained while on Inderal. If I don't feel that Ramipril are an improvement, I may go back onto Inderal. F 50 10 years
 5  anxiety & migraines Perhaps a little insomnia and fatigue at first. Nothing now. Have been taking Inderal for about 5 days now, 40mg 2xper day. It has done wonders for my anxiety. I was suffering extreme panic/anxiety attacks which kept me at home unable to go anywhere or do anything. I also suffer horrible migraines too so after trying many SSRI's (which didnt suit me at all) the doc decided to try Inderal to combat both the anxiety and migraines. I'm like a new person - going out, socialising again and the horrible physical symptoms of anxiety have almost gone. No more delibating migraines either. Now I can concentrate on looking after myself, exercising again and enjoying myself once again. F 33 5 days
 5  Public Speaking None as yet. I only take it as & when needed. I have had some very embarassing situations when giving presentations. Like I could not complete it and just stop and freeze on stage.. I once had to just hang up in middle of a phone conference during my talk.. Taking inderal 1.5 hours before I give a talk has worked like magic for me. The relief that I have now found a solution to my phobia is the best part! M 34 3 months
 5  Migraines A bit tired but cannot sleep at night, erectile dysfunction. I have been dealing with migraines since I was about 6 or 8 years old not properly diagnosed until I was in 6th grade. I have tried many drugs and they usually work when I just get the migraine, but recently I was waking up with them so the drugs were not helping. For the past two months I have not had any. Life with the migraines was so disrupted I think I am willing to deal with the side effects. M 40 2 months
 5  Migraines For the first month or so I had a lot of problems sleeping...I was waking up exactly 5 hours after taking the Inderal. The doctor switched me from taking the pills 12 hours apart to 6-7 hours apart (9 am and 3 pm). I started sleeping better and now have no sleeping problems (none after 5 weeks or so). At first I also was having some vivid dreams...went away. My Migraines are GONE. I haven't had a migraine in 9 weeks (been on Inderal 10)!!! I haven't gone more than 7-10 DAYS without a migraine since I was 14 years old. This is amazing. I'm really glad I stuck it out for the first month because I really thought I was going to have to stop taking Inderal due to the side effects. Now the side effects are gone and I don't have to worry every day about when the next migraine will hit. When you've lived your whole teen & adult life never knowing if you'll have a migraine the next day the FREEDOM is amazing. F 32 10 weeks
 3  migraines, tension headaches weight gain 15lbs in 3 months, lack of energy I've was taking 60mg originally, but just got up to 120mg. My migraines are thought to be hormonal so it's not much help for those but in the last few weeks I have noticed a change in the frequency of my headaches. I was getting about 4 a week and I've only had about 1 a week for the last 3 weeks. I think the higher dose is working for me. F 24 4 months
 5  Severe migraines Drowsiness, severe dizziness if I get up too quickly after taking it (I have low blood pressure), bloating, some loss of creativity, more memory loss than usual, strange scalding/burning sensation in my mouth and down my throat (not sure it's this drug) I've been suffering from near constant migraines for years and this has taken a lot of the severity away, making it so I can function better. I take 60 mg at night, which makes the drowsiness/dizziness easier to handle, and had been losing weight at an alarming rate before taking it (although that's started again). I've also noticed that a lot of the tremours in my legs from a separate back injury subsided, which was a pleasant surprise. As far as vivid dreams go, I've always been blessed with them so that hasn't changed. I do find myself waking often some nights with one obsessive thought running through my head over and over. It's usually something I have absolutely no interest in, which is really irritating. F 42 3 months
 2  anxiety shortness of breath tightness around chest asthmatic breathing the side effects were scarey and i have stopped taking it M 47 3 days
 5  high blood pressure, migraines Did not want to take this because of the side effects I read about it on ask a patient but my doctor insisted, I also take cymbalta and wellbutrin, really surprised me, I am doing fine. Blood pressure is down to normal, before on average it would be 160/110, started out 80 mg a day of Inderal, now down to 20 mg a day. So no side effects. Doctor had to add cymbalta because of my major depression and I feel sooo much better. So far have lost 11 pounds which is a good thing. F 55 4 months
 5  daily migrains/tension headaches heartburn I was told that it could take up to 4 wks to see results. I always wake up with a headache and the morning after taking this for the first time, I woke up headache free-seriously. I feel so much better. I've been put on 4 other meds before this and this works wonders. I feel so great thanks to this med. F 25 3 days
 5  migraine Constipation seems to be my main issue. Not sure if it effects weight gain, but I started a weight loss (good diet) program the same week I started taking the meds, and I have managed to lose 10 lbs in 2 months regardless. I do need a lot of sleep, but not too tired to exercise 4x per week for 30 minutes. I also dream a lot but no bad nightmare. I have not had a migraine in 2 months, when I was sure to get at least 1-2 per week before. I also had hypertension, and it has taken that under control too. F 49 60 days
 5  performance anxiety none Have only taken this twice to give presentations. It definitely kept the pounding heart, blushing, and stage-fright brain freeze at bay. You don't feel at all drugged, you just feel like a normal person instead of a palpitating wreck. I have a lot of job interviews and other anxiety causing events approaching, so my doc gave me this just to get over that hump. Just started taking Buspar for social anxiety, so hopefully once that kicks in fully, I won't need the Inderal(I know it has more potential for side effects-like hair loss). But for now, the Inderal provides some much needed calm F 33 2 days
 3  migraines weight gain, 10lbs in 6 weeks while trying to lose weight and doing 4 hours of hard exercise a week. F 29 6 weeks
 5  Essential (Familial) Tremors Extreme nausea after the first dose. Never again after that. My tremors had been tolerable for many years, then at age 36 they increased in my hands and head.I couldn't sign a check or hold a fork anymore.The Inderal slowed the tremors until they're only noticeable if I'm late for a pill or had too much caffeine. Inderal has given me the ability to lead a quality life.I take one 80mg. tablet three times per day.Bonus--No more migrains or racing heart beats! F 55 19 years
 5  Migraines When taking the Inderal LA 120mg once per day I had some really bad realistic nightmares, the worst I have ever expirenced. Short term memory loss. Always tired never feel like I have a lot of energy. It has really helped me with the migraines I use to wake up with them almost everyday and now I get one about twice a month and they are not as severe. I have forgotten a dosage and I end up paying big time it seems like the full blown migraine comes back when you miss a dosage. M 28 1.5 years
 5  l'm taking this drug for headaches well l haven't had any side effects. l think this drug is great l was afraid at first but now l don't think l every want to come off of it. F 41 14 days
 3  Headaches Very tired, especially by mid afternoon. Very tired eyes. Definately fast weight gain, which I cannot afford, may be enough to make me go off. Some stomach upset, but had a problem before too so can't be sure it's inderal Headaches are definately less frequent and less severe, haven't lost a day to a headache since I'm taking it-taking 60 mg twice a day, ,maybe I can cut down F 52 2 months
 4  Blood Pressure/migraines Weight gain, dizziness, loss of thought at times. Was wondering if anyone out there has had problems with hands and legs swelling. Blood pressure and migraines are doing is the side effects that have me concerned now. F 42 9 months
 5  Daily Migraines Tired This medication has been wonderful! I have been experiencing migraines for years and for the past year have had chronic daily migraines. The quality of my life was not good. If was affecting my family and work life. Now after taking Inderal, 10mg twice daily, for 3 weeks I feel like I'm getting my life back! I would recommend this medication to anyone who suffers from migraines. I was also experiencing heart pounding at bedtime but the Inderal has helped with that too. The only drawback for me is that it does make me tired. I would much rather be tired than sick in bed with a migraine though. F 39 3 weeks