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 3  anxiety No side effects but10 mgs didn't do much. I will try again after consulting my doctor M 42 1 days
 5  physical anxiety made me slightly tires this stuff works good for physical anxiety like getting shaky when nervous and heart pounding. it calms your body down but does nothing for your mind. thats what xanax is for. M 20 1 years
20 1X D
 1  Anxiety Tiredness, shortness of breath I think this drug is giving me asthma. A lot of times I have to take a big gasp of breath. It also isn't really helping my anxiety any and makes me so tired I can't take my lunchtime walk. I think I will be sticking to Valium. F 48 6 months
20 3X D
 5  Essential Tremor No really bad side effects. Mostly the worse thing it does is makes it difficult to sleep at night for some reason. Works really good. I have essential tremor, really bad. It's so bad you would have to actually see it to believe it. I have it as bad as you would see on a very elderly person, but I am not that old. Both Hands and Head and upper body. M 57 30 days
120 mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety Could not feel my heart, numbness, depression F 34 20 days
3X D
 1  migraines, high blood pressure exhaustion, weight gain 30 lbs, sore throats, zero libido, extreme apathy and lack of interest in life, depression, aches and pains, swelling of extremities, inability to stay asleep, EXHAUSTION! I have never been overweight in my life until taking this drug and have never been so tired and generally feeling lousy. However, I didn't begin to blame the drug until recently and uncovered websites such as this with descriptions of these side effects. I just thought I was getting older. It did lessen the frequency of headaches, no question. However, if this weight gain and feeling lousy are due to the drug, there is no question that it is not worth it. I have recently started weaning off and will see how I feel. I'm hoping that I will begin feeling better, but am so angry that I have felt so miserable for so long, and no doctor ever warned me about these possible side effects, or suggested this drug might be the cause. F 53 4 years
80 mg er 1X D
 4  Anxiety, stage fear feeling tired in the morning. I excercise every day for 1 1/2 hours but was feeling sleepy.. The heart rate came down to 45BPM. This was scary. I was taking 20MG twice initially then reducded to 10MG twice a day. With this dosage HR is 60 to 65 anf feel less fatigue.. With time wish to reduce the dosage and take only when i have the panic attacks Very good drug as it has helped in my Work, else my panic would have kept me in Bed. Along with the drug you need to 1) Excercise every day for atleast 60 minutes 2) Avoid Caffine and other junk food. 3) take at the same time and plan on the time. The most stressed time for me is in the afternoon 2Pm to 5PM at work so i am taking the pills in the afternoon and night. This works out well. M 35 5 years
10 2X D
 1  migraine the side effects were Peyronie's disease, i took this drug for a couple of days, at first it would cause strong erections then one day i felt a lot of pain in the testicles and then penis, then the problem begun. first i wasn't aware that the drug could cause the problem and neither the doctor did not warn of such effects. The drug was prescribed by a neurologist, who treated me for migraine pains. from what i read in the internet the side effect is irreversible or may be too costly, and and the side effect seem not to be treatable! how do i deal with this problem? is there any hope for persons suffering from this disease? M 36 7 days
80 mg 2X D
 4  Essential Tremors Light headed, extreme cold and heat intolerance, some weight gain, fatigue If I stand too fast I get a little light headed. I fatigue easily and sometimes short of breath. However trade off is worth it not to tremor so badly. It keeps them to a minimum so that I am able to work. Weight gain was a concern because of feeling tired a lot you don't get the activity level. I do have to manage my weight because of this. I try to watch what & how much I eat especially when I notice any weight gain. It can creep up on you fast. The most I've ever gained though was 10 lbs. F 43 19 years
40 2X D
 5  Migraine, stage fright Heart palpitations, occassional tiredness. Perhaps slight melancoly, but who knows if that is drug induced or just state of affairs. Gave me the posibility to have an exciting work life, including having to talk in public. Without inderal, no way. F 40 2 years
80 1X D
 5  Essential tremor Heavy weight gain. I gained 50 lbs in 5 years without changing the way I eat or the way I exercise. This includes a dramatic gain of 16 lbs in 16 days. I still wonder how this was possible. The positive effects are extraordinary. Tremors reduced by 90%. Before taking Inderal, I was unable to use my left hand to hold a glass or a cup of coffee. Now, since I take Inderal, I regained the use of my left hand, and my right hand is rock solid. However, the price to pay is this serious weight gain. M 44 5 years
80 mg 1X D
 1  pounding heart none when I first started it, as I increased dose all hell broke loose! Was on only one 10 mg per day. Then about a few months in had to go up to 4- 10mg a day. So only 40 mg. At 40 mg. I started getting weird vibrations in my head. Not hearing, feeling them. Like someone took a belt sander and hit on for a second. They would come and go , but all day long and very scary. I then thought what did I do different 7 weeks ago when they started. I realized it was when I upped this med. I then decreased it to 2 a day. Vibrations were lessened. Today is the first day I have take 0 of this stuff and I have only gotten one little vibration. No where near what I had before. I will not go on it again. If anyone has this let me know!!! I hope it gets outta my system soon! F 54 4 months
10 mgs 4X D
 5  migraine No bad side effects so far When I initially feel a migraine coming on, I immediately take 80 mg inderal and 20 mg valium. END OF STORY. Within 20 to 25 minutes all aura symptoms disappear and NO HEADACHE. Amazing, it works every time, but just the inderal alone or the valium alone will not do it. I have to take both and it took me about 20 years to figure this out. M 45 6 years
80 mg 1X AN
 2  hypertension, migraines Worked good for Hypertension for 9 years--did nothing for migraines though. At the 10th year I gained 20 pounds all of the sudden and it didnt control my BP anymore Im a nurse. Here's what can happen--as you get older sometimes the med will turn on you. Your body basically rejects it. I switched to Ateninol and lost 20 pounds in a month and half. Astonishing. Dont be afraid to switch drugs. I have seen patients basically become drooling idiots when a drug turns on them--switch until you find the right med. M 47 10 years
40mg 3X D
 3  migraines It's been great getting rid of my headaches..but, i have no desire to do anything physical. I give out so easy and I've gained 10 pounds already. I feel its' due to the lack of excercise. but, i feel so tired all the time since i've been on this medication M 43 6 months
80 1X D
 4  Migraines I think it's increasing my insomnia. Other than that, ZERO effects for me. Not sure if this medication helped for migraines, as I started adding more estrogen to my Rx mix. I have about 1-2 migraines a month, compared to about 20. F 43 6 months
80 2X D
 5  suffered migrane for 30 odd years. initialy tingling in hands, not sure if the Inderal or life circumstances are causing sadnes / depression. Maybe both Inderal has been a miracle cure for me. Almost immediately the migraines ceased. I take one before bed (I believe the most important one) and at midday. No side affects like weight gain or lethargy but I play tennis weekly ang go to gym twice a week. The only time I get them now is when I have a headcold. for some reason that triggers the migraine behind the eyes. Once it would only take sleeping in, bright light, exercise or stressful situations to set off the 3 day headache. If only I had found a doctor who knew this 30 years ago! I'm going to discuss the sadnes with him and also if it's worth weaning myself off them overtime. Hopefully my body has broken the rebound cycle. M 55 2 years
40mg 2X D
 3  Asocial, anxiety, aggression This makes you super sleepy, heavy, slow, and lazy feeling. Its impossible to get out of bed in teh morning and I dont even start to think clearly until after 1pm. Slowed digestion/sleeping guts, dry mouth. I decided to try this for my excess of serotonin and all the headache, fatigue, blood sugar problems plus anxiety, aggression, and paranoia that comes with it. The very first dose, I felt so healthy and normal for the first time in years. It was beautiful to be happy and feel good again! But now after only 4 days the debilitating tiredness is robbing me of the power to do anything I need to be doing. As a student, this is not an option for me and I am just lucky I have school break now. I'll have to try something else instead even though I liked how it stopped me from beign so wired and angsty all the time. The tiredness totally takes away any benefit the drug could give since Im not awake long enough to feel happy ;) LOL F 27 4 days
20 twice 2X D
 1  high blood pressure and heart rate tingling in my left arm, cheat aches/pains (mild), H.A. dizzy, felt bad and ended up in an E.R. This med. may work for some, but please be careful. I suspect my high B.P. and H.R. were from too much Benadryl and Senna-Lax (a stimulant laxative). I took the Senna for several days with little help and it might have built up in my system. Please be careful with all OTC and prescription drugs. God made an amazing body, we need not pollute it with drugs in many cases. M 57 4 days
10 mg. 2X D
 5  hypertension I normally take it at night before going to bed. One time I forgot to take it at night and took it in the morning. Big mistake; felt drowsy all day where I couldn't even function. Inderal has helped me lower my blood pressure. I have been losing weight and as I lose my bp goes down. I've never had any problems other than what is noted in side effects. Really like this medication and would highly recommend it. F 40 4 years
40 mg 1X D