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 3  Hot flashes/Night sweats My first 30 days were great. No break through flashes, as I was flashing every 15 to 20 minutes all day every day and wetting my sheets at night. After the month ended I started cramping, spotting and having headaches. The spotting has not ended. I have been spotting for weeks now. I have gained weight in my mid section and it's annoying because my clothes are tight. I am not having the issue of redness or irritation on my stomach… yet, but I will continue to watch for it. My plan is to stay on for 6 months and check everything out, however if I start losing my hair, I'm done…finished! It is pretty sad that there are no safe alternatives. F 53 2 months
2X W
 2  Hot flashes,menopause symtoms Severe hair loss and anxiety It took my hot flashes away and I did sleep at night but I had hair loss prior to this but the whole crown of my head is almost bald now. It was one of the reasons my doctor put me on it. F 55 6 weeks
50/250 MG 2X W
 1  menopause elevated liver enyzmes and possible liver damage Have used other hrt also, but end result has been elevated liver enzyme tests and evidently possible liver scarring. No doctor alerted me to fact hrt can cause this! Be careful, this liver damage also can happen with birth control pills in younger women. F 65 18 months
2X W
 5  Severe night sweats and hot flashes No side effects initally. Worked like a charm! On my 9th month, the itching, burning, and redness is unbearable. I had to take off the patch a day before I was supposed to change. All of the patches in this box have left red, raised, "burned" areas and have been so itchy and painful. I called the company to see if there was something wrong with this lot and they said no. F 48 9 months
.05/.14 2X W
 3  night sweats, insomnia Combipatch has has practically eliminated all symptoms after about 2 months. My only complaint is when I started my fourth box I started having severe itchiness and some burning at the application site, When I remove the patch it leaves a red mark the size of the patch and takes several weeks for it to go away. I am running out of places to put the patch so I don't have to reapply on the same spot untiil it is completely healed. I don't know what changed when I got my second 90 day supply but it is almost to the point of being unbearable, but I don't want to stop using it since my symptoms have improved so much. Please fix whatever is causing this itchiness. Please fix the adhesive or whatever is causing the skin irritation/itchiness/burning! F 50 4 months
0.05/0.25 2X W
 5  mood swings, tiredness, hot flash no negative side effects No hot flashes, no weight gain, no vaginal dryness, no mood swings, love these patches. Only problem is have tried to get off them a couple of times since it isn't recommended to be on them for an extended period of time. Every time I attempt to wean off of them I end up with terrible migraines, hot flashes, depression, vaginal dryness and end up right back on them. F 63 11 years
2X W
 3  Peri menopause I cannot believe how itchy this patch makes my stomach. Itchy, burning, and a red welt left behind in the exact shape of the patch. Why isn't this company doing something about this !!!! I really need to wear this patch to help with my frequent hot flushes and insomnia. It's impossible to wear because it the itchiness!!!! Please, please do something. I never had this reaction when I first started wearing this patch, and I dint know if you changed the adhesive, but it's impossible to wear!! F 49 2 years
1X W
 4  Hot flashes/anxiety/vaginal dryness Weight gain, fluid retention, and feeling tired a lot. I was experiencing 15 to 20 hot flashes a day, my heart would pound so hard and fast I thought I was having a heart attack 3 to 4 times a week, hair loss, vaginal dryness and major mood swings. All my symptoms have subsided after about a month and the hair loss after about 6 months of being on the patch. I change the patch every 4 days. It leaves a red spot that is usually gone after a day but it does leave an adhesive ring that takes a little scrubbing to get off but I can deal with that. F 50 8 months
0.05mg/0.1 2X W
 1  Hot flashes Hair loss, terrible hair loss, terrible headaches, neck and joint pain. Weight gain. When i first started taking the patch, it worked almost immediately on my hot flashes, I couldnt have been happier. Everything was going fine until I hit 3 months in. My Hair starting falling out in piles, every time I comb it I get a hand full of hair about 5 times a day. Plus I started getting terrible headaches that would last for 3 days or more. What a shame, I just stopped the patch 2 days ago so it will be awhile before it exits my system and hopefully I will notice less shedding soon. They say it takes 3 months to exit the system lets hope Im not bald by then. F 57 3 months
0.14 mg 2X W
 5  Sleeplessness, nightsweats No side effects. I cut the patch down to 1/4 twice a week. Recently went off and back to night sweats and hot flashes. Back on for now until I run out. Dr. won't give me anymore. Not looking forward to nightsweats and sleeplessness. I used 1/2 patch twice a week until about 1 yr. ago. It's very hard to get off. F 67 13 years
1X D
 5  Sleeplessness, nightsweats No side effects. I cut the patch down to 1/4 twice a week. Recently went off and back to night sweats and hot flashes. Back on for now until I run out. Dr. won't give me anymore. Not looking forward to nightsweats and sleeplessness. I used 1/2 patch twice a week until about 1 yr. ago. It's very hard to get off. F 67 13 years
1X D
 2  OT
1X D
 1  Hot flashes and to prevent osteoporisis I was on this patch for 8 years I felt that it was helping me with bone loss and other symptoms of menopause unfortunately I developed lobular invasive breast cancer and am very upset I was not asked to stop this sooner I do not recommend this medication F 66 8 years
50/250 2X W
 4  Menopause Burning, itchy skin that's dry and now has dark spots where patch applied. Patch comes off in shower F 51 0 months
0.5/0.14 2X W
 4  Menapause; hot flashes Immediately helped with hot flashes and vaginsl dryness. Feel much better. However have moderate to heavy bleeding after first two weeks. Hoping it dissipates after a few more months as the heavy bleeding has its own side affects. I have not experienced the redness or itching. However adhesive is hard to remove even with scrubbing. F 58 90 days
.25 MG 2X W
 4  Menopause symptoms I cannot take the burning and itching this patch gives my skin. It is seriously so painful. No matter where I place this patch, I feel a severe itching and burning pain. I do not know what kind of adhesive the company is using with this patch, but it is absolutely horrible and painful. Please go back to the old adhesive. This burning and itching feeling as just as bad as hot flashes. Please, please fix this problem ASAP!! F 48 1 years
2X W
 2  Menopause/Dryness/Mood Was 100% satisfied before Noven changed the transdermal material. Now 99% dissatisfied due to blistering, burning, itch & feel of new material. Used to be soft, adhere to body, move with body & not burn & itch. I now have circular permanent scarring each area of application sites which I have always used same basic areas before cheap plastic material change. Unfortunately this is not a med that we can abruptly stop or change to a different mfgr. Please go back to the original transdermal material/adhesive. We pay ALOT OOP for this patch so using cheap generic materials should not be happening. I have been on Combipatch over 2 years with zero isdue. I knew immediately that this batch was different due to color of box & hard plastic feel of the patch itself Again, please change back to the original soft transdermal material. I cannot continue to have blisters, burning itch & permanent scarring F 52 2 years
.005 2X W
 4  Hot flashes, anxiety The patch leaves a red mark and it is sooo itchy, it is the only bad thing about it. I do not know if it is the glue they use to make sure it sticks to your belly or the hormones itself. This really needs to be addressed by the company ASAP!! F 48 1 years
2X W
 3  Severe night sweats, mind fog Vaginal discharge I started taking this due to vaginal dryness and multiple UTIs and night sweats. I like the product but I am always wet. I have to wear a pad every day day and take baby wipes with me. I may have to weigh if this is worth continuing. Will talk to my Doctor soon. F 46 2 weeks
2X W
 1  Peri /menopause transition HAIR LOSS , constant period cramps with amenorrhea , flu/ cold symptoms, headaches , sexual disfunction , excessive hunger , mood swings OMG crazy mood swings !!! I have to be honest I don't think I took this for more than a complete month straight. I have used it off and on because of side effects and have not been able to see a doctor because of COVID . This has been the most miserable year, I have tried low dose birth control with norethindrone and levonorgestrel then the combipatch. I bleed for months on the birth control and it was so awful the side effects were worse than the combipatch but very similar just more depression , headache brain fog all the things I needed help with to start the only thing it helped was the crippling anxiety and crippling joint pain and urinary Incontinence . I would gladly give birth to 4 more children to escape the affects of menopause!!! I really wish some one could find a way to stop all these crazy symptoms I'm so done 😭 I really believe it's the norethindrone that is causing such awful symptoms the levonorgestrel was better but I have to believe that there is something that works with less side effects . F 47 6 months
50/140 2X W

COMBIPATCH  (ESTRADIOL; NORETHINDRONE ACETATE):  This medication contains 2 female hormones: an estrogen (estradiol) and a progestin (norethindrone). It is used by women to help reduce symptoms of menopause (such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness). These symptoms are caused by the body making less estrogen. The progestin in this medication helps to reduce the risk of cancer of the uterus which can be caused by using estrogen. Women who have had their uterus removed do not need the progestin and therefore should not use this combination medication. This medication may also be used by women who are not able to produce enough estrogen (for example, due to hypogonadism, primary ovarian failure). If you are using this medication to treat symptoms only in and around the vagina, products applied directly inside the vagina should be considered before medications that are taken by mouth, absorbed through the skin, or injected.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)