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 5  CVID It did cause deodenic ulcers, but my haematologist Flagyl and Avelon for a trip to the Seychelles. The combination healed my ulcers. I use ulsanic for any pain medication as I do not wat the ulcers to return. I have very little immunity as it is, so for me prevention is better than cure. I cannot take it for more than 3 days. I suffer from severe Osteoperosis and osteo arthritis. My immune system can cause pain storms. I do not take the same pain meds all the time but alternate as to not get addicted or build an immunity against them. F 54 0 days
130mg 1X D
 2  Pinched nerves in arm Some extra gas in stomach, painful, hiccups, heartburn, some stomach upset I had a phone appointment and a doctor diagnosed me, but this med has not helped with pain at all. Is it not for pain? F 57 1 days
50 2X D
 1  Cartilage in my right knee Only had a problem with my right knee Now all my joints are so bad I can't sit or stand As for sleeping Forgot about that Would never touch them again M 50 10 days
 1  Ovarian cyst Heartburn, i can't breathe I hated it 20 1 times
 3  Degenerative cervical discs Stomach and colon issues that have escalated as well as started having migraines at night so I have stopped using this med 2 weeks ago. Just take 2 Aleve at night that is working better. I also know Arthrotec can cause serious issues in the body and am relieved that I stopped this med. F 70 7 years
 3  severe cervical stenosis/migraines Nausea but controlled by taking with food and aloe vera, constipatation (aloe vera helps also), blood pressure goes up on the day that I take it but down the next day when I don't take it, some urinary problems. Anxiety/depression worse. Acid reflux worse and trouble swallowing pills/vitamins on the day that I take it. Has REALLY helped with controlling migraines and neck pain. Because of my age, I'm concerned about side affects so I'm now taking it every fourth day (50 mg) to see how that goes. This is why I only rated it a "3". F 68 9 months
50 mg 1X D
 5  Shoulder impingement-herniated disc I have had some Nausea but it seems to have gone away after the first year. As long as I have food This is the best medication I have ever taken when it comes to my shoulder in pinch meant it helps with my lower back but not as much as my shoulder knee wrist even heel fasciitis helps I can even cycle it now two weeks on one week off I also take opiates but the Arthrotec Works great with it or alone . I have so much pain from working 22 yrs working nights . A side note check your testosterone levels of low add testosterone to your program u will get your life back with arthotec thank God for this medication . Without it I am a mess . Iím 48 now I can lift weights light & have a life due to this supplement. It has kept me from getting both of my shoulders replaced takes about two weeks to work when I come off the pain does come back if I get surgery I would need the medicine anyway most likely M 49 10 years
 5  Artritis pain None really My GP stopped my Artnrotec but since them i have awful pain in almost all my joints.I felt good on Arthrotec but always took them half way through a meal. F 83 0 years
 1  Spine and hip pain I took one pill at lunch on a full stomach on 6/5. Within 3 hours I had severe upper stomach pain and blotting with the worst acid indigestion I have ever experienced! Nausea that resulted in vomiting... followed by hours of major discomfort. The next morning I felt like I had been ran over by a truck! It's is now 6/9, still having stomach issues. I had toast this morning and all seemed well, I had some chicken soup for lunch and within 10 minutes I thought I was having a heart attach, the indigestion was sooo bad!! I've lost 4 days of my life from 1 pill! F 55 1 days
 1  Arthritis in most joints I've been taking this medication on and off for 2 month as needed.took it this morning after food and experienced the worst menstrual cramps of my life. I thought I was going to give birth. Crawled back to bed with dizziness,nausea and cold chills going through my body. I'm still very dizzy and don't think I can leave the house. Whoever passed these tablets to the market should seriously consider resigning! F 37 2 months
75 mg
 5  I am taking Aurthrotec for severe p This medication is a Godsend I have been taking it for about 3 yrs. and it is wonderful no bleeding or stomach trouble...nothing no side works like magic gave me my life back, have been on every narcotic you can think of even Fontanal patches for 12yrs. But this works great for me F 59 1 years
 5  Spinal stenosis Must be taken with food! No problems with it at all. I started with 100 mg once/day but over time have got doseage down to 50 mg once a day. Very happy about that!! F 68 10 years
50 1x/day
 4  Spinal Stenosis,Cyatica,Scoliosis,O Hardly any at all. F 59 10 years
75 mg-2x d
 1  Chills after menses, aches and pain Excruciating pelvic pains vaginal bleeding I took just one and the fever seemed abated during the next 30 minutes but an hour later, I had the most excruciating pelvic pains ever and then I began to have vaginal bleeding and I had concluded my monthly flow 2 days ago. I type this with pain, so never ever again! F 35 1 days
 5  Severe lower back/joint pain Occasional gastro/uterine cramping, diarrhea. Seems to happen for a day or two every couple months then goes away. No bleeding changes & have iud mirena which is still functioning, maybe helps to regulate bleeding side effects? I have never found a pain pill so effective for so long. And I have been on a lot of very strong narcotics, so this is a complete life saver for me. I go from 10% mobility to 90+ % within an hour of taking each dose. May not work for everyone but would recommend a trial at the very least to see if pain relief>side effects. F 34 2 years
 5  knee arthritis, torn rotator cuff Some increased perimenopausal bleedingk, occasional gastric discomfort, only if taken on empty stomach. This medicine was like a Godsend to me. I felt like I could move like a normal person again. I was totally despondent when I had a bad broken foot and threw a clot, and because I had to go on blood thinners, my Doctor took me off this drug. I can't wait to resume taking it again. Celebrex did nothing for me except cause my feet to swell with fluid. F 58 1 years
75 2X D
 1  Osteoarthritis Severe diarrhea. Was not bothered for first week. F 60 10 days
 1  Pain from JHS/Fibro I felt like I had the flu after 1 pill, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, thought I was going to pass out. The pain in my joints felt 100x worse than it had ever been, despite also taking my regular pain killers. Never again. F 19 5 days
50mg 3X D
 1  Pain in legs, arm pain,lower back p This drug is awful.having horric stomach cramps,diarrhea , swollen stomach ,full of wind and starving all the time .don't take this poison F 54 5 days
 3  Fluid around lung Vaginal bleeding and hair loss by handfuls. It has helped the inflammation in my lungs F 66 2 months