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 4  joint pain vomitting - I have to fight to not throw up I am supposed to take this twice a day - but it makes me soooooo sick that I take literally as I a going to bed, so that I am asleep before the sickness kicks in. I have tried and tried to take the day dose - but I would rather live without the sickness - its just too awful. very painful joints - but with this tablet, the pain is much much reduced. If I miss a couple of days I really know about it. If I could find the same sort of thing without the EXTREME nausea - I would switch drugs in teh blink of an eye. F 42 4 years
75mg 1X D
 2  back pain - motor vehicle accident No side effect to begin, but now starting to upset my stomach even while taking with food and plenty of water. Didn't work for me. Still can't sleep, can't work without pain. Didn't see any positive change. M 29 14 days
50 2X D
 1  arthritis,neck,thumb,hip,thumb, started having a severe sudden onset headache in the back of head, resulted in trip to DR, BP was extrememly high, and pulse was high as well, after three shots, and 3 clonidine to bring down bp was recommend to visit ER. Had high BP for another 10 days, before it came back down to normal, and pulse is still extremely high 3 weeks after stopping the medicine. I only took for 7 days, and it caused this much problems. Never again, I would not recommend this to use. I have had 2 trips back to dr, since this happened and a third visit due to the tachycardia is schedule in 3 more days. I will not use anymore. F 38 7 days
50mg 1X D
 2  Back muscle pain and spinal pain It began with stomach pain,then slight nausea, then reflux each time I took a pill.After the second pill the same progression of symptoms only now the abdominal gas,cramps and pain would be with me all day.I stopped pills but abdominal cramps persist. The only good thing I can say about Arthrotec is that I did notice pain relief but I won't put up with the side effects on a daily basis since I spent a long time getting rid of a reflux problem in the past. The abdominal gas,cramps and discomfort are another thing I don't want to see get worse if I keep taking Arthrotec. I've taken Tylenol 3 and never had a problem like this. Perhaps there is something not right yet with Arthrotec. M 61 1 days
75 MG 2X D
 5  Sever arthritis in hands & feet No side effects I tried the advertised Arthritis medicines with severe side-effects and only tried this one because the doctor had samples. Instead of taking the pill 2X daily, as prescribed I take it at most once per day, usually about 3-4 times per week, but often skipping a week or two at a time. My arthritis has been under control for years and only causes me trouble if I skip taking the pills for about a month. At the time this was prescribed the doctor was discussing the strongest possible medicines in serious (threatening) doses. This drug has been a god-send for me. M 43 5 years
50 MG 3X W
 1  pinched nerve I am menstruating with heavy bleeding every 11 days. Honestly, I can't figure out how I can lose this much blood and still function. I have horrific cramps to begin with, so I can't say whether arthrotec increased that. I have endometriosis, so I'm not sure if that is something that doesn't agree with arthrotec. It did help with the pain I experience with the pinched nerve, but it is not worth it to me to continue. F 41 40 days
75 2X D
 1  osteoarthritis lower half of body Constipation right from the start and in ladt 4 weeks extreme joint pain at night (just few hours after taking tablets). Pain so bad it disrupted my sleep co pletely. also, extreme itching on legs and arms, so bad I scrathced myself raw. mobility has DECREASED rapidly, especially when trying to go down stairs. Was warned about possibility of constipation but think doctor underestimated how severe it would get. Arthrotec was supposed to ease my pain not make it worse. Have stopped taking and immediatedly muscle/joint pain eased and sleeping much better. Have reverted to use of co-codamol to ease symptoms as required. F 50 3 months
50mg 1X D
 4  severe osteoarthritis, mainly back I feel a bit drowsy & have a little blurred vision, so far no gastric problems I've been on Arthrotec 50 for over 10 years on and off, only taking it when I needed it. Due to my arthritis getting progressively worse, to the point where I am in tears with the agony, gp's started me on 75 twice a day and I have to take it. every day for the next month to see how I get on, here goes. So far its been very good, pains almost gone, but I feel a bit weird, didn't have that when on 50 F 43 3 days
75 2X D
 2  RSI in forearms heartburn, nausea, frequent feelings of voracious hunger & sharp unbearable cramping pains in lower gut. Did not seem to make a lot of difference to the pain it was supposed to be treating. Stopped taking it after 13 days, prefer the pain in my forearms F 46 13 days
75 mg 2X D
 4  arthritis in a foot I had been taking two tablets per day (one @ breakfast time ,the other @ dinner time) for a couple of years when I was alerted to possible long term side effects & then consulted my GP who advised because of the time I had been taking them to only take them on a "need to basis".I immediately stopped completely but found that I had muscular pains all over my body,I have now reduced my intake to one per day @ breakfast time & find that this has proved a moderately succesful outcome. M 63 2 years
 1  inflammation in multiple sites Severe abdominal pain,bloating,gas,nauseous,constant hunger. These symptoms persisted three days after I stopped taking the drug. My stomach is still sore when palpitated after 5 days. Please think twice before taking this drug F 44 5 days
 1  shoulder pain Took 50 mg arthrotec with one tylenol #3 and within 30 minutes I had the most severe abdominal pain I've ever experienced. It was more like bowel/uterine cramping. It was so severe I had to go to the emergency room. I had spent the day there already for my shoulder pain, was given a prescription and never told of these side effects. I then spent the night back in the ER for the severe pain. The doctor thought it was likely the codeine in the tylenol #3 but after reading all these comments, I doubt it very much. Will never take this medication again. 39 1 days
 4  Lower back pain Some stomach irritation, feels a bit like my pressure is up (in my head mostly). I pulled my lower back at the gym 2 times. last time was about 1 1/2 years ago and it was pretty bad. Since then my back has really gotten worse. I still exercise everyday and stretch, but it really is not helping. I final went to the doctor and i am getting x-rays on my spine tomorrow. He gave me about 25 samples of Arthrotec 75. 3 days later I cannot believe how good my back feels. It has to be this drub, because this is the first day i can comfortably bend down with no pain and even touch my toes without bending my knees. It seems that this drug, like many drugs, works for some and not for all. as for me seems to be really good. M 38 3 days
 1  Tendonitis I took the drug only once, at about 9:00 p.m. 15 minutes later I experienced dizziness, nausea, and stomach pain, followed about 10 minutes later by level 6 pain in major joints (knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, hands). Elevated blood pressure and heart palpitations. Still felt somewhat dizzy and sick the next day. Extreme gas in stomach and intestines for several days afterward. Had acid reflux-type symptoms for a few days, though I have never had reflux. Evil drug!! F 41 1 times
 5   Lower Back Pain Love it so far, finally slept last night. After to Lower back surgeries and intense daily pain I am so relieved to get so rest. F 38 5 days
 5  shoulder tendonitis None that I noticed. I did take my blood pressure today though, and it was slightly elevated from the norm. I suspect the drug is responsible, but as I am only taking it short-term, I am not overly concerned. I had acute shoulder tendonitis and was in absolute agony. Within 24 hours of taking this medicine, the inflammation was reduced dramatically and I have continued to improve, gaining back more of my range of motion with each day. F 59 7 days
 5  foot pain The only side effect that I experienced was the hungry feeling in my stomach ;however I have no complaints, just praise ! Deborah McCready F 60 6 months
 1  Neck pain from car accident Ate a decent meal and took one pill at 4:30 pm, the 75 size, on 9/10. Within 15-20 minutes my stomach felt empty and hollow. Within 1 hour I had stomach pain that felt like deep pain- like gas pains. I kept eating a small amount of food to make the stomach emptiness and pain ease up. Went to bed and felt hot flashes and sweated (I don't sweat, am cold natured) and had pain in the pit of my stomach all night. I felt a deep ache from my waist down to the heels of my feet (Like "back labor" pains during childbirth, for those of you who have experienced such a thing, or a prolonged miscarriage.) My stomach stayed upset and painful through 9/14. On 9/15 my stomach quit hurting, but the deep pain in my pelvis and down my legs (it felt like my leg bones were filled with cold metal and ached deeply and hurt!)continued through 9/16. I was just tapering off of my menstrual period when I took the one pill, but noticed an increase in cramping and breasts getting more and more (and more! The side effects were harder to deal with than the condition I was taking it for- and it made me feel 200% worse! Not worth it! I will carefully take ibuprofen or Aleve (naproxen sodium)- limit using it as much as I am able- and deal with ulcers if I ever end up with one! Taking this horrid stuff to prevent one just is not worth it! Pharmacist finds it hard to believe one pill did all this- but looked at other meds, and no other explaination. I took last Lyrica, after a two week trial, on 9/15. FYI:(I reacted about the same way (excessive mestrual bleeding) to oral, low-dose Prednisone, as well.) I seem to be more hormonally/chemically sensitive than a lot of people. It may not be important, but it MAY be> I cannot take, whether because of over-reaction, adverse reaction, allergy: Birth control pills or shots, Codeine, any opiate-based, hydrocodone, prednisone, corti-cortisones, pseudoephedrine, morphine, demerol, percocette, darvon, cyclobenzoprene, (sulfur drugs listed as possibly lethal due to parent's reaction.) Allergic to citrus fruits & bioflavenoids, lanolin/wool, and topical Benedryl. F 44 1 days
 5  osteoarthritis spine none took celebrex 8-1/2 years. when it stopped working my primary physician put me on arthrotec 75 twice a day. less convenient than the celebrex as twice per day instead of once per day. otherwise as reported by other comments there is occassional joint pain from increased physical activity. M 54 1 years
 4  knee pain, overall arthritis severe headaches, stomach pain, loose stool, all of which spontaneously ended, followed soon after by agonizing muscle spasms in leg with bad knee. Now beginning to experience spasms in left arm. immediate relief from full body athritic pain, great relief from knee pain--relief from knee pain gradually diminished, probably because I became more active. F 60 3 months