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 1  Knee Pain Upset stomach and the feeling that I may need to throw up. The pain in my stomach is in the middle of my stomach above my belly button and its a deep constant pain. I also feel like I may need to go to the restroom, but when I do I can't...MISERABLE!! F 25 1 days
 1  Pain & swelling due to heel spur Abdominal pain, Dizzieness and blood clots in urine which caused problems with urine leaking. I stopped the Arthrotec twice and restarted but the same symptoms came back. I will not take this medication again. F 46 7 days
 1  tendonitis The symptoms got progressively worse with time. They included fluid retention, all over muscle pain, cramps. I stopped taking them a week ago and felt much better the next day. Some of the side effects haven't totally disappeared but I'm improving with each day. My doctor doesn't believe that this medication could cause this reaction. F 55 35 days
 1  Popliteal artery entrapment i was prescribed arthrotec 75 to take twice a day with or before food.i took the very first tablet as directed,two hours later i was doubled up in pain with stomach cramps, i had very bad diarrhoa,and heavy menstral bleeding with clots even though i had just finished my cycle a week add to this i couldnt pass urine,when i eventualy did it was full of blood.i also felt very weak and could not stop shaking I spoke with my doctor just hours after taking this medication,i described all my symptoms,the bleeding was dismissed as being a coincedence and nothing to do with the medication!! I can say that is total rubbish.I would avoid this medication at all costs F 39 1 times
 1  lower back pain took 4 out of 5 days. Stomach cramps, gas, constipation, headaches, and, maybe a coincidence, the muscles in my left leg locked up. Also, up 5-6 times at night to pee; normally 1 or 2. Stopped taking this drug. The side effects more than cancel out the possible benefits. Not fun. M 62 5 days
 1  Migraine I had extreme abdominal pain that came on almost instantly and lasted hours from taking the arthrotec for the first time. I also experienced some bleeding and threw up a number of times. I urge people to think twice about taking this drug. I will not be taking it again. F 18 1 days
 1  tendonitis in rt foot, wrists, neck 1st pill taken with food, a few hours after i experienced shortness of breath, a sense of depression, cramping, upset stomache will stop taking immediately Honestly can not recommend this drug, I am still experiencing side effects just after 1 pill and im supposed to take twice/day 75mg. I just cant keep going have to try something else. F 34 1 days
 1  osteoarthritis dizzines dioreah stomach cramps disorientation. followed by ulceration of the osophragus,and stomach, and possibly the gut.Prone to infections especially of the blader. have been taken off the drug, stayed on it too long because it allowed me to work.Talked myself out of the side effects, until they frightened me. Now I dont know how I am going to get back to work, it has left me feeling exausted, and depressed. F 57 3 years
 1  Neck pain After taking my first pill, I quickly experienced extreme uterine cramping. It felt like I was having a baby and broke out in a cold sweat, shaking uncontrollably, nauseated, several bowel movements. I felt like I was going to pass out, which would have been welcommed after feeling what I felt. The pain subsided fortunately within 15 minutes, but now this morning I have vaginal bleeding and I am only 11 days into my cycle. Do not recommend unless you are prepared to deal with gut wrenching pain and going into shock. Not worth it, I will continue to take Ibuprofen instead. F 27 1 times
 1  knee and hand osteoarthritis Headache, dizziness. I took 1 tablet today, and won't take another one. I looked up the side-effects because of a headache and am scared to death by what I read. F 53 1 days
 5  arthritic knees none that I can think of I recently had bilateral knee replacement. Prior to that, Arthrotec was the only drug that helped. I tried every drug on the market,but, to no avail.I took 50 mg. 3 times a day of Arthrotec and was almost pain free. I highly recommend it to anyone that suffers from arthritis. F 60 5 years
 1  Back Pain Hospitalization due extreme rectal bleed that required blood transfusion. I was extremely sick and initially felt I might not survive. Should be removed from market M 70 21 days
 4  neck/spine pain; injury 3.5 yr ago I've been on 75mg twice daily for 13 days, with recent body swelling, face, wrists, abdomen, thighs - clothes fit tight. Insomina is much worse. I have forgetfulnes and confussion - really bad - almost dangerous. Have felt "empty stomach" feeling, but not bothersome. Have had more loose stools, but tolerable. I'm looking for a more natural therapy, checking into HA (Hyaluronic Acid) to replace Arthrotec. F 40 13 days
 4  tendinitis L. heel, plantar fascii some diarrhea, some constipation, fatigue it works very well for the heel; I couldn't walk on it very well before taking it. I take 75mg.twice a day. Also have severe osteoarthritis in the knees and hands, but it doesn't seem to relieve that pain at all. F 64 1 days
 2  shoulder and neck work injury It seems as if bleeding forever is a side effect but doctors tell you that its not the drug I have been on Arthotec for Three months I still have pain and stiffness at first week into this drug I was in so much pain I sat on the floor at work and thought I was gaving a baby. I always feel weak and almost fainted a bunch of times Consider somthing that works I am switching today as this isnt in my head F 24 3 months
 5  Bad Hip I have had no side effects been taking Arthrotec a little over a year, have not noticed any side effects It does help alot I noticed that when there are times when I forget to take it I can't stand or walk for any lengths of time M 44 1.5 years
 3  hip bursitis no side effects for the first two months ......then vaginal bleeding 2 wks after menstral cycle...stomach pain. canker sores in my mouth....headache...been off for 1 week still have bleeding. helped my pain alot .... too scared to take this drug again F 43 2 months
 4  arthritic knees If I take the pill on an empty stomach I get a very faint sensation of queasiness ... almost to faint to notice. However, I also get diarrhoea at least twice a day. There are no gas pains and no other symptoms, so it's inconvenient more than anything else. When I am on holiday at the coast I am pain free, mostly, so don't take any Arthrotec, but when I get back to a drier climate the pain is severe, so Arthrotec is very important to me and my quality of life. It also allows me to sleep. F 55 120 days
 1  osteoarthritis in knee Terrible first of all I had diarrhoea my doseage was increased to 75 and a few days ago my feet and ankles started swelling up. I went to my GP and the results of my blood test showed there was something wrong with my liver and I am a non-drinker. My blood pressure had gone sky high so my that is why the swelling. I was told to stop taking Arthrotec and am now using a natural product that seems to work it is called Pernamax. 61 20 days