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 1  Severe Lower Back Pain Fatigue, Constipation followed by diahorea. Eventually started passing blood and clots with stoals. Painful stomach cramps. I would not take this drug again, side affects caused me anxiety until I read reviews here of people with similar side affects. M 36 7 days
 4  moderate OA of hip&spine damage Stomach queasy, but very mild, and goes away. Just started taking this med after Celebrex 200mg, and before, Meloxicam, other NSAIDs,and natural supplements. Putting off hip & back surgery for life long OA. Seems to be working fine, pain is limited, though I still limp with damage in hip. Spine & hip pain is greatly reduced! Menopausal, so waiting to see if minor period bleeding starts like it did with Celebrex. I'm on no dairy, non-gluten, natural anti-inflammatory diet, no refined sugar. RA runs in my family, so this is lifelong commitment & it works. Limited caffeine. This drug works so far, and is giving me back my life. No irregular bowel or issues so far, and I'm low risk factor for liver, B/P, & cardiac issue. I take with a meal, use Tums if necessary. Good so far. F 53 2 days
 1  sesamoid joint in foot Ongoing stomach problems, had to have an endoscopy to understand why so much pain. Stopped the drug, got better, but pain in foot meant I had to try again. I was advised to take Arthrotec with Zantac when necessary, as it would counter the affect on the stomach. 2 weeks later after very small doses there is blood in my stools, major cramps and I have to have a colonoscopy. awful awful awful. I will to have to live with the foot pain because I simply cannot go through this again. I would strongly recommend never going near this drug F 60 5 years
 1  Arm/fingers pain From one pill : Heavy menstrual bleeding even though my periods ended a week before, cramps, nausea Women, beware: do NOT take this medicine unless you've taken it in the past and it was right for you. Also, do NOT take this if you might be pregnant! I checked the reviews on this website before taking this drug, and I thought "oh, I'm sure it won't happen to me". Sure enough, 2 hours after taking a single pill, the bleeding and cramps started. Never again will I touch this drug. F 34 1 times
 5  Severe Injury Ankle/Knee Osteoarthr Nothing that over the counter Tums or Gas-X couldn't control I'm avoiding (or delaying) Total Ankle + both knees replacement for post traumaic osteoarthritis due to injuries 30 years. After starting on Arthrotec, I am able walk with almost no pain and somethimes, no limp. It has been great, I can walk my dog, go up & down stairs, walk on the beach, go hiking & kayaking. I will take it as long as I can to delay surgery. I will eventually have the ankle surgery, fighting insurance companies now. It has truly been amazing how this drug has helped me. F 57 120 days
 5  Sciatic Some swelling of the legs...I had been unable to get relief from my pain for 2 months following a bone marrow biopsy. I was up to 30 arthritis strength tylenol and numerous Tylenol 3 daily. Couldn't sleep because of the pain. No concentration. Loosing days of work. Within 2 days of taking the arthrotec 50 (twice daily), the pain was gone. Even the arthritic pain I had in the knees and an ankle...gone. I can sleep again. It is great to be able to sleep & function again. F 52 21 days
 4  frozen shoulder I experienced mild cramps and bloating. It helped to relieve the pain. F 54 10 days
 1  RSI pain in arms/neck/back Feels like menstrual cramps, back ache, sick to stomach for 24 hours + Was unhappy about being prescribed this but gave it a try since the pharmacy couldn't take it back (mistake -- didn't read about it until after I'd picked up the prescription). After taking pill with food, feels like menstrual cramps, lower back pain & nausea within 45 minutes. After the last pill, have been sick to my stomach for over 24 hours. Discontinuing use immediately. Have heard great things about Celebrex. Maybe will ask for that. F 26 3 times
 1  siatic pain stomack pains, vomited all night about 6 times, abdominal pain, then i got severe vaginal bleeding , horrible do not take it F 35 1 days
 5  knee pain Lower dose for first month produced sporadic intense stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea. Always prided myself on having a cast iron stomach until this script came along. I have to rate it a 5 for knee pain so I lived with it. Then my doctor increased the dose after one month and I have never had anything work so well on reducing osteoarthritis pain. Unfortunately, I have also never been so sick from a prescription. Increased dosage produced constant, unyielding stomach gas and intense pain, gastrointestinal cramping, diarrhea and pain pain pain. If your gastrointestinal system can handle it, its an amazingly effective arthritis drug... however I welcomed the knee pain back after suffering the side effects and booked an appointment with a knee surgeon! Was so sick after 2 days at the increased dose, I decided it just was not worth it. F 57 6 weeks
 4  Rheumatoid Arthritis appetite increase, stomach feels empty all the time pain feels better, but the appetite increase worries me. F 47 3 days
 5  arthritis uncontrollable Diarrhea,kidney function This product is the best medicine for arthritis pain I have ever taken, however after taking it for approx. 10 years it started affecting my kidneys, my stomach(acid reflux) and the diarrhea got worse, short term, I had no problems,this would be a great product if the manufacturer could get rid of the side effects. M 10 years
 2  Arthritis Swelling & weight increase. No relief in pain. My doctor advise that I stop using F 59 90 days
 5  rheumatoid arthritis - hips Stomach cramps, gassy most of the day. Cannot take it on an empty stomach! I can finally clean my house without pain. I am feeling so much better, I can sleep all night and rise in the morning without pain. F 57 2 months
 1  herniated disc 15 minutes after taking , i experienced severe stomach cramping....but after trying celebrex (without any relief)..i decided i could tolerate stomach pain since i go relief....BUT now after having been off of meds for 3 weeks, I am experiencing high blood pressure and ankle swelling like crazy!!!!! HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THIS AFTER BEING OFF OF THE DRUG FOR 3 WEEKS OR SO??????? never take again!!!! M 52 21 days
 1  Degenerative Disk Disease Within 15 minutes started to have stomach cramping, almost like period cramps. I was on the toilet for a good 30 minutes in extreme pain. My uterus starting to have spasms which was the worst pain I have ever experienced, I got some nausea from the pain, I had to go to bed in a ball and just lie there until the pain subsided which felt like an eternity. Then when the pain subsided I begin to have some bleeding and I was on day 12 of my cycle. I would rather die than take this drug again. Although It works wonders for my back pain, it is not worth it to go through the uterus pain and cramping. I am going to try and find a sister drug to arthrotec. Its weird because I have been taking this drug off and on for about 4 months and this only has happened to me 3 times, but I have no way of knowing when it will randomly happen and it is not worth it to take that risk. I have began to think it has something to do with the day of my cycle affecting how bad the pains will be. F 29 3 months
 1  knee pain I can't describe the horrible stomach pain, constipation, uterine cramps and pain in the ovaries (menopausal for 20 years) pressure in the stomach, couldn't urinate for a whole day, severe stomach pain, constant burping. The experience was a certain kind of hell! This drug is a bad trip! F 65 3 days
 1  knee pain I can't describe the horrible stomach pain, constipation, uterine cramps and pain in the ovaries (menopausal for 20 years) pressure in the stomach, couldn't urinate for a whole day, severe stomach pain, constant burping. The experience was a certain kind of hell! This drug is a bad trip! F 65 3 days
 4  post surgery healing This greatly improved the swelling when I had a surgery on both legs. There weren't any side effects...maybe a little gas but may not be related to the drug. I would recommend this to anyone that has swelling of any sort to help heal an injury. The doctor did say to only take it 5 days though because it reduces mucus in the stomach and it can cause extreme stomach pain if taken too long. M 22 5 days
 1   I had diarrhea for a whole week;bad uterine cramps followed by heavy menstrual bleeding two weeks after my period.Alot of gas and nausea. This pill stopped my pain, but cause me more pain. The side effects are much worst than the pain itself. F 35 5 days