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 1  joint pain from Ehlers-Danlos Syndr vaginal bleeding and cramping 2 years after menopause While this helped some with the joint pain, I was unpleasantly surprised at the return of my period after 2 years. I had severe endometriosis and adenomyosis all my life, plus the impairment in blood clotting due to EDS, so my doctor probably should not have prescribed this drug. I'm not taking any more tablets. Cymbalta 120 mg per day helps enough with the pain. F 58 1.5 days
75 mg 2X D
 1  Joint pain Anxiety and the feeling I was bleeding inside. Sudden feelings of cramp like being punched in the stomach. A general 'scared' feeling and sitting very still in the hope it would go away I will tolerate the pain before I would ever take this again M 39 1 days
2X D
 1  Endometriosis pain One hour after taking Arthrotec, I experienced the sudden onset of severe mentrual cramps. I am on the birth control pill and should not have my period for another 3 weeks. I am in so much pain that I cannot sleep, nor can I take Advil for the pain as it is also an NSAID. The patient warning indicates that this drug can cause an abortion. I wish I'd read my entire monograph before taking the tablet. I would not recommend for women prior to menopause. Nor sure why my doctor thought it would help my endo pain. F 41 1 times
75 MG 2X D
 4  severe lower back pain After taking the drug for 7 years, i've suddenly developped diarrhea, nausea, loss of apetite, stomach cramps. I've had these symptoms for 4 weeks and i've just realised it could be side effects from arthotec. The problem is if i stop arthrotec I become paralysed by back pain. Seeing the doctor next week. But not sure if my symptoms are due to the drug as i've been on it for so long with no side effects. After trying several NSAIDs with side effects, I finally discovered arthrotec which relieved the pain and no side effects. I usually take 1 or 2 a day and when the pain gets really bad increase it to 3 a day for one or two weeks. F 49 7 years
50mg 2X D
 1  Hip Bursitis nausea,extreme hunger,stomach pain, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding,cramps. I really think that my doctor hates me. otherwise why would he give me this poison???? after 4 days of suffering I'm stopping this nightmare and yes there was some improvement with the pain but is not worth to continue F 39 4 days
50 3X D
 3  knee arthritis I have taken 6 pills in the past (75mg each), but the side effect I had from my last pill was awful. It induced severe vaginal cramps without bleeding about 2 hours after I took the medication. I ended up having to take additional medication to get rid of the cramps (pamprin) so that I could sleep. Sat on the bathroom for 30 minutes. If I knew I would have went to bed with a sore knee instead - it hurt less than the cramps. This is the only anti-inflammatory drug that helps for my knee pain/inflammation and its reliable in that. I take it infrequently, once every several months and 1 pill is often enough for me. F 35 1 years
75mg 1X AN
 1  Foot Within half hour of taking this drug I suffered from excessive cramping. lasted 1/2 hour and continued sporatically over course of several hours. Became tired,fatigue,shortness of breath from pain, dizzy,nausea, unconsolable. went hospital, but sat 5 hours never seen by doctor. drug wore off on its own and went home to rest. Threw away the remaining pills. Should be removed from market. F 40 1 days
75 mg 2X D
 1  Migraine Severe abdominal cramping, sweating, period cramps, vaginal bleeding, diarrhea, acid reflux, dry mouth I would rather have had a migraine than the pain I suffered after taking one of these pills. Don't recommend at all. F 31 1 times
50 mg 1X AN
 1  migraine/neck pain Didn't have much pain relief, and within a few days of starting the meds I began having cramps and heavy vaginal bleeding. My period ended last week and this med made me have another one! F 26 5 days
50 mg 3X D
 1  Lower Back Pain I was experiencing lower back pain & noticed my spouse had some arthrotec 50mg anti inflammatory pills left. So i read about it online then decided to take one. Then about 20mins later i had MAJOR menstrual cramps & started bleeding. i had rlly bad sickness & ended up puking. . thank god i got the pill out my system, the pain stopped 10mins later but i am still menstrating. This drug cant be good for you if it brought my period on when ive only just finished my last cycle 10 dyas prior to taking the drug! I would not reccomend taking this drug if it hasnt been suggested by your physician. I wont be making that mistake again! F 22
50 1X D
 1  Lowe Back Herniated Disc pain 1 month PRN. Horrible lower pelvic pain. Uterus contractions. Bloody vagina the next day. Horrible gastric pain. I am looking for another drug to replace this one. I went to the OB GYN thinking there was something wrong with my uterus but I am completely ok. I am not taking it again. F 34 1 months
75 1X D
 5  arthritis in back slightly heavier menstrual cycle An absolute miracle drug for me. None of the stomach issues others seem to have. I was at the point where I was becoming highly immobile and in constant pain. Started taking arthrotec and had IMMEDIATE relief.... honestly never thought I would feel that way again...... recently pain has started to increase though, and not sure if I've overworked my back..... or if I'm becoming intolerant. Have recommended to two others who have had similar exceptional results for chronic arthritic type issues. F 49 15 months
75 mg 2X D
 2  chronic neck pain just took the drug about 30 minutes ago and am now experiencing the worst abdominal pain ever, like mentstrual cramps/diarreah cramping combined. i had to keep dropping into a crouched position due to the severity of the lower abdominal pain. i was put on this medication because i was taking such high doses of Advil to quell the inflammation in my neck and back muscles that it caused me to have a GI bleed. but after this little episode, and after reading that it can cause heavy menstrual bleeding, i highly doubt this drug is the best fit for my problem!! i already have anemia due to the gastric bleed. how could my doctor not think of this? i'm also starting to feel dizzy and light headed, and can feel acidic bile at the back of my throat. great!! :| F 34 1 days
50-200mg 1X D
 3  Extreme abdominal pain, headache I was prescribed this drug because I had spent a whole night in complete agony; abdominal pain, lower back pain, all that I imagine labor pain to be, except I was not in labor. Though the cause of my pain remains undetermined, the Arthrotec combined with Paracetamol pretty much eliminated the pain. This was a big relief, as the 1200 MG of Ibuprofen I had taken throughout the night had done nothing. I only took 1 Arthrotec and 1 Paracetamol and that did the trick. HOWEVER: I had a very bad headache yesterday and Ibuprofen again didn't work. I still had the other Arthrotec pills left, so I took one. Although it alleviated the pain, I got up this morning with heavy vaginal bleeding even though my period ended last week. I was relieved to read that this could be a side effect, as it means I probably don't have something serious, but I will have to be in some serious pain to risk bleeding from the vagina again. Next time I'll try my luck with Paracetamol. The pill I took consisted of 50 MG Diclofenac and 200 MG Misoprostol. F 32 1 days
1X D
 4  Knee joint injury Particularly diahrea! Many unscheduled washroom stops over the time I've taken this medication. Lately ankle swelling and lower tendon pain that was not experienced previously. Males tend to tolerate this medication better than women from my observation. This medication helped get me back to work and achieve tolerable pain levels and mobility. I stopped taking it for 4 days and the pain returned. Currently take one 75mg dose 2 hours before work and seems to be enough to ease my particular condition. Probably alright for otherwise healthy individuals but those with other medical problems should probably avoid it. It will most likely exacerbate there ill health with unwelcome side effects. M 57 5 months
75 mg 1X D
 3  herniated disks, neck pain Initially, I experienced a slight, but noticeable difference in pain level: the pain was less severe. Within a few days, I noticed acid reflux shortly after taking, and it got progressively worse. It got to the point that I was apprehensive about going to bed; I consistently found myself waking up with acidic bile in my mouth, tasting like I had thrown up. M 61 40 days
75mg 1X D
 1  cervical disc herniation NSAID gastritis, severe stomach upset after prolonged use. false full feeling, very poor appetite. increased menstruation, 2-3 periods a month instead of once a month, menstrual cramps present with or without vaginal bleeding. i would not recommend this medication for any female who has not already completed their menopausal phase. F 24 6 months
75mg 1X D
 3  Osteoarthritis and Spinal Stenosis Some stomach sensitivity I am taking it only 1 time per day because of the possible side effects. Without this drug I was severly restricted and could only walk less than 100 meters. With the drug I can walk 1/2 km and function. I am thinking of increasing it to twice per day and/or getting surgery and/or epidural steroid injection. F 50 6 months
75mg 1X D
 5  exteme pain in shoulder I have no side effects that I am aware of. I have tried various pain meds for the shoulder and nothing worked. I was skeptical when my doctor asked me to try Arthrotec but my pain is totally under control without any apparent side effects. M 59 90 days
50 1X D
 5  Fibromyalgia, arthritis of hip & sp Hunger pangs Brilliant, I have a new lease of life, i walk up & down steps properly, no longer sideways like a toddler, hip pain as gone other than if i jar it F 52 14 days
50mg 2X D