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 1  ostoarthritis plus after taking just one dose, had hunger feeling and stomach cramping, in the eve and through the night constant muscle cramps in my calf muscles, couldn't sleep, had to keep jumping out of bed because of the cramps I just went for test and haven't gotten results yet, but Dr feels I have more than 1 form of arthritis, I also have a very sensitive stomach, this is cheaper and more approved by health insurance, so that is why this prescribed. Seems to me we always have to choose lesser of the 2 evils, I can't deal with Charlie Horses, so I am stopping this med F 55 1 days
50 1X D
 1  tmj pain Went to hospital for my Tmj pain because it was getting out of control. A doctor prescribed me this to take two a day. One pill and 20 minutes later the worse period cramps in my life. After half an hour it passed, but its been a day a half now, and i still feel sick after eating and random shooting lower abdominal pains. I'm scared to death. F 24 1 days
 1  neck pain severe nausea dizziness terrible stomach pain F 59 1 days
 5  hip pain no side effects Met with surgon last week to schedule hip replacement. Could not tolerate pain. Was on hydrocodine heavy aand did not like side effects. Almost overnight was 100% pain free. Sorry ladies i don not have bleeding or stomach pains. Truly wish you could have same results as i have.Took 5 years ago for shoulder pain and it worked as well.I am on my feet all day requiring steps and was ready to retire. I danced at a wedding this weekend for the first time in 3 years. M 62 5 days
75 2X D
 3  Heel spurs This medicine helped with the heel spurs, however the side effects were far worse and not worth taking the medicine. I had bad gas and SEVERE diarrhea along with stomach cramps and nausea. F 38 3 days
 1  Ehler's-Danlos Naseua, vomiting, cramps, dry eyes, loss of appetite F 46 10 days
 1  Chest Pains Stomach pains, chest pains, anxiety, fatigue, headache, erratic heart beat, raised blood pressure, dizziness, nausea (even when taken with food), blurred vision. I was given a 6 day trial of Arthrotec along with a 9 day trial of Aciphex on 4/25 (three bottles of three pills). This was a solution my doctor came up with. I've never had consistant heart burn or indigestion, no signs of acid reflux, so I was confused as to why he would offer me this medication. The first day I took both pills, I experienced some dizziness and some nausea and some serious period like cramps. I was at work, so I just had to brush it off. It continued each time I took it. After about two days (two doses), the cramps continued and began inhibiting my menstrual cycle (which I was due to start). So, I googled the side effects of the drug, came across this site, and realized I wasn't the only one with those side effects, so I felt a little better about it. On the evening of 4/30, I suddenly got some serious chest pains, an elevated heart rate (I was laying down with my husband and this was similar to an "I just finished running!" heart rate), hot flashes, dizziness, sever stomach cramps, and weakness in my legs. I literally thought I was dying. It passed within 45 minutes and I was able to go to work the next day. At work (5/1), I was sitting at my desk and the same thing happened. I stepped out to get some air but it didn't work. A friend at work had to call an ambulance. I was filled in by the ER doc that the mixture of Aciphex and Arthrotec was insane and that he was trying to keep from cracking up at my primary doc's decision to combine them. F 20 6 days
1X D
 4  Lupus/rheum arthritis/fibromyalgia Random severe cramping, diarrhea, increased menstrual blood flow. The day I took my first Arthrotec, I started experiencing urinary incontinence. It's not severe but enough to be disruptive and require a pad. I haven't seen this listed in anyone's symptomology. Has anyone else had this experience? F 37 2 months
75mg 1X D
 1  Fibromyalgia/ hip pain Dizziness, sickness, stomach gas, feel like a bubble of air is stuck in my chest. Hadn't realised it was related until I read this but I get the hunger pangs too, I'm assuming this is the acids and gas in your stomach constantly churning over that make you feel like you're hungry. I've taken co-codamol for my fibromyalgia for many years which I have very few side effects with. I've recently had this severe hip pain on both sides which the co codamol wasn't touching so I went back to the Dr. He recommended this anti-inflamatory and as he said next stop would be cortozone injections I was willing to give it a try. I've tried it for a week but it makes me feel dreadful. Every time I stand up I have to hold onto something for fear of falling over, I feel sick and light headed and I get those waves of nausea where you suddenly feel all clammy. It's very much like having a permanent hangover, even down to the hunger which until I read thsi site I hadn't connected to the rest of it. I've felt no discernible difference in the pain in my hips and the side effects simply aren't worth it so thats it for me and this drug. F 42 7 days
75mg 2X D
 5  low back pain, arthritis in spins none I have been concerned about long term effects of Arthrotec, but with chronic back for 9 years I cannot live without it right now. I was shocked to read some of the comments on this website. I never had any stomach trouble, or cramps, or anything people have mentioned here. People mentioned Celebrex. A friend of mine developed an ulcer after only a short time on Celebrex. I do not have any kind of stomach trouble after 8 years. Would I rather not take it? Of course, but I have to be able to get out of the bed in the morning. I have blood work done every year to see if there's any kidney, liver damage or anything, and so far there hasn't been any. I would recommend it. F 49 8 years
50 mg. 2X D
 1  arthritis none but it wears off after 15 days Natural cures are better; apple cidar vinegar can effectively cure arthritis and headaches; vitamin C crystals can help pain at high doses; the Gerson diet with no salt can cure migrains, Fibro etc. see and 'just say no to drugs' (Nancy Reagan). M 56 15 days
50/200 2X D
 1  Tennis Elbow Took my 1st pill 5 hours ago & almost immediately experienced sever abdominal cramps. Much like period cramps. Just took 2 Advil to try & combat the cramping pain! Also; some diarrhea. Will not take any more of these! F 48 1 days
 1  Elbow pain Upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation to loose bowels, excessive hot flashes and night sweats, blurred vision, irritability, chest discomfort. Took with food , did not help. Took for 7 and 1/2 days. could not take another dose. Very bad drug. Would rather have the elbow pain! F 48 7.5 days
75 2X D
 1  Knee pain I took my first pill this morning, with food as noted. Rode my bike 12 minutes to work & didn't think I could make it. Got to work, ran to the bathroom with SEVERE abdominal cramping, had massive diarrhea & severe cramping continued for 2 hours. I had to leave work & go home sick. I would much rather put up with my debilitating chronic knee pain (waiting for surgery) than to ever take another pill. I spent $100 on the stupid pills - what an utter & complete waste of money. F 47 1 days
75 MG 2X D
 4  Hip arthritis While this medicine did help with my pain, the side affects out-weigh the benefits. My menstrual cycle is completely out of whack, I'm bleeding several times a month. Nausea occurs when I'm hungry - very odd. Irregular cramping. This has been to date the only medicine to relieve my hip pain, but it's affecting my quality of life. Who wants to have their period all month long and be non-stop nauseous?! If they ever fix the kinks I'll be the first in line, but at this point I don't consider this a safe medication. F 46 3 months
75 mg 2X D
 5  Hip Bleeding mini periods, lightheaded some time, finger tingling when I wake up F 61 3 years
50 mg 1X D
 4  pain in in hands, knees and feet just starting to feel tired this week after 3 weeks on the medication and that is the only bad side effect. I think I will try once a day. I could not walk or open my hands in the morning until I took this. I had a hysterectomy over 10 years ago, so it does not affect my period. F 52 30 days
50 mg 2X D
 4  arthritis in lower back the first pill i took it caused severe abdominal pain but after taking the first one it never did that again , but recently i've been feeling like my stomach is full and empty at the same time hard to explain but thats what it felt like , and also have been getting bruises allover my body due to this drug , other than that my back is back to normal now and i am back at work F 25 2 weeks
75mg 2X D
 1  Arthritis in hands, knees headaches, extreme tiredness, worse heartburn in back of throat, hunger pangs, dry mouth, severe lower abdominal pain/cramping, very irritable. Helped with pain BUT side effects outweigh benefits. No periods for 10 years, but felt like the worst PMS symptoms ever. This drug should not be taken by women unless misoprostol removed. As well, GERD much worse. Stopped taking & contacted doctor. F 57 7 days
50 2X D
 3  lower back pain from torn disc I have been on Arthrotec for a year and a half and have been very pleased that it does help deal with my back pain. However....over the last six months, I have started having vaginal bleeding almost every day of the month. Lots of clotting, and horrible periods. I went to the obgyn and everything came out normal. The doc put me on birth control. But, the bleeding has not subsided. So now I am scheduled to have an endometrial biopsy on Wed. I had an ephiphany last night about Arthrotec and began researching the side effect. When I came across this website, I was appalled that the majority of the females mention heavy/extra vaginal bleeding. I firmly believe this is the answer to my bleeding problem and will be telling the doctor on Monday, Although this drug has helped with the pain, it is not worth the cost and hassle of bleeding constantly., On top of that, I am now having to have a procedure that a 31 year old should not have to endure. I truly hope that there are no long term effects from this. I have not taken Arthrotec in almost a week, yet I am still bleeding. I do not look forward to the extra pains I will llkely experience in a couple weeks, but I am sure I can find something else to deal with them. I feel that I have become dependent on this medicine to function. F 31 1.5 years
75 1X D