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 1  hypersomnia, binge eating None- neither positive or negative. But WB generics have long proven inadequate. Your query concerns Wellbutrin SR ($2000 month). You should ask about Buproprion and must ask reviewers to identify the actual maker (sandoz, Mylan, Slate Run) as they differ greatly. Otherwise you are comparing apples and oranges. Few can afford Wellbutrin and few are actually reviewing it here. This is irresponsible Generic brands continue to prove inadequate. FDA is unwilling to test generic time release or to enforce simple laws not respected by drug companies in India etc. F 68 45 days
300 mg 2X D
 5  Depression low white blood cell count with long term use It works really well for depression. It has helped me a lot. I did have low white blood cell count on my CBC last lab. I found that long term use of wellbutrin can cause this so I am only taking one a day now and hopefully the count has gone back up. F 32 7 years
100mg 2X D
 5  Anxiety and depression metallic taste in mouth wellbutrin has changed my for the better and happier me F 61 0 months
5mg 2X D
 4  Depression Jittery, severe dry mouth Working already, started within a few days. Jittery 6-8 hours post dose -can tolerate 2 hours for now but if dry mouth continues I will be stopping. I already have underlying Sjogrens. F 50 1 weeks
100mg 1X D
 5  Fatigue, feeling low A weird taste and texture in my mouth, can't sleep anymore at night. This medication has given me energy, a big boost. I don't feel lazy or constantly droopy. It's only been 3 days on this medication and I feel entirely different than I felt before I started this medication. Unfortunately I can't sleep anymore and stay up all night long without feeling tired. I will let it slide for awhile before I seek sleep aids. I'm getting more done around the house so I'm not complaining about being overly active. I haven't had an increase in sex drive like many ppl have reported, I hope that changes and soon. I have almost no appetite which is great because I'm usually an overeater. I don't have stomachaches or headaches from Wellbutrin either. F 36 3 days
150 MG
 3  for anxiety Cant sleep,feel bad F 68 1 days
150 mg
 1  Major Depression Muscle/nerve pain, fever, intense sweating, hot and cold flashes. I am not on any other medication, taking this alone. I was prescribed Wellbutrin SR 100mg twice a day to start. First day was ok, felt some dizziness and relaxed, just wanted to lay down. 2nd day, started feeling muscle and nerve pain. Then came the slight fever flu symptoms towards the end of the day. 3rd day, felt like full blown flu. Had a lot of body aches and pain, sharp needle pin pain through random parts of the body, fever with a lot of sweating and intense hot/cold flashes. Unbearable, so I decided it wasnít safe for me to continue and so I stopped. Next day, fever went away, still some sweating but felt much better. It was Saturday, so had to wait til Monday to call MD. Donít think I will continue on it with those side effects. Iím very disappointed in this drug. I was so hopeful it would help me but instead gave me a very bad adverse reaction that I never felt before. All I can say now to those who wants to try this med is be cautious with it and take it with supervision in the first few days. F 40 3 days
100mg BID
 5  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Increased sweating. Increased sex drive. This drug is excellent for seasonal mood variations. Prevents me from flipping into depression in fall and spring. Great for energy and just general good mood. Promotes weight loss which I love. Chases the depression away nicely. M 37 1 years
150 2X D
 5  Depressive episodes of Bipolar AT FIRST: anxiety, appetite changes, increased mania, increased sex drive, insomnia, weight loss, etc. NOW I don't notice any side effects. Overall this drug is great for depression. But I do recommend taking an antipsychotic if you have bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. M 17 1 years
200mg 1X D
 2  Depression/Anxiety Extreme nausea, greatly worsened depression after two weeks, minor muscle spasms (mainly a persistent eye twitch) Using an off brand of Wellbutrin; Sandoz-bupropion I believe. I was previously on a combination of sertraline and some other sort of effexor. Honestly they worked quite well, except for the glaring issue of requiring upwards of 13 hours of sleep a flipping day. My doctor switched me to this in hopes of raising my energy. Can't say it worked very well, or at all honestly. I saw no decrease in depression/anxiety at first. When my dosage increased from 150 to 300 mg / day there was actually a pretty noticeable increase in depression and anxiety related symptoms. My energy levels were up from both my time on sertraline and my time without any meds, though it was completely irrelevant as the additional symptoms made it feel more like I was forced to be awake, almost like insomnia, as for the duration I was on it, it was a constant struggle against physical side effects, mainly very VERY bad nausea, and of course the apparently amplified depression. It might work for some people, of course, but it sure as heck didn't for me. Talk to your doctor quickly if it's hurting more then helping. Seriously. F 25 1 months
300mg/day 1X D
 5  Depression It works great with my seroquel for my bipolar type 1 disorder however I go to a state paid mental health facility and this is my 4th doctor in a year. She took me off my welbutrin and replaced it with depakote and it's horrible! I have cried 3 times in the past 2 weeks, been to the doctor 3 times due to severe chest pain (thought I was having a heart attack). Still yet she is keeping me on this. I'm going to stop the depakote cold turkey bc it's making me manic. She just keeps sending me to get labs done every 2 weeks and increasing this depakote. Doctors need to listen to people instead of worrying about "what the new popular drug is!" Idc what it is!;what I do care about is when I was on the welbutrin with the seroquel it's the best I have felt in my life. Why fix something that isn't broken. F 36 1 years
 3  Depression I know that this rarely happens but when I switched from Wellburtin to SR I put on weight. It was effective. The quick ten pound weight can was unfavorable. F 32 1 months
100 2X D
 1  Depression SEIZURE I started on Wellbutrin 150 1x a day for 6 days then increased to 150 2x a day. On the 4th day I had a grand mal seizure. Thank God my daughter was home. I had my keys in my hand to go to grocery store the next thing I knew there were paramedics standing over me. I hit my head, bit up my tongue, uriniated on myself and have to now under go multiple tests. I have no history of seizures. I've since stopped the medication. This is a scary drug and I would never recommend this. F 44 10 days
150 2x
 5  Major Depression Definitely the ringing in the ears (not too bad), slight headaches. For me, so far this has been the only anti-depressant that actually worked. I've only tried a few others... but I just couldn't take the side effects. They seemed to make my depression worse. My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin in the past but I have to admit, I didn't really give it a chance. I finally got to the point where I just couldn't take feeling lifeless anymore. I was loosing one job after another and only doing the bare minimum when it came to truly taking care of my daughter...my depression certainly effected her as well. Like me, she became remote and withdrawn. I decided to go back to my doctor and requested to give Wellbutrin another chance. I have to say that after a few days I could tell a difference. At first I did experience the much increased energy and a some fuzziness. But after the initial effects wore off, I started to feel like me again. Honestly, after being in a depressed state and trying to "self medicate" for so long...sadly I forgot what that felt like. Over time and so far I've completely transformed. Mentally, emotionally and even physically. My change like before effected my daughter also. Even she is in a much happier state and more socialable. Honestly, I'm afraid to stop taking it because I'm MORE afraid of possibly relapsing back into that horrible time in my life when I felt all was lost. So, enclosing (lol, I know this was a long "comment") since I refuse to even imagine being that way again... I'm sticking with this. F 35 5 months
 5  Depression and Anxiety M 51 25 days
150mg 2X D
 4  Depression,ADHD,bipolar. At first: jittery, dizzy, constantly hungry, REALLY thirsty, and increased sex drive (which is negative, since I was already demanding it 2-3x a day from boyfriend pre-med). Now: sex drive has evened out, so has appetite. Lots of energy, sleep well, vivid dreams. I was iffy about this when my psychiatrist prescribed it. I was on the highest safe dose of Setraline (Zoloft) for 5 months. It quit working after 3 months, when I overdosed in a suicide attempt. Now with the Buproprion (Wellbutrin), I feel amazing!!! I have energy, I can't just lay in bed all day like I use to-even if I wanted to. I have motivation to get up and clean the apartment daily, whereas I use to do it once a month at most. My bf said I seem a lot happier, more talkative, less angry all the time, less snappy. Also, I was trying to quit smoking cigarettes before I ever started this med, but once I took it my cravings for cigs just vanished!!!! After research, I found that this is clinically proven to help quit smoking. So that's just another benefit. ;) I really do like this drug so far. I've been on countless drugs since being diagnosed with an array of mental disorders at 15, and none have works as well as this one. I just hope my appetite dies down and I lose weight!!!! F 19 2 weeks
 1  Bipolar depression Positive: increased sex drive Negative: increase in suicidal thoughts, increased negative thoughts, worse depression, crying, feeling disconnected from world, time distortion, stiff neck, vivid dreams. No effect on appetite, no effect on sleep after day 3. I really wanted this to work, and the first two or three days were promising - I felt slightly wired, more awake, no desire to rest during day, but was able to sleep at night. Depression remained about the same. During the second week (still on 150mg), I started to feel disconnected from everybody else. Depression got worse, with feelings of total worthlessness and hopelessness, and could not concentrate on anything, constantly distracted. On day 14 I doubled the dose to 150mg twice a day. Big mistake. Thought about suicide all the time, felt I was already dead, like a ghost. Time moved very slowly, every minute felt like an effort to live through. Also became scared of being left alone and asked my husband not to leave me alone for a minute (very unusual for me, I'm usually quite independent). Stopped medication yesterday and already feel a bit better. F 56 17 days
150 1X D
 5  Depression and Anxiety The first 3 days were like how other describe as a mild acid trip. There was no sleeping. After that things normalized quickly until i did not even noticed i was on any meds except i was less depressed. The anxiety took a few years to get under control. I also get 30x0.5mg xanax a month to stop any panic attacks when they start. I have never needed to increase my benzo because i refuse to use them in a way that builds tolerance. I may go a few days without taking one then i will have an attack and may need 3 over the course of the day. I didnt think much about drinking on Wellbutrin because i didnt notice a difference. Then i have read horror stories about combining drinking and Wellbutrin. I do not have those or any other ill effects but i dont recommend it for others due to what i read M 48 1 days
 2  Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction Light stimulation for half an hour when took 2 grams. Lower doses do nothing. Thought it would revive my libido as I have PSSD. It did not. Had no effect when taken at 150 mg once a day, so i took 13 150 mg tablets all at once (and crushed them first) (dangerous - do not repeat, risk of deadly seizure). Had light stimulation from that dose for a short while. No other side effects noticed. A very weak med for me. Expected more. M 22 1 weeks
150 mg-2 g 1X W
 5  anxiety ringing in ears I take my dose at bedtime. Most people think this is crazy, but it eliminates any anxiety during the day that might occur shortly after taking a dose, because I am asleep! F 60 10 months
150 sr 1X D

WELLBUTRIN SR  (BUPROPION HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is used to treat depression. It can improve your mood and feelings of well-being. It may work by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (dopamine, norepinephrine) in the brain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)