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 1  acid reflux I had bad experience with Prilosec which was not helping me at all. Dr. prescribed Zantac 150x2 a day as needed. I took one only occasionally in desperation, and found that the pill felt like it just laid on my upper stomach and never dissolved! Made me more uncomfortable than ever! I don't know what my problem is, I have fibromyalgia and IBS. also costochondritis. Doctor says acid reflux. I hear that this usually bothers one, at night, but nights are my only good time! If I lie flat and rub my upper tummy between breasts, and use hot water bottle I can sleep peacefully.Can't lie down all the time, though! Also doesn't seem at all related to what I eat. Or even if I eat! Anyway, Zantac definitely makes it hurt worse! F 66 4 days
150 2X D
 1  LPR/Gerd Weakness especially in legs depression anxiety panic was blaming on anything and everything til saw the many posts here will not take again now just wonder how many days it takes to get over these side effects F 63 4 weeks
 1  ulcer/acid reflux Severe anxiety,sweating,head ache Took it for the first time and I won't take it again. The only reason I searched this is to see if it was just me or if what I was feeling was common or not. I found my answer on this page. I was really scared about how I was feeling. M 35 1 days
 1  Yes Anxiety only when taking Zantac . When stop next day I feel better. I only took once in awhile. on days I took I got anxiety attack F 48 5 times
 1  Gerd I only used this for occasional Gerd. I suffer from various anxiety issues and colitis. Last night I took one Zantac 150 and shortly after I was sweating like crazy, shaking like I had the DT's, major anxiety attack with all the symptoms. Then my colitis kicked into overdrive with severe cramping, pain, watery diarrhea. Never again. I'm glad I found this page. None of the medical sites listed any of this as a side effect. It's ridiculous. This is a dangerous drug for people with mental health issues. M 57 1 months
150 1X D
 5  Chest pains diagnosed as GERD After about a week I experienced a little constipation. I was skeptical having had heartburn before that this would resolve my chest pains (I was seriously worried it was cardiac or pulmonary + really bad), but a couple of days in it did! I also evaluated my diet and made some small adjustments (less caffeine, carbonated beverages, more consistent small meals), and I'm pleased I trusted the Dr. and am pain-free. F 51 21 days
150mg 2X
 5  GERF Diarrhea and stomach pain with nausea These side effects are new. Just started having them today. (6/20/17) Other than these side effects, I love this medication. I've been dealing with unforgiving acid reflux for years now and I am so happy that my doctor prescribed me these. My only question for anyone taking or has taken this is: how long does the diarrhea last for you? I've gone to the bathroom 4 times in the past 1.5 hours. F 23 3 months
 1  GERD Confusion and extreme anxiety. Will never take again. M 26 7 days
150 1X D
 1  Heartburn, indigestion Awful dizziness, anxiety, and panic attacks. I cannot believe I would get so dizzy from a stomach medication! F 36 6 days
150mg 2X D
 1  Ulcer Terrible anxiety and panic attacks, palpitations, increased abdominal pain and vomiting. Overall, felt wretched. Developed ulcer from too much Advil. Be careful with all OTC meds! F 58 2 days
 1  GERD Lightheadedness, EXTREME ANXIETY, random pains thoughout my chest as well as palpitations. I would never take this brand again. I'm on day 3 of being off cold turkey. The withdrawl is worse. Do not take Zantac 150!!!! This did get rid of heartburn but the side effects are not worth it!!!!! M 29 4 weeks
 1  GERD (serious) Might work with heartburn but it doesn't do anything for GERD. I know this is better than PPI's, but H2 blockers don't cut it for serious GERD. F 35 3 weeks
150mg x 2d
 1  Acid reflux Altered my mood for the worse. Took tablet at night, but after couple of days of taking it started me reflecting on my mothers recent death and missing one son who is away travelling, and another son. Continued with bad dreams about my mother, upsetting whereas before taking tablets I was taking everything really well that was going on with my life. Also experienced that I was agitated more in the day. Found that for the first week of taking these there were no problems at all, helped my acid reflux, more so better than 2 other types of melds for the same thing. I can't be having this by my mood changing for the worse, so will be stopping them, and try alternative which will be Braggs organic apple cider vinegar bought from Holland and Barrett, which I read up about. (Previously with omeprazole and lansoprozole I was getting more muscle and joint paints very bad I didn't get this with these - ranitidine) Why is it that doctors think you are making all these complaints and problems up w Will not take these again. F 55 11 days
300 mg 1X D
 1  Chronic indigestion Stomachache, insomnia, feeling sick, felt wretched. Stringy poo, tingling in the fingers, generally feeling very ill. I was at my wits end, I was so relieved to read your comments, felt fine for the first 4 days, then realised they where making me much worse,I shall throw them down the loo, they get rid of the indigestion but the problem goes elsewhere.ended going to my GP, she just told me to double the dose, F 70 10 days
150 2X D
 1  Indigestion Physical discomfort I associate with anxiety attacks. Doctor had switched my anti-depressant meds around so I thought it was that. I went back to original dosage & still had attacks of anxiety/panic. The only common denominator was the Ranitidine. Last dose today. Will see what happens. F 67 29 days
.75 mg
 1  Indigestion Extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and extreme depression. I'm already on Prozac for generalized anxiety disorder, I started to panic and think my Prozac was not working but it was the adverse affects of zantac. Do not let doctors tell you that having anxiety etc on this drug is impossible and have you continue on the drug. Trust yourself. F 27 2 days
 5  Gerds and indigestion Did an excellent job on my indigestion but after about 1/2 hour, I had excruciating shoulder pain. F 61 1 times
 1  gerd I already suffer from anxiety and it has become worse I have nightmares my breathing is shallow when I go to bed and I am suffering some depression I wouldn't recommend it this is nuts these bastards are making money off of us while we are their Ginny pigs I'm going natural... It sucks F 45 10 days
 1  Erosive Gastritis Was on ranitidine 150 mg 3 times, then 2 times, then I dropped it to 1 time and now I dropped it completely...a nightmare of a drug...stomach pain, upset stomach, dizziness, confusion, memory loss, brain fog... a medication that needs to be discontinued, unfortunately it is sold over the counter, people need to change their eating habits because these new drugs that the doctors are pushing on us are doing us more harm than good. When has a doctor ever said "eat a banana for heartburn or drink a spearmint tea for gas and bloating??All they do is right us up for drugs, and how do pharmaceuticals get away producing these drugs that is doing more harm than good? by announcing all the possible side effects so like that they do not get sued... why take a pill with all those side effects, you will need another pill to deal with the side effects of the other pill... it's a cycle that does not stop... stay away from this pill, no good whatsoever !! 56 4 months
150 mg
 1  Ulcers Zantac took away my ulcer pain within the first day, but by day 4 I was feeling off balance, dizzy, my hands shook, diarrhea, severe headaches, and felt as if I wanted to throw up. I decided to stop taking the drug after 8 days even though my doctor said to take it for 14. Stopped cold turkey, not thinking I needed to wean myself after being on it for such a short amount of time - but I was wrong! I honestly thought I was dying. Anxiety, shakes, nausea, unbearable dizziness, loss of appetite. It was horrible. My doctor never told me I had to wean myself off this drug. Why is it doctors in general ( and maybe I should just refer to my own) always tends to prescribe drugs first. He never offers any natural ways of solving my problems. I walk out with a prescription nearly every time I see him. In general, I'm getting a bad impression of the medical profession. I used to think they knew how to cure problems, but I'm beginning to feel more and more they haven't a clue, and offen result to trial-and-error with drugs they know little about. It seems the pharmaceutical industry has convinced the medical profession they've got the answer to every problem. But I don't think they do. If they did, these drugs wouldn't come with the myriad of side effects that they do. M 55 8 days