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 5  Reflux slight gas so much easier to handle than a ppi and does a better job (for me) tried omeprazole, nexium, prevacid and aciphex and all were about the same as this for reflux but all of them (bar this) raised my bp in to the stratosphere M 31 100 days
150 2X D
 3   I went to the emergency room with chest pain and they found no reason for it, so Dr. gave me 300 mg ranitdine. I was supposed to take it 2 x day but never took it more than once. I had been on prevacid before and couln't take it because my legs swell so bad and tingle. It's just not worth it. A natural Dr. told me to mix 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar in 4 oz water and drink with meals. magic does anyone else have a problem with edema? swollen legs..... F 70 10 days
300 1X D
 3  heartburn M 47 8 days
300mg 1X D
 4  Heartburn, Burning Throat None - helped with the burning sensation in throat taking it only when needed. Could not tolerate Prevacid - raised BP, severe anxiety, lump in throat feeling. Went off and started taking a good probiotic along with digestive enzymes with my meals. Entirely gave up coffee, tea, fried foods, soda, processed foods and raised the head of my bed 6". Drank natural aloe/papaya juice that heals the throat. Am 90% better in just a week taking the generic Zantac once a day after my lunch meal. Feel SO much better. Tried to drink a bit of milk this evening though and slight burning occurred, so I have a way to go. I will stop the Zantac and continue to treat naturally in about a week. Raise the head of your bed....sure helped me. F 46 5 days
150 1X D
 5  Allergy Heart palpitations I'm taking this drug off-label because it is a histamine H2 receptor inhibitor; it blocks the effects histamine has on your stomach and gut. It has really given me my life back! This is a fantastic, low-risk option for anyone experiencing allergy-related vomiting and nausea, or vomiting and nausea without knowing the cause. F 34 300 days
150 2X D
 4  Esophagus narrowing & irritation Constipation and strange "tingling" in the tip of my tongue. I have tried the PPI's and the side effects are too much for me to function daily. My gastroenterologist said Zantac 150 or Pepcid A/C, as they would not interfere with my absorption of calcium and I do worry about bone density, due to my last Dexa results. I discovered that Rolaids & Pepcid Complete are no longer available. F 73 45 days
150 mg 1X D
 2  Acid Reflux / GERD Anxiety, night sweats (maybe caused by the anxiety), dull ache in chest, stomach pain/discomfort, general sense of unease. I have not been clinically diagnosed with acid reflux or GERD, but I sure have the symptoms - pain in mid-chest near breastbone, congestion after eating, constantly clearing my throat. My wife had used Zantac 75 & 150 for some time without any problems, so I thought I would give it a try. Worked for the GERD symptoms, but caused the others as described, which caused more anxiety. I really didn't associate these new symptoms with Zancat since it's OTC, but reading what others have written on this site, there is not doubt in my mind. The only reason I gave it a '2' rather than '1' is that it worked for the GERD, and others mat not have any problems. I won't be taking this again - unless I want to scare the crap out of myself. M 51 14 days
150 1X D
 5  heartburn none it works. M 65 1 days
150 mg 1X D
 1  Ranitidine 300mg I was prescribed this medication for GERD. My entire body's muscles were achy and sore, I felt nauseated, experienced hot flashes and a tightening of my throat (lymph nodes became swollen), after 4 days my lymph nodes under my arms became inflamed as well. I developed a headache and my stomach really hurt. I do not recommend this medication to anybody who has any heartburn or stomach issues - it will make a simple problem worse. I developed all of these symptoms about 1 hour after taking the medication, and the side effects from it are not worth it. Take some tums, drink some Mylanta. :) F 27 5 days
300 1X D
 1  heartburn did not help at all feels it made things worse M 48 1 days
2X D
 4  Acid reflux None that I know of. This is the only med I've taken that seems to consistently help with acid reflux. It's not perfect. I have flair ups but taking it twice a day keeps it mostly controlled, to the point I don't feel like my throat is on fire all the time. I've tired other meds...tagament, prevacid, aciphex and they either don't work at all or stop working after a short time. This one works for me. And honestly it seems like the generic form I buy cheap from Target works better than the name brand. Go figure. F 31 4 years
150 2X D
 4  GERD/Hiatal hernia Constipation, blurred vision, eye redness. I took this medication before bed and found it effective in preventing acid reflux. I have been taking cider vinegar and also find this to be effective at reducing reflux, and so have discontinued ranitidine. M 60 4 months
150 mg 1X D
 4  Esphoghitis & Gastritis Constant Headache and trapped gas. Stomach upset and pain at first but stopped after a few days. Stomach feels much better. Was not able to take PPIs since I felt palpiltations and shortness of breath and insonmia. Due to the extent of the the inflamation found upon gastroscope exam, Dr wants to treat aggressively for 4 mos...that is his reason for such a high dosage. I hope he plans upon reducing this upon revisit. F 61 14 days
300mg 2X D
 2  allergic esophagitis Hemorroidal bleeding and pin prick red spots on upper arms and forearms. Medcial terms: thrombocytopenia and purpura. Along with gas, sore throat, constipation. Ringing in my ears. Drug induced thrombocytopenia is relatively rare. I also have an allergy to penicillin and sulfa drugs. Perhaps there is a conneciton. I was also taking clarinex with the ranitidine (actually taking the generic). Clarinex could also be giving me a sore throat. Also have mulitple environmental allergies...trees pollens mold. F 52 21 days
150 mg 2X D
 4  Erosive Esophagus Side effects were nausea and upset stomach. This works great on eliminating the esophagus pain but nausea and an upset stomach came along with it. I stopped taking the 150 mg for 2 days and really felt good without nausea so I knew it was from the Zantac 150. Just bought the 75 mg to see if my side effects are more subtle. Will report later. F 37 3 weeks
150 4X D
 1  GERD/heartburn Nasty, progressively worse headaches, severe muscle pain in neck and shoulders, racing mind at night with chills and sweats waking me up, growing confusion during the day. Prescribed for long term use but I wouldn't take this again. F 49 30 days
150 mg 1X D
 2  acid reflux Hand tremor,sore Dry eyes,Anxiety,Still had indigestion pain center of chest. Worked but did not take all pain away. Has many different side effects.I can't take the PPI's because of the side effects.I'm stuck with zantac 150, anyone have any other suggestions.Please email with any other treatment for gerd or reflux,that you found worked M 59
300 1X D

 1  Acid Reflux Heart palpitations, all thought out the day. Really bad acid burn at night. Sore stomach through out the day. Heart Palpitations where not there 2 weeks back, this is the cause of it. Stay away from acid reflux drugs. If you would like a cure for your acid reflux please read this and follow. It worked well for me. 3 x 6 drops of oregano oil in your mouth then drink water. 3 x tablespoons of colloidal silver keep 30 seconds in mouth before drinking 2 x tablespoon pure aloe vera juice Lower bad fats, sugar, coffee, flour and milk through the day. Sleep with 2 to 3 pillows at night if you can sleep with high pillows put the pillows under the mattress. Best of Luck Savo M 31 2 weeks
300mg 1X D
 2  Advil side effects Heart palpitations Was taking a Zantac every time I took a large dose of ibuprofen for back pain thinking it would help protect my stomach. Soon was taking two or three a day. After a couple of days of this dose, I noticed heart palpitations and it took a few more days for me to notice the correlation between my zantac intake and the palpitations. My doctor confirmed that this is a known side effect of ranitidine. He strongly recommended I take omeprazole instead. Palpitations went away as soon as I switched. M 45 21 days
150 3X D
 3  LPR Terrible gas! Would wake me up in the middle of the night and keep me up. M 52 2 months