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 2  GERD loss of energy, inattention, loss of sexual interest, dizziness Discontinued. Had no useful effect on my stomach issues. M 61 14 days
150 2X D
 2  Acid reflux Tight muscles sore mouth ache all over heart pounds sweating can't sleep I stop it then start it sick to death of the things change from one make of tablet to another all the same some side effects of some discription They are not good F 69 1 years
Low dose
 5  Heartburn, acid reflux Heartburn relief No more than 15 to 20 minutes after taking one tablet per day I get almost immediate relief from my heart burn I've been taking a little over a year now and I'm very pleased with this product I've never had to use more than one and I've never experienced any side effects other than the relief of heartburn pain thanks zantac you're the best M 21 1 years
 5  Reflux, heartburn None - I take 75mg at bedtime Very effective at low dose M 51 1 years
75 mg 1X D
 1  Acid reflux - Gerd Lightheaded,heart palpitations, tired,hard to breathe,tightness in chest,fear of fainting and inclosed places,insomnia, nervousness,headaches,just a general ill feeling. Will never take this again!!! I have stopped it completely. Feel much better, but now I am dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Since looking this up on the Internet, I have found it is a form of.... methamphetamine!! Would most definitely not recommend to anyone ever!!! F 45 4 days
 3  heartburn, acid reflux Anxiety, lower pain in abdominal, bloated, headaches coming out of nowhere and suddenly, irregular bal-movement and sometimes even getting constipated, hot sweats out of nowhere, muscle tension, lower back pain due to muscle stiffness now its spreeding to other muscles in my back, lack of appitite, rapid loss of weight! I first noticed my abdominal area was tender to the touch which realy scraed me but was puzzled bcuz in the area that was tender there was no major organs in that area. It was in the area where my lower intestine is located which i found odd. Then came the anxiety that i was terminally ill. Almost felt like i was getting depressed. Not eating properly and just feeling different. I even had rapid lost weight that friends have noticed. I know myself and my body, I just know something is wrong so i decided to look up the side affects of Zantac 150 and a light bulb went off. I know it is exactly what is making me sick. I must of read like 50 comments and all their symptoms are like 95% the same symptoms I have. I mean i didn't get any blood clots or my heart didn't start acting up thank God! It did take my heartburn away but with all the negative side affects i rather live with heart burn. I will never take Zantacs again, it literally scares me! M 37 2 weeks
150 mg
 1  GERD/HALAL HERNIA/ESOPHAGUS/CHESTPP Stomach bleed, irregular heart beats leading to heart attack, blood.clots in legs, lungs heart.brain. Tumor in liver and kidneys, brain cancer, lung cancer, Hate this viledemon ofba drug. Costbme everything. Remove from market F 53 5 months
 1  GERD Took this pill 4 days ago and within hours after taking I felt sick. Haven't had an appetite since and it has brought some anxiety, blurred vision, can't sleep and just not feeling like myself. F 51 1 days
150 mg
 2  Heartburn I started out only taking 1 and over the years it has esculated to 4 tab 4 times a day I saw on the news last week that the heartburn pills can cause heart problems I have been having heart palpations left and right sided chest pain and I find after eating I have to clear my throat it feels like I'm congested and I done smoke.. I really never linked it to 5he stomach pills but I have to take something I have alternated the pills so I don't have to take so many in a day if I don't take something I will start vomiting blood and done have to eat or drink anything is awful. F 42 10 years
600 mg
 1  Gastritis Severe Stomach pain, Dizziness,Headache,Not Sleeping,Muscle pain,Blurred Vision,Ringing in Ears,Nausea,Extreme Fatigue,Anxiety,Confusion,Short of Breath. General weakness,Trapped wind ,belching, extreme Pain and burning in spine.Generally just feeling very I'll. Will try to wean myself off this drug. F 69 3 weeks
 5  gasteroloy. 1 days
 1  Gerds I had bad diarrhea that would wake me up at 4am every morning that was usually accompanied by really bad nausea. I've also had constant nagging headaches I started taking this because my Gerds was making me sick every morning, the Zantac seemed to be ok then a couple of weeks in my symptoms came back and I felt even worse than I did before. I tried changing my diet and exercising more but the symptoms didn't change. I wasn't even in bad shape before and I've also been careful with what I eat (I've had stomach issues since I was a little kid). Everything about this pill is awful. F 28 3 months
150 MG 2X D
 1  Cholinergic urticaria Nausea, dizziness, vomiting, insomnia Dr prescribed with Allegra to help with hives. Helped slightly but the side effects were intolerable. F 38 30 days
150 mg 2X D
 1  Gastritis and GERD Dizziness, like a rocking swaying motion while standing still. Malaise, chest tightness, severe palpitations, nervousness, muscle twitches throughout body, extreme tightness in abdomen, heaviness in legs, headaches, confusion and sore throat. This is the only thing that could be causing my symptoms unless I'm dying! According to my blood work and cardiologist, I should be very healthy. M 31 2 months
 1  Heartburn/ acid reflux Chest plupitations, head aches, confusion, bloating, insomnia, nausea loose stools. I would NOT recommend this drug to anyone. I have had heart burn/ acid reflux for the past 3 years almost everyday I keep going back to the doctors but they keep sending me off with new antiacids. I have been on this for 2 wks and it has done nothing if anything it has made me feel like I am in a mother world. All I wanted was some relief from this but it has just caused other problems. Iwl NOT be taking this again!!! F 20 2 weeks
150 MG
 3  gastritis Occasional nausea especially in mornings, body aches, blurred vision at times, headaches, occasional sore throat, increased hunger. I went on to zantac after being on Omeprezole which didn't agree with me after being on it for a few weeks, the side effects seem to come and go with this drug and I preferred it to Omeprezole. F 51 4 months
 5  Food alway get caught in my throat F 10 years
 3  Gerd When was taking 75mg twice a day it helped . Once I switched to 150 mg day 2 was dizzy bad headache can't walk pain in legs. F 38 10 days
 3  for heartburn Experienced no side effects but find i stl hv heartburn not as bad However.So many foods I can now not tolerate. How long do I need to stay on this medication. It's so frustrating feeling also hv had IBS for 35 years. F 65 3 weeks
 1  heartburn Frequent diarrhea, constipation, TERRIBLE ANXIETY, pain in upper left side, shortness of breath, and I'm hot basically all of the time. INSOMNIA. I struggled with anxiety while in middle school which would lead to me having diarrhea, fever and shortness of breath. I thought I had grown out of it and then started getting it really badly again when I started college about a month after starting zantac. I thought I was just getting anxiety again because of being in a new environment. It all made sense. But recently, it started getting worse. Recently, I started suffering from insomnia as well. So I sat here and started thinking about how long I had been having these issues, and it all started when I started taking zantac. I didn't even realize it was the problem because of thinking it was just normal anxiety like I had years before. So I googled the side effects and sure enough every problem that I was having in life was on the list. I decided to not take it today and do more research and after looking at other people's stories I do not think I will be taking it again. I think I would rather suffer with heartburn than have this continue to ruin my life. Can't even leave the house without fear of getting sick. Terrible drug. F 20 8 months
150mg 1X D