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 2   Terrible headache and eye pain, anxiety and shortness of breath, tingling sensations, dry mouth, and increased hot flashes. I was attempting to switch from Nexium to Zantac. Recently lost my father and thought my symptoms were caused by stress. However, they kept getting worse even though I was feeling less stress. The headache and anxiety is the worst. I am going to switch back t Nexium tomorrow. Thankful for all the helpful information on this site. Glad to finally figure out its the Zantac. Hopefully I will feel better once I stop taking it. F 53 10 days
150 2X D
 2  Had a bad gastrointestinal flare up Insane levels of anxiety , 2 full panic attacks , restless sore legs , tender sore swollen toes , head aches that felt like high blood pressure effecting the temple area , fatigue and dizzyness. This all started 10 days into my zantac venture i felt like I was losing my mind I've always had anxiety but this is insane I called the nurses hot line at midnight mid panic attack and she assured me zantac doesn't cause anxiety or faint feeling I'm most likely stressed about my bad stomach , my legs started getting sore today so I looked online about side effects of zantaz and found this forum ... Blown away by how many people here have felt like I have the past 2 weeks it's no coincidence , I'll ween off it tomorrow and jump off this asap ! M 25 20 days
300mg per
 1  GERD and Stomach Inflammation Extreme depression, dizziness and the worst anxiety attack ever. I figured the side effects would be temporary until day 10 when I had a horrific anxiety attach. I nearly went to the hospital. I made a decision to lower my dose from 150mg 2 x a day to 75 mg 2 x a day. The anxiousness still remained. After reading the reviews I see why! Thank God I listen to my body. I experienced the worse of my side effects after day 10. Dont believe the lie that you should be over it by then. I found Dill pickle juice to help the acid. F 58 16 days
150 MG
 3  aspirin stomach irritation Hot flushes. Muscle aches and weakness and breathless especially about 20 minutes after taking it. Have had ache in jaw and side of head. Feeling nauseous and get constipated. Taking it to help prevent stomach irritation due to daily aspirin. 60 16 months
 1  GERD Was on this as bp meds cause gas problems. Prescribed by gp Took one day never again. At first I was unimpressed as it did less to the gas than petic liquid did. Took tablet early evening. Burning feeling in throat as if I need to drink a bath of water. Didnít pass. Was in bed watching tv before sleep, took a headache so decided to go to sleep. Next minute I got extremely blurred vision and a binding headache like a migraine. I have never experienced such pain in a headache. I know they say common side effect and maybe severe but this was as if my brain was about to explode. Remember Iíve had high BP migraines and this was way worse. I couldnít even open my eyes for the pain. Thank god I eventually fell asleep. Next day I was extremely anixous. Seems to have passed now but took a whole day to pass. Do not even put this anywhere near the body. Thank god i only took one then found page. I just wished I had saw it before hand. These are in my bin now. Be aware it has the same sub product as speed( amphetameins ) and will show as meth on a drugs test. Thatís some crazy stuff being sold OTC and being hand to us by doctors. F 41 1 days
 1  Acid Reflux Really bad anxiety. A couple panic attacks. Muscle pain in arm, sacrum and legs. All corresponded with the time I began taking this drug. Took me a while to put the pieces together and this site confirmed it by seeing many others with similar side effects. I do take Lexapro and clonazepam for anxiety. Perhaps it affected the absorption of these making them ineffective. But that wouldnít account for the muscle pains. The anxiety was really bad though. Other sites donít list as side effect. M 42 2 weeks
 1  Gastric Ulcer Severe muscle pain, especially in neck, shoulders, jaw and head. Pain seemed to radiate to sternum, ribs and my limbs. Also muscle twitching. Anxiety, along with depressed feelings. Insomnia and restlessness. I was very emotional yesterday and crying. I never feel like that. Feels like my body was attacked by a virus. Feel totally inflamed. I am very sensitive to medications so I took a very small dose. After 3 days I started to experience strange symptoms. The muscle pain and anxiety are the worst. This drug is horrible and there should be a black box label on it. Never will touch it again. Using slippery elm which works very well. The Zantac seemed to help with the pain the first 2 days and then it was back. F 64 5 days
37.5 1X D
 1  Heartburn I have had one pill the pain in my stomach is extreme. I'm flushing this down the toilet! Useless product. F 33 1 days
 1  allergies Anxiety, insomnia, depression M 57 3 months
150 MG 2X D
 1  For inexplainable Burning rash First two months no problem then week 9through 12 horrible diarrhea and fatigue. I weaned myself off slowly and within 3 days diarrhea stopped. One month later rash came back so I took one dose and had instant diarrhea and achy all over neck pain fatigue. No more! F 68 8 weeks
 1  Gastrits / Acid Where do i begin? Thinking I had a Zantac 75 I ingested instead two Zantac 150 by not double checking the box first. Bad nervousness Agitation, Insomnia, sharp ULQ stomach pains, nerve like body pains shooting all over, muscle spasms (my limbs involuntarily moving and twitching) Took the pills at 4pm today, it is now 2am and I am in pain and very uncomfortable. I was worried that I overdosed on this garbage so I contacted Poison Control and they said that the amount I took would not equate to an overdose or even tbe severe symptoms Iam having! If one more person says this crap is safe will meet my fist. Got to be a Big Pharma conspiracy to omit that even "acceptable" doses may lead to insane body reactions and probably organ damages.. I pray tbis crap gets out of my system soon and hopefully taking with it the piercing stomach pain. Oh and joy they told me this poison will remain at least 18hours as my poor kidneys eliminate the toxin. Beware. F 49 1 days
 1  GERD The first time I ever took Zantac for GERD I remember feeling worse and having major anxiety. This second time I am having major pressure in my head along with some dizziness. My chest feels heavy and tight, almost feels hard to breathe, but I know it's just anxiety. Throwing this medicine out! ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE, I wish I had found this site prior to taking it again. Lesson learned. F 25 1 days
1X D
 1  acid reflux Severe wrist, shoulder pain. Terrible anxiety along with palpitations. F 40 2 months
150 mg 2X D
 2  Heartburn Anxiety, dizziness, loss of apetite Switched to Zantac on doctor's recommendation from Prilosec. Although Zantac does relieve from heartburn, the side effects are not worth it. No other choice for me but to try and make a drastic diet change. M 48 4 days
150mg 2X D
 1  Heartburn Terrible diarrhea. M 53 3 days
 1  Acid reflux, gerd Worst drug I have ever taken. Extreme anxiety, feeling like I was jumping out of my skin. Palpatations, felt like I was losing my mind. This drug needs to be taken off the market!!!! F 65 4 days
 1  Gerd I've had nothing but watery diarrhea and gas, would not give this to my dog, as of today I'm off this drug!!!!!! F 65 4 days
 1  Silent Acid Reflux Stomach pain was worse. F 63 5 days
 1  Acid chest pain probable ulcer Heavy feeling across nose, sinuses, bit dizzy. Heavy feeling. Came on quickly so took antihistamine. Did absolutely nothing for acid when I lay down. Had terrible reaction to ppis My alternative. Half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, or bread soda, and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, add 200 MLS of water after swirling other two together. They will fizz M 42 1 days
20 1X D
 1  To prevent stomach from irritation Weak muscles in hands and legs, increased hunger,gassy but most of all general weakness. After taking 5 ranitidine I started to experience muscles weakness and increased hunger and also dry mouth. F 41 5 days