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 1  Hereditary high cholesterol I'm experiencing UTI symptoms with 4 cultures that show zero bacteria seen a urologist been to the hospital twice they all say it's a mystery had a cytocopy (camera in the bladder it shows an ulcer) I'm 116 5'4 I do also have runny nose congestion headache I can live with those but the Urinary pain is unbearable Car scan came back negative all normal F 56 2 weeks
140mg 2X M
 2  Statin intolerance Isolated chest pain episodes after first dosage. Constant severe chest pain after second dosage a minute nth later. Has brought down cholesterol but not worth the pain. F 65 0 months
30mg 1X M
 5  Statin intolerance I don't believe I am having any side effects at this time All of my Dr's are very happy with the results from Repatha, as am I, it definitely beats the side effects I was getting from Statins, firm believer no one should EVER take Statins!! M 53 12 days
2X M
 1  high cholesterol shortness of breath; tiredness. Unable to walk 30 feet without heavy breathing; doing light work got same result. Stopped shots; 3 months later and no better. M 80 4 months
standard 2X M
 3  Cholesterol Statin intolerance Muscle Tendon and Joint pain. Elbow, hips, knees, feet. Also back pain. Prosititis Cardiologist says can't be Repatha. Orthropedic snd Rheumologic test show know other cause. Now at a point I can barely walk. M 67 2 years
40 1X M
 1  High chlorestral Dizziness(have fallen 4 or 5 times since I have beei have n taking it,once requiring 9stiches in my forehead) Blurry vision Joint pain Stomach issues I also have blurred vision Severe joint and muscle pain Stomach issues Very fatigued F 70 0 days
2XMonth 1X D
 5  High cholesterol None Lowered my cholesterol to top 5% M 69 3 years
? 2X M
 3  Aggressive arterialsclorsis Fatigue, severe muscle pain, short of breath, palpitations…sinus headache For anyone that stopped, did the side effects subside? If so how long did it take to feel somewhat ok? Also was is definitely the Repatha that caused them? F 59 7 months
140mg 1X M
 1  Familial hypercholesterol Severe chest pain, muscle pain all over body & severe back pain. Fatigue, shortness of breath, sweating with little exertion, extreme weakness, rubbery legs, difficulty walking & standing. Cannot tolerate statins but do not recommend this drug if you have issues with other cholesterol medications. Takes 60-90 days they say to get out of system. Praying to get my life back. Very depressing. M 66 5 months
2X M
 2  cant take statin diarrhea, joint pain from the second day i go to work on bike the second day i cant force the bicycle it hurt so much on the knees my muscle getting stiff M 50 2 days
140 1X O
 4  Aggressive cholesterol, ldl Extreme fatigue, back, leg , rib , muscle aches. Been to the ER twice since on this medicine. Had a stent placed in March in LAD. My LDL dropped significantly , could not tolerate high dose of Lipitor. I feel worse now than I did before stent. Feel,like I am having a heart event. I’m scared. Doctor won’t let me stop. Don’t know what to do. F 58 6 months
1X D
 4  Cholesterol management, Tight back muscles causing back and let pain I tried the traditional statins, but had a little decrease in cholesterol levels. So went Rapatha with good results. But noticed my muscles effectively tightening. Now getting severe back pain. M 69 3 years
140mg 2X M
 1  Hi Cholesterol Extreme muscle and joint pain in hips, knees, shoulders and hands. Constantly running nose, cough and congestion. Also occasional dizzy spells and blurry vision. I've been taking Repatha for some time now and have told my cardiologist about my muscle and joint pain along with the other symptoms. He said he did not think it was the Repatha. none of the other drugs I take have these side effects. I missed two doses because of travel and noticed I was feeling a little better. As soon as I started it up again the side effects hit me even harder. It started out okay but as time went by it got worse. I am unable to do most physical activities.I've stopped taking it again but I will not know for sure for at 3 to 6 months according to what I've read about the drugs half life. One last thing my recent blood test showed showed signs of possible muscle damage. M 67 2 years
140 2X M
 1  Can't tolerate statins Stomach pain, debilitating back pain, weakness, fatigue,vision problems,dizziness F 58 5 months
140ml 2X M
 2  To get ldl under 70 Tendonitis, dry eyes, back pain M 67 2 years
140mg per 1X M
 4  Not able to tolerate statins No side effects noticed in the initial months. Later noticing runny Nose when active. Dry cough in the later few weeks. Especially nearing the end before another injection. I suspect the symptoms i described are a side effect from Repatha. My Nose has been runny for many months when more active. I had a few panicy doom type sensations but am uncertain if related to Rapatha. Had a triple bypass and 4 stents. I have no other symptoms and rather cooe with a couple if it means not clogging up my arteries. I am on a whole plant base diet and excercise regularily. Recently visited Cardiologist and gave me the thumbs up. M 66 2 years
140 1X O
 1  Beware of Repatha. Too high a cost I can't tolerate statins so I went with an injectible. I may be a coincidence but Repatha seems to have raised my Troponin level and NTProb-np to concerning levels. I spoke with 4 different doctors insist it's not the Repatha. Not for me. Repatha seemed too good to be true and it was. I thought this was the answer to my high cholesterol lack of statin tolerance problem. I hope and pray I haven't permamnently damaged my heart. I have had a Coronary CT Scans,2 Echos and am scheduled for an MRI on August 2nd. My CBG were patent what else can cause this? M 61 60 days
120 2X M
 1  Kawasaki 3 Vessel Bypass Joint Pain. Cold like symptoms. Cramps. Stomach Pain. FATIQUE. Had to lay down and rest I felt terrible. I can tolerate statins. 40MG of Lipitor work for me. Dr. thought Repatha would be better. Yes, cholesterol dropped did my quality of life. I refuse to take any more of it. I would rather die feeling good than feeling the way Repatha had made me feel. I'm done. I'm 55. At age 9 was hospitalized for virus/bacterial illness for 3 weeks and not expected to survive. I live a very healthy and active lifestyle. No family history or cholesterol OR heart disease. Then at 51 felt stomach discomfort at the gym. My physician had me checked out and I ran out of the hospital with 3x CABG. I missed the heart attack. Statins are fine for me, Repatha just kills me. I go from running, biking and swimming to crawling. M 55 4 months
140 1X M
 1  High familial cholesterol I blacked out in my daughters house, and again in the ER Electric like sensation in my body, heart paused for 30 sec needed a pacemaker. I was a perfectly healthy woman, exercised 3-4 x week, slim, healthy diet. Needed 4 stents 2 years ago and had no issues after. I was hospitalized for a week with every test and all normal. Will not take Repatha ever again!! Poison!!! Please let me know if anyone else has had severe cardiac events while taking Repatha. F 70 2 months
140 2X M
 5  6 Heart attacks 18 stents statins None but Hydrochlorothiazide water pill is horrible...pretty much like is described on this page...last thing we ever thought to check M 69 12 days
140 1X O

REPATHA  (EVOLOCUMAB):  Treatment of certain patients with high cholesterol   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)