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 2  Neck, back, EDS Weight gain of 30+lbs, feeling of extreme exhaustion... like almost falling asleep but absolutely can not, clenching jaw, headaches, nausea and stomach issues. I'm not happy with this drug, I'd rather go back on tramadol. F 36 7 months
50mg 2X D
 1  L4 l5 disc bulge l5 S1 disc bulge This drug is poison not only does it wreck your memory you can't sleep you sweat you get chills your balance is off can't remember if it's day or night your zombie. If I could warn anybody please do not take this drug I'm warning you it's poison M 38 8 months
500 1X D
 4  Neck pain Chills, itching F 49 10 years
100mg 1X D
 1  Pain Nothing Don't understand why it's a schedule 2...Not any different than taking a baby asprin..Defently don't understand what it can help except breaking your pocket book...Also aspirin is cheaper lol.. M 40 10 days
75 2X D
 3  Anesthesia Dolorosa nerve pain in face Helps ease the burning and stinging in my face but I have been a very emotional wreck since the 2nd pill I took. I have kept on taking it because I have been in pain for 2 1/2 years every day, 24-7... hoping I will get acclimated to it over time. F 51 14 days
50 mg
 2  Leg pain Insomnia no appetite Depressed Very little pain relief Would not recommend F 63 1 months
 4  5 herniated discs, DDD, osteoarthritis Literally none. I like this drug. I like that its not super harsh, but Nothing has really knocked out my severe sciatica and back pain. But I take this 75 mg 3x day along with gabapentin 800 mg 3x day and ibuprofen 800 mg 3 x day. All together that helps me sort of function and work and live. It does not take my pain away but makes it more bearable. Like the tip of an iceberg. F 34 1 years
75 mg
 3  Lupus Joint pain Feel very foggy and lots of chest tightness, feels almost like I may pass out at any time. My heart rate has been normal but I feel weird. Itís supposed to have less side effects than tramadol but this is NOT the case. F 25 7 days
100mg ir
 1  Pain from Surgical injury Experienced period of feeling so tired and exhausted that that I felt so tired Ilike I was 90 years old. Finally went to my doctor and she found out that my Heart rate was 110 and my Oxygen level was 95 ( not good. The doctor also did an EKG and found a possible arrythmia. In short: DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE!!! I also think I put on about 7-10 lbs due to the Nucynta in one mos- and I'm not that tall- 5'2" F 48 30 days
50 mg
 3  Herniated L4,ruptured L5-S4 Severe hot flashes and profuse sweating, cramping type pain in hands and feet, swelling of feet and calves to the point it hurts to even wiggle my toes ( thatís how I know that the medication is wearing off. Some insomnia and anxiety and the depression I have I think just comes from being as limited as I am and not even being 40. I have been on almost every single pain medication from Naproxen to Fentanyl patches over the last 6 years for debilitating pain from nerve damage and now scar tissue. The pain keeps gradually getting worse again and I do not want any more surgeries! The first first surgery ended up causing more pain and my surgeon waited (1.5 years) to long to do surgery leaving at a young age (31-32) with pain that ended my career I loved as an RN. Yes, most doctors are afraid they will lose their medical license for prescribing medicatios like Oxycodone, Soma or Fentanyl. The FDA made this huge crackdown on opioids which is a double edged sword. On one hand you have drug seekers and addicts who move from Vicodin to Percocet all the way to heroin. Then you also have people who are in so much pain they have no quality of life and they can barely get a prescription for Tramadol much less anything stronger. These desperate patients are forced to hit the streets to find relief (supply and demand). Sadly some find it in a needle because itís cheaper. Then there are those who canít take the pain so they chose to end their lives. My point is this: if you are going to take away the affordable medications needed to have any quality of life then you should make sure other options are covered. I have Medicaid and they will not approve lidocaine patches or creams, I am allowed 1 physical therapy session a YEAR!!! They will only cover the trial for the spinal Cord Stimulator NOT the a F 38 3 months
 4  Back Pain & nerve pain in legs No noticeable side effects compared to many other options. Due to digestive issues, each dose doesnít work as good as some. Also may need to take with or without food to work better for some people I think. Give it a try. After 6 years doctor wants to take me off of this due to new DEA rules and crazy lawsuits by State Attorneys. Doctor says the drug should not be schedule 2 narcotic but FDA & DEA got it wrong. Lobby lawmakers to make this drug more accessible. Getting ridiculous for people with true chronic pain to get meds they need, unless youíre dying or having surgery. Already had surgery. Didnít stop pain. Did straighten back, for which I am grateful. Canít take nsaids due to bleeding issues. This is only drug that offers relief without severe side effects and addiction. Canít sleep most nights due to pain, so I usually have to take one at bedtime. M 48 100 days
 1  Pain relief Extreme depression never felt like that before. Dr said it was prob withdraw from Percocet. Depression to the point of laying in bed crying for unknown reasons. Felt I was a mental pt. No pain relief. Would never recommend this med M 51 3 days
 1  CRPS in legs/feet and back problems Severe headache, racy heart, severe sweating, vision disturbance and seem to intensify the pain in my legs. This medication is AWFUL. I began feeling bad effects within a couple of hours of first dose. I thought my head was going to split in half but tried to continue the medication for 2 days...It was HORRID. Called the ER to ask advice because it was a holiday weekend and doctor's office wouldn't be open till Tuesday. They couldn't tell me what to do but I should probably stop taking it and if my side effects got worse to come in or call 911. I didn't go to the ER and hoped I would get through it since I stopped taking it. I still have a headache 3 days after stopping the medication. This medicine is GOOD FOR NOTHING in my opinion and to top it off it charged my insurance $420.00 for 60 pills!!! (30 day supply) I only receive 3 prescriptions a month and on disability...this was a waste of one of my prescriptions and money! I would not recommend this medication at all!! I want my new pain doctor to put me back on Norco. I have taken that for years and have no bad effects plus it help my pain!! The FDA and CDC are pressuring doctors to not prescribe and or take chronic pain patients off the medications that has giving them their lives. We should not be suffering needlessly...DO NO HARM! F 50 2 days
50 mg 2X D
 2  Severe shoulder pain (4 surgeries) Helps nerve pain, but over all pain seems worse when using my arm. Insomnia very bad, and foggy memory, loss of appetite and increased irritability F 52 2 weeks
 2  Back pain Severe dry mouth, severe constipation, swelling hands,legs and feet, very sleepy, take 1 pill every 12 hours F 54 2 weeks
100 mg eve
 1  Fibromyalgia and syringomyelia Hot flashes, hallucinations, severe chest pain and shortness of breath, headache, blurry vision, irritable, sudden depression (no previous diagnosis of depression either) my RLS became about 20x worse even during the day, heart is racing and i keep getting confused. Did entire french language lesson and dont even remember doing it, 10min feels like 5hrs, almost complete loss of appetite, severe dry mouth, constipation, paranoia, crying spontaneously, sudden bursts of energy and then sudden crippling fatigue, my insomnia is also significantly worse, and little pain relief, in fact my back pain actually feels worse than it was before. Nerve pain is gone but not worth the side effects Will be stopping this immediately, contacting dr. On monday and hopefully go back to what i was on before, or nothing at all. I would rather have the pain than all this. F 26 3 days
100mg ERx2
 2  Pain managment Very tired don't want to do anything Does help with pain but I don't want to get off sofa or bed F 65 2 months
250 mg
 4  herniated lumbar disc pain;ddd I experienced no negative side effects of this drug. I have to take 2 tablets to get relief from my low back pain, facet joint syndrome, disco genic pain and thoracic pain, however I also remain in physical therapy. I received a lot of different treatments in PT to resolve tight muscles in my hips, low back and spine and strengthening my core. I would take nucyenta only as a last resort for low back pain not responding to NSAID's and ice. Nucyenta does work about as well as a strong Norco, but without the brain fog (I experienced) and feelings of dependency and depression (experienced by me). It is also more gentle on the G.I. system than other pain meds (as mentioned by my Dr.). I believe there is an ssri component to this drug which changes how your brain perceives pain. Tramadol is its cousin and never worked for me, but I really found relief with nucyenta- especially if I could take a day or two off of it. I also found that if I even drank half a beer at dinner even an hour or more after taking nucyenta- it very much potentates the drug. So that was a no-no for me. After several months I asked my Dr for a 75 mg dose and he declined- I think it is because of the monitoring by the DEA and risks Dr.'s may have when treating individuals with chronic pain (like me) who are not going to a pain clinic and still trying to remain active. I do have to take at least 1-2 to get relief and then, even if I am still uncomfortable I do not take more for fear that I will be perceived as a "drug seeker". Unfortunately I recently developed gastritis from the NSAID's and medrol - am awaiting a scope with a gastroenterologist and now cannot take any of those and have lost 20lbs on an already slender frame. Now rake Zofran for nausea. It's a challenge. F 50 4 months
50 2X D
 1  hip replacement and back surgery Very little help with pain. Causing problems with my breathing. fogginess depression intensified. My milligrams have been increased ,my symptoms of increased. I don't know why, but my urine tests have shown that the nucynta is not even in my system how is that possible??? It is awful, sleep problems ,breathing problems ,not keeping my pain levels down the oxycodones or Roxicodone worked 70% better. I know there's a drug problem out there but I'm not an abuser it's not fair , I need medicine to work not only for the chronic pain levels but for my mental stability. F 54 0 months
 1  DDD, nerve damage and facets I felt like I needed to be in an insane asylum. I took last night and not taking anymore cause of side effects. Which is worse? The immense pain or almost at point of suicide at 4am for several days!!!!! I have been on various drugs but keep having adverse responses. I am to being a series of procedures and it is disheartening at a young age to even be experiencing this health issues and more so, the side effects of the medicines. This one caused me insomnia (averaging about 3 hours of sleep daily), panic attacks, sweating terribly, suicidal thoughts and crying around the clock. One word for this drug: DONE. F 30 7 days
50mg 2X D

NUCYNTA  (TAPENTADOL HYDROCHLORIDE):  Tapentadol is used to help relieve moderate to severe short-term pain (such as pain from an injury or after surgery). It belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)