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 1  Back pain Headace upset with nausea rapid heartbeat no pain relief what a stupid drug. Useless ! M 31 4 days
 1  severe chronic nerve pain in back hallucinations, severe depression, easily agitated and angered, problem urinating, panic attacks, problems breathing, actually increased the nerve pain 6 hours after pill was taken, severe withdrawal if not taken before 6th hour. Would NEVER take again! Would NOT suggest any one take this! Have told my entire family and friends NEVER to allow their doctor to prescribe it for them! SEVERE DEPRESSION, PANIC ATTACKS, HALLUCINATIONS, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS! F 46 12 months
100 mg 5X D
 1  Chronic pain - IC and Endometriosis WOW! Have had to try lots of narcotics, etc. and this one takes the cake. Started off first night with hallucinations in bed and grabbed onto my husband. Woke up extremely depressed out of no where in morning and hung over. Took another morning dose and suicidal ideation came on. Zombie, zoning out, no motivation, blood pressure dropped to not being able to get up. Icing on the cake? A psychotic break from reality that I only have a history of happening ONCE after PTSD from long hospital stay in combination with one other drug. I hate posting, in part because if this drug helps others I don't want to scare or sway you from trying it. Just be cautious and be with a loved one the first time to see how it effects you. Seems split down the middle 50/50. Love it or hate it. Just wanted to tell my story so if same happens to you, you know you aren't "crazy". F 29 3 days
 5  progressive pain Euphoric feeling.I started at 50mgs3xevery day.felt better but needed more relief moved up to 100mgs3xd wonderfuly painfree for about 2 hours out of every dose and took about 1hour and1/2for it to kick in.trying to get around the clock relief doc has me on 200mgER 2xd.first day taking it and absolutly feel no pain relief what so ever as if i didnt take anything at all.I did deal with a few headaches in the begining and with strengh increases.But as far as pain relief A+ able to be phsicaly active again first time in years.extended relief no help at all. F 35 6 months
 5  Chronic Pain (Tietze Syndrome) Headaches about the first 2 weeks, slightly sleepy, calm (not really euphoria, but this is not "bad") F 26 1 months
75 mg
 1  Severe muscle cramps Within 30 minutes it took effect. I had severe dizziness and it increased the muscle cramps that would come in jolts of excruciating stabbing pains. It soon gave me severe hallucinations of bugs crawling everywhere and creatures on floor grabbing at me and shadowy figures watching me. Whenever the pain would subside and my breathing would calm down I'd see something that wasn't there and I'd get so scared I'd have a panic attack and I couldn't close my eyes because then the room would spin. F 25 1 days
 4  Degenerative disc disease Nausea/ Vomiting Flushed skin Overheating Despite the side effects this medication has helped a lot. I take it every 6 hours as needed. I noticed it only lasts me 4 hours but I was able to come off Oxycontin and OXYCODONE to this and I believe its better for my pain. I will be switching to the ER soon. F 38 45 days
75 4X D
 4  Very bad back Night Sweats (Bearable), LOTS of vivid dreams at night, sleepy/dizzy first few days, Feeling a bit off sometimes Overall, I have several problems in my back (Herniated Discs, Degenerative disc disease, Arthrosis, etc.). I found that the medecine doesn't help with the back pain, though it does tone down the other pains related to my condition (pain in legs and hip.) It helps a LOT to sleep at night, I sleep like a bbay even though I have VERY vivid dreams in the morning... Also some night sweats, but hey... At least, I get more than the 2 hours of sleep on an eight hours period I used to get! F 22 3 months
100 2X D
 3  Degenerative Disc Disease Very sleepy, spacey, just not there its like my mind is somewhere else, feel like i cant function but i dont know if i just have to get used to it, also for some reason it has lessened my sex drive, not sure if this medicine is good for me or not. maybe i just have to get used to it? This medicine has pros and cons but i dont if the pros out way the cons or not. I guess we will see in a couple days. M 22 2 days
100mg 2X D
 4  Chronic pain Started takin 75 mg 5 weeks ago 2x a day, first couple days it upset my stomach and i was a lil spacey.after that i could tell that my pain had lessoned some but after 8 to 10 hrs of waitressing i was still in pain. Seen dr. last week, he prescribed 100 mg 4x a day, then i had to wait until yesterday for my pharmacy to get it in, due to the fact that its new. so this is day two of the higher dosage, and i..feel wonderful. I have never been treated for my chronic pain, and Ive hurt for yrs. dont like meds, remember my grandmother taking so many, and i have avoided drs for yrs. so after yrs of not having a family dr. i finally broke down due to high blood pressure and go see dr. He has promised to make me a new woman..other then the availability of it at my local pharmacy (which is now taken care of) and the 5 days that i had to go without it (cause my pain seemed twice as bad)..i have no complaints. its working for me F 42 60 days
100 mg 4X D
 4  Failed back Constipation M 58 4 years
100 mg
 2  Spinal Compression pain Spaced out, can't sleep, vivid dreams and not sure why the Doc wanted me on an ER med and not a fast acting one! M 44 5 days
100 2X D
 4  Pain Management for Back/Feet Slight dizziness and euphoria; otherwise, no side effects for me. I love this medication. It didn't take the pain away 100%, but it did a much better job than Norco or Percocet. I take this every 4 hours throughout the day with 5 mg Percocet as needed for any severe breakthrough pain. It's fantastic. I waited a day before driving on it, but now I can function fully on it with no problems. I would recommend this in place of Norco or Vicodin for long term relief. F 40 2 weeks
100mg 3X D
 1  Hip and leg pain I took one tablet at night & my heart was racing & I was dizzy. After @2 hours I felt better. I took another tablet the next night and I started vomiting then when I stood up I got very dizzy. My heart started racing so hard it felt like knocking & all I could think is this stuff is going to kill me. I had to wake up my husband and have him sit with me in case I needed to go to the hospital. After about 3 hours of cold sweats, dizzy, blurred vision and my limbs felt so heavy, I finally fell asleep. I will never take this again! I understand we all react in different ways to medication, but I prefer percocet over this. F 30 2 days
 5  Interarticularis Pars Defect (LBP) Occasional Constipation. Sometimes euphoria (But I think that is more from being happy that I can actually function without pain for a while) Works great for me. I'm actually taking a 100mg ER in the morning and then 2 75mg for breakthrough pain. Some days I don't take the full dosage if not needed so they are not very addictive in my book. I've been prescribed Talwin and Tramadol in the past. Nucynta has worked the best for me. M 39 1.5 years
75 MG 3X D
 1  severe knee pain,knee replacement u severe numbness over entire body Horrible Drug, I will never let another Dr. do this to me,EVER!!!!! F 57 3 weeks
200mg 4X D
 2   Depression, weaking of the ankles fell 5 days ago due to my legs just collapsed This drug makes me forgetfull,depressed, lonely, restless, unable to sleep a full night sleep, wake up every 3 hours at night. Dry mouth,very very tired. Not able to feel alive anymore. Feel like ending my life. Talked to Dr. Anthony Reeves but, he said I need to continue taking the drug. I feel like a lab RAT. I have chronic pain in my Right Ankle wihich was fused 4 years ago and a complete Left knee replacement 2 1/2 years. I am a 58 year old woman and deal with this chronic pain 24/7 for the past 12 years. Help me. F 58 90 days
75 mgs 2X D
 1  Herniated disks Sadness, crying, depression, anxiety, agitation, stomach upset, appetite loss, hot flashes, feeling "in a dream" F 42 3 days
50 po qid
 5  herniated disc, annular disc tear Mild euphoria, mild itching that eased with time, and constipation (treated with senokot)... all tollerable. Takes a few days for your body to adjust to it, but then works great! M 34 6 months
75mg 3xday
 5  Chronic Pain, Deep Muscle Tissue A speedy effect is noticed. Every time I took it in the beginning I noticed my heart rate increased. Sometimes I slight headache if I hadn't already taken my NSAID. Great pain relief. For myofascial pain it is better than methadone, vicoden, tramadol or dilaudid. I took this on top of methadone 25mg/day. I like it so much that this week I plan to start switching from methadone to Nucynta ER. M 19 1 years
75 MG 3X D