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 3  nerve damage,rsd,back problems, Irritable,breakthrough pain diarrhea F 53 1 months
 5  Surgery pain and Fibromyalgia No side effects My wife cannot take nsaids and gets very sick and dizzy on narcotics. We decided to try Nucynta because it is supposed to cause less nausea. The doctor prescribed 50mg which I believe is a low dosage. Because my wife gets sick on narcotics we decided to cut the 50 mg into four pieces and therefore try a very tiny dose. To our surprise it worked. It gave good pain relief and absolutely no nausea! We plan to slowly up the dosage, but we were so happy with the results so-far we decided to post here to perhaps help others. F 70 1 weeks
12.5 mg 1X AN
 5  Degenerative disk and chronic gout Thirsty, but easily dealt with by drinking water. A bit euphoric. I thought it wasn't working well at all until my dose was accidently bumped down to 50mg. It was originally at 75mg. So I had to take two at a time. 100mg doses were perfect! Gout is a horrible thing and super painful, it took the edge off. Much better than more addicting medication. I just take one a night, do not feel the need for more.. I wake up pain free (from ny back pain). Love this stuff! It's been two years, not really seeing negative side effects. F 34 2 years
100 mg
 5  chronic pancreatitis Sedation Non constipating F 55 4 months
 5  Severe focal neuropathy Almost none but totally worth it. My short term memory is pretty much destroyed. Night sweats and an inability to control my own body temperature. I am certain this has to do with my low estrogen levels. My doctor and I worked it out by increasing another medication before bed, This was my miracle drug. Within an hour of the first dose, I could get up. I am still only partially up a few hours a day and have a lot of other medications as well but this was the one that saved me. Prior to this ketamine and morohine and dilaudid did not ease the pain enough for me to sit up even. Now I can have limited functionality for a few hours a day where things almost seem normal. F 43 6 months
200 3X D
 1  for chronic nerve pain from spinal had bad nausea really bad dizziness mentally felt like i was in fog or tunnel couldnt even remember when i took it 24 hours after taking it im having panic attacks Do not take M 44 1 days
100mg 1X D
 1  CFS; myalgia Benzodiazepine-esque amnesia, activation, panic, confusion, numbness The absolute strangest opioid on the market. Feels like an overdose of an SNRI with some pain relief. Caused panic, fight or flight, mild but noticeable hallucinations. The worst side effect is the dysphoria that mimics supertherapuetic dose of DXM, ketamine; definitely an NRI activating effect and highly undesirable. Can cause death by serotonin syndrome when taken in conjunction with SSRIs/MAOIs, tryptans and tricyclical ADs, possibly other drugs (dissociatives). No value as a pain reliever. M 30 5 days
 4  9 orthopedic surgeries due 2 wrecks ****** This is the most important side effect of the 200 mg extended release****** The time release failed on me 4 times and dumped all the meds into me at once. The first three I thought were due to my bruised heart from the wreck. Family took me to the ER. Charcoal (tasted like a chocolate shake) didn't work because the dump of opioids was already in my blood. I slept for 7 hours then my mom woke me up. I was falling asleep eating, so off to the ER. Staff assumed it was an intentional OD, treated me accordingly (like crap). When it hit I was out with the kids. Bought my daughter a cell phone. In the ER triage they asked why I was there. My sister didn't know how to term my issue, but I could. I'm a firefighter. I told them altered LOC (Level of Consciousness), but I couldn't remember the year. It was almost like an out of body experience. They asked who the President was. I sighed and said Obama, which they laughed at. I presume the Narcan didn't work, so I was sent Otherwise the Nucynta was like the morphine ER, but didn't cause the severe constipation like Morphine. I'm noticing some short term memory is off. It is difficult to recall how to spell simple words. M 42 2 months
100 10X D
 5  left shoulder and severe nerve pain At first had the usual side effects. Weird dreams,dizziness, etc. But all side effects went away in a couple days. Without my nucynta 100mg ER and my 50 mg IR. I am unable to move. I didn't have any for a couple days and my family could tell how much pain I was experiencing without them. I didn't go through any withdrawal symptoms. And with the immediate release my pain subsided within minutes of taking one. I am glad my doctor prescribed them. I am not 100% pain free but I can function daily now F 36 7 months
50 mg/100m
 1  Severe back disorder Could not sleep at all. Had the sweats. Ended up in the hospital with a heart attack (actually 2). I think this drug needs to be further tested before given out. I ate before each dosage so I didn't have upset stomach, but a pain medication should not react opposite and keep you up all night long and on the go and doing things that you shouldn't be doing because of the disorder you already have and cause further problems. Within a few days I ended up going to ER with chest pains which turned out to a week long stay because of having a heart attack, which I was feeling and doing fine, just had a great physical, blood test. Beware and becareful. F 53 3 days
75 mg 3X D
 4  chronic pain Hot flashes lots.Dizzy and feel ill.bad head aches and sore gums and tingling tongue.It for the most part managed my pain with out taking lots of it.I currently take it with 30mgCymbalta and soma X2 a day. F 46 3 weeks
 1  Medistatic breast cancer bone Terrible side effects, had to call 911. Will NEVER take this again. If you are sensitive to pain medications, please beware. F 56 1 days
50 mg 1X D
 1  spinal fusion c5,6,7 Extreme hot flashes (then chills) to the point of almost passing out. NOT menopause! Dizzy, shakes and tremors, loss of cognitive ability. My Dr said it is worse than heroin. Starting a step down withdrawal program as soon as insurance clears! Good luck to all..this is wicked stuff....!!! F 53 1 years
50 x 2
 1  Chronic back pain after fusion Feeling drugged, diarrhea , dizziness , loss of depth perception , sleepiness M 60 1 days
100 mh
 4  Chronic back pain Constant tired feeling, vivid dreams, always thirsty So far it works great, I sleep like a baby although I am having some weird dreams, feel sleepy during the day but pain free. M 48 2 weeks
50mg 2X D
 3  Chronic Pain Insomnia from the very beginning. Very frequent hot flashes, beginning a week into the trial. Ocular migraines (scintillating scotomata), a couple of times a day, beginning at 1-1/2 weeks. The Side Effects I mentioned are simply not bearable. NOTE: Nucynta is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. This means that it increases serum norepinephrine, which is (with other hormones) responsible for hypothalamic temperature regulation. I'm seeing that female Nucynta users in peri- or post-menopause (i.e., who do not have sufficient estrogen to play a preventative role) may suffer from the KNOWN ill-effects of elevated norepinephrine on temperature regulation: Disappearance of the neutral zone between Sweats and Chills. This side effect (and sex/age correlation) is not specifically suggested in the manufacturer literature, as I believe it should be: A special advisory for women approaching/in/past menopause. Nucynta Positives: 1. Analgesia - More effective than the oxycodone-IR I'd been on for a year. Nucynta is my first round-the-clock drug, however (I'll have to keep looking). 2. Decreased appetite. F 57 2 weeks
50mg ER 2X D
 2  Peripheral Neuropathy Tired but can't sleep. Nausea (has lessened recently). Slight confusion Does not, for me, provide the pain control I was accustomed to with oxycodone. Unable to sleep at night b/c of pain, burning in feet and legs. M 58 14 days
100 MG 2X D
 1  Djd Hives plus very tired F 38 7 days
 3  Herniated disc Helped some of the extreme pain some of the time. Kicked in about 1 hour after taking and lasted another 2 hours. Was able to get some sleep but only while sitting up. Extremely vivid dreams about almost everything you can think of. Woke up talking to people who were not even there. Switched to this after Percocet was causing nausea, headaches, and sweating. Heart rate averaged 90-100 bpm while dosing. Lesser of many evils. M 30 5 days
50 MG
 4  back pain F 45 365 days
75 3X D