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 2  For pain in my legs I never had pain in my chest by my heart feels like a catch when I started taking this meds 2aday every 12 hour my chest feels like I have a catch on the left side My pain in my legs don't feel much but the side effect it gave me was chest pains F 51 3 days
 2  Fibromyalgia Dizzy, "out of body" feeling, shaky, nervous did relieve most of the pain, but side effects were unmanageable M 65 24 days
150 2X D
 1  Degenerative spinal disease. Heart pounding, shaky, diarrhea vivid dreams, extremely irritable. On my 5th day. Did take some of my pain away but side affects are not worth it. Heart beats extremely hard. Shakey. Feeling out of body. But the worse is made me have hair trigger temper. Super moody. These are crazy pills. Do not recommend at all. F 55 5 days
50 mg
 1  Degenerative spinal disease. Heart pounding, shaky, diarrea vivid dreams, extremely irritable. On my 5th day. Did take some of my pain away but side affects are not worth it. Heart beats extremely hard. Shakey. Feeling out of body. But the worse is made me have hair trigger temper. Super moody. These are crazy pills. Do not recommend at all. F 55 5 days
50 mg
 1  er pain medication AWFUL , DON'T TAKE Shaking , nausea , diarrhea, hot cold sweats , pain in chests , panic attacks, no energy . Lethargic , crazy hallucinations I'm writing to the bbb at my pm dr and writing to manufacturer, and pharmacist . F 35 3 weeks
alms 1mnth
 2  Osteoarthritis ER - bad headaches - itching a lot -dry mouth Does not with my pain at all, made me sick --- plus paid $158.00 for 30 days with ins..seeing my doctor going back to my great pills !!! Nucynta ER never helped me!!! F 60 10 days
 1  Back pain, joint pain and RLS Dizziness, sweats, racing irregular heartbeat, strange semi conscious state, and hallucinations. Did nothing for pain! I had a bizarre reaction two hours after I took it and shortly after I took my bedtime meds. After the fact my Dr and I believe that I experienced Sarotonin Syndrome. When I used a online interaction checker it boldly and in red stated that this was a major interaction, and that the two drugs should never be used together. Evidently, my doc didn't get the memo. Oh, and mine was the Nucynta ER. Did I mention that it didn't work for shit? F 53 2 days
 5  Chronic back pain, fibromyalgia Shaking, heart palpitations I've been on narcotic pain meds since 2002 whIle going through chemo for breast cancer, I've had chronic pain since then. Percocet quit working, my Dr put me on Nucynta and I immediately felt a difference. I'm not groggy, there are no side affects like opioid meds I'd been on in the past. I am, however, experiencing shaking and heart palpitations. I, too, take zoloft and will need to adjust per my Dr. Worth the change! I still have pain but not near what I had on oxycodine. F 54 3 weeks
150 mg ER
 1  Post Hepretic Neuralgia I haven't had any side effects but Nucynta is useless against neuralga pain. I hurt 24/7 and can only take 1 Nucynta every 12 hours. F 64 3 months
50 mg
 5  tried something new Use to taking hydrocodone nucynta made me dizzzy dats it i have lyrica for that!!! F 38 1 days
 5  chronic pain, trigeminal neuralgia Confusion, sweating, ataxia After four months of use I found out that my side effects were due to serotonin syndrome. The Mayo Clinic and Medline have good articles. You need to understand that serotonin syndrome can cause seizures, coma and death. I halved my Zoloft dosage with almost immediate results. It has been a very good pain relieving drug for me. I've been on painkillers since 1997 namely Oxycontin and later, Norco. I hated Oxy - the side effects were nausea and vomiting and Norco wasn't doing anything to relieve pain. Use caution and PLEASE read about serotonin syndrome if you take this drug in combination with any SSRI, i.e. Zoloft, Prozak. If I'd been educated it would have saved me a trip to the emergency room. F 59 1 years
100 mg 3X D
 4  crps Mod-severe itching, extreme tiredness (requiring day sleeps), nausea and vomiting every dsy My side effects have increased with time taken.It does help with pain but im literally sick with side effects and need to get off them:( F 39 1 years
250mg BD
 5  Atypical Facial Neuralgia Initial Problems with constipation (about first 3 months) I take this as needed for face and scalp neuralgia and average 2.5 per day over a month. My pain is most often just like atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia but sometimes also includes portions of my scalp pain. Nucynta Immediate Release starts working within 20 minutes and lasts about 6 hours for me. My mild and moderate pain spikes last less than 8 hours often. My severe pain spikes, I sometimes overlap pills or take two but I stay within my monthly pill allotment. Before trying Nucynta, I was on Percocet that had to be increased three times in 14 months. I had less pain relief with the percocet than I do with the Nucynta. It can completely control my mild and moderate pain, and it does significantly reduce pain during my severe pain spikes. I found the extended release (ER) version of this medication to be completely useless but I often have trouble with ER versions of medications. The constipation issues were easily overcome with dietary changes or fiber supplements. My body adjusted to it just fine. F 52 2 years
50MG 2X D
 1  Chronic pain Do not take this medication! You have incredibly hard heart palpitations also while sleeping you will quit breathing waking up like you're drowning. I have the type pain that without pain medicine that I would kill myself. I would rather hurt to take this crap!! M 42 1 weeks
50mg x 3
 1  Pain from surgery Please do not use this drug, dr gave me this to add to my oxycodone. I took it and within the hour it effected my breathing, heart palpitations, cloudy and foggy head, black spots, and still having trouble seeing after 5 day and only took one pill 5 days ago, heart still racing and heart palpitations , going to er today because I've never in my life been so scared. Vision is wavy and foggy, and images are like a fu. House mirror. Been waiting it out to see if it flies away but has not. This is a synthetic drug. Avoid Please do not take this drug. You do not want to experience what I am going through. I'll take the pain any day over this. Stay away from this. Report it to the drug administration. M 45 1 days
 3  Herniated disc in lower back I started this drug after being on Tramadol for years and it was no longer working. The first few days was fine. I have not had a steroid ejection in almost 6 months so it did not take away all of the pain but it did help a lot. This was expected though. After the thrid day, i could not sleep at all. I started taking less doses throughout the day but nothing was helping. I am in the process of stopping it, i have way too much going on to not sleep. I am going to see my dr in a few weeks so until then I am going to go back on the Tramadol. It is not great at all but it will have to work. F 28 4 days
50mg 4X D
 1  12yrs of back/leg/hip pain From 1st dose felt almost like an out of body experience.. Sweating, heart pounding, hard to breath, no appetite, couldn't focus, couldn't sleep, burning in legs, physically shaky and unstable, headaches----all this got worse and I was only taking 2-3 a day instead of the 4 a day.. Been in pain management for over 6yrs with live able results.. Referred to a "new, more specialized" doctor.... On 2nd visit he took me off my regular 10mg Norco 4-5 daily and put me on Nucynta along with Lopressor, Kolnipin, Bacefoln... By the 5th day of Necunta I thought/wanted to die!!! 4 days I had only slept lightly for about 3yrs, lost 14lbs from Monday afternoon till Friday morning.. I had become so verbally unstable and aggressive I had been sent home from work twice.. Note, my work involves me handling/administering controlled substances to animals and working in various dangerous situations, the doctor knew this prior to changing my meds!! He is putting me back on my Norco but was sure to express his "professional" expert knowledge assuring me that NONE of my symptoms were known side effects to/from Nucynta!!!! Guess he hasn't been educated on this drug, they are ALL side effects to it plus some!!!! My advice, stay with what works, don't be a lab rat, I am still sick, hurting and sleepless even though I have been off Nucynta for 2-3 days now!!! NEWER drugs aren't always better and more effective, sometimes, most times they make things worse, Nucynta will if you take it but good luck if you decide to try it anyway... I am also NOT allergic to any other medications nor have I ever reacted to any other "pain" medication----FDA NEEDS TO PULL THIS DRUG!!!! F 35 5 days
[email protected] daily
 5  Severe back issues. Quad fusion. Very few side effects. Euphoria after about an hour and doesn't always cause drowsiness. F 45 1 years
 1  given after gall bladder removal Could not sleep or urinate for 2 days. F 32 2 days
10 mcg
 2  Peripheral neuropathy F 62
50 mg 1X D