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 1  insomnia nightmares i was just looking up rozerem to see what other people were saying. i have been on it for 3 weeks to try to get me off of ambien. it hasn't helped at all. i also had really bad nausea during work. also had bad nightmares. i have also become extremely extremely irritable during the day. i am definitely going to go off this now! F 27 30 days
 1  insomnia from axiety horrible headache the first morning. then terrible nightmares. the second night, my nightmares were so detailed and it was like i couldnt wake up from them. then, when i finally did wake up, i was so paranoid and axious that i couldnt go back to sleep. F 16 2 days
 1  Not getting deep enough sleep Insomnia; nausea; morning grogginess Probably got into deeper sleep, but it made me sick a half hour after taking it, woke up during the night with nausea as well, and then well into the next day. Skipped a day to make sure it was the pill and not something else that was making me sick. Not a good trade-off. Gotta function during the day. I like Midnite (get it at Walgreen's; herbal over-the-counter) better. F 41 3 days
 1  Innsomnia from PTSD This is the scariest drug I have ever seen in my life, I had some kind of bizarre psychotic episode between states of mania, acting like an animal, wanting to bang my face into the mirror, catatonic states, please never take this it's terrible I had only slept 3 hours in 4 days before taking the 8 mg hoping to drift off to peace land. After feeling a burning sensation in the back of my head (cerebellum area of brain) and laying in bed for 1.5 hrs. I got up and literally went insane, pupils were very scary, tremors, I thought I might have a seizure or heart attack,then the insanity began. My husband was terrified and I was so scared to go to the hospital because I knew that would land me in the pysch ward with heavy drugs. Thank god the spell broke after another hour, but now I am still up with innsomnia at least I'm not crazy though. By the way I have never had any kind of episode like this in my life. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE I THINK IT WILL PROBABLY BE ONE OF THOSE THE DRUGS THAT TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY "MISTAKENLY" FORGOT TO TELL THE FDA ABOUT THE REAL RESULTS OF THEIR STUDY F 30 1 days
 2  insomnia Pain in hand joints after taking pill for 7 days. Continued taking and pain got worse. Stop taking one day and pain was gone. Tried it againa and pain came back. It took about 3 weeks before it seem to work but my hand pain was so bad that I could not hold a pen. It's been 3 days since the last pill and some joint pain left but much better. Anyone else have this reaction? F 42 3 weeks
 1  insomnia none didnt work at all:( used it for a week....nothing. then another, still nothing! everyones different, but it doesnt seem to phase chronic insomnia F 23 2 weeks
 3  Insomina Stoned feeling. Lethargy. Does NOT put you to sleep. Its good stuff...except for the fact that it doesnt put you to sleep for 8 hours. I fell asleep by 11, and woke up at 12:30...WIDE awake...then 15 min later I go into this nice, deep, relaxation...but I cant sleep. I just stayed up looking up random sh*t on the internet. I probably read a dozen articles on Wikipedia and finally fell asleep 2 hours later. This is my first sleep med other than over the counter crap which really never works. Im too scared to try Ambien...I've heard way too many horror stories. M 25 1 days
 2  chronic insomnia Hangover like headache, you cannot take this if you need to work the next day. The only positive thing I can say about it is the next day I can take normal catnaps which are near impossible otherwise. M 44 2 days
 5  chronic insomnia sleeplessnes for first week I am a Rozerem patient and also work in a sleep clinic. I am educated in all the sleep aids on the market and I can tell you that although the BZRAs (Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata) all make you feel sleepy and knock you out for 8 hours, they are not safe (ie sleep-walking, respiratory depression, addiction, contraindications with other meds, etc.) Rozerem might take a while to work, especially for those that have been on BZRAs previously (these meds also have a rebound effect when stopped) but will "mimic" normal sleep. We're not supposed to feel drugged when falling asleep, just drift off to sleep. Like a lot of patients, I was a little disappointed in the first week because I didn't sleep at all! But after that I started falling asleep faster and faster, and now sleep for about 7 hours a night. Stick with it! Sweet dreams :) F 33 7 months
 2  To get to sleep Couldn't fall asleep. Then waking up frequently through the night. Felt refreshed somewhat in the morning, but very very droggy at work the whole day. Couldn't stay awake in the afternoon. I got a little more sleep during the night than usual. But disappointed that it didn't keep me asleep. I hated the day the afternoon I needed to go to bed so bad, but had to tough it out at work. I won't consider continuing this medicine F 42 1 days
 3  Insomnia, frequent waking Hypersomnia (excessive sleep) This medication works differently but there are some ways to manipulate it. To fall asleep the fastest and feel tired the longest it can be taken after a "fatty" meal. The fats increase the sedative effects. Only problem is that when used like this it results in a fatigue that can last well into the next day so its best done when you don't need to do anything the next day. Insomnia and frequent waking returned about five days into the regimen even whan taken as directed (away from fatty meals). Resulted in some irritability and sedative efects never came back after first week. I also take an antidepressant to try to help my sleep so there may have been some unofficial interactions though the official website and MDs say it doesn't react with anything. M 39 18 months
 3  insomnia, anxiety nightmares, restlessness, unable to stay awake the next day I had such bad dreams that I chewed through the inside of my lip until it bled and injured my arm thrashing about. I felt drugged until dinnertime the next day. Tried it again the next night, same thing. Now I take 1/2 pill at night with Ativan for sleep with much better results. Not groggy, but wake up several times during the night. Better than not sleeping at all, but still not great. Better than ambien night terrors. F 50 180 days
 2  Anxiety induced insomnia exasperated insomnia, strange tingling/burning sensation in sinuses 8mg (the standard dose) had lost effectiveness after some time of use, I was just upped to 16mg and about one half hour after taking the 2 pills I was awake and wired. possibly 12mg, one and a half pills, could work, but from doing nothing to making my insomnia worse, doesn't seem likely M 19 6 months
 5  insomnia induced by shift-work The most notable side effect was next-day vertigo, but that was my fault, being that I was so desperate to sleep, I doubled the dose to 16mg. (stupid me.) At the recommended dose I experienced very few or no side effects. It is extremely important to note that Rozerem is different than any other sleep medicine; (as mentioned in another comment, Rozerem is not a "knock-out" drug!) it is designed to re-set your circadian rhythm to a normal "night=sleep" "day=awake" routine. Think "super-melatonin". It is vital to understand that this re-setting of the "body-clock" is a gradual process, sometimes requiring weeks of consistent, daily therapy. It should be taken at EXACTLY the same time every night, without fail; pick a realistic bedtime and stick to it! For Rozerem to be successful as an insomnia therapy it must be used with a high degree of patience. Note: If you have recently taken Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata, et al., Rozerem will not work right away, since withdrawal (rebound insomnia) from stopping these other sleep meds can persist for 7-14 days. Give your body a few weeks to adjust. M 28 1 years
 1  insomnia! Duh! 1st night i was to awake to fall asleep,and too sleepy to stay awake!,bad nightmares..kinda like being in a deep transe,not asleep,aware of what was going on, but couldnt quite get all the way asleep.2nd night up and down all night,no rest.3rd night, i went to ER to get a shot in the ass to put me out of my misery!4th night,threw all pills in toilette!! this rozerem is a crock! may have well eat chocolate and drank a dew and just stayed up! product sucks,doesn't help,only makes it worse M 37 4 days
 1  Insomnia No sensitivity type side effects... Frequent dreaming - Sometimes violent. Fell out of bed and injured my arm and two other times hurt myself from violently thrashing about - Normally I sleep with minimum movement which was even noted in my sleep study. This drug doesn't work... At all! I tried this drug three separate times. The last time was for 90 days plus at twice the normal dose . I don't become sleepy and wake every couple hours through the night... when I finally fall asleep. Ambien works, but interferes with my memory after a couple of weeks. Lunesta works, but I get an all-day bad taste in my mouth after 3 or 4 days. Sonata just doesn't work. M 61 120 days
 1  to stay asleep at night I had a hard time waking up in the morning and felt groggy and drugged all day at work. Rozerem didn't help me fall asleep any faster than Tylenol PM, and it certainly didn't help me remain asleep throughout the night. I woke up several times (including 2 or 3 hours after taking it) and I had a hard time waking up in the morning. I was groggy all day the next day. Will not take this drug again! F 36 3 days
 1  To stay asleep & reset body clock kept me up all night My problem is usually not falling asleep, but staying asleep. I normally go to bed at 11 p.m. I began to develop a tendency to wake up at 3 or 4 a.m. and not be able to go to back to sleep. I tried Rozerem to see if I could try to reset my body clock. Big mistake! I am usually pretty tolerant of medications, but the bad effects of Rozerem were severe. I tried it twice, the first time for 2 days. The first day, it seemed to make me groggy and fall asleep right away. However, I was awake within 1.5 hours and was awakened almost exactly every hour the rest of the night. The next night, I again fell asleep and then woke up an hour later and was up the entire night. I also had horrible, violent nightmares, which I have never had. My rare nightmare would usually involve the old "I've got exams today, but I forgot to study (or I do not even know where my classes are)." The Rozerem nightmares were like something out of a slasher horror movie. I waited a few days and tried Rozerem M 43 3 days
 1  Insomnia Kept me wide awake all night. Only used it once! This, and other medication, is amazing. It's a 5 for some people and a 1 for others. I have had sleep problems for sixty years and seem to have to use Ambien almost every night. I heard of this Rozerem and it sounded much better with fewer side effects but it had the effect on me of a benzedrine. I was wide awake for 24 hours! Try it with caution. M 72 1 days