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 1  insomnia Nightmares, itchiness, sleeplessness, nausea, sick to my stomach. I have been taking ambien and afraid of getting addicted so I tried Roserem. Worst night of my life followed by the worst day of my life. NEVER AGAIN! M 29 1 days
 1  insomnia non-effective, nightmares, useless It seems only the salesperson for the company (Rozerem) had any positive things to say about using the drug, hmmmm. F 65 14 days
 1  Insomnia from fibromyalgis Rozerem kept me awake all night. Does Rozerem contain codeine? That also keeps me awake. F 75 1 days
 1  have ic and trouble falling asleep wide-awake, accelerated heartbeat, while at rest body was numb-like, restless leg problems, itchy. I took it for 1 night. A half hour later my mind was clearer and less foggy but I did feel like going to bed, I thought it might work. A half hour I layed in bed and every 2 minutes I would get an itcy sensation but never in the same spot. If I laid completely still for a minute or 2 my body felt drugged and numb and I wouldn't be able to get moving easily, I was up all night with a accelerated heartbeat and a heavy chested deep breathing that felt like my heart would stop. The next day I had a bad headache and still couldn't sleep. I went to bed without taking it and still had a hard time sleeping. I may try it one more time because it was so expensive but I dought it will be any different. I have tried Ambien and Ambien CR and had trouble sleeping on them too. But I would rather take them then this one. F 32 1 times
 1  Insomnia Insomnia, headache, wide awake Total waste of money, gave me a migraine and was wide awake all night with a nasty migraine the next day F 34 3 days
 1  Insomnia No real side effects because it didn't work at all. After being awake for 48 hours I went to the urgent care center to get treatment because I can't afford to miss work and can't work when I am dead on my feet and mind not clear. Doctor would not give me even 3 tablets of cheap ambien (which will put you down....with a few side effects) but said to try this medication. It is totally worthless. If the doctor tries to give it to you.....refuse and demand something else. Chronic Insomnia is a curse that many of my family members from mother to sister to nephew deals with so I know what I am talking about. Ineffective Drug!!! and Expensive!!! F 43 2 days
 5  I have chronic insomnia first couple days after experienced some drowsiness and then it went away I have been taking Rozerem for almost 4 months (yes, it is safe to use long-term). I think my success for using this drug is because I am a drug rep for the company and understand how Rozerem works. There is a "right way" and a "wrong way" to take it. I knew not to expect a feeling of sedation (like other sleep aids) and I also practice good "sleep hygiene", because treating insomnia has to be a lifestyle change. This is how to take it... I take my Rozerem about 9:30pm (30 min before I need to go to bed), take a warm shower, turn off the tv/computer/lights, and do anything else to prepare for bed. Then it's lights out! If you expect to be sedated, then you will certainly be disappointed. If you are searching for a way to sleep more normally (and not mask the problem), it will require a little patience and effort, but it's well worth the outcome! I'm so much happier not suffering from insomnia anymore. After about 2 weeks on the med, I started sleeping 8 ho F 31 4 months
 4  insomnia More dreams, more movement during the night My problem has not been gettting to sleep but staying asleep, usually waking after 3 hours. Tried all the usual suspects. I take this w 2 mg melatonin, and have had better sleep the last few nights than in months. M 55 3 days
 4  RLS none Works well for RLS, I am able to fall asleep rather quickly..a nice drift off..sometimes I wake during the night as normal to use the lav...but otherwise feel great..a bit slow to wake but, small price to pay for being able to sleep at night. Have not met the big Beaver yet though... F 38 1 months
 1  Primary Lifelong Insomnia Next morning rozerem hangover, severe depression, unreality. I took this for a week, as long as I could stand it, and it made me terribly depressed and foggy and generally strung out. Plus it didn't really help much with the insomnia. F 43 7 days
 1  Chronic, severe, insomnia Increased insomnia I am 48 and have probably never slept normally. I have always had a parodoxical reaction to OTC medications that are supposed to cause drowsiness. For instance a cold medication that "causes drowsiness" will keep me up all night. I have had sleep studies and am now using a CPAP mask, however the mask does no good if you can't get to sleep. My sleep specialist does not like sleeping pills and so has tried Terazodon (sp?) which did not work but at least did no harm. Now I have been on Rozerem for two weeks. I have lost every gain that I had made with the CPAP mask. It takes over an hour to fall asleep and I am awake three or four times during the night for up to an hour at a time. I am discontinuing the Rozerom. However, to his credit, the doctor did not think that Rozerem would work. M 48 14 days
 1  waking after 3 hours sleep nightly There were vivid, very disturbing dreams. I had a spacey feeling all day after taking it, and worst of all, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness, deep dark sadness. I tried it again and the same thing happened. Now I have the sensation that my heart is in my throat. I would rather deal with the difficulty sleeping and tiredness than the way this makes me feel F 54 2 days
 2  could not fall sleep stay upfor day worst headache of my life,sleep all day long,was up half the night,and i was sleep all day long it was like did not take anything and it cost me 131.00 USD M 21 2 days
 1  Insomnia This drug worked great - the first 2 or 3 times I used it. No side effects, no bad dreams. It got me to sleep - but didn't really keep me asleep long. I'd wake after about 4 hours. It then began taking longer and longer to work..30 minutes at first, then 45, 60 minutes. I'm on my 2nd 30 day supply....the effectiveness is now zero. I took it at 9:30 pm, it's now 2:00 am, and I'm more awake now than during the day. I have a feeling most others will experience the same thing...just use the samples the Doc gives you for at least a couple nights of releif. The effectiveness is non existent after taking it a half dozen times. You may as well take a Smartie - it'll have the same effect after a couple of weeks. Too bad, i was hopeful at first :( M 43 2 months
 1  insomnia nausea, stomach cramping, zonked for 24 hours I felt heavily sedated and nauseous just about 30 minutes after taking. It knocked me completely out. Woke up with horrible stomach cramps twice & used the bathroom. Slept 12 hours straight, then spent another 12 hours trying to walk without a wobble, trying to focus, trying to shake off horrible drowsiness, grogginess, and doped-up feeling -- all without success. I lost 24 hours basically. I was afraid to drive. I did sleep, but the cost was too great. Not going to take any more of this stuff. It's way too heavy duty and strong for me. F 62 1 days
 1  started sleep walking on ambien On this medication,I could not wake completely up while having sleep apnea, slow shallow breathing which I would then stop breathing and body would jerk and twitch before I would take another breath, this went on for some time before I could wake completely up. Extremely bad experience. I had bad headache and eye ache when I did wake up. After an hour of being awake had to lay back down and slept most of the day since I was not really functional. Feel out of sorts, groggy, and arms and legs feel heavy. Mild stomach upset. This medication took a few hours before I felt sleepy.Finally went to sleep 2 hours after taking medication (11pm) and finally could wake up at (7:30-8:00am) but had to lay down and slept again until 1:30pm. I tried Lunesta before this and felt too groggy and out of sorts for a few hours in the mornings. I will not take this medication again since the side effects were so drastic. Will be contacting my doctor first thing Monday morning. F 49 1 days
 4  Insomnia None so far Grant it I've only been on it for one night, but the first night was the first time I had slept all the way through the night in weeks. This is a great drug. I have no sluggish feeling during the day. It does have different effects for different people, I would say try it. M 20 1 days
 5  Insomnia from PTSD None I can't believe how well this worked for me. I read the reviews on this site before taking it and was pretty freaked out by others' experiences. After a long period of serious insomnia, the Rozerem worked within the first 30 mins of my first dose. I have felt absolutely no side effects (and I am someone who often experiences side effects) and have been completely satisfied with this drug. It might be of note that I take this along with Lexapro, which I also completely endorse. To be fair, the Lexapro probably reduced my anxiety and depression levels enough to allow for the Rozerem to work, but my sleep cycle was so disturbed by my PTSD, that even as I began to get that under control, I still could not sleep at all at night- until the Rozerem. I've had a couple nights over the last few days where I didn't need the Rozerem at all, so just skipped it and had no problems with that, either. In fact, I'd just complete the samples my provider gave me, but I think I'm going to ask for a F 31 10 days
 3  frequent waking, ineffective sleep The next day I felt mildly over-relaxed; sort of like the feeling I get after coming out of a sauna. I've only used it 1 day, so my comments may not have much weight. I did sleep better. I like the way I gently drifted to sleep, as opposed to finally conking out after tossing and turning. I would have slept until my alarm went off, if my wife's nightmares didn't wake me. I could also remember my dreams, which were not at all scary or weird. I hope the effects were actually due to the drug, rather than coincidence. If so, I'd up my rating. M 52 1 days