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 1  to replace ambien woke up after 2 hours ready to go to the emergency room; felt wide awake, but incredibly "car sick" then started having horrible tremors; couldn't go back to sleep, but also couldn't read; finally fell into a very restless sleep with horrible nightmares; feel absolutely horrible this morning -- drugged, car sick, shaky would rather live with insomnia than "try" to take this for the week my doctor recommended F 50 1 days
 1  Insomnia- Why else? I didn't get a second of sleep. I read all the comments on here regarding Rozerem and opted to give it a try anyway. The first night I was awake the entire night. The next day I had bad muscle cramping, stomach pains, and felt like I was half awake. Going against my better judgment, I tried it again a second night. Same exact thing. It is now 5 in the morning and I haven't rested one bit, thanks to this waste of money. Rozerem is the biggest crock of shit on the market. Save your money, and don't line those assholes' pockets. Seriously. Don't make the mistake I made. I didn't listen to these comments. It's a crock though. This drug should be removed immediately. M 27 2 days
 1  insomnia My husband has been taking this drug for several weeks now and I am very frightened by what I am seeing. I am now up and wide awake at night researching this drug because my husband just vomited so violently that his mouth turned blue and the vessels in his eyes ruptured. He threw up continually for over 5 minutes. Since starting this drug he has put on weight and is sleeping LESS. The quality of sleep is terrible and now I can't sleep as well either. He starts to fall asleep for a few minutes, snores and wakes up. He is up dozens of times throughout the night. He has bizarre dreams and severe night sweats. He is a completely different person. His memory is slipping. His breathing has changed. He has taken other meds that may work for awhile than stop, but nothing has turned our lives upside down like this one has. I am very scared for him and will pursue this with the FDA. F 43
 4  Insomnia None This has been amazing for me whereas Lunesta made me feel like I was going insane. It doesn't knock me out, but it does help me get to sleep if I make myself go to bed within an hour of taking it. I also take 30 mg. of Elevil to help me stay asleep. F 37 1 years
 4  To reset my internal clock None whatsoever. It did, however, take a couple of days before it took effect. Rozerem is designed to act upon the suprachiasmic nucleus in the brain, to enhance melatonin release and effect and reset the body's internal clock to help you fall asleep at the appropriate time. IT IS NOT A HYPNOTIC LIKE AMBIEN, LUNESTA, OR SONATA (even though it is classified as one by the FDA)AND IS NOT DESIGNED TO "KNOCK YOU OUT" WHENEVER YOU TAKE IT. As soon as the medical community starts to read the medication release notes and recognize the drug for what it is, there will be fewer complaints. M 58 5 days
 4  Staying Asleep I would usually fall asleep, but then wake up every two hours and have trouble going back to sleep. Rozerem was a miracle after trying Ambien, Lunesta, etc., even Melatonin. I was becoming anxious and depressed. I slept really well for the first time in two years! The only problem is that I wanted to sleep all the next day as well! Fortunately it was Saturday. Perhaps this was because my body needed sleep so badly. Will try half a tablet and see if its better. None of the negative reactions mentioned by others. M 57 2 days
 1  Sleeping issues I took the 8mg pill, and went to bed like normal (LATE). I woke up more frequently during the night, and felt drugged in the morning. Tried half the pill next night. Same problems. I only tried it cause they said it doesn't have those side effects. All I wanted was to get to bed at a decent hour, sleep well, and not feel hungover in the morning. Didn't help me at all. F 29 4 days
 4  cant sleep I just had a slight tummy ache this seems to be working i don't feel sluggish when i wake up in the morning like I did with seriaquil. F 30 2 weeks
 1  insomnia I came online to check out the side effects of Rozerem and found this website and found 80 other people who were having the same side effects I was! I not only hardly feel asleep, but was also wide awake most of the night staring at a dark ceiling, the next day I felt awful, was fatiqued and just felt miserable, and that was after taking it only 1 night. I just thought it was from lack of sleep, but I've had sleepless nights before and never felt that bad the next day, now I realize it was the Rozerem. Like everyone else, my doc said to give it some time to work, but after 4 days, and after reading everyone else's bad experiences, I'm through with Rozerem. I'll go back to Ambiem, Lunesta, or Tylonal PM...I'd rather take nothing than ever take Rozerem again. F 58 4 days
 1  Insomnia None Horrible. The drug is worthless and did nothing. I have taken the drug for the last 3 nights because Lunesta was losing its affect and my doctor said that he could rotate different sleep meds every year or so to prevent them from losing their affect. Each night I took this med I would lay in bed for an hour and half, than take a tylenol pm and lay in bed for another 2 hours and would finally get out of bed and watch tv. each night i have fallen asleep around 5am. I would strongly recommend not taking this med. you might as well just not take anything and save the money. this drug to me is like melatonin in the fact that it does nothing and obviously if a person does not need sedation to fall asleep then their insomnia is not that severe and they should probably not take anything. hopefully rozerem fails as a drug bc it is a bs med and all that it has going for it is weird commercials. M 25 3 days
 1  insomnia horrible vivid nightmares, tossed and turned all night I have taken this for 2 nights. Nightmares, no sleep, hungover the next day, ringing in my ears, fatigue....yuck, 140.00 down the drain. I would never take this drug again. M 46 2 days
 1  Inzomnia Headache, worsen insomnia, muscle pain, suicidal thoughts, speech problems. The pill didn't put me to sleep for 2 hours, after that I slept for 20 min. and woke up. The rest of the night I spent looking at ceiling. Almost immediately after taking the pill I started experiencing a terrible headache. The next day I spent in bed - drowsy, sleepy, hallucinating. Horrible experience!!! I took Sonata before- it worked perfectly for me. F 50 1 days
 1  insomnia up every hour; weird dreams; groggy This is the second time I took the drug and it was worse than the first. Took it at 9:30 but couldn't fall asleep till @ll:00. When I did, I had the weirdest dreams. Woke up every hour, and finally couldn't fall back to sleep after 3:30. Dreams went on all night. Felt groggy most of the next day. Wouldn't recommend it. F 59 2 days
 1  Insomnia HORRIBLE nightmares when i did sleep, felt extremely tired the next day, made my problems worse when i could sleep, the nightmares were so terrible that when i awoke, i was afraid to go back to sleep. within 1.5 hours of taking the medicine, i would fall asleep; but within 2 hours, i was wide awake again. i do not advise taking this medication... M 27 10 days
 1  Insomnia, sleep disorder Fall asleep for about 30 minutes, and wake up, unable to fall asleep. Night terrors, ovarian cysts, exacerbation of mental illness. My doctor prescribed me Rozerem because it was the "only" script sleep aid that didn't react with my other medications. Well, the medications I take are for bi-polar, manic depression, severe anxiety, and panic disorder. After some research online, I read that it shouldn't be prescribed to the mentally ill, and it can affect hormones. Since I was prescribed it, I've had ovarian cysts, and EXTREMELY decreased sex drive, which my husband isn't very happy about =P, and extreme mood swings, even on my medications. For the price, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. F 18 3 months
 5  To regulate my sleep. No side effects. Vivid dreams (no nightmares) the first 2 weeks and sometimes groggy in the morning until I got used to the fact that I was simply able to get more sleep than I ever could before. I LOVE THIS MEDICATION!! It has been a miracle worker for me. I noticed that most people who've posted here haven't given it long enough to make a difference. Plus, if they were taking something else and quit suddenly, they probably blamed their insomnia on Rozerem. Keep taking it. I haven't had a single night-terror since I've been on it for one year now, and I love getting 8, yes 8!!, hours of restful, dreamy sleep each night. No rebound insomnia if I miss a dose or stop taking it for awhile. I take it with one quarter Tylenol pm if traveling and that works great for me. F 48 12 months
 2  Insomnia Headache, depression, drowsiness, night sweat I have been taking Ambien CR for about a year and half, and after consulted with my doctor, she suggested me Rozerem. I have a history of depression and anxiety. I wanted to get off the meds for them and after almost 6 months of counseling and withdraw symptom, and I finally got off and felt better. Well after taking Rozerem for on night, I experienced the very familiar sensation of depression and anxiety next day and that scared the heck out of me! Not to mention after about an hour of sleep, I kept getting up every half an hour. Next day I was so tired and feeling depressed I slept about three hours in the middle of the day. I understand I may need to give more than one day of tryout, but I really canít take this chance getting depressed again. Iím back on Ambien CR and I wonít go back to Rozerem. F 43 1 days
 1  Insomnia I was taking this with unisom and herbal melatonin and I would wake up at 12:30 a.m., and worst of all 4:30 a.m. And to top it off in the middle of the night I fondle my partner and have full conversations I don't remember the next day. WTF the cost sucks and the problem has gotten worse. M 31 2 weeks
 1  Insomnia Insomnia, severe depression and anxiety, hot and cold flashes, tremors. Not only did this med not help me sleep, but I developed severe depression and anxiety after only taking it for two nights! If I wasn't afraid of screwing up my little boy for the rest of his life, I would have slit my wrists. Scared the hell out of me. I am writing this three days post Rozerem and still feel terrible. My NP has had to put me on Lexapro to get through this. I pray this feeling ends soon. You're taking a huge risk taking this med! F 38 2 days
 2  insomnia My usual problem is falling asleep, not staying asleep, and I have fallen asleep about an hour after taking Rozerem. But I wake up dozens of times during the night and feel the next day like I got about two hours of sleep, plus nausea. So, I take it when I feel like otherwise I won't sleep at all, since two hours if better than zero, but really I couldn't say I recommend Rozerem at all. M 3 days