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 4  sleep disorder, insomnia med wears off halfway through the night, and i wake up. if i take it every night for more than a week, i start to feel groggy. this has been a really good drug for me. i've had sleep problems my whole life, and have tried a lot of medications for it. this med will actually make me tired, and help me fall asleep - i take it in combination with ambien, which will help me sleep through the night but won't work if i'm not tired to begin with. the two together are my answer - 2-5 times a week. F 27 2 years
 1  trouble falling asleeep and staying headache, ringing/buzzing in ears, "hyper", unable to return to sleep after initally 'dozing' for just under 30min...approx 45 minutes after taking rozerem. awake all night, feeling sleepy at only at 6a.m.,then felt hungover/exhausted all day. swore i'd never take another. well, tried it again last night...9:30p.m....same thing happened, hence this rating at 1:45 a.m. guess i'll go see if my linen closet needs to have everything re-folded, as i can't concentrate enough to read or follow a movie story-line. F 61 1 days
 3  had trouble getting asleep extreme drowsiness, heart racing, dizziness worked ok if you can handle feeling like you are going to fall asleep well into the afternoon. F 24 14 days
 1  Insomnia More insomnia, grogginess next day About a half hour after taking this I started to feel a bit drowsy, so I went to bed... only to not fall asleep the entire night. The only good thing was that it made me feel like I was in a trance... so I wasn't worried that I wasn't asleep. The next day I felt very groggy and terrible. I know you're supposed to give it time, but I will NOT go through another night like that. F 25 1 days
 4  insomnia slight headache first few days,went away Rozerem in addition to my Zanaflex(muscle relaxer) allows me too fall asleep in about 45minutes and helps me to fall back to sleep if I wake during night. Rozerem is not a psychotrpic as many sleep meds are and I cannot take psychotropics. I do not think Rozerem would cause me to fall asleep by itself(but it is ahrd to make me sleepy). I suggest melatonin(natural OTC sleep aid like your body makes anturally) first. PEOPLE BEWARE OF PM MEDS(TYLENOL PM,BAYER PM,EXCEDRIN PM,ETC) THE 'PM' INGREDIENT IN THESE OTC MEDS IS NOTHING MORE THAT ANTIHISTAMINES!!!! THIS CAN CAUSE RESTLESS LEG,DRY NOSE AND NOSE SORES. GENERIC OTC SLEEP MEDS AND OTC CONTAIN ANITHISTAMINES AS WELL...BE AN INFORMED PATIENT! F 35 6 weeks
 2  Insomnia Woke up with a terrible headache. Wake every 2 hours. I've been on this drug two nights now. My sleep is getting worse. I used to wake up twice a night at 1:30 and 4:30 a.m. Now I wake up every hour. No drowsiness or drugged feeling during the day but I'm exhausted from lack of sleep. Also, very weird dreams, although not nightmares. F 59 2 days
 4  Insomnia My doctor precribed Rozerem because I didn't like the hungover feeling I was getting from Ambien. It took a good 4 weeks but finally kicked in and I started sleeping soundly--approximately 7 hours. I can get back to sleep if I wake up. I stopped taking it about a week ago to see how I would do and am still sleeping well. I noticed that many of the posts on this drug only used it for 1 or a few days. That is not enough. You have to stay on it longer. I would not have continued, however, if I had become depressed or had crazy dreams. F 53 3 months
 1  Chronic insomnia depression,could not get to sleep, and everything else mentioned on this site. Felt so bad from side effects I considered calling an ambulance!! I will never take this medication again!!! Bad stuff! M 49 1 days
 4  Insomnia Slightly drowsy following day. Vivid Dreams. Very good sleep. Without a sleep aid, I fall asleep quickly. My problem is, I wake up within a couple hours and can never get back to sleep. Rozerem, to my delight, works wonders. The slightly drowsy feeling the next day is nothing compared to my exhaustion from lack of sleep. The dreams are like watching a movie. Every night but one, they've all been very enjoyable. Only one night did I experience nightmares - again very vivid. F 34 5 months
 1  insomnia No side effects noted, didn't do much of anything. Only good for about three hours, clever advertisements, worthless medication for the price. M 51 3 weeks
 1  Insomnia Insomnia. OK, I've tried everything...Ambien, Restoril, Lunesta, and now Rozerem. Nothing seems to help. In fact, Rozerem is the least effective. Let's see, I took the pill at 9:15 p.m. and it is now 1:01 a.m., and I'm WIDE awake. Honestly, after three months of taking this prescription, I will not have it renewed. Maybe I should use this time to write another book. F 46 3 months
 4  INSOMNIA Only slight drowsiness until 10 am the following morning but not that I can't get out of bed feeling more like if I could I would go back to sleep. I was prescribed this after my dr said giving out samples was illegal-another story. Anyhow I took ambien for 4 years works great but loses effectiveness, I tried lunest for 2 weeks that was awful couldn't sleep at all. This stuff for me has worked wonders takes me a bit about 45 minutes but then I am fast asleep. I do wake up 1x around 3 but quickly fall asleep again. I feel so SO much better now. Plus this is available in a generic so this is free for me compared to lunesta $45.00 a month. F 27 4 days
 1  Insomnia Extreme depression, lethargy, eyes drooped to the floor, wild mood swings and generally horrible feeling. And I only took Rozerem one night! I've been on Lunesta for 2 months and my doctor wanted to wean me off by combining with Rozerem for one week. What a terrible mistake - at my expense. This is without a doubt the most dangerous prescription medication I have ever taken. If not for the fact that my 90 year old Mom depends on me for care, I would have said my final goodbyes to this wonderful world of ours today. M 54 1 days
 5  insomnia None I have been taking Rozerem for several months, originally nightly for two weeks then as needed. I love the fact that I do not feel drugged... I just fall asleep. If I need to get up in the night to go to the bathroom or tend a child I feel fine and go right back to sleep. There is no groggy feeling in the morning. I wake up on my own without an alarm clock after about 6.5 - 7 hours of sleep. F 50 7 months
 1  insomnia Fatigue and general discomfort, made insomnia WORSE, I could not read or watch TV, just too stoned, but still unable to sleep. I took this drug for 12 days to give it a chance, it does not work, in fact it makes it harder to bear a sleepless night. I tried taking two, TWICE as bad, and unable to sleep. How can something like this make it to be marketed? F 51 12 days
 5  trouble falling asleep With a whole pill I had a drowsy doppy feeling until 4pm the next day. with a half pill no side effects. You might try a half pill if the full doze makes it difficult to wake in the morning. I know many people who take half a sleeping pill of any type for this same reason. Half a pill makes me drowsy enough to drop off at a reasonable hour. F 42 8 weeks
 4  insomnia 10/02/07 - crazy dreams, a bit hungover, possible stomach problems? I have been taking Rozerem since last spring. It took several weeks before it worked well but then it REALLY helped me get my sleep back on track. I did have some crazy dreams and trouble waking. I decided to try going without and I have slept really well for six nights now with no Rozerem. I'm still having crazy dreams and trouble waking so it must not be the Rozerem. I highly recommend it! F 35 7 months
 2  Insomnia Helped me fall asleep only for 2-3 hours. Woke up frequently during the night. A lot of trouble trying to fall back asleep. Felt very nausiated by 4:00 - 5:00 am. several mornings in a row. Nausia would subside around lunch time. I asked my doctor for Sonata and I will try that. Lost some weight as well, possibly due to the nausia. F 40 3 weeks
 1  insomnia more insomnia I could NOT fall asleep after taking this drug. I stayed up the entire night every time I took it. It made me feel more restless when I tried to fall asleep. Do not take this medicine. It will make your insomnia worse than you can imagine. F 25 20 days
 1  Insomnia This was a waste of money!!! I woke up the next morning feeling like I had been drugged, and would NEED a nap after only being awake for two hours. It made me stay up half the night and then sleepier during the day. I went back to taking a Xanax just so I can get some sleep! Rozerem is over priced, and only makes a good pill if you need to sleep during the day...just make sure you take the pill about 8 hours before you really need to sleep. F 48 4 days