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 4  Insomnia I was fatigued the next day - to my surprise and contrary to the reports of other patients This medication put me to sleep and I am a very hard person to put to sleep by anything but very hi side effect and very addictive medication. Bravo except for the next day's fatigue M 61 2 days
 1  Insomnia Insomia, intense anxiety and nausea Terrible nightmares, had be woken up by my fiance' and completely exhaused in the day, I am unsure if it's because when I was sleeping I was restless or the fact that I was only sleeping a few hours... F 29 2 days
 3  Insomnia Very little side effects. You do dream when taking Rozerem so the commericals are accurate. If only you could dream consistently for longer then 4 hours You need to combine this drug with other sleep aids to get effective action. I sometime combine with valerian, melatonin or over the the counter sleep aids like diphendrine. M 40 2 weeks
 1  sleep what a weak drug ambien is so much better and this drug is very expensive Ambien goes generic in April 2007, the Ambien CR is still on patent. Ambien Generic (zolpidem tartrate)Cheap Generic Drug F 34 13 years
 1  Delayed sleep onset Helped me fall asleep earlier than usual, but produced a very restless sleep with frequent waking. M 27 2 days
 1  Insomnia Insomnia, made it worst. This medicine is very expensive. It is not worth a dollar. It did not work at all. I was awake all night. It is nothing but a sugar pill. They need to take this medicine off the market. They are making money off something that does not work. I don't have money to give away. It was the worst nights I have had in a long time after taking this medicine. F 51 3 days
 1  insomnia nightmares, depression... same stuff that melatonin often often produces Did not get any good sleep with this stuff. F 35 2 days
 1  for sleep i experienced increased anxiety--unable to get to sleep at all, a very dissappointing medication with major side effects, it should be banned. its a horrible med added and unexpected depression, withdrawal symptoms with brief usage-a spacey feeling. very eery at best. M 68 3 times
 4  insomnia - due to pain meds Drowsiness, duh. I discontinued Lunesta because it hit me hard, knocked me out and left me stupid the next day with that horrible taste in my mouth. Doctor switched me to ROZEREM and I think it's great. It comes on gently, and leads to a more natural sleep. I can wake up to use the bathroom and go back to sleep. I wake up in the morning with my brain intact. My only complaint is that it doesn't *always* work 100%. Some nights, it lets me sleep, but if I wake up I'll need a couple hours to get back to sleep again. M 59 3 months
 1  to help me fall asleep None, except it didn't help me fall asleep at ALL! It didn't help me fall asleep at ALL! It's worthless - I've had to switch to Lunesta. F 39 20 days
 1  insomnia This drug has totally destroyed my sex drive! My libido is shot and I cannot have an orgasm. Also, I'm feeling very sad and depressed much of the time---and not just because my sex life has tanked on this drug! I can fall asleep readily if I take Rozerem but I wake up in a few hours and cannot get back to sleep. I've taken Ambien for a long time and recently switched to Ambien CR. I'm going back to Ambien CR. Fewer side effects and I sleep much better. F 47 7 days
 1  Insomnia I had great results for two weeks.Now I take it and am WIDE AWAKE all night. Tonight was my last trial run. This is the 4th bad night in a week. I am positive the Rozerem has had an oppisite effect. Curse that Beaver! F 39 21 days
 2  Insomnia No side effects, and no sleep as well. 3 days into this ad driven sleep aid, so far I have not seen any benefits. I'll give it a few more days, who knows. M 44 3 days
 1  Wanted to be able to sleep longer Nothing. Not even drowsiness. The only good thing that this medicine has going for it is the commercial with the beaver in it. F 23 20 days
 2  insomia very restless night after taking it. Did not stay asleep made me feel very anxious. F 38
 1  insomnia Nightmares, lack of sleep. I felt like I did not sleep all night. I have tken Ambien with good results. Thought I would try Rozerem because it was something new without being adictive. Worst night in a long long time. Try something else before you ever try this drug. If I can help one person it would be worth this rating. I wanted to get your attention! M 56 1 days
 2  Sleep This medicine made me not only nauseated but dizzy and i felt like i was in a coma all night and unable to wake up. It took me 45 mins just to make sense of my morning and left me sick to my stomach...I will stick to my xanax. I continued to wake up thru the night and was confused throughout the evening M 39 1 days
 1  Insomnia No side effects except being kept AWAKE all night. Did not work at all. F 38 3 weeks
 1  Insomnia This stuff is garbage, it felt like somebody used my brain for a soccer ball and put it back in my head before i woke up. It took me till 6PM the next day just to get up amd be somewhat functional. I will stick to taking a half a zanex to get to sleep. Rozerem bad very bad. Stay away from Rozerem, try something else! M 38 1 days
 5  insomnia This med does not make me feel drugged. I just fall to sleep. No side effects that I know of. M 34 1 years