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 2  Contraception Hair growth (mainly chin and neck) thick and corse. Anxiety. Breast pain. Miscarriage after removal. I was recommended to it after struggling with pill side effects. The main issue was the chin hair. I pluck daily and was told by a doctor it would go away after removal. When the mireina started to stop working I suffered awful hormonal side effects: anxiety, night sweats, neck pain, very sore left breast, mood swings, uncontrollable crying. These were nothing like I'd ever experienced before and very frightening thankfully I had a very supportive OH and family. I just wanted it out! But had to wait over a month as they could not locate it and had to go to a specialist clinic to finally have it removed. I was ready this time for all of the side effects: headaches, pains, severe anxiety list goes on. The most troubling part is I had it out to become pregnant waited 1 month until first normal period as directed and then miscarried at 13 weeks. I do not know if this is linked, but given how messed up my hormones were I have a feeling. I am otherwise very fit and healthy. I still have the chin hair almost 12 months on so that tells me my testosterone levels are elevated still perhaps. No further luck getting pregnant and very worried whether things will ever return to normal. This has impacted my life hugely and having at such a young age I was certainly not warned about the more severe side effects and possible impact on fertility. I know many have no issues and love their mirena and it was fine whilst in, but I think more info should be provided about the possible F 29 7 years
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 2  To treat painful periods Spotting post insertion, bleeding, severe cramping, nausea, leg numbness and pain, feet and ankles In pain, anxiety, depressed I got the mirena inserted for the first time and was recommended it by my GYNO to treat painful periods. I never dealt with heavy bleeding..just pms symptoms such as major cramping, nausea and migraines. The insertion wasn't as bad as I though it would be but had minor slight period like cramps for a day and half after it was inserted. The whole process takes about 5 min tops depending on how you take it. I was ok for about six days until I was due for my period Which came about a week after inserting. Boy let me tell you! it's like the devil came and took over my body. I had painful periods for 15 years so I know what that pain is like - but this was on another level! It's been 13 days of non stop severe cramps and bleeding everyday! I've developed such bad anxiety on top it and have become bed ridden. My legs are so weak I can barely do any daily normal activity anymore. Pins and needles feeling in my legs all the time. My doctor wants me keep it and push through for at least 3 months after telling him my history and coming back from the emergency because of how bad this is consuming me. Finally called my family doctor and she said it's my choice to remove but I should wait it out -over losing my sanity and the amount of pain I'm in now - I'd like to say ! F 32 3 weeks
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 1  Prevent pregnancy 2month since I got it and I have dizziness, strange vision , pins and needles in my legs , panic attacks Asked to remove it , can't wait F 41 0 months
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 5  Painful periods and endometriosis Period only last a day with some spotting and it doesn't hurt! Sore nipples but increased sex drive. F 27 50 days
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 1  Birth control Depression, suicidal trouts, general feeling of unhappiness, weight gain, hair loss, weight gain i around stomach. Worsens ADHD symptoms. Would not recommend it if you have had adverse reaction to hormonal birth controls in the past- oral or otherwise F 45 4 months
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 1  Prevent pregnancy Joint and muscle pain.. headaches.. dizziness .. aniexty depression.. extreme tiredness.. Got mirena in after my second child.. being on basically every pil only one that agreed with me was mini pill so I said if give coil a try as I was told very little hormone.. First couple months was fine.. period stopped after 4 months and it was worse experience of my life.. felt like I couldn't look after my kids feeling nausea and dizziness all the time.. right leg pain that then moved to left leg.. neck pain also.. had it removed 2 weeks ago today feeling a lot better no more dizziness but still not feeling 100 percent.. hoping to get back to myself soon.. please girls do your reviews b4 putting this in ur body. F 25 6 months
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 1  Pregnancy Prevention Weight gain of about 30 pounds (even though I exercise 5 days a week and eat healthy), cystic acne, recurrent BV, skin problems, depression, anxiety, fatigue Having my Mirena IUD removed tomorrow after 3 years! So excited! The past 3 years have been some the worst years of my life and it finally clicked - the symptoms all appeared around the time I got my IUD. Removing in hopes I'll feel normal again one day. F 31 3 years
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 3  Contraception Pelvic actinomycosis, bacterial vaginosis, mild pain with sex, cramping with orgasm I loved that I only had to think about birth control once every five years, and I LOVED never having periods (after the first six months, when I spotted a lot). However, when I had the first one inserted, I developed a persistent case of bacterial vaginosis that took months to get under control. Then, near the end of my second one, I developed a rare bacterial infection that is associated with IUD use. I had to go on antibiotics for 40 days to treat it, and decided to have the Mirena removed. Also, insertion IS as bad as people say. For me it was worth it for 5 years of protection, but it is really awful, especially for those of us who have never given birth. F 39 9 years
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 1  Contraception Bloating, weight gain, increase in facial hair, emotional numbness. Would not recommend. Can't wait to have it taken out. F 48 5 years
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 3  Birth Control Brain Fog, Migraines, Tingling on the head and left side of the face, blurred vision, nausea, dizziness, motion sickness. The pain level of insertion was 8/10 but lasted only a couple of minutes, however, cramping lasted about 2 weeks. I initially had a 3 day period after it was put in and now have had zero periods or spotting so far. I had opted for Mirena because I get severe migraines that give me vertigo or with aura that mimic a stroke, sadly my migraines have increased but they aren't as extreme as of yet.... I'm still trying to decide if I want to keep this in, I'm trying to give my body time to adapt to this but the constant motion sickness and migraines are starting to wear on me. Initially, when inserted I also could actually feel the Mirena poking me when I did certain exercises like squats anything where I would bend, that has finally gone away after about 2 months, and don't feel the annoying jabbing at this point. Felt like an uncomfortable bra strap but digging into your groin area lol. Since I already get Migraines I'm not allowed to use pill birth control since it is more likely to give me blood clots or strokes, I was previously on the pill where you only had a period once every 90 days and I never had the problems with that like I'm having with Mirena. I switched to Mirena because I was trying to be responsible, silly me! I also notice on Mirena that I get headaches pretty quick while looking at my laptop or while watching TV if the camera is a little shaky I start to get sick. Amazing how one lil change in a hormone can make so many quick noticeable changes. F 43 3 months
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 1  Prevent Pregnancy Nausea, increased facial hair, anxiety, depression, BV, weight gain, lower stomach bloating, skin changes, insomnia. F 31 3 years
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 1  Ablation Body aches, leg pain, insomnia, panic/anxiety, heart palpitations Hope to get this out ASAP. Felt fine before I had it. 37 0 days
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 3  To prevent pregnancy Its taken me quite a while to realize some things are likely from my iud. I have this peach fuzz all over my entire face. Even my upper cheeks under my eyes, forehead, chin, cheeks. Everywhere. I never had facial hair that I had to rif myself of before the iud. F 39 1 years
 1  Birth Control Horrible cystic acne, hair loss, weight gain. I am also bloated all the time and after a year have no periods but still cramping all the time. I have become not myself ten months after Mirena insertion. I do not recommend this as a form of BC. F 43 1 years
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 1  prevent pregnancy constant light spotting, occasional vomiting, TERRIBLE acne, weight gain, breast tenderness I had it inserted & they cut the strings too short so they had to take it out & reinsert it. I talked to my doctor about the vomiting as it only lasts a day but then happens again randomly a week later. I was told there was no correlation. I'm now experiencing breast tenderness as if I was pregnant. I feel as if I'm pregnant, but I don't receive a beautiful gift for all my troubles. I cant even tell you when my period is because I'm always spotting & usually don't experience PMS. Every birth control I've tried has had problems. At this point, having another kid doesn't seem so bad. F 21 2 months
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 1  Prevent pregnancy Irregular bleeding - period every 2 weeks, intense abdominal cramps even when not bleeding, brain fog, pain when trying to use tampons, stomach issues (IBS-like), horribly hormonal due to mirena crash once removed- couldn't stop crying and felt hopeless Bleed constantly for 6 months once inserted. Feel so much better now it's out F 29 2 years
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 1  Contraception, PCOS -severe depression and suicidal thoughts -mood swings -cramping -bloating -weight gain -cystic acne This was the worst experience I have ever had with a birth control. I am bipolar and cannot be on the pill. My meds interfere with oral contraceptives. After the first week post insertion, I developed cystic acne. I am not a person who has problems with this. Then, I fell into a low of unparalleled proportions, despite being on meds. I was bed bound for the next two weeks and was suicidal. I wanted to get it removed. I begged my doctor to remove it. She told me it wasn't an emergency, and she would not see me. I ended up relapsing with an eating disorder that I had been in recovery from for a long time. But I had lost all ability to cope. The intensity of what I was feeling was really powerful and my doctor was literally telling me that I was crazy - that the IUD was not the cause. Even though I warned her that I had a similar response to other progesterones and had to have an emergency removal with the skyla because of another gynecologist who pressured me into getting an IUD. Same situation all over again. The other practice I went to had multiple doctors. This one only had one doctor and I had to wait for her to take it out. I had to wait five days for her to take it out, even though I called the emergency hotline Every day. But because I was not bleeding or something, it wasn't an emergency. Even though I was in agony. All because of an IUD. I wanted it to end. I was planning my destruction. And it was not an emergency? F 24 30 days
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 1  Birth control Severe panic attacks, brain fog. acne, ovarian cysts, pelvic pain Getting the IUD was the worst choice I have EVER made for my health. I have always been really healthy and had a strong mind. It was obvious from the start that it effected my mood, but the deterioration of my mental health over the next year was startling. A year and 3 months into my IUD experience I had my first panic attack and it's been hell ever since. I would wake up so shaky and weak I was sure there was another health issue that the doctors couldn't find. After a trip to the ER for a ruptured ovarian cyst I figured I should take the IUD out. Months later, my life then and now is like night and day. I'm perfectly healthy again, off the anti depressants I needed for the panic attacks, have my focus back. If you even think you may be susceptible to anxiety DO NOT get Mirena. I thought I was going crazy and my life as I knew it was gone forever. It's not even worth the risk. F 21 0 days
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 4  Done having children; alt to pill Breast tenderness, cramping, insertion was very painful, very light spotting I had a period that lasted 3 weeks on and off shortly after insertion. Took another 6 weeks to bleed again. Period has been so light I don't need to use a product. F 42 3 months
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 5  Heavy periods Had the Mirena inserted today. Wow, the hype surrounding it was way worse then the actual procedure. I took two Tylenol and one Naproxen. I also took a Ativan. The procedure was discomforting and a pain level of about 7/10, but for only 3 min and I could breath through it. If your considering the Mirena but scared of the pain. Go for it!! ITS NOT AS BAD AS THEY SAY. It's too bad it has that reputation because that's why I held off, I wish I didn't. I also have a sensitive cervix. Severe pain with paps. F 32 1 days
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MIRENA  (LEVONORGESTREL):  This product is a small, flexible device that is placed in the womb (uterus) to prevent pregnancy. It is used by women who want to use a reversible birth control method that works for a long time (up to 5 years). It is also used to treat heavy menstrual bleeding in women who choose to use this birth control method. The device slowly releases a hormone (levonorgestrel) that is similar to a hormone that women normally make. This device helps prevent pregnancy by making cervical fluid thicker, interfering with sperm movement, and reducing sperm survival to prevent sperm from reaching an egg (fertilization). It also changes the lining of the uterus (womb) to prevent attachment of a fertilized egg. If a fertilized egg does not attach to the uterus, it passes out of the body. This device may also stop the release of an egg from your ovary (ovulation), but this is not the way it works in most women. Using this product does not protect you or your partner against sexually transmitted diseases (such as HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)