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 4   F 65 5 years
1X D
 1  Type 1 Diabetes Started on this crap after my insurance forced me off of Levemir. Everything seemed fine for the first month and then I started feeling tired all the time and gained major amounts of weight. One day I noticed I was getting out of breath just walking to my truck (I ran a mile or more per day before this) Doctors diagnosed me with Asthma. I finally found this stage four study and informed my doctor of it. After only a day back on Levemir I can breath a bit easier and feel full of energy again. Hopefully my lung function will return to normal soon. If you have these symptoms talk to your doctor immediately. You only get one set of lungs! I would never recommend any glargine based insulin after this. I now have to pay cash for my Levemir thanks to my insurance but I feel better. M 36 6 months
46 units 1X D
 2  Diabetes Tremors. Confused. Dizzy. Sleep. Burning etc M 53 100 days
10 units 1X D
 1  High HBA1C Was great to begin with but after a couple/few months experienced extreme calf muscle pain while doing my half hour daily walk. To the point of wanting to vomit & sweating profusely with the pain. The same side effect I had experienced years earlier when I was put on a course of Statin medication. Awful medication compared to how great it looks in the advertising F 54 100 days
40 units 1X D
 1  Type 2 Diabetis Have gained 15 lbs. in 1 month with no change in eating habits. M 72 4 weeks
20 1X D
 1  For my elevated Ha1c After taking Lantus I have muscle and joint pain. Severe shoulder pain, anxiety and palpitation. I had this same issue with trulicity. I have a increased blood pressure since taking Lantus. F 57 0 months
10 units 1X D
 1  Diabetes Fatigue and depression. Also starting to have muscle aches. Did not lower my numbers. F 59 2 months
80mg 1X D
 1  Diabetes type 2 Extreme back and hip pain. Can barely walk. Night (sometimes all day) sweats. Burning eyes. As soon as I stopped taking it, I felt relief in symptoms. F 59 7 years
35 mg lx a
 5  Type 2 diabetes Hard trouble breathing anxiety and depression not feeling like myself to the point of suicidal thoughts.weak, pain in my elbows and my chest always feels tight...wake up nervous and keep crying...dizziness...lightheadedness...pain at injection site...loss of appetite...weight loss...involuntary body movement...stuttering...disoriented...constipation... Stopping this immediately! M 34 2 months
22 units
 1  type 1 i wish i saw the correlation sooner, this medicine was basically poisoning my body! i was severely fatigued, high hr, palpitations, on edge anxiety & depression, couldn’t eat, abdominal contracting, red hot face, no appetite, lost a ton of weight, dizziness to where i could no drive or even walk some days could not even sit up in bed! saw so many doctors had so many tests and x-rays they said i was fine, once getting off i feel so much better 22 2 months
6 units
 5  Type two diabetic Having esophagus spasm, itchy throat, muscles spasms, weight gain, back spasms F 61 7 days
40 mg
 3  Diagnosed high blood sugars 400 I never looked at side effects till now Drastic pain to top of feet in my bone very sharp and elbow pain in Oder to function I had to take ALEVE in AM and PM blurry vision and the access of weight gain the most I have dropped has been 10 lbs and gained the double weight My FBS sugars were always high even in a low carb diet never below 137 F 50 3 years
26 units
 3  Glucose & Pain Control Severe Burning sensation on legs, feet and toes lasting 10 hours or more. Skin pain 24 hours per day from above knees to toes. Stinging at injection site. M 68 4 months
100 MG 1X D
 1  Diabetes Pain everywhere. Hands, fingers, shoulder, neck, knee etc.. Weight gain. I did not realize the effects this injection had on me until I went camping over the 7/4/2018 holiday and forgot my Lantus. My pants were getting looser and I my appetite was less. When I got home after about 5 or 6 days not taking the drug, I was around 10-15 pounds lighter at 212. I say around because I was weighing myself regularly. Today, 4 days later, I was at 205.8 this am, my pain is nearly gone but still a little in the hands. I also seem to have some increased low back pain, Last time, couple weeks ago, I was weighed at the Dr office at 228. M 67 1 years
25mg 1X D
 5  Stress diabetes occasional fits of excessive hunger - have been prepared for this by doctor and dieticians and have a course of action planned out; have used for about 5 years; have lost about 60 lbs and then have stayed at weight; Frustrated at times with quality control of pens - some jam; others appear not to be at the same solution level - and so make sure I have back up pens ready to warm up. I have worked with dieticians to remove everything from my house that I should not eat - I know when I've comforted myself with food during stress and when not to blame the Lantus. M 64
16 units 1X D
 1  Diabetes Started with exhaustion,hand pain,then swelling feet,hands,ankles,calves,turning purple,hands and feet peeking, joint pain, in arms shoulders. Dr running all sorts of tests does't think it is Lantus. Also taking January 2x a day 500. A friend had the hand reaction and quit it immediately. F 59 5 months
Took it do
 1  Type 1 diabetes Back ache, leg to heel aches, shoulder joint pain is debilitating. I am stopping immediately and asking for an alternate long acting. F 51 14 days
 1  Diabetes I had horrendous night time cramps and back aches. After stopping the Lantus, my night time cramps stopped immediately, the pain in my back which I didn't realize was caused by the lantus stopped, and my IBS also almost stopped. I am concerned about what long term side effects I might have. F 72 3 years
17 1X D
 1  Type 2 diabetes Gained 40 lbs, rapid heart beat,reflux, extreme constipation. F 58 1 years
 1  Type 2 diabetes Swelling feet neropathy teeth spread out feet grew 1 haft size due to igf it like hgh fat displacement neck belly and then cancer hcc lot of them Doctor never listens to me well it didn't get better doc dumb female dog problely got a free vacation from drug co. Rep 65 3 years
26 units

LANTUS  (INSULIN GLARGINE):  Insulin glargine is used with a proper diet and exercise program to control high blood sugar in people with diabetes. Controlling high blood sugar helps prevent kidney damage, blindness, nerve problems, loss of limbs, and sexual function problems. Proper control of diabetes may also lessen your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Insulin glargine is a man-made product that is similar to human insulin. It replaces the insulin that your body would normally make. It acts longer than regular insulin, providing a low, steady level of insulin. It works by helping blood sugar (glucose) get into cells so your body can use it for energy. Insulin glargine may be used with a shorter-acting insulin product. It may also be used alone or with other diabetes drugs.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)