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 4  Diabetes none Noticed that it degrades easily. Must dispose of it after 30 days of opening. I have had a couple of vials that are bad and I believe it was because of a change of temperature due to the mail order pharmacy i am forced to use through my insurance F 39 6 years
 5  type 2 diabetes No side effects Lantus is really working for me....glucose levels are close to normal all day...taking in conjunction with actos and metformin Have gotten off glyburide... F 64 4 weeks
 1  type 2 Weard dreams,cramping in hands, neuromotor malfunction in fingers Posion has 2.7 mg of cresol (LYSOL) per 10ml vial look up side effects of cresol lots of neurological problems M 45 2 years
 3  type 2 diabetes weight gain The insulin has helped reduce blood sugar, but it must change your metabolism. Unfortunately the weight gain has caused my bloodsugar to increase, but it's still lower than without using it. For the person who said the injection site stings - you need to wait until the alcohol is completely dry before injecting. M 56 3 months
 3  diabetes none M 55 1 years
 5  Type II Diabetes No side effects I use Lantus twice a day with Aprida (Aprida on a sliding scale) I am getting excellent readings and my last A1c was 5.9 F 54 2 years
 4  diabetes M 57 6 years
 2  Diabetes Type 2 I was on Lantus for 4 days. I started experiencing anxiety the second day, my blood sugar was coming down so it was working in that respect. I also take Metformin. By the end of day 4, I had a huge anxiety attack and felt faint while driving home from the store. I didn't think that I would make the 1/2 mile but did. I immediately checked my BS and it was 140 so I wasn't hypoglycemic. I also take 40 mg of Inderal 4x a day so I can image what it would have been like if I had not been on it. I'm sensitive to any stimulants including my own adrenaline so this might just be specific to those with the same condition. I did notice a new insulin advertised on TV and it had 'jittery' as one of the side effects where as Lantus doesn't. I wonder if it's unreported. I stopped taking it. F 60 4 days
 4  Type 1 Diabetes sudden drop in blood sugar levels, burning (mostly during the first few weeks I started taking it) When I was first diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes, I was prescribed Lantus as my long acting insulin, and Novolog as my short acting insulin. When I first started taking Lantus, I would notice a mild burning sensation after the injection. That burning sensation doesn't happen that often anymore. The other thing I notice is that generally when my blood sugar levels are around 120 or lower I feel shaky, along with the rest of the symptoms of a low blood sugar level. I generally have to eat something when my blood sugar levels are stabilized or else my blood sugar levels will dip down past 90. I have never been on any other long acting insulin. I take 32 units of Lantus every 24 hours. As for the Novolog, I take one unit per 15 grams of carbohydrate. When my blood sugar levels are high, I take one unit of Novolog for every 50 points over the 120 reading on my glucometer. I generally try to aim for a higher blood sugar level than a lower one, I'd rather have to take more insulin la M 21 3.4 years
 5  diabetes low sugar does the trick with novolog M 53 1.2 years
 5  diabetes type 1 increased neuropathy pains in afternoon or towards end of vial. I can eliminate most neuropathy pains by taking more units or splitting up my doses into morning and night. Only problem with splitting up the doses though is the complications it makes from travelling and having to keep the lantus cool. Though it's hard to fault find with a medicine that is the reason why you are still alive. M 26 2 years
 5  Type 1 DM none that I know of. Although I noticed that it goes bad quicker than other insulins. I usually eat 2 big meals a day, plus 2-3 very light snacks (e.g. 1 oz almonds, fruit, cheeze, etc.) Prior to using Lantus, I was on Humalog 75/25 mix. Now I take the pure Humalog (5-25 units depending on food) before each meal, and 20-25 units of Lantus at bedtime. Very rare cases of hypo/hyper-glycemia now. Maintaining a good glucose level throughout the day was never this easy. Though traveling is a bit difficult because Lantus needs to be refridgerated at all times. Plus it's not cheap. This isn't a cure-all miracle drug for diabetes but it's almost like having a pump as it really levels out your glucose level nicely. WARNING: don't mix it with other insulin -- don't use the same needle for different insulins. Also, don't let it out of the fridge for too long... it'll go bad really quickly! M 36 1 years
 5  Type 1 Diabetes Burning at injection site Worth the pain. M 34 30 days
 4  type2 diabetes none F 45 5 months
 5  Type 1 Diabetes When taking Lantus in conjunction with Humalog insulin, be more cautious of low blood sugar reactions. Thi insulin provides an excellent, long-lasting basal dose of insulin. It is convienently taken once a day, at bedtime. However,some users may not get adequate control with one dose daily and must split their insulin dose to a twice-a-day schedule. It's like the pump in the way you receive constant coverage. It has helped this brittle diabetic lower her HgA1C to an 8! Hooray! My neuropathy and blurry vision have also improved. If your internist recommends Lantus definately give it a try. F 35 2 years
 5  high blood sugar - diabetes Type 2 No side effects noted. Very effective in maintaining a stable and normal level of blood sugar over a 24 hour period. I starting taking Lantus when oral anti-diabetic (amaryl) proved no longer effective. M 58 60 days
 5  high blood sugar - diabetes Type 2 No side effects noted. Very effective in maintaining a stable and normal level of blood sugar over a 24 hour period. I starting taking Lantus when oral anti-diabetic (amaryl) proved no longer effective. M 58 60 days