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 1  type 2 diabetes started at 12 units x 3 days went to 13units x3 days. Stopped taking on third 13 unit day(Supposed to increase to 14units) Blood sugar persistently went up. Before taking was in 2 to 300 range when I stopped it was over 600. Sr and team still insist that plants can't increase blood sugar because it is insulin. I will not take any more. Went back to Actos. Sill having spikes over 600. I have stage 4 kidney failure and am having great difficulty finding high protein food not full of salt. Any suggestions on a good drug to use? F 78 9 days
13 1X D
 1  Diabetic 2 2nd time same adverse reactions. Edema legs and feet. Belly and hands. Shortness of breath . I have chf class c and stage 4ckd Need meds to NOT make cong heart failure Worse! F 62 1 days
 1  Type 2 diabetic 1 days
 4  DM type 2, A1c 9.0 Site burning & lumps as dosage increases. Horrid gas & bloating. Constipation when I used to have looser stools. Pre supper readings good but AM STILL 170+. Bed time readings 130-150. Hate the horrid foul gas! F 55 6 months
16 units
 1  Doctor wanted to stablize long act 20 lbs of wt gain. Hated it. Still have bad effects. M 50 10 months
 4  diabetis Since taking Lantus, my hands and feet are in so much pain its nothing I've ever experienced before M 68 6 months
 1  Type 2 diabetes Sandpaper bowel movements hand feet arms swelling neropathy six 6.4 Creasol will burn the hell on body ask a coal miner roofer. CANCER too M 65 2 months
 3  Diabetes Anyone else on Lantus have Diabetic Frozen Shoulder? Seems to be a few online that suspect that there might be a connection. F 39 3 years
1X D
 2  Type 2 The first two pens I am fine. Then I get anxiety and a real dull feeling like I can't feel joy anymore. Also have a lot of heart pounding and insomnia. Did not do great with my sugars either. Between 149 and 220. When i don't take it I might have 20 points higher. Don't know whether that is worth the side effects. Having a real hard time with all of diabetes meds. F 53 6 months
 2  Diabetes Easily go hypoglyemic if too active, severe joint pain all over body, itching, swollen stomach & weight gain, tingling in hands and crawling sensation on skin, regular nausea and headaches,bouts of severe shakes as if I'm hypoglycemic, but #'s are normal, Severe fatigue, occasional bouts of Vertigo so severe that cannot drive a car and must lean against walls to walk around at home. I've been on it for approx. 4 years and currently injecting 80 units @ bedtime -- Do not know what I am going to about all this, but now realize from this blog that it is all related to the Lantus LA. I have days when the joint pain is so sever I can barely walk or put on or take off my jacket. M 62
1X D

 1  diabetes Severe body pain all over, could barely walk. Headache, confusion, heart pounding, muscles cramping and stumble while walking. Just over all feeling bad and I thought I would die if I stayed on this drug! Went off of it and feel great now! M 65 3 months
26 1X D
 1  High blood sugar Ear pain joint paint leg n back pain eye pain headaches...stopped as soon as I got off Lantus or any long acting insulin F 60 4 months
20 to 25 m
 5  i have diabetes. 2 type I have weakness for having sex low duration but when I take 20units at night daily my duration increase 15 minutes wohhhhh but my doctor Asima at korangi cross clinic in Karachi add some blood pressure tablets I want to know that is insulin benefits of blood pressure tablets For tell me contact any side effect call +923453840094 on Facebook feroz chandio ratodero M 28 1 days
20 unit
 1  For high blood glucose control 80lb weight gain, sore joints, eye surgery required, both eyes, major leg cramps, excessive hunger and several bottom outs (major drop in numbers). Knowing it was the drugs I confronted my physician repeatedly until she finally admitted that the medication did have appetite enhancers in it along with other medication that cause the side effects I was experiencing. Stopped immediately now on Novolog/Novolin 70/30. Lost 35 lbs, feeling & sleeping much better! F 54 3 years
60 u x 3 d
 1  To lower sugars Swelling over all body but especially in my face and neck. Can't sleep, head pounding. Jaw pain. F 72 1 months
 3  Diabetes Type 2 The Lantus worked well on my glucose level but it burned like fire. I have switched to Toujeo. The toujeo requires a slightly higher dose (30 units) and burns much much less. F 45 3 months
23 units 1X D
 1  Type II Diabetes The major side effect was that I gained 37 pounds in 11 months, going from a slim 169 to a fat 206, while taking it. The extra wait rendered Lantus non-effective for me. I gained this weight even as I swam regularly 3 - 5 times a week. As of yesterday, my Dr agreed that the added wait was not good for me and removed me from Lantus and returned me to Metformin twice a day and Victoza at the lowest level, once a day. Good riddance Lantus. M 55 11 months
50MG 1X D
 1  Type 2 dm. Burning at injection site and fat storage at sites. M 70 10 months
30 mg
 2  To lower my bloods Ive gone from being between 72-75kg to nearly 90kg in three months!! Sore joints and pins and needles in feet and hands. Sore heads which i've never suffered with before. All the weight is on my torso. Also i have no idea if this is related but when i get a mosquito bite they are worse than they used to be? My bloods are better now though. M 30 3 months
 2  Uncontrollable Type 2 Diabetes I have always been overweight but never had issues with my belly, a month into Lantus i started seeing a change in my belly it started growing, now 2 months with Lantus and i totally feel like in about to give birth and I'm not even pregnant :( F 34 2 months