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 3  I have type 2 diabetes Extremely painful constipation, fatigue, and sore throat and sinusitus came on just recently Not sure if it got a lot worse cuz increase in dosage so I'm gonna stay on it for anothed week but only take 10 units at nite. I feel awful.. plus hate the bloating and weight gain F 52 2 weeks
10-80 mg
 1  Type I Diabetes At first no issues except injection site irritation. Then developed serious side effects including extreme constipation, significant weight gain, cramping in my hands, swollen abdomen, and fatigue. Lantus has serious quality control issues with new bottles working too well and sending me into insulin shock for the entire duration of the Lantus. Scary Stuff. F 37
44 Units 1X D
 2  I'm a diabetic type 1 fatigue, increased farting, weight gain, forgetfulness, depression, appetite disorder, sleep disturbances, hypoglycaemia F 46 6 years
19 1X D
 5  Physician recommend Slight burning for about 30 seconds at injection sites. I have never read such a group of un-informed blather as I see here. #1. Lantus does NOT "go bad quickly", and does NOT require refrigeration after beginning usage. Read the directions sometimes. Also it seems that a lot of the "side effects" mentioned more than likely are not caused by the drug but by the insecurity of the patient. One thing not mentioned is that injection site location is important, with the abdomen being the most effective location. M 70 3 months
15 units 1X D
 1  Type 1diabetes At first i thought this was going to be great, one shot of longacting without ups and downs or peaks. After years of feeling like I was surely in deaths door, i figured out this med was THE issue! Not only would the site of injection burn, but eventually my entire body was burning. I had back pain, leg pain, felt unwell all the time. I noticed once i would inject, i would begin to feel this unnatural"rise" climb up my spine and it would feel like i was in a vice grip starting in my low back up to the top of my head. I developed osteoporosis, gum disease, hair loss, depression, weight gain, migraines and an unrelenting rash! F 40 6 years
 4  type 2 diabetic Severe muscle and joint pain, fatigue, bloating, anxiety, mood swings, irritability has lowered my sugars not sure if its worth all the side affects. F 34 6 months
100 1X D
 4  Diabetic nil M 74 12 months
26mg 1X D
 5  to help maintain a steady blood sug only some bruising at site of injections wonderful drug! Everyone should be on this who has diabetes! F 59 3 years
44 1X D
 5   None that I can separate out from being combined with Novalog for short term blood glucose control M 61 4 years
42 units 1X D
 2  Diabetes Stinging and burning when I injected it. Occasional swelling at injection site. Mostly this just didn't work for me. Although it did seem to lower my blood sugar sometimes, my numbers were still usually in the 200's or above. Only after my Dr. started me on the Humalog mix 75/25 did my numbers come down more. I also use Novolog. F 51 3 years
Varied 2X D
 5  Diabetes No side effects Lantus has given me tight control of my blood sugar. It works very well . I Give lantus an all star.rating . My blood sugar is now normal thanks too lantus. F 40 1 days
10units 1X D
 5  Diabetes The only side effects I expirence is burning during injection and it doesn't happen with every dose. It just happens time to time. Lantus has been an amazing drug for me. It has effectively lowered my high blood sugar to normal levels! I was struggling with very high sugar from 200 to300 range before lantus. It works so well for me my levels are that of a person without diabetes now. Once you find the dose that's right for you its amazing how effective lantus is! I really like the fact that lantus doesn't peak like other insulins so I don't get unwanted lows while taking lantus! Just one shot a day covers me all day! I'm on a sliding scale of humulin but rarely have to take it because lantus does such a great job! I truely recomend lantus to all who are struggling with high blood sugar. The side effects are so minimumal its really a great drug. I use lantus in the solostar pen and its sooo. Easy to use. The small needle is so painless and the pen is so nice it can be taken anywhere and it looks like a regular marking pen! Its soo convienant. So much easier than vials and syringes! With lantus, once you find the dose correct for you, its a God send! Don't give up just do some trials with your doctor to find your dose and once you do, your sugar will run normal again with lantus! I can not stress enough how well this drug has been doing for me! No more struggle with high numbers for me! I think the most important thing to remember is be patient because it does take a little time to find the correct dose for your bodys needs. Once you find that dose, you will be amazed on how well lantus works! I am very gr F 41 6 months
10 units 1X D
 5  Diabetes Slight Burning during injection from time too time if insulin was left on the tip off the needle after the insulin was primed in the solostar pen. Lantus has helped me achieve great control over my blood sugar levels.solostar pen is easy to use and is so convineant! Id recommend lantus to anyone struggling with high blood sugar. Lantus lasts twenty four hours and it's only one shot a day which is nice. I'm Very pleased with lantus solostar pen. F 41 6 months
20 units 1X D
 2  Type 1 diabetes Bad hypos during the night I would have to spike myself up during the night, just so I wouldn't drop too low. Was constantly worrying that one morning I wouldn't wake up F 20 8 months
40 units 1X D
 2  type 2 diabetes I definitely helped with my blood sugars but I got an allergic reaction - very bad rash After four and a half years of ugly, red, very itchy spots on my legs (dermatologist told me they were insect bites) I finally made the connection! another dermatologist did two biopsies and results came back as "definite drug eruption!" the symptoms started the same summer I started Lantus. Will be switching to Levemir. F 54 4.5 years
 5  Diabetic - Type 1 No side effects The real value of Lantus is that it keeps staedy rate of glugose rate in blood for the whole 24 hours. Before lantus I used to wake up 4:00 AM due to low glucose rate, or have to keep higher rate of glucose beofre sleeping. But after Lantus I am no longer having this dillema. It is a perfect product for Type 1 diabetes. M 37 5 years
 1  Type 1 Diabetes since aged 4 years Chronic fatigue, debilitating muscle & joint pain, loss of hypoglycaemia symptoms, memory difficulties, depression, felt toxic as if I was being poisoned, felt as if I was walking around with a cold fish bowl over my head all the time despite good glycaemic control, weight gain My deepest regret with taking this GM synthetic analogue was that I didn't make the connection sooner regarding the debilitating side effects I was experiencing. Since changing back to Porcine Animal Insulin I have got my life back - my energy levels have returned, muscle & joint pain disappeared, lost that foggy toxic feeling, lost weight & hypo symptoms have returned. F 43 5 years
 2  Diabetes type 1 Fatigue, tiredness, emotional effects (anxiety, depression type feelings) I spent a long time with specific feelings of weakness, fatigue, and a tendency to anxiety, while on Lantus. On going off it, I found this whole set of symptoms disappeared within 24 hours, especially the anxiety. Later, I went back on and off it again briefly (few days), and found the same symptoms again correlated with the insulin. M 33 3 years
 2  Type 2 Diabetes Dramatic weight gain.. During the first month, I gained 10 lbs! Most of it is midsection, which is not heart healthy. Diet has not changed. Some edema, especially in ankles, which I have never had before unless eating too much salt. I did not see appreciable improvement in my BG levels, and the weight gain will add to insulin resistance.. so this has actually set me back. F 55 45 days
 5  High glucose level acidity issues take it in conjunction with 750 metformin 1 X a day M 57 1 days