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 1  Diabetes Since I taking Lantus o have gained 20 b pounds and always hungry. My stomach looks like if I am 9 months pregnant. Also, I always feel dizzy after taking it. Why the di de e effects are so danger? F 59 1 days
 3  Type II - Pills no longer effective I have experienced extreme hunger, and gained over 20 pounds in four months. The weight gain is mainly in my stomach in the form of bloating. Most recently I have developed joint pain in my shoulders and neck, which has made sleeping very uncomfortable. I take Lantus in the evening and my blood sugar levels were consistently normal in the mornings (below 120), however after three months my overall 1AC was still over 10. My Dr then put me on Novolog at 7 units, three times a day. I have not had another 1AC since the addition of Novolog. My worst concern is the weight gain which I can't seem to loose. I started Lantus at a comfortable 159 and now I weigh 181. (Going in the wrong direction). M 54 4 months
50 Units 1X D
 5  Type 2 None to date Switched from Levemir, which was not doing anything to lower. my blood sugar. Averaged reading were between 200-225, sometimes spiking at 350. Switched to Lantus and saw immediate results. Lower readings by 60 points, lowered dosages to prevent hypoglycemic reactions @ 75. M 70 1 months
60 1X D
 5  phish shows Some time something was so wrong with my lantus. Rather than treating me seriously they called the lab Gestapo. This made it worse. Periwinkle M 39 1 years
 4  DM 2 Gas/bloating. My (extra) weight has shifted towards the center of my body (belly fat). I do not usually have this; it is usually spread out. I also take Victoza 0.6 (starting week two tomorrow at 1.2 dose). I am happy to say that my blood sugars have normalized. I believe the Lantus played a huge part in this. F 45 3 weeks
15 1X D
 4  To Lower Blood Sugars No reported side effects from MY personal experience. It does burn as I am injecting & the burning lasts quite a while after but is not something that would make me want to stop taking this medication. I am on Lantus 55 units at night, Novolog base 18 units at each meal + my sliding scale, Victoza 1.2 mg injection daily & MetFORMIN 500mg ER twice daily for my blood sugars (that consistently run between 400-650+) I have been admitted to the hospital 4 times in the past 45 days, diagnosed with DKA (so NOT fun) I follow a very strict low carb diet with moderate exercise & have high hopes of my blood sugars coming down to acceptable levels. I have noticed some constipation but am NOT sure it is from the Lantus. F 32 2 months
55 units 1X D
 4  lower blood sugar The only thing I had to get use to was eating right after taking it otherwise I have no other problems except burning when needle is injected incorrectly. F 42 1 days
 1  type 2 diabetes After using Lantus for about the first 2 months, everything was going great. But for the last 2 months I've developed itching over my entire body. I called my Doctor and he gave me some prescription creme to use on my body to control the itching, but as it is, it did not work. I've spend a lot of time on the internet looking for answers of what is causing my itch. Now I find that the itching over my entire body is a very rare condition caused by Lantus injections. It does surprise me that my doctor, who recommended me to take this product, is not aware of the side effects. I know that I'm suppose to call my doctor about stopping this drug, but since he felt no interest to call me back, I just quit tonight. We'll see in a few days if all this itching stops and lets me sleep through the night for once. M 70 5 months
30 units 1X D
 2  type 2 diabetes Severe joint n bone pain....headaches n ear pain...cramps in legs n arms...bsck pain vision problems....all stopped when I got off lantus n levimir F 62 5 years
70 mg day
 4  Oral medications stopped working No noticeable problems. Sometimes, but not always, there is a slight burning sensation when injected. My blood sugar is stable, but I still have to increase dosage slightly, every couple months. I Hope I reach a point that the dosage becomes stable. 15 months
40 1X D
 3  T2 2 months fine then progressivley worse pain in left shoulder, followed by both shoulders followed by now limited range of movement, feels like shoulders are dislocating in some positions. I know this because I dislocated both before. Burning on injection pretty much every time, put stone and a half on in 6 months, always hungry and I mean REALLY hungry! Lumps and alot of itching. Feeling slightly "outside" myself and dizzy. I'm going to speak to Nurse about another insulin and if she says no I'm going to stop it and deal with the effects myself, bored with feeling ill and not worth a life of feeling crap for a few extra years M 44 8 months
38Mg 1X D
 1  Type 2 The skin on my face, neck, chest and arms turned red. Hair falling out. Weight gain due to Enshasabl appetite. I use to eat 3 meals a day with no snacking and now I can't stop eating. I am forgetting thing as I am talking And the worst thing is uncontrollable muscle spasms. On my right calf. Almost 7 years I had yo have right foot removed due you Charcot Foot. When I woke up I was having the spasms and have been ever since. At time I have to be hospitalised. I have bad swilling in legs and hands. I fight constipation and loose stools. I get bad headache. I think the lantis is the problem m . F 54 8 years
 1  type 2 diabetes Swollen stomach (11 inches bigger overnight), constipation, stomach pain, nausea, vomitting. After numerous negative tests for many possible issues, turned out to be the Lantus. Be aware. F 52 6 months
40 mg x2
 3  Type II Burning at injection site/ mild bloating/ mild constipation/ painful gas I am still adjusting to the medication and I still have not reached a therapeutic level that controls glucose levels completely. The side effects aren't necessarily a deal breaker IF it will eventually be effective at controlling levels. It may be my physician is cautious and is sneaking up to the proper dose from the bottom but I am disappointed so far in it's effects. I think it's important for potential patients to understand how difficult it could be to get the dosage right. M 51 3 months
20 MG 1X D
 2  To lower blood sugar I gained 15 pounds very quickly and was hungry all the time. I believe Lantus has effected my teeth- 6 months before starting this medication I had 1 cavity now I have 8. There is a bit of burning at the injection site and occasional itching. I take twice a day to avoid going very low during the night.My daytime numbers still run a little high. F 62 9 months
47 mg
 5  type 2 Sometimes it burns if lantus is primed on needle. But no other side effects!! F 41 1 months
 3  type 2 Diabetes I also take 850 mg of Metformin. I have been taking it for a month now. It is lowering bs. I am dealing with consipation. F 46 1 days
24 units
 3  type 2 Not now . M 47 2 weeks
 1  diabetes 2 Hair loss edema in feet and calves muscle spasms/cramps in calves and fingers stomach problems sweats occasional burning during and after injecting F 65 2 years
55 1X D
 1  type 2 diabetic I was fine the first six months and then terrible joint pain in my ankles. It gets really bad about 20 mins after I take it at bedtime. I started taking codeine for pain, and then it dawned on me it is the lantus. I stopped the lantus and really watched my diet and thepain stopped in a few days, and I started a different insulin. F 51 2 years
80units 1X D