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 2  Birth Control Acne, Irritability, moodiness, Anxiousness I've only been on the pill for a week but I've defly noticed a change in me in regards to mood. I am quick to be angry at my boyfriend, my patience for people have lessened, I have an increase in acne around my chin and mouth area. My period is a bit irregular, mostly spotting. I guess i'll continue on this pill to give the benefit of the doubt but if the moodiness continues, I can't continue. F 31 8 days
 1   weight gain, nause Took this pill for 2 wks and the first wk I already gained 1 lb I had to stop right away because it is bothering my stomach. I tried taking it in AM but I can't drive properly because of nausea, tried taking it at dinner but I would wake up feeling sick in the middle of the night. I called my OBGYN today and she is replacing it. F 27 15 days
 1  Birth Control I'm glad I found this website because today was my first and last day taking Estrostep. I started taking it because I wouldn't get my period for like 2 months, so my OB/GYN prescribed it for me. However reading the side effects from others, I'm not going to wait and see if the same will happen to me. So long Estrostep- thank you ladies!!! F 20 1 days
 1  Wife is She gained about 25lbs. And all of the above. Extreme stomach problems. no sex drive. moody, depressed This pill sucks M 26 9 months
 1  birth control Vaginal pain during intercourse. Nausea headache. Mononoxyl-9 sucks as well. F 26 8 months
 1  Birth Control If you have any serious side effect you can report them to Food and Drug Administration at:
 1   Hi girls, I found this website with forums about bcp also very helpful
 1  prevent pregnancy Major wieght gain. Very moody, depressed, irritable...(do i have to go on) I have never felt so insecure about my body since I have taken estrostep. My cycle ends in two days and I am NEVER taking them again. I gained atleast 10pounds and feel bloating and puffy all the time! The thought of wearing a bikini is making me very sad. My boyfriend and I decided to stop BC pills all together and use condoms. I rather have bad cramps every month then feel like Im pregnant every day F 29 2 months
 1  Birth control My 15 year old daughter began this product 2 months ago. Now suffering from SEVERE depression and stomach pain. This should be used cautiously, if not at all!!!! She is NOT the same person she was 2 months ago... F 2 months
 1  acne way more acne, mood swings, severe depression, wanted to murder children, absolutely no sex drive, blamed my boyfriends penis for the problem. Missed period and threatened to leave the country if I were pregnant. Increased appetite, gained major weight in short period of time despite working out and burning 300 calories per day. Could nap until Christ comes back. I'm going back to OTC. F 31 3 days
 1  heavy period, prevent pregnancy constant periods first 3 months, weight gain, very moody, depression this was horrible!! the 1st 3 months I bled constantly then all of a sudden it stopped-my skin did clear up & my periods were almost non-existent. That is the only good thing about estrostep! I gained 15lbs, have no sex drive, & turn into the wicked witch of the west at the drop of a hat! Dr is switching me to Orthonovum because have now been bleeding for a month again! never had breakthrough bleeding w/orthotri but it made my skin breakout horribly! Why can't they come up with a pill that raises your sex drive, keeps skin clear with no weight gain???? Anyone have any suggestions?? F 25 1 years
 2  birth control gained 10 lbs in six months and my weight does not typically fluctuate. Moody, zero sex drive, depression F 29 6 months
 5  To regulate period I had no side effects. For my condition which was a frequent period every 2-1/2 -3 weeks, which were extremely painful, and left me guessing when I would get my period, estrostep was a welcome medication. I'm on it now and don't feel any cramps. I noticed that I had an increase in appetite and cravings for spicy foods. No breakthrough bleeding at all, but that was because I took the pill at the exact time every day. I was extremely pleased and my body thanked me. F 27 2 months
 2  prevent pregnancy horrific cramps, extreme breast tenderness, depression, no sex drive I was on the Depo shot for 4 years and decided to get off of it after reading more about side effects over time. I also had noticed a decline in my libido and gained 40+ lbs. My doctor put me on Estrostep, and I was very anxious to make the switch. I had't had a period in 4 years due to the shot, so maybe is why my first month on Estrostep has been so bad, but i wake up EVERY NIGHT with cramps so bad that I can't walk or move. And my breast are so sensitive and tender that taking a shower irritates them. I also went from low libido to NO libido. I am 24 years old. That's not supposed to happen! I am MISERABLE! I am going to stay on Estrostp for one more month to see if it gets any better, but if the cramps continue I will have no choice but to stop taking it. I never had cramps even before birth control and they are one of the worst pains I've experienced. I'm so frustrated that I'm considering not using birth control at all anymore. F 24 1 months
 3  Prevent Pregnancy Sudden/extreme headaches and migraines. Some breast tenderness during first 1-2 months, but that subsided. No weight gain or ache problems. I feel slightly more emotional and sensitive than before. I have had a few migraines in the past, but recently have been getting extreme and sudden migraines 2-3 times a week. They are unbearable and sometimes last for more than a day. Other than the headaches, this pill is hasn't given me any other major problems. I would suggest NEVER taking this pill on an empty stomach - otherwise you're doomed. Taking it with food seems to help with the side effects. F 25 4 months
 3  to regulate breakthrough bleeding weight gain, acne, low low sex drive I started taking this drug to regulate breakthrough bleeding and it has done a wonderful job with that. However, I have gained at least 15 lbs. in the last year and I have worse skin now then I did as a teenager! I guess I would recommend it as a last resort pill. If you're taking it strictly for birth control reasons, try something else! F 28 1 years
 1  Birth Control Migraine headaches, Brown spots developed on my face, and I was noticing extreme mood swings and depression, plus I was bleeding almost throughout the entire month I hardly ever get headaches, and have never had a migraine in my life. I started getting migraines on my menstral cycle and my general practioner thinks there's a link to this new pill. I was previously on Ortho-Tri and switched because I was spotting. But I never had any other problems with Ortho, and my skin was flawless and glowing as a result of taking it for five years. After I switched to Estrostep, I didn't notice any changes right away, but they have been nonstop for the last two weeks (migraines, mood swings, depression). I also had a fainting spell with a migraine a month ago that I now think might be related. The mood swings are the worst. I am not normally a moody person and I find my emotions are completely out of my control, and it's affecting my relationship with my boyfriend and coworkers. And I noticed a brown spot on my face, and have begun to develop acne, which is highly unusual for me! I went off Estrostep four days ago and am still feeling the side effect F 28 4 months
 2  prevent pregnancy mood swings, cramps, acne, BLEEDING ANY AND ALL TIMES OF THE MONTH Since I started taking this my mood has been out of control and I've had periods of very bad depression that I have never had before. I got painful cramps during the 2nd and 4th weeks for the first few months and bleeding along with it. For the more recent months I have had bleeding and cramps randomly and for this month, continuously. Before taking the pills I had mild acne, nothing too bad, and since I have been taking it I get very painful acne on my face and back. I can't wait to try a different pill. F 19 7 months
 1  Acne/prevent pregnancy Horrible mood swings. Constant irritability and unhappiness. High anxiety levels. The pimples (just a few) went away, but the personality changes are NOT worth the improvement in complexion. No weight gain, though. I scream and cry for no reason. I am not myself and have alienated my friends and loved ones by driving them insane. I tried OTC and it broke out my face. OTC-lo did as well. I asked for a BC pill to combat the slight acne and now I am an emotional rollercoaser. It will probably clear your acne which you can appreciate on your own b/c no one will be around you to care. My best friend asked me, "Do you like being this person?" My answer? NO! And I'm off to find a new BC. F 28 4 months
 1  contraception Became irritated on day 2!! I was moody, and hated everything! The worst part was the 12 pound weight gain in 3 weeks!!! I went from 115 to 127, then after trying to starve myself, I went down to 125. But All I could think about was food!! F 27 21 days