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 5  birth control. I used to have terrible acne, and I'm allergic to the benzoclyn found in many acne products, so creams were almost out of the question. I was also pretty irregular. I'd go almost 5 months without a period. But within 3 months of taking Estrostep, my acne had been greatly healed and my periods were starting to regulate. My cramps also became lighter and much easier to handle. I did, however, get nauseus on a daily basis, so I had to switch to taking the pill at night. Other than that, I haven't had any problems. F 16 1 days
 4  birth control longer periods I got on Estrostep after an unplanned pregnancy. It was smooth sailing for about 4 months then I started having longer periods. Bleeding for 7 days instead of the usual 4 or 5. Then it progressed to the point that I was bleeding 3 WEEKS out of every month! I pretty much had clear skin before I started Estrostep, but after I started taking it- I did not even get the monthly premenstral breakouts. My sex drive was fine - when I could have sex- the one week a month I wasn't on my cycle. F 28 4 months
 1  acne /pregancy prevention I totaly despise this product !!!!!!!!!! I just had a baby 3 months ago I had started to lose the baby weight immediatly I felt great all smooth sailing . Started taking this about two months now, I stopped losing weight immediatly and have gained 7 lbs already all on the abdomen area. I also started to take this as a acne prevention thanks to estrostep you can now play connect the dots on my face due to the acne breakout I also experienced really bad leg cramps and arm cramps as if poor circulation. I really would not recommend anyone to use this product worse thing that I have ever tried. Thanks to this I feel and look horrible. F 29 2 months
 5  To help clear acne. None. Well, actually MAYBE. For a while, I seemed to be having more discharge than before I started taking the pill, but my gynecologist said I'm perfectly fine. And that problem has pretty much gone away; I feel just fine, physically. Emotionally... I don't know if it's due to taking Estrostep or just being a teenager, but I have had some pretty bad ups and downs. A lot of women here are totally bashing Estrostep Fe... I'm sorry to hear so many people had bad experiences. In my case, I haven't really experienced any negative side effects that I can definitely attribute to Estrostep. Some women are also saying their breasts got bigger after taking Estrostep. I WISH. The original reason I started taking Estrostep was to help my acne... but it doesn't seem to have helped. On the other hand, I don't think taking Estrostep has made it worse. I happened to become sexually active AFTER I started the pill, so I guess I was glad I was already on it. Well... at least I have no libido problems... I want my boyfriend just as much as he wants me lol All in all, I'm happy with Estrostep Fe. F 18 1 years
 1  so I won't get pregnant severe cramping, extreme fatigue, excessive hunger, loss of sex drive, weight gain, mild I hate it!!!!!! I'm switching today!!!!!!!! this is the worst pill ever. I was put on it after the birth of my son and I was already experiencing mild post-partom depression and it just made it worse. Plus I can't seem to lose any weight whatsoever and I'm a maniac all the time. I have zero energy to even play with my son when I get home. I HATE IT!!!!! F 22 1 years
 1  birth control Acne, depression, and unwanted excess hair as well as breast reduction. F 20 4 months
 1  birth control I thought that something was really wrong with me the way sex was really hurting so bad but it was my birth control making me have no sex drive. I'm very disappointed now after I went thru the weight gain and all the factors that you normally go thru with birth control. F 27 2 years
 4  very bad PMS, to regulate my period The first month was pretty bad, but not quite as bad as my worst PMS. Before I started taking it, PMS caused me to become very angry, sometimes even violent, along with physical symptoms, to the point where my family couldn't handle it any more. I cried alot/had mood swings the first month, but I've leveled off since then. I have gained weight recently, but I'm not sure it's related It's definitely helped to alleviate my PMS symptoms and regulate my period. I rarely ever get cramps, my mood swings have improved significantly, and my period is now very light and more managable. I spot occasionally, but it's not a serious problem F 16 6 months
 5  to prevent pregnancy none. I started Estrostep after quitting Ortho-trycyclin (which made me want only to sleep and eat and never ever want to have sex --funny, huh). I take it right before bed, which alleviates any minor feelings of upset stomach or tired feelings. F 36 10 years
 4  birth control increased appetite about a week before my period...i could eat for hours and never get full, no need to sleep 3 days before my period, feeling anxious/crazy/moody I switched from orthotricyclen because i started bleeding in the middle of my cycle. In the beginning this pill made me feel crazy. I'd have extreme highs and lows but only for the first few months. I noticed afterwards that about a week before my period I could eat incessantly and never be full, but during my period I pick at my food. A few days before my period I don't require any sleep. I think it might be when my horomones are changing or something. In the beginning it lightened my periods but never shortened them. For the past few months I've had a mini period during the second week of pills. Going to have to talk to the gyno bout that one! F 21 2 years
 2  Birth Control weight gain (NOT NORMAL FOR ME AT ALL), fatigue, mood swings, irritable I am an extremely active individual, and this drug has caused me to gain about 8-10 llbs on my 5 foot body, a lot of it has settled on my stomach. I have also noticed that I am tired ALL the time and don't feel like doing any of the normal activities in my day to day life. I have also become rather anti-social, and I am a social butterfly. I am getting off this pill ASAP! I just hope I can lose the weight I have gained before my wedding in June b/c my dress sure isn't going to fit if I don't! F 23 2 months
 5  Birth Control Weight gain,more manegable(almost no cramps) and shorter period. Light(amt) really dark menstrual flow. Love it, my doctor covers some of the fees but it has recently gone up in price. I believe in sticking with one drug so I do not think I will change. I recently stopped the pill for 3 months and now I'm going to try it again. I stopped because I just didnt have the money at the time not for any illness or problems with Estrostep. F 21 6 months
 4  control cramps and bleeding The only things I experienced was some weight gain (but that also could be because I'm a college student) and increase in breast size. But I'm not complaining about the increase in breast size. Since being put on this medication at 17, I have had a very easy and light period compared to what it was before. I know a lot of friends are more common birth controls but I have never had the problems they do. F 20 2 years
 5  Cramps, mood swings, heavy flow lighter and shorter period, cramps almost disappeared, skin cleared up drastically, breasts grew. I didn't ever have terrible skin but now i don't even wear concealer, I didn't gain weight (yay!), my boobs grew a full cupsize (double-yay!), and I'm in love with Estrostep. I used to have to leave class to take care of feminine needs every hour but now i can go most of the day without worrying, which is especially good for vacation and sports. No loss in sex drive to report. F 17 10 months
 3  Hormone Replacement WEIGHT GAIN!!! I was 120 and now weigh 148 lbs!! I was put on this medicine after having surgery. Was also on steroids but kept gaining weight after I stopped them. Have been on others before and they worked just the same but no weight gain!!! F 21 4 months
 4  regulate period, prevent pregnancy moodswings, low low low sex drive it's good for preventing pregnancy..but the only reason my doc gave me this medicine is because he's sponsored by it. i thought the moodswings and low sex drive was just me, but i see a lot of people are the same. F 18 2 days
 4  birth control over the last few months there has been a loss of sex drive, it had always caused serious mood swings(when before i was on it i NEVER experienced pms) regulated my period and made the cramps disappear for the most part F 20 2 years
 5  Period regulation, birth control Increased appetite, five pound weight loss/gain, very light period, has helped cramps a LOT I have not had a decrease in sex drive (I'm also on 20 mg Prozac for dysthymic disorder) and I trust this pill for birth control. I switched briefly to Yasmin and that actually made the cramping and breakthrough bleeding worse. My boyfriend and I use withdrawal, too, and no worries so far! My health insurance doesn't cover this med, but I stick with it because it's so effective and I love it! Weary about trying other methods such as NuvaRing and OrthoEvra patch because of side effects (I also read about women who got pregnant while on NuvaRing). I take this pill at the exact same time every day and do not skip the placebo to start a new pack. F 20 3 years
 3  Regulate period, birth control Moodiness, rages, mad for no reason. I've never been so mean and cruel in all my life. Slight weight gain, but I've been on it more than a year, so it's not an issue now. Maybe bloating near my period. Mostly just get extremely angry for no reason a lot. I'm mad at fiance' right now for no reason.... No acne. I've been on for nearly a year and a half, not sure I'll stay on due to moodiness/depression, but I heard that's with all pills? It sucks cause you know you're being irrational, but there's nothing you can do, there is guilt from spouting off to those you love. I read how someone just tells themselves to remove themselves from these types of situations or to not even TALK when they are being nuts. But that's hard to do too. I'm trying that now, no talking unless it's something NICE. Oh yeah cravings are up, major appetite around the end of the month. Might try to find a new pill. I can deal with side effects. Sex drive is high near the end, but lately it's dwindled, but it might be due to stress at work. Not sure if I'll stay on it, will ask GYN when I see her in May. F 29 1.5 years
 2  birth control weight gain, depression, mood swings, dizzy spells, raised blood pressure, spotting between cycles I'm 44 and have taken birth control since the age of 16. I am suddenly experiencing MANY health issues I have tried to pass off as side effects from having a child at the age of 43. Nothing has helped curb any of my symptoms and I feel so stupid after once again reading the insert with my birth control. All the symptoms I have are listed. I am going off this pill immediately and trying something else. F 44 1 years