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 1  birth control Extreme depression, moodiness, crying often, Very hungry, anxiety, tired all the time, can't sleep, caused acne (when I didn't have any to begin with), have hot flashes where my skin gets red then goes away. I have never had such bad side effects. Since this is the completion of my first month, I will try a second month to see if there are any changes, but will be seriously changing to a different medicine if things don't improve. F 30 28 days
 5  acne I was taking these pills last year and they were working well for me. I had mild acne as soon as I turned 21 so I decided to take the Estrostep. My acne started clearing up for me and I was also gaining weight. Yeah, I know most people won't think that's an advantage, but for me it was. I was 5'3'' and weighted about 115. As soon as I started taking these pills I went up to 135 and looked great with a clean and clear face. I have one problem. I'm pretty possitive these are the pills I was taking last year, but I want to make sure. For those of you who took these pills last year, did they come in a pink/purple box and said With Acne Contraceptive on the top of the box? I stopped taking these pills about the beginning of this year and can't seem to find them, of course til now on the internet.Thanks F 22 6 months
 5  birthcontrol/ lessen period length i have never had any bad side effects. Wonderful, a little expensive compared to other birth control pills, however it is well worth the money for me. I have been on estrostep for 3 years and love it! Never would change... before this i was on ovcon 35 and i was getting extremely sick. Estrostep is the way to go F 19 3 years
 5  acne,eliminate cramps,birthcontrol It was wonderful, I have tried the depo, estrostep, and also ortho. This birth control made my periods seem obsolete, i only bled for one or two days, no cramps, no acne (which i battle), and NO MOOD SWINGS!! I even lost about 15lbs while on this birth control. The only reason why i switched was due to a loss in insurance, so the health department gave me ortho and depo. my hair fell out with the ortho pills, and i gained about 5 lbs. NEVER get the depo. its poisen. I have gained 2olbs. which is alot for my small frame.estrostep is heaven compared to that rather bleed for two days out of the month than turn into a fat and manly woman (hair growth increased w/ depo too!) Oh and imagine how that affects the sex drive! (blah)I cannot wait to get back on estrostep birth control!!!!!! i took this BC when i was 16 until i was 18.. ortho for about two moths... depo for about 4 months now. F 20 2 years
 4  Birth Control/Heavy Flow Minimal side effects I have been really happy with Estrostep, however I have never been on any other form of birth control, so I have nothing to compare it to. Before I was on it, I had really heavy flow, after the first month of taking it, my monthly flow has been really light. I never experienced any of the weight gain or massive breakouts that others have experience, in fact I experience the opposite. I've always had a problem with acne, and this pill have completely cleared my face, with an exception to one or two pimples during the week i'm on my period. F 28 1.5 years
 1  Prevent Pregnancy Extreme moodiness, highly emotional, inability to cope with stressful situations, cramping, low sex drive This was the first birth control I tried. It was prescribed by my GYN and I didn't question the prescription. The extreme moodiness has caused problems at work and at home. Before starting on the pill, I never had PMS type symptoms and now it is like clockwork. The one advantage has been timing as my periods were never regular before. I would very cautious if I were prescribed this pill. F 24 3 years
 4  Birth Control The only complaint was longer periods (five days instead of four) but for the most part, it was fine. I lost weight easier and had little to no cramps. Migraines were slightly harder to kill but it was mad accurate as to when my period was about to start. F 21 2 years
 5  To prevent pregnancy sore breast about (3 days) Estrostep is great i've been taking it now for 8yrs. I've tried lots of birth control over the years that have made me sick to my stomach but this is great. I take it every night about 10pm. The only side affect i've experienced is sore breast for a couple of days. I would rather have sore breast for 2-3 days than feeling nausea. My period is more comfortable and my skin is great. It actually has also made me want to have sex more. So overall its a great pill. F 25 8 years
 1  Regulate perioods Horrible side effects! Bled for a whole month, didn't get my period for 7 months after that, gained 15 lbs, vomiting, horrible depression/mood swings, NO sex drive whatsoever. Bad acne flair ups. It's been 6 years and I'm horrified to try another pill because my 1st experience was so bad. M 20 8 months
 3  Regulate mood swings and cycle Very effective for mood swings and cycle regulation, but have noticed increased migraines, vaginal dryness and extremely low sex drive. F 45 5 years
 5  birth control None I have tried two different 'traditional' estrogen focused BCP and they gave me horrible side effects. I was severely depressed, irrational, lost my entire sex drive, and gained a bit of weight on the other pills. My doctor suggested Estrostep as an alternative, since it does focus more on progesterin more than estrogen. I've been on it for going on three years now, and it's amazing. My periods are to the minute, almost, and my PMS symptoms are almost gone. My libido is back up to a normal level and I don't *feel* as if I am taking a medication, which should be the goal of any medication/treatment. I know a lot of you are bashing this pill, but all of our bodies are different. What works for most women (Ortho Tri) was the absolute pits for me. Remember to each their own! F 22 3 years
 3  control cramps and bleeding break-through bleeding (for almost 2 weeks each month), very low sex-drive the week or so before my period, and mood swings. I have experienced very bad break-through bleeding since the first month on this pill; sometimes it is even heavier than my period. Also, I never used to PMS that badly when I wasn't on the pill, and now my mood swings the week or so before my period are horrible. I actually threw out my Estrostep tonight because I couldn't deal with how it was making me feel. My doctor just prescribed Femcon FE to me to fix these problems and I can't wait to start it. However, the Estrostep did make my period a lot more managable...2 days instead of 5, and much better cramps. M 19 7 months
 3  birth control weight gain Helped acne F 20 3 months
 3  birth control Anxiety, depression, mood swings, migraines and breast tenderness I have been taking Estrostep for about 5 months now. At first I felt great and didn't really feel many symptoms except for my boobs being really sore. But about up till a month ago I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety. I'm not sure if it's directly related to this pill but I don't know what else it could be. After reading other women's comments about anxiety related to this pill it makes me feel so much better that I'm not alone. F 26 5 months
 4  As a birth control method The only side effects I may have experienced was mild weight gain, if any, maybe a couple pounds. Some irritability, depression. Estrostep has been pretty good for me. I used to have horrible long, painful menstrual cycles. When I began the pill after a few months my periods have shortened to about 4 days. They are light and almost cramp free. I am also on a schedule. I know the exact day my period is coming. Most of the time it has done a great job in managing my acne except in times that I am under a great deal of stress. I could have possibly gained a few pounds but it could have also been from my diet. I do notice irritability at times and also times of depression that could be an effect of the pill. I would still recomend estrostep it has been reliable and very helpful. F 18 2 years
 5  birth control I really have not had any side effects. I have been on it for 2 1/2 years now and I have had absolutely no problems. I have had very minimal cramps, 3-4 day light periods which are very regular, no spotting, slight breast enlargement and weight gain which may or may not be connected. I love it. All of the horrible stories I had heard from friends on the pill never happened. It's great. F 23 2.5 years
 4  birth control, to regulate periods Small amount of weight gain, occasional bleeding between periods It really helped regulate my periods. Before I started on it I never knew when my period was going to come. And my periods were also really heavy and really long with awful cramping, also I had problems with throwing up right around the time my period would start. Now that I am on Estrostep I still get some cramping but it is very manageable with a few Tylenol. No more puking either. I have gained about 5 pounds but I don't know if this is a result of the pill itself or the fact that I'm no longer throwing up 3 days out of every month. Occasionally I'll have spotting between periods but it's only about twice a year and doesn't last long so it's not too annoying. My doctor said Estrostep would help to clear up acne that I had on my back and shoulders but it really didn't. But overall Estrostep has been good for me at least and my periods are a lot more manageable now, and I'm also not pregnant! F 22 3 years
 2  prevent ovarian cysts I have had the same horrible weight gain as many other people! I've never had a problem with my weight and now after being on this pill for a little over a month - I have gained 8 pounds. I don't even eat that much and I can never lose any weight! In addition, I feel tired all of the time and very moody. I am going off of this pill at the end of this cycle. F 46 2 months
 4  regulate, birth control Cleared up stress acne, some breast enlargement (didn't give me back what I had before nursing 2 children), cry easier, shortened period from 7-14 days to 3-5 days & regulated to every 28 days. F 30 2 years
 5  birth control. *** (meant to put years for the last one) I used to have terrible acne, and I'm allergic to the benzoclyn found in many acne products, so creams were almost out of the question. I was also pretty irregular. I'd go almost 5 months without a period. But within 3 months of taking Estrostep, my acne had been greatly healed and my periods were starting to regulate. My cramps also became lighter and much easier to handle. I did, however, get nauseus on a daily basis, so I had to switch to taking the pill at night. Other than that, I haven't had any problems. F 16 1 years