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 5  Birth Control I became a nymph... acctually by the end of the month if i didnt have sex when i needed it i was ready to kill someone. I would have to have it more and more each day as the month went on.... I lost weight. F 18 2 months
 4  Birth Control Depression, Moody, Emotional, Shorter and Lighter periods (YAY!), Weight Gain, Breasts grew =( Sometimes my period will start right on time, and others it takes 3 or 4 days to start. It helped with my acne too. On a down side, my doctor had said birth control would help my cramps, but they still are HORRIBLE. My brests went up a cup size as well, making me a DD, it sucks. F 18 7 months
 1  Birth control Depression, Lethargy, Weight gain in 10 days, I've gone from 110 to 120lb and I can't stop eatting. I was going to the gym 3 times a week, now I have no energy to do anything, and can hardly stay awake past 8pm. I feel severely depressed and unstable. Also constant discharge since I've been on the pill. I will not take it again. F 25 10 days
 2  period regulation spotting frequently, horrible cramping, moodiness, extreme emotional see-sawing, headaches, weight gain, loss of hair, dizziness I took estrostep for about a year. The first couple of months my body did not adapt well to it at all- i would experience terrible stomach pain to the point where i could do nothing but lay in one spot. My body was ok after that for a while, but i then experienced two different episodes of fever and extreme cramping in my side, followed by spotting almost every month. So then i swithed to ortho tricyclen lo and i love it. F 19 1 years
 1  Birth Control Increased Facial Acne, irregular menstrual cycle F 22 96 days
 3  periods, cramps, dont want baby moodiness, yeast infections at least once a month, lessened cramps, clear skin, boobs got a little bigger. i switched to this bc i was on ortho tricyclen lo and i had two periods a month for 3 months... i dont like taking bc though.... F 22
 5  long periods/ovarian cysts My face started to clear up in the 4th month.Gained about 5 lbs. Love my new sex drive(so does my BF) My periods only last about 3 days.but it is really expensive. F 24
 4  Regularity About a year after taking this birth control I started feeling really sick. So I stopped taking it, but two years later I still feel very nauseated. My stomach has bleeding and inflammtion, the cause has not yet been determined. It makes me wonder alot if it was the birth control. Only time will tell. F 19 2 years
 4  irregular periods Mood swings, breast grew one cup size!!!(yeah), missed periods, and bloating the week of my period. I've been on it for 4 years, and in the begining my periods were regular, but now it comes when it wants. My breast did grow, which is a plus. When i do have my period it is really light and lasts 2-3 days. I had NO weight gain! The only problem is the mood swings and feeling anxiety a lot, its strange. I read others and they felt anxiety too, but i didn't related it to Estrostep. Otherwise, it is a good pill! F 24 4 years
 1  Birth Control Acne like crazy. And little brwon patches on my face! I will never ever take birth control again. If my boyfriend doesnt like condoms he can leave! I wish i decided never to have sex until i was married or Wanted kids. I hate being the girl. This is ridiculous that i have to get all these acne scars n now brown spots on ym face juss to have sex that he prolly enjoys way more then me. Why can't they invent something to stop the stupid sperm from swimming? F 7 times
 4  BC breast tenderness/soreness, mood swings, increased appetite the week before my period. I've been on Estrostep for about 8 years and have been fine with it. Although recently I've been feeling unhappy and very anxious/nervous for reasons I cannot figure out. Since this is the only medication I take, I figured I'd read up on it. I'm still not sure if it's the medication that's making me feel this way, but I'm going to stop it and see what happens. Not until I read everyone else's comments did I realize that I have been experiencing side effects all these years and not really knowing it could be related to the Estrostep. Yeast infections, breast tenderness, increased hunger the week before my period, mood swings. I'm definitely going to try stopping and see if I feel better. Anyone else on Estrostep for this long and then just have a side effect manifest??? I'm still not sure if after 8 years a side effect can just pop up. Thought it would have happened a long time ago if anything! F 28 8 years
 2  Regulate period I gained 10 pound while on estrostep and had serious food cravings. It caused me to be extremely moody and go through depression. It also caused me to have severe breakouts on my chest, back, and face. I am switching to Ortho tri-cyclen lo. It helped regulate my period and I had virtually no breakthrough bleeding. I did not find it to affect my sex drive at all. F 18 1 years
 5  BC, Cramps Low Sex Drive Everything was fine. No cramps. No weight gain. Going to try generic trinessa because Estrostep is $$$$ F 27 7 years
 1  birth control I was actually taking Estrostep FE. I will definitely never touch this type of birth control ever again. Taking it at first every thing was fine, then 1 year later, I started suffering from severe vomiting every 2 months. Missed days off from work, couldn't function on a daily basis, missed time spent with my kids, etc. In and out of emergency rooms and no one could figure out what was wrong with me, numerous tests after tests, and everything came up negative, even blood tests. It was a terrible feeling thinkig that I was allergic to foods I use to eat everyday. This went on for 2 years, until finally this past July, my new OB/GYN took me off just to see what will happen. Found out that it was the Estrostep that was making me sick. This is the first month I have been myself and feeling much better. I feel like a new person. F 40 2 years
 3  Menstrual Cycle regulation Chest pains, six pound weight gain in two weeks, bloated, acne (when I have always had gorgeous skin), constant cravings for fatty and greasy foods (I am a Whole Foods Health freak)!! I did not feel any mood swings, which is good...but I gained weight and that is very depressing. F 24
 1  Birth Control WEIGHT GAIN, moodiness,BAD ACNE!!! This is the worst birth control, I weighed 110 lbs. less than two weeks ago and now weigh 116. I have NEVER had a weight problem and have weighed the same since I was 16!!! Not to mention the acne is TERRIBLE! Something i have also never had to deal with!!! I have bad circulation as well and am always cold and breaking out into chills!! Dont take this pill!!! I am so glad I found this website!! F 20 2 weeks
 4  Birthcontrol Depression,weight gain 10 pounds,crying spells, yeast infection,sex drive is great I've noticed that I have been crying a lot lately. Then as I read through these comments it's not only me. Yes I've gained 10 pounds, but it beats gaining 30 from getting preg.Yeast infections come and go(any other pill will give you the same)My sex drive has been awesome. I don't know if it's my age, but I can't complain. My face has cleared up a lot. My periods are short and very light. F 30 1 years
 5  PCOS very light period, almost nonexistent. didn't notice any emotional side effects. cleared up my skin very well! F 20 2 months
 2  Endometreosis weight gain, extremely lathargic, reduced sex drive, dizziness, increased appetite with cravings, constant cramping and bloating/water retention....NO BREAKTHROUGH BLEEDINGS YET!!!! I take this pill as a continous contraceptive coverage (3 week cycles) forcing my body to bypass its mentral cycle. Although I haven't had much mood swings, I have had many other symptoms. The main symptoms were extreme weight gain 8.5 lbs in less then 2 months on this pill, constant dizziness where my equilibrium is off and I feel like I am going to pass out, and extremely tired where I have to take naps often, which is not like me, Other symptoms that weren't so bad was minimal cramping, extreme bloating, strange cravings (spicy foods) and tightness/shortness in my chest. I am going to give it another month since people say it takes about 3 months to level the symptoms out and with my condition, low estrogen pills are limited so I don't have many choices. F 28 2 months
 3  lessen menstrual cramps Still have the cramping... HORRIBLE mood swings!!!!! I hate this birth control... TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE, even with insurance.... F 29 8 months