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 4  epilepsy Insomnia, constant back pain, along with my fingers and feet hurting!! I really thought I was getting arthritis!! Until I saw other people with the same problem. And I am tired of itching!!! I feel like I have ants crawling all over my head and body!! I have had enough and would like to get off of this medicine!! I have had epilepsy for 24 yrs now and I feel like I have tried EVERY drug out there! I have my seizures around the time of my period, but my b/c keeps them under control! I am very cautious with doctors and meds. due to my mother dying 21 yrs. ago due to her doctor screwing up her medicine!! Can you help me? Thank you!! F 41 18 years
200a-100p 2X D
 5  Epilepsy Feel a bit spaced out if I don't take it on time. This has been a very good drug for me. Very well controlled siezures. Took it all the way through my pregnacy with my first child, he is perfectrly healthy and doing very well at 13 years old. I am interested to know if anyone has any information about lamotrogine and psoriasis, I have no family history and I am covered in it. As I have been on it for so long I wonder if it may be a long term side effect F 42 17 years
150mg 2X D

 5  Epilepsy Memory loss, some hair loss, spaced out/disconnected feeling when dose not taken on time, muscle twitches I have been on this medicine since the age of 14.5 years. The medicine I was on prior to this caused severe side effects. On lamotrigine I don't experience any of the tiredness, lower mental acuity or weight gain that I did previously and it generally controls my seizures very well, when no added risk factors - such as sleep deprivation - are added in. I have now been seizure free for 2.5 years. It is interesting to me that the person in the thread who has been on the drug for 17 years also gets the spaced out feeling if the dose is taken late...any other similar experiences? What might cause this? My doctor tells me that lamotrigine shouldn't have any psychological effects for otherwise mentally healthy people, but this doesn't seem to be the case. F 30 16 years
150 mg 2X D
 5  Bipolar II, PTSD Some memory impairment that I have to figure out ways to accommodate. Some sleepiness after taking it. It has been a miracle drug for me. My psychopharmacologist tried every medication under the sun without success. Within days of starting it my suicidal depression began to lift. I wish everyone could have a similar experience. F 59 15 years
200mg 2X D

 5  seizure None stoped seizure right away. A miricale pill. Expensive,but woth it. I had grand male and parciale seizures. Took 4 differant meds befour lamictal. They didn't help. I had side effects from all 4. F 61 15 years

 5  seizures After 14 years, I have few side effects. Memory loss is one. I am sketchy on the inconsequential childhood experiences, although I remember the big incidents. Much loss of inconsequential memories generally. Short term memory somewhat effected, although it is much worse now that I am 48 years old but I think that is periomenopause and not the drug. I am sure there were some side effects 14 years ago, but I am very happy with Lamictal. When I accidentally double a dosage (happened 3 times in 14 years), I get very dizzy and disoriented. I weigh 120 at 5'6" so no weight issues, sleep fine, no bad dreams, This drug has saved my life. I have not had a grand mal in 14 years and very small break through seizures with just red spots in my vision, everyone comments on how calm I am all the time, I can live my life with joy and well-being, and I am a happy person. I am so grateful for this drug because it gave me my life back. F 48 14 years
300mg 2X D
 4  Grand Mal Seizures Memoryloss, confusion, insomnia, trouble with speach at times but I don't have anymore seizures so the pro outweights the cons. F 28 14 years
 5   none i was full of rage severe breaking thigs and such,falling asleep while driving i would want to shave my head bald if i had a bad hair day (also had back surgery twice in a three mo time so pain was huge anger issue but its like the best pill i ever took and just the other day i got a small rash on my inner leg and the next day it was twice in size then today it was a little on my belly small spots it feels like it could be poison ivy but it is winter and i dont go any where but home and work i hope to god its not an reaction to it after all these years , the doc said it could happen so if anyone could help me i would love it i have no health insurance so i dont want to go if its something dumb,i also read that its one of the worst meds to go off of HELP ME PLEASE F 40 13 years
200 1X D
 5  Bipolar NONE - definitely worth trying if you're Bipolar and feeling hopeless. So much better than Lithium. That's when you'll fee like a Halloween zombie. F 60 12 years
100 1X D

 4  Epilepsy sleepiness, drowsiness, and fatigue. It controls my seizures really well and I have had two healthy pregnancies that were well planned. For those women wanting children while taking lamictal I can say by experience that it does not affect the baby at all. It has to be taken along with 5mg of folic acid to avoid abnormalities. I have two healthy and beautiful girls. I was even able to breastfeed. Just plan it well with your neurologist. F 30 12 years

 3  Epilepsy Fatigue, mild loss of concentration This medication didn't fully control my seizures at first so I am taking Keppra along with it. It makes me pretty tired but I have been taking it for 12 years and have learned to adapt to the fatigue and live a pretty normal life. F 24 12 years

 1  seizures problems with time and space, anxiety, insomnia, problems with short term memory. Problems with finding the words, and remembering some names. F 38 12 years
 5  epilepsy, complex partial I got a very bad rash when i was first put on it, and recently i have had short term memory loss and i sometimes have trouble getting my words out. those last two i dont actually think are from the lamictal though. i am also on topamax. lamictal works great for me though, i still have small seizures every now and then, but it works much better than anything ive ever been on, especially with the topamax. The rash didnt last long at all, i just bought cream for it. Memory loss isnt bad at all, i just need someone to tweak it a bit and it'll come to me. The main problem i have is when i cant get my words out. it doesnt happen often but its frustrating, and i can get very nervous and shaky sometimes too talking to someone i dont know. otherwise its great for my seizures. F 21 11 years
600mg 2X D
 5  epilepsy dry mouth for a couple of weeks this passed best thing to happen to me. Haven`t had major or minor fit since being on them. All other medication has left me feeling as if i am dopey and always a step behind the rest of the world now I am back to speed reading and drive F 47 11 years
100mg 2X D

 5  epilepsy No side effects I was previously on tegretol, which was an awful drug for me. I was always on edge with it and never knew when a seizure (complex partial) just might happen. After the switch to Lamictal, the world completely changed for the better. It's a beautiful thing to be under control - for years. Feel free to contact me if you'd like and I'll try to answer any questions you might have. M 44 10 years
100 2X D
 5  Epilepsy Memory loss, hair thinning, rare bone crushing headache at night, loose train of thought easier, slightly dizzy when eyes closed. Only had seizures at night - I think about 3 or 4 (memory loss). One when I tried weaning off. I've been attributing the hair thinning and memory loss to aging, but after reading these posts I'm not sure. The hair thinning is not too bad (yet) but worry some. Memory loss bothers me a lot though. My short term is getting pretty bad. The couple of headaches I've had (only at night while sleeping - like the seizures) were so bad I thought my head was going to explode, but I haven't had one like that for a few years - thank God. I have had severe joint pain, but was finally diagnosed with RA about 6 years ago. I never know what to attribute to Lamictal (generic for the past 2-3 years) vs age, etc. Over all I've been very happy with it. I agree with another "poster" who mentions that most people doing well with this drug probably don't check this web site, but I'm glad I finally did. A great forum! M 50 10 years
200 mg 2X D

 5  Epilepsy None This has been the best drug I have taken for my epilepsy. It doesnt control my absence seizures - I am on Zarontin (ethosuzimide) for those :) F 26 10 years

 5  Seizures from Brain Tumor I've been taking it so long I don't know what's a side effect of the medicine, and what's a side effect of getting older. But these are some of the negative symptoms I feel are caused from Lamictal: -Horrible nightmares (about 5 per week) -Frequent muscle cramps and backache -Poor short term memory I take 400mg oer day to prevent seizures caused by a brain tumor which was removed about 12 years ago. After a few years of taking the medicine I went to the doctor to try and see if I could stop taking it. I started to taper off the dosage and all of the sudden I would get these periods of about a minute where I couldn't talk. I would be find otherwise but just could not get any words out. It was very akward, especially at work, or mid conversation with someone. Anyway we upped the dosage and I have been fine ever since. The nightmares I get are horrible though, and I think it's from the medicine. M 31 10 years
 5  Bi-Polar Stiff neck, blurry vision Once I was on the full dose of 200mg the side effects went away, although I had to get my eyeglass prescription changed... Works fabulous. Gives me a sense of calm and that all is right with the world. Bad neckache if I skip a dose. F 46 10 years
 5  Lamicitin Over the last 10 years I have gained weight, suffer from chronic insomnia, loss of libido, blurred vision, poor concentration, sleepy during the day, short tempered, hair loss, bad skin. I always believed my doctor when he told me that there were no side effects. I am releived to find other people who are experiencing what I am. So I am not crazy ! I am going to reduce my dosage and hopefully the side effects will reduce too. I have been taking Lamictin for 10 years, I thought it was a miracle drug. It cured my mood swings, and all other symptoms that I suffer from as a result of right frontal lobe brain damage,caused by a motor vehicle accident. My doctor has always said there are no side effects, but now I realise that there are many side effects and many other people are experiencing them too. I am taking 300mg per day, but have decided to reduce my dosage to 200mg. After reading everyones, comments it seems to me that on 200mg the side effects will be greatly reduced. F 46 10 years
 5  bipolar none I love this med! I have had no side effects with this medication, which is amazing because I usually am very sensitive to meds. I have taken it for a long time, and have tried to ween off of it due to the cost. I was unable to do so as it always sent me into a deep depression. Staying on it has been the solution to the ugly depression side of the bipolar. F 37 10 years

 5  bipolar disorder Nothing definite--perhaps a bit more clumsiness This has been my wonder drug. Previously I took lithium and depakote. I was diagnosed as bipolar in 1985; the first ten years I was hospitalized half a dozen times. Since beginning on lamictal in January 1997, I haven't had a serious manic episode, and it is the only drug that has alleviated depression. F 62 10 years
 5  epilepsy loss of appetite, loss of libido? Well, am wondering why I don't have "any" side effects, although my husband is sure its the cause for my apparently reduced sex-drive, or was that the 3 kids? Anyway, anyone else have complaints regarding libido? I'm only taking 200mgs for pete's sake. F 34 10 years

 4  Partial seizures Lamictal in combination with Keppra for 9 years solved all my problems. No side effects other than irritability and your usual anxiety. Ten times more effective than Trileptal (weight gain problems). HOWEVER, since being taken off of Keppra and bumped to Lamictal XR 200 once a day, I have decreased cognitive functioning and feel as if I am in a fog throughout the entire day. All I want to do is sleep, all the time. I can take nap after nap and get 8, 9, 10, 12 hours of sleep a night and feel fatigued throughout the day. Seizure-free for 10+ years, but in the past 6 months having trouble with memory, word retrieval, articulation, and a general sense of disconnect with my surroundings. F 20 10 years
100 MG 2X D

 2  antiepileptic Hair thinning,I get extremly worked within a minute I can go from 0percent to 100 percent.I have to then try to calm myself down I become anvious to quick.short term memory loss,I could forget where I left something even if it was just 5minutes ago. F 35 10 years
 1  mood stabalizer 6 mo after taking drug I was diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia. Now after Nortryptiline 1 yr, Lyrica 7 yrs, and Savella 1 yr I want to try and have a baby, so I go off everything but my birthcontrol. It's been 3 weeks and my pain is cut in half. I am besides myself at the prospect of this drug causing the pain that led to a misdiagnosis of 10 yrs....My fear is I won't completely recover and be damaged forever. I have excellent doctors, how can this be? it worked for my bi polar F 34 10 years
50 2X D

 1  Bipolar Short term memory loss, dizziness, off balance, clumsy, short tempered, foggy, unfocused. Now going through withdrawl after trying to come off the drug: nausea, achiness, chills, grinding teeth, irritated, flat emotions, insomnia. I have been taking Lamictal for over 10 years. I was originally diagnosed with biplor, although since then I think I have been diagnosed with pretty much every mental disorder you can think of at one time or another. My symptoms aren't that bad...mood swings, addictive personality, impulsivity, assumed manic episodes. Lately there have been some reasons I decided to get off it. First, my short-term memory seemed to be getting worse, and I have been having problems with speech and my head is not as clear as it used to be. I am a successful business woman and not being able to speak correctly and be articulate is not an option. I also have been loosing everything - keys, phone, etc. I knew something wasn't right but my doctor insisted that it was all in my head and not due to the medication. Then I started my own research and here I am - with all these comments on this website referring to memory loss and cognitive difficulties. Guess I was right. Also, I am a serious technical scuba div F 32 10 years
 5  Epilepsy None. Excellent medication. I have complex partial seizure disorder. I was on tegretol for many years and it was a horrible medication for me. With tegretol, I always felt like I was "on the edge" and seizures seemed to come at any random time. Lamictal was first started as a supplementary medication and I almost instantly noticed the change. Within a few months, my neurologist stopped the tegretol altogether and my seizures are a thing of the past. M 42 9 years

 5  partial seizures Short term memory loss and now after being on it for 9 years I have some long term memory loss. Chunks of time gone. Severe night sweats began in my late 30s. Easily bruise. Slower to process things. Keeps me on an even keel most of the time emotionally. It has given me my life back. Depakoate was horrible, but I love Lamictal and inspite of the side effects, I will continue to take it. F 42 9 years

 2  Bipolar I've taken Lamictal for 9 yrs and have experienced: weight gain (50 pounds), memory loss, sleeplessness, anxiety, phobias, and continued depression. Why do doctors think it's better to give up mania but they don't care about depression, weight gain and memory loss? I never miss taking my meds - however, I'm demanding they change me to something else. I have tried combinations including: Cymbalta, Effexor, Abilify, Depokote, Wellbutrin and a ton of others I can't remember or spell! Again, no memory! I've been taking Lamical for 9 years and over the past three years things have started to go bad - especially my memory. Can't remember names or how to spell simple words. Big loss in concentration. I feel like I'm floating and at times I feel a heaviness to my body. WEIGHT GAIN! I've gained over 50 pounds since I started taking Lamictal. If that doesn't make a person depressed, nothing will. BTW, 200 mg of Selenium for 3 weeks will stop hair loss. 1000/2000 mg of Omega 3 will stop dry eye and dry skin (won't hurt you, check it out). Now I'm becoming phobic. At times I'm afraid to drive, look in mirrors and leave my house. In case you're wondering, my shrink doesn't think this is bad enough to take me off or change meds. I have a hard time falling asleep and when I do I sleep only a few hours and have very vivid dreams. I've taken 10 to 20 mg of Ambien every night for 10 years (doctor ordered)! So, here's my suggestion: For a week or two, keep a journal of your habits, thoughts, mood, memory loss - times of day you experience these - whatever you want to measure, read over it every now and then to see if you're getting better or worse. Use it as your own gage to your mental health and talk with your doctor, family and friends to see if they are seeing the same behavior. Without a journal it'll be difficult to remember what you want to talk with your doctor about. Doing this has helped me build a case to stop taking Lamictal and become an active participant in my care. F 49 9 years
400 mg 2X D
 2  Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy If you want me to briefly everything bad they wrote read... I gained more weight than 10 pounds. i went on birth control... went anorexic/severe depression/anxiety attacks(not as bad now) because the interaction went from size 20 to a 6 in 3 months and i went from perfect teeth to all my molars are cavities...the weight is back dont be jealous. migraines daily, sunlight hurts causes head aches, loud noises cause painful ear aches, sex hurts, shortness of breth from the freaking out of my heart beating to fast my neurologist wont prescribe me anymore meds cause they interact with the 2 i'm on so bad.... depression and everything is horrible... skin is crawling, aching, memory gone, i went from an A student to barely passing high school with c's & d's .... so i hate it 400mg daily .... zonegran 400 mg daily dr tells me she wont change it cause it works for the seizures i'm the one suffering though. i would rather have a seizure those i dont feel all day i've been on it forever diagnosed at 12 tried ...tegretol, neurotin previously with other dr's CURE IS WORSE THAN THE CAUSE SOMETIMES F 24 9 years

 5  Bipolar Disorder II/OCD I have experienced no side effects from this medication. Taking lamictal has definately helped me keep my Bipolar Disorder and the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder under control. There is no cure for it so I just have to take medication to help with the symptoms. Don't get me wrong my days are a heck of a lot better on medicine than off. I still have some mood swings but they are teenie compared to where I was a little over 10 years ago! Every person is affected differently by this illness and you should follow the advise of your doctor! I had a multitude of medical testing before Bipolar Disorder was diagnosed. I have a much better outlook on my life! F 52 8 years
200 mg 1X D
 5  Bipolar Disorder-extreme depression No side effects. It changed my life, I never thought a day would pass where I wasn't actively suicidal--with Lamictal the suicidal thoughts ended after almost a decade of pain. I will take it until I die. F 29 8 years
200mg 1X D
 5  Bipolar II, Narcolepsy Some drowsiness, appetite loss, minor rash on start up which cleared up after a couple of weeks. Lamictal was the the sixth mood stabilizer my psychiatrist prescribed me after the previous five caused problematic reactions. It was the most effective medication I have been prescribed for treating my rabid cycling bipolar II. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy 6 years after I started taking lamictal, and discovered that the lamictal had been preventing catapletic episodes, along with the bipolar treatment. F 24 8 years
300MG 1X D

 5  BP-II Benefits: **Cancelled chronic depression** Strong vivid dreams (good for me) I'm now focused, disciplined, organized and taking care of myself physically (essential to long term management of my illness). Side effects: I may be having a slight problem with jumbled speech, but my thoughts are coherent, and I'm able to catch my mistakes and correct them (something you rarely do when in the grip of mania). Lamictal may also be causing me some insomnia, so I take the dose (500 mg) in the morning, and take a sleep aid at night. Possible interactions: Gabapenten tolerance excellent. Abilify caused extreme hypomania. I stopped Abilify after only one month. Seroquel (100-200mg) caused severe tardive kinesis, sluggish thought, impaired short term memory, and sleepiness. I've been taking the drug since about 1999 with excellent results and minimal side effects. Mood stabilization is excellent. Anti depressive effects are excellent. In short, this drug is a god-send for me. M 35 8 years
 4  Epilepsy (Complex Partial Seizures) Double vision and dizziness at a dosage of 100 mg, qid (4 times daily). These side effects are now not taking place at a dosage of 50 mg, tid (3 times daily). Lamictal is being taken along with Depakote. Depakote is being taken at a dosage of 500 mg. tid (3 times daily). Complex Partial Seizures have continued to take place from approximately 1 to 6 weeks. Most of the time only 1 seizure takes place each time. M 54 8 years

 4  Epilepsy Grand mal The side effects of the first 4-even 6 months were tough: Insomnia, sleepiness only during the day, headaches, weakness, moodiness Was worth waiting out. Side effects have disappeared. But I was told that it is an Add-on med. so I am STRUGGLING with Depakote and they definitely interact. I recommend Lamictal F 37 8 years
 4  rapid-cycling bipolar I disorder The only side effects that I've had due to Lamictal alone are fatigue and also nausea. Interestingly enough, I took this for years for epilepsy, and it didn't work well at all. After coming off it though (post-surgery) I discovered to my dismay previously controlled bipolar I disorder. I'm back taking 400 mg a day, and though I still get the slightest depressive and manic symptoms, it's very well controlled. I mean I didn't even know that I had bipolar for years until I quit taking it, and now it's obvious to me when I'm manic and when I'm depressed and when it's mxied, but I can live with those slight symptoms where I couldn't before. F 25 8 years

 4  Bipolar II Slight short-term memory loss on brand name. When switched to generic (as insurance made me), started having body aches and depression came back to point of suicidal thoughts. I had GREAT success with the brand name Lamictal but when switched to generic "Dr. Reddy's Lab," my depression came back along with body aches like I had the flu. I began tapering off the 200 mg I was on and at 100 mg, the aches were gone but the depression not only came back but so did slight hypomania in rapid cycling form. My recommendation is for anyone considering going on this med it to be sure your dr. says "no substitutes" on your RX form and gets you the brand name form. I had came across and there it is said that the "Dr. Reddy's" is so useless, it's like a placebo. This med worked great under the BRAND NAME. If you wanna try this med, get the the real thing. Also, it was after being switched to the generic that I quickly gained 10 lbs. I read this has happened with others. F 35 8 years
200 mg 1X D
 4  bipolar II I do have coordination problems that I never had before, which is discouraging. And, my libido has been too low I have suffered from some kind of mood disorder all my life, but could not sift through the unique combination of symptoms, and the fact that the manic side was more rapid cycling hypomania than anything more severe. I started on Zoloft at the age of 40, and it changed my world... the veil of sorrow and inferiority lifted! Amazing. BUT, it kicked me into the first full manic episode I ever had. Had to come off the Zoloft, and missed it for so long. Eventually, I went on Lamictal, after it became clear that I had the highs and lows.... though far more lows than highs. Lamictal has established both a ceiling for any manic tendencies, and a floor for depression, below which I do not seem to fall. I am pleased with that. I am not stuck in my bed crying and dysfunctional. Nor am I embarrassing myself barking and over-reacting in business meetings... I'm back on Zoloft again, after trying another antidepressant for a long time, trying to make it work, and just not feeling good enough. F 51 8 years

 3  Bipolar II Weight Gain on the Generic I have posted here on this website before about Dr Reddy's Lab. It took me a while to realize that after switching from brand name Lamictal to the manufacturer Dr Reddy's lab that I gained weight. I thought the gain was unrelated until I lost a few pounds after cutting back my dosage and going back to the brand name. After doing a google search, there are a couple other people who also gained about 10 lbs with that company. It's odd that everyone gained the same amount. F 35 8 years
200 MG 1X D
 3  Epilepsy Memory loss - short term extending into long term. Reading, learning, vocabulary, calculations and describing/eplaining things to people. The problem is that i don't know if it is epilepsy or the drug or brain tumor. I hate not knowing. It does the job but it has such a short half-life. if i go 12 - 18 hours without, partial it is. Any longer and my brain is a bomb ready to go off/I'm waiting for a full scale unconciousness so i try to have them scattered in as many places as posible. It does the job. M 27 8 years
 3  Epilepsy Problems with memory loss - short term extending into long term. Reading, learning, vocabulary, calculations and describing/eplaining things to people. The problem is that i don't know if it is epilepsy or the drug or brain tumor. I hate not knowing. It does the job but it has such a short half-life. if i go 12 - 18 hours without, partial it is. Any longer and my brain is a bomb ready to go off/I'm waiting for a full scale unconciousness so i try to have them scattered in as many places as posible. It does the job. M 27 8 years
 2  Epilepsy Tiredness, memory loss, depression, lack of enthusiasm for anything, insomnia, twitching, and jerks, zoning out, increased fits At first I was very happy with Lamictal, and did not have a grand mals for 3 years, and even got my driving license, but then I started to have them again, and my neurologist kept increasing my dose of lamictal, which gradually made me feel worse, and now Im on 150mg twice a day, but it still isn't stopping the fits, in fact they are gradually becoming more frequent, and the side effects are driving me mad. Im going to talk to my neurologist about coming off of it. M 28 8 years
 1  mood disorder horrible nausea and heinous withdrawal effects M 43 8 years

 1  mood stabilizer horrible nausea that never went away---I was on it for years I've been withdrawing from Lamictal and it causes severe fatigue...I can barely get out of bed. M 43 8 years

 5  Seizures This is the same girl with I forgot a few things. Except the rash, I've experianced about 96% of all the non-emergancy side effects, but I don't really mind anymore I've had 2 beautiful, healthy girls on Lamictal (600mg daily), the only thing was they'd break into a rash if I breast fed them, but the rash would fade, but I must warn you, between pregnancies, I did have a miscarriage (6 weeks). My neurologist said it very could well have been the Lamictal, But My girls are physically healthy... but I've found my 3 year old is getting evident that she has a speech problem ,but I did too till I was 9. We'll have too see... F 24 7.5 years

 5  bipolar nausea and dizziness if I miss only 1 dose. If I miss 2 doses I can barely stand no side effects if i don't miss any doses F 61 7 years
150mg 2X D

 5  Seizures With every does raise, I suffer headaches, achiness, nervousness and alot of dizziness. Throughout treatment I get "the shakes". I'm very foggy-headed- my short-term memory is bad... But all of it worth it. I'm taking 600mg a day. I owe alot to this drug. I started taking ot Sept of 1999 and haven't had a full-convulsant seizure since! I still have partals, but they aren't scarey and are fading, like alot of other things associated with my epilepsy. I think a few more years of taking this, everything will be gone. I started having seizures Dec 1997. I owe my life to this drug and I hope that others experiance the same. I'm sorry if people have had bad experiances with it, but since I took it, I've gotten my life back. it will be 8 years this July since I've had a full seizure! F 24 7 years
 5  Epilepsy Headache, rash in the neck area, night sweating, absent feeling at times, sometimes waking up many times after falling asleep, difficulties with learning and concentration, muscle weakness & numbness, tiredness. In overall a great and effective drug compared to previous "old school" drugs. Side effects are a bit annoying but I don't know if lamictal or valproate causes them. Daily dosage: Lamictal 200 mg + Valproate 800 mg. M 35 7 years
 5  Bipolar II Nothing major I was really ill - 3 hospital admissions in total and loads of day care. Lamotrigine really turned things around. I was more depressed than manic and it was definitely good for the depressive symptoms. NOTHING else worked as well. I am now off Lamotrigine as trying for a baby and have managed to remain stable, but would go on it again if symptoms worsened. F 32 7 years
400mg 1X D

 5  Seizures Uncoordinated, sleepiness, dizziness & headaches. Mostly uncoordinated & my short term memory is horrible. My seizures/stiffness were only at night. I took a few other anti-seizure medicines in 1997-2002 that never cured my seizures. Ever since I've been on 150mg a day on lamictal I have had none. I only had 4 seizures in my life (starting 1997) from a brain contusion in 1990. Lamictal does help, my side affects are dizziness, short term memory problem (But I think everyone has that-lol) sleepiness and hair loss. I notice if I get too tired and stressed my dizziness gets worse. My Dr. decided last month he doesn't trust generic drug makers anymore and put me on the name brand 200 mg a day. Well, for that whole week I swear, I was dizziness everyday. So bad, I would cry before I went to bed. It was like I was spinning all day. And, I rolled my eyes in back of my head everyday. I thought it was from the dizziness. Then on the 7th day on the 200 mg I looked online searching what the rolling of the eyes mean. I was having an absence seizure all the time. Called the after hour Dr. and he put me back on the generic 150 mg a day (75mg a.m. & 75mg p.m.) So, the drug works from eliminating my seizures, but I need a smaller dose. Remember, everyone is different on side effects. F 34 7 years
150mg 1X D

 5  Bipolar 2 Very slight tremor (but all anti seizure meds do that), short term memory loss, word retrieval is sometimes very difficult. Other mood stabilizers weren't working for me. Lamictal has changed/saved my life! In conjunction with a couple small dose antidepressants I finally 'feel normal'. Now my family and I only have unpleasant memories of the 'old me'. F 36 7 years
200 2X D
 5  seizures I have been on Lamictal for 7 years without one problem. I have some trouble with memory, but I think that is from my kids. I have had some break through simple partial seizures, but this happened on everything I have tried and they are nuisence seizures that come with my period too. I suppose maybe I just got lucky to have no real side effects. F 40 7 years

 5  bipolar II I've been on it for so long (7ish years?) I can't remember the side effects. They must not have been too horrific. I LOVE this med. It has kept my mania pretty darn stable. Recently added a bit of Topamax to it for weight loss, but have no plans to get off the Lamictal. The generic is now available by Teva (I know, I know--they're not the most loved generic pharma), but I've noticed nothing different in my moods after taking the generic for at least 6-7 weeks now (neither has anyone else). Lamictal (brand name) is the one med that I've taken consistently and with only minor dose tweaking since I was dx'd with BPII in 2001. I did, however, find out that 400mg is too much for me, and almost immediately I experienced burning, swelling, and itchy palms. Doc lowered it right away to 300mg. F 40 7 years
 4  mood stablizer none Helps calm me, taken with Adderall M 55 7 years
150 2X D

 4  epilepsy Acne. Nails separating from nailbed. Tired alot. Hey! I'm getting the problem with my nails too. I was always told it's psoriasis and can't be treated. But someone else mentioned oncholysis here. F 33 7 years

 3  Epilepsy It can wear you out but that's about it. It doesn't completely control my seizures. It's enough to make me functional though. Now that I'm reading other comments on this site, I see that the aches and pains I have may be from the years of taking this. At least I know why I'm so sore now. F 25 7 years

 2  Bipolar II I didn't think I was experiencing side effects until realizing it was causing my tremors. the drug however seemed to be working. However, since cutting way back with Dr.'s advice I'm experiencing all of the side effects people are having that are just starting the drug: loss of memory, limited vocab., no present recall ability, chronic muscle aches, body of a 70 yr. old, burning eyes, "why bother" feeling, muddy brain, bruising, word loss, worse eyesight AND to top it off BPII symptoms are returning! Any comments?! F 48 7 years

 5  Mild/Moderate Bi-Polar Just sort of a thick kind of feeling, like a thickness in my head. Also a good deal of general lethargy. I also have IBS, but that could be from anything. However, much milder side effects than anything else I've taken, and I was on 300 mg for 5 years. I'm surprised by the side effects people are reporting, such as hair loss, muscle soreness, weight gain, etc. From an athletic perspective, I was able to compete competitively in tennis while taking lamictal. I found it to be very mentally balancing, no depression or mania at 300 mg. However, I am tired of not having enough energy, and have reached a new spiritual level, so I have been tapering off. I am down to 150 mg, but won't go lower for a long time, as I have noticed a resurgence in depression. In regards to hair loss, which I wouldn't necessarily attribute to this, I would recommend taking propecia. It's expensive, but works unbelievably well, and they have it for women as well. M 32 6 years

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