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 5  agoraphobia and social anxiety dry mouth(for first few months, went away afterwards), constipation, brain fog, derealization, leg tremors and increased sweating I couldn't get out of my house at times, and i couldn't travel father then 15 miles without having a panic attack. So I couldn't go on trips or very far away from my house. But since ive taken this its all completely cured for me. If you have these problems, then this could help you. M 17 8 months
 4  Post Partum Depression; Anxiety Dry Mouth; Insomnia; Craving for sweets I started out on 25mg, then 1 month later the dr increased it to 50mg, then 1 month later 100mg, and just recentlty, I was increased to 150mg. I take it at night. Thanks to this web page, I learned something from you all...I didn'y know why I was craving sweets like, cake, cookies, candy, etc. I didn't know that. I am doing well on it, but I still feel anxiety still and have insomnia. Thank you all for your input!! F 30 4 months
 1  depression dangerous lowering of blood pressure, fainting I took it about a week and noticed dizziness, but no big deal. Then, for 3 days straight, I fainted every time I stood up or sat up. F 16 10 days
 5  insomnia morning grogginess My daughter took this from second grade to fifth grade. It saved her life. She had developed a major fear of sleep and by the time I could finally get a doctor to believe me, the problem had become so acute she had developed night terrors and just this horrible, horrible sleeplessness. Anyone who tells you that if a child is tired enough they will just go to sleep has never had a child who is an insomniac. There may have been some side effects from this medicine but honestly she was so exhausted after months of next to no sleep--certainly no stage 3 or 4 sleep--that any side effects were nothing compared to the benefits. She was suicidal before, not from depression but from exhaustion. Doctors do not recognize the seriousness of sleeplessness, and certainly not in children. Patting a kid's hand and leaving the room does not work. Someone wanted to know how to get off this drug. I cut her tablets in half then in fourths then in eigths…not kidding, bit by bit and it worked fine F 8 4 years
 5  Occipital neuralgia Weight gain, approx 20 pounds in 6 months. At first this medication made it difficult to sleep, but I adjusted within a week of taking it. Now it doesn't help or hinder my sleep. The weight gain is very frustrating. I have to spend 2 hours a day at the gym to keep from gaining more. I take a small dose (25mg) for a nerve disorder (which is exacerbated by stress). I can see that this would be an effective drug for combating stress, since it greatly helps my nerve disorder, which had been debilitating. The weight gain has been so annoying that I'd like to ween myself off this medication, but I don't know if I'll be able to. A side note: I have ADD, and this does NOTHING to help it. I can't take other medication (like ritalin) for the ADD because it would interact with the imipramine, and my concentration level is at an all-time low. F 28 7 months
 1  depression depression Generic did not work. Switched back to Tofranil. Reported to FDA, nothing done. M 35 3 months
 3  depression laziness. Increased foot pain? I wrote the comments on 11-13-06. I found out I couldn't take 1 imipramine at work or it would make me hazy. I went to the Psychiatrist & told him I was having severe mood swings & he suggested Lexapro at 10mg or up to 40 mg of imipramine. I was taking lexapro every other day and the psychologist said it wouldn't work that way plus I started taking 40 mg.of imipramine. When I saw the psychiatrist again he suggested getting off the lexapro because of the possibility of weight gain and it "stops working after a while" and increasing the imipramine to 50 mg. He also contradicted the psychologist saying the lexapro would work that way because it stays in your system. I got laid off because work was slow and all I've done for a few days is go on the computer and lay on the couch, but I don't have the severe mood swings. The trouble with taking 2 different meds is you don't know what is doing what, and it's always a "hit or miss" proposition, either the stuff work M 56 7 months
 5  insomnia A Dry mouth makes me thirsty often, but that also helps me remember to drink more water. If take none, I sleep from 11pm until 3-4am. I can take 50mg and wake up about 5am or take 75mg to wake up 6:30am or take 100 MG and sleep in until 7 or 8am. M 57 17 years
 4  depression waking up to reality, and I haven't slept for four days I've been on it a month. My doctor told me to take up to 150mg a day so I took 150mg a an american I know more is better. Everything started off lots of work done, started going to the gym three hours a day, lost 20lbs. I've found though that 150mg is way too much to start off on as now I have a toxic level. I eat practically nothing and I have not slept for four days. I should have tried it on the dog first M 29 1 months
 5  Panic Disorder drowsiness, dry mouth and fast heart rate This drug restored the quality of my life. I take 50mg at night. I was always a confident independent high achiever-I developed panic disorder literally over night. I was completely disabled by it. Forget the mind over matter stuff, i tried all the therapy going -this disease is a biological imbalance hence the instant "cure" thanks to imipramine. Within days of starting it, I was back to normal.The side effects sre nothing compared to constant debilitating panic attacks. I tried Prozac for 2 days and it made my panic disorder 100 times worse-nightmare. Imipramine saved me from a living hell. F 41 10 years
 2  Abdominal Wall Pain Frequent urination, painful clittoral enlargement, fellings of hopelessness, dry mouth, difficulty sleeping, difficulty breathing. The initial symptoms are just as bad as the side effects. Whenever you get a doctor that immediately diagnoses and assigns you with a mediation, watch out. I've had abdominal wall pain for almost a year, and I've seen a number of doctors who all believed that I had something different, and each time I was assigned a different medication. They all thought I was misdiagnosed by the previous doctor, yet none of them tested me for anything. "Take this and let's wait and see." People are not lab experiments. Most doctors should realize that they are playing with people's lives, and after so long it gets to be pretty irritating to keep trying new medications that in many ways make the situation worse. F 18 5 days
 5  Tramatic brain injury- stroke My doctor is older and he perscibed this for the very reasons everyone is chating about. helps controll bladder.I needed the weight gain(seems to have recently slowed?)Treatment for depression and for sleeping. I pray the weight gain slows...I was 30-50 lbs under weight.I have gained the perfect amount(about 40-45)The funny thing is I dont see it anywhere but on the # on the scale? F 39 2 years
 2  IBS I do not understand why my GI doc has put me on such medication. I took it last night, and did not sleep at all, and he said it would remove the pain and bloating. I am concern the side affects and the way I am feeling today--muscle tight and like I am rushed. Why would this doc I saw for 20 min put me on such a controveral mediation. I really hope I do not have to take this for long. I am going to take to my general doctor. F 41 1 days
 5  PTSD, Panic & Anxiety, Depression Dry mouth, irregular heart beat, feel sedated but can easily wake up from it. I take dosage at night. I've been on imipramine since 1985 (nearly 22 years). A few times I have tried to wean myself (self-imposed) off this medication only for it to back fire in severe anxiety attacks with physical pain. While taking imipramine, I feel like myself and normal. I would much rather take imipramine than an of the newer, less studied drugs. I've been able to function normally. I held a day job for over 20 years with no attendance problems and performing that job in terms "greatly exceeding standards". I'm also on 15 mg of clorazepate (anti-axiety). I've been on 75 mg of imipramine for many years but now feel that the tearfulness, chemical taste, and pin and needles feel on my arms indicate that the depression is still present or may have increased. I'm looking at increasing the dosage to about 125mg (under doctors care). I have never abused this drug. I have no suicidal thoughts and have been treated by my primary care physician. I also see a psychologist on a regular basis F 47 22 years
 4  depression waking up after a few hours. I was on 25mg of elavil (amitryptaline) and I was having recurring negative mood swings. The psychiatrist gave me 10mg imipramine, the smallest dose available, and said I could take up to 3 a day. At first I wasn't that happy with it, but now that I'm up to 3 a day it seems pretty good. I work 2nd shift and I find that I'm sleeping less on the imipramine which is good because I can get up earlier and get more done during the day. I like the fact that they are only 10mg because if I'm feeling blue at work I can take one without it effecting my performance. I'm beginning to make a habit of that though, and it may be because I was a substance abuser and the idea of that appeals to someone with an addictive personality. There is some loss of libido which concerns me but I'm not in a relationship so I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. 56 24 days
 4  depression, anxiety sore throat, weak legs, can't do a proper wee! This drugs works real nice for depression & panic attacks. If the side-effects aren't too bad for you then you will be happy! M 31 2 months
 5  Mild Depression I'll have five minutes of dry mouth; doesn't matter. I had been on 25mg a day for a few weeks and had a scary episode with urinary blockage. Then after I took it for a couple of months where I felt happy, I suddenly stopped and was hit with a Major panic attack. I am now taking 10mg and may stop. I Hate taking drugs. I feel like I'm chained to them. But it really works great for me, even in very low doses. I guess I should just live with mild depression and get little enjoyment from anything. F 62 14 days
 1  post prostatectomy Had the opposite effect of increasing rather than decreasing incontinence M 62 6 days
 5  Bladder Problems none to my knowledge Greatly helped with daytime and nightime wetness when I was younger. Eventually, I grew out of the problem, but this medicine helped me a great deal. F 17 7 years
 1  Post Prostactomy incontinence Headaches, stomach cramps, constipation, muscle cramps, insomnia and indigestion. 50mg dose reduced to 25mg some improvement but for what little improvrmrnt in incontinence there was the side effects proved to be more detrimental than its benefits. I've flushed the remainder of my 90 day supply. M 63 6 days